DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 14

Chocolo-chan blushed as she watched Shuumai-chan treat her injury, she must've outdone herself with dodge ball, Taco-chan came too giving Shuumai a two thumbs up, while the latter glared at him...

"You did your best Chocolo-chan!"

"Thanks guys..." she said as she massaged her ankle. "I'll be fine now."

"Are you sure?" Shuumai asked with concern but Chocolo dismissed his worry with a nod..

"Thank you, Shuumai-chan." She said and she flashed her brightest smile...

Shiraishi ended the latest chapter with that, she was surprised that somehow people are accepting the change from Yaoi to F/M story, she actually imagined being bashed and banned from the FM station forever. Admittedly, what she writes is purely her imagination's work right now since she feels awkward writing off what happened between her and Midorima. Is this what Takao-san and Midorima-san feel when they listen to my story? And why the hell am I making it like this...

She was trying to clear her mind but all she can think was Midorima talking to her, Midorima shooting, Midorima treating her a food or a drink, Midorima carrying her, smiling...this and that...Ugh! This is what happens when you put too much of yourself in your work! But...What about Takao-san? What about their relationship? She tapped her cheeks. "Must not forget original goal!"

"Oi, Shiraishi!" She was surprised when her boss and a few of her mates were already watching her. "You've been weird lately, go home child, we made it to the top ratings again because of you, so I won't let you suffer." Shiraishi smiled and packed her bags.


This is DJ Yaoi Lover signing out... Midorima turned off the radio after hearing that, he stared at it for a while. "Chocolo and Shuumai. Tch." He stood up from his seat and decided to take a sleep.

"Takao, Are you still listening to that radio program you mentioned?" Midorima suddenly asked, surprising Takao.

"Not anymore, Why the sudden interest, Shin-chan?"

"Nothing, I just noticed that you don't bring that issue up nowadays."

"Hmmmm...Now that you mentioned it, Anyways...why would I listen to that if I already know what's going to happen? That DJ's just spying us, Shin-chan."

"I see." Midorima removed his glasses and wiped the specks of dust. "Well you shouldn't listen to that rubbish anymore."

"Ohhh? Rubbish? Are you saying what we have is rubbish, Shin-chan?" Takao asked dramatically since after all, that is their story, but he's kidding of course.

"Yes I am." Midorima sighed, day after day this teammate of his, irritates him to the bone, He adjusted his glasses and left Takao.

Even with that miraculously (accidental) dig of Shiraishi, the first year still lost against the second years, so Shiraishi has the whole day off, there's not even Kitchen duty for her today, she was currently in the gym watching the commencing game of basketball.

"Akira-chan?!" Well only one person calls her that, she beamed as she glanced up seeing her friend Takao, the said guy sat beside her, however she seemed to be looking for someone else...

"Midorima-san?" She asked.

"Ohh...He's still practicing." Takao answered. "Hehe...I came to check how the basketball game's going."

"The first years won the match against the second years but they seem to have some trouble with the third years." Shiraishi rests her chin on the palm of her hands. "I hope they win."

"What? Are you still depressed with volleyball?"

"Somehow..." she sighed.

"Do you want to check 3-D's horror class, A senpai invited me there, it looks cool." Takao said and somehow Shiraishi's eyes sparkled.

"Sure! I've always wanted to check student's horror houses!" She answered with delight.

"Let's invite Shin-chan." Takao reaches for his phone and text-ed that guy, while grinning, Shiraishi was perplexed with his reaction, so she tried to peek but Takao pulls his phone away from her sight. "Nope."

Are they texting some sweet notes to each other? Why hide it anyway... she felt annoyed and for a minute there she realized something why am I getting annoyed? I should be happy that they're having some developments.

"Look there's fireworks display on the last day.*" Takao shows Shiraishi the list of activities for the week, however the girl was currently spaced out. "Akira-chan, is something wrong?"

"W-what?" She wasn't listening at him that's why she's surprised.

"Lets watch the fireworks, the three of us!" Takao said, and Shiraishi nods.

"Yeah...the three of us."

Shiraishi decided to go back to their room to help since she's bored and she's not busy anyway, however as soon as she went there she saw a flock of people and a few girls squealing 'How lucky! 'How sweet...' she stepped inside and all eyes are at her.

"W-what is it?" She stuttered, she didn't do anything wrong...ok she may have but...

"Shiraishi! There's a package for you!" One of her classmates came and delivered a bouquet of roses, astonishing the young lady and truth be told, she felt quite happy and excited to know who gave it to her. "It has a card inside."

"Wow...Thanks." Shiraishi said as she received the flowers, then she pulls out the card. "These are pretty."

"I'm so envious of you, Shiraishi-chan..."

"Yeah me too, I've always wanted to receive a bouquet of flowers." Her girl classmates said. She opened the card and read it away from everyone to make sure no one peeks at her. However her hand tensed and her eyes widened as she read the note.

Congratulations! I watched your game yesterday and once again you have amazed me...You're the most wonderful person I ever knew and even if you don't know me, I have continued to adore you from afar...especially when you turn into DJ Yaoi Lover...

I'll meet you, Your secret admirer...

Her breath hitched as she read the letter all over again to make sure, a hand crept to her chest so that she could calm it a bit. Someone knows who I am...Who is it? Oh no...

She ripped the letter and threw it in the bin then she came back to the room and gazed at the flowers, nervousness overcoming her, she's afraid that someone might reveal her identity a tad bit early and that will cause turmoil to her life, well she is exaggerating but she's certain it will still cause confusion to her friends.

Midorima and Takao were on the first year floors talking about their practice game and some techniques, however, while on their way to 1-D's classroom...

"That bouquet of flowers were cool."

"Yeah, I wonder who sent that to Shiraishi-san? But well, Shiraishi-san's pretty and sometimes she's just plain funny so its no wonder that she captured someone's attention."

"You heard that Shin-chan? You have a rival." Takao stated worriedly. "Or sent that."

"No I haven't. I'm busy practicing so it's impossible for me to do that." Somehow Shintaro said that in a dismissing tone that Takao didn't have any remark to that. They were in front of 1-D's room and the two of them saw Shiraishi staring at the bouquet of flowers, but the thing that bothers them is that, instead of happiness, she looked quite scared of the flowers.

"Is Akira-chan allergic to flowers?" Takao asked, the two of them paced towards her, Takao removing the doubt from his face and decided to tease her. "Akira-chan?! Who gave those?"

"T-Takao-san?" Shiraishi looked like she saw a ghost out of Takao. "W-what are you doing h-here?"

"Ehhh? Remember, I told you that we'll check 3-D's horror house. So who gave those?" Takao asked.

"Oh? Secret." Shiraishi gave off an uneasy smile.

"Secret, Why secret?"

"Secret admirer." Shiraishi said. She left the flowers on her table. "So uhh? When are we going to the horror house?"

"Right now!" Takao said, Shiraishi nods and decided to lift off her mind from that letter, even though she thinks its impossible.

"Whoa~" Shiraishi stared at the horror house, the entrance was already hair-raising and scary and it also gives off creepy vibes, She actually moved behind Midorima when a white lady, maybe the receptionist, approached them.

"A-are you sure about t-this?" Shiraishi gulped.

"Ehhh? You're scared, Akira-chan?" Takao asked. "Heh."

"No, I'm not..." she was, actually.

"Only two persons are allowed per trip." The white lady said, Shiraishi sighed and an idea popped into her head.

"You two go!" Takao and Shiraishi spoke at the same time. Shiraishi meant for Takao and Midorima while Takao wanted Shiraishi to go with Midorima. "You go." Takao pleaded.

"No...You two go." Shiraishi smiled.

"No, You like horror houses, so you go."

"No, I'll go after..."

"Why don't you two go? " it was Midorima's turn to answer. "It seems that the two of you are really interested."

Takao-san! What are you doing? This is your chance! Shiraishi stared at Takao, she bit her lip out of frustration, if she could just push the two if them inside, she would.

"Oh...Takao and Midorima!" The two basketball players' attention was caught by the caller, it was Otsubo-senpai. Apparently, he was from the Horror house. "You're here to see Miyaji and Kimura's class' Horror house?"

"Yeah! Miyaji-senpai invited us." Takao answered, Their captain suddenly took note of the girl with them, Takao saw him looking so he tapped Shiraishi's shoulder. "She's Akira-chan, Captain. Shin-chan's - " Takao was cut off when Otsubo spoke.

"Oh yeah, I remember you're Midorima's girlfriend." Otsubo said. "The one he brought in the court carrying the bonzai."

"Huh? No senpai, it's - " Shiraishi stopped talking when Takao tapped her shoulder again,

"Yeah that's her captain." Takao grinned, as he suddenly had an ally. "They look good together, eh? I told them to go inside already but they want me to come with them."

"Oh! What are you doing, Midorima? This is chance!" Otsubo said, thumping Midorima's back.

"Wait a minute captain, You're getting things wrong." Midorima was about to explain but he was pushed inside the horror house with Shiraishi. "What the?"

"Ehhh?! What just happened?" Shiraishi frantically looked around as she sees that she's already inside the dark horror house.

"They pushed us in. That Takao." Midorima angrily states. "Come. Let's end this quickly." Midorima started to walk and Shiraishi clumsily follows behind him. She was hiding in his back but was maintaining a distance somehow.

"N-nice props..." she shivered, rubbing her shoulders. "Don't walk too fast, Midorima-san."

"We need to get out quickly, that's why." He glanced at her but saw how she's taking the situation so he slowed down. "Nothing wrong will happen, as long as I have the lucky item." Midorima stated calmly.

"What is it?"

"Lotion." He raised the bottle of lotion he was carrying. "This lotion will protect us from - " he was suddenly hit by something hard on the back of his head causing him to fall down and when Shiraishi glanced at the thing that hit him, it was a "floating head" or rather a fake head props that was held by a string that is meant to surprise you, not to hit you.

"Midorima-san!" She instantly knelt down beside him. " Are you alright?" She asked, her hand placed on his shoulder.

"Y-yes." He glanced up. "Wait...something is wrong..." he said, everything looks more blurred than usual, his hand crept to his face to feel for his glasses. "Oh."

"Here." Shiraishi saw his glasses, she was about to give it back to him, however she felt something missing from it. "Its just a frame now, the glasses broke." She said as she surveyed the broken eye wear.

"The lotion must have been the wrong brand, and to think this will happen." Midorima sighed.

"Don't you have a spare or something?"

"I left my spare in my bag." He stood up and dusted himself. "Now...We need to - " he walked a bit and then hit on something.

"Hey? Everything must be really blurred for you." Shiraishi walked up to him. "I'll...uhh...will it be alright if I hold your arm? It will be difficult for you now, so let me help you."

"I don't need that."

"Yes, you do." She reluctantly slings her arm at his. "I get scared easily, but I like going to horror houses with friends." She smiled at him, though he can't actually see that.

"What kind of sentiment is that?"

"Its fun when you cling to each other, get scared with each other, scream with each other. It actually lessens the fear you feel." She tugged at his arm. "We should move on, we can't stay here forever."

"I think as well." He reluctantly let himself be pulled by the girl, however he could actually feel her trembling hands. "It seems that you're really not up to this. Are you that frightened?"

"Not much." Shiraishi gazed at Midorima's face for a while. "Can I say something weird?"

"Everything you say is weird. Say what you want."

"You look really good without glasses." She said causing Midorima to look away. "I told you its weird."

"Just be quiet."

"Somehow...Everything seems creepy." She was supposed to be holding his arm to at least help him move, but it seems she's the one really clinging to it. "Ehh? Ehh.. AAAAHHHH!" Midorima almost flinched with her loud voice.

"What happened?!" Midorima was really surprised as he was almost dragged but he was resisting so Shiraishi can't pull him.

"T-t-ttthere!" She points something in front of him but all he can see is something white. "G-ghost kid!"

"I can't see a thing!" Midorima was then forcefully dragged away from that spot. It was really funny, Shiraishi was screaming in every nook and cranny they go and Midorima's worried that he might have some tymphanic membrane problems if they can't get out of here ASAP.

"Sorry about that, hehe." Shiraishi tightened her hold, Midorima will definitely kill Takao after this. "But its fun! With you here, somehow getting scared is fun."

"There is nothing fun with fear, Shiraishi." Midorima sighed, funnily as a mannerism his hand was about to adjust his glasses but, he doesn't wear them anymore. "Tch."

"Are you alright?" Shiraishi asked, they were in a bedroom part in the horror house. "Feel dizzy or something?"

"Yes, because of your loud voice." Midorima replied, irritatingly.

"Heh. I wonder if you'll act like this if you went here with Takao instead." Shiraishi looked down for a moment, the two if them stopping, comically in front of the bed.

"Well I also wonder how you'll act like with Takao." Midorima said, somehow perplexing Shiraishi.

"What do you mean by that? Of course I'll act like I would normally do." She grinned. "Why?"

"You seem to get along well with him..." Midorima was again trying to do his mannerism but realizes there are no glasses to adjust. "Sometimes I wonder why I can't elicit the same reaction from you."

"Same reaction?" Shiraishi glanced at him. "What do you mean?"

"Tell me honestly." Midorima stared at her for a while, his gaze seemed different from the usual Shiraishi thought, like its smoldering or something. "If by chance..."

Shiraishi's heart thumped faster suddenly, Why does it feel like he's going to confess? Maybe he will tell me about Takao? But why does it seems like I'm expecting him to tell it to me? And why am I assuming like this... "What?"

-Meanwhile in a secret place hidden in the horror house.-

"Ahhhh! Miyaji-senpai! It has no audio!" Takao exclaimed, they were looking at a screen displaying a video of Midorima and Shiraishi talking. "They're like gazing at each other."

"Ohhh...I know Midorima's blunt but I never thought he'll do it in a bedroom of a horror house." Otsubo said. "Maybe he watched those gravure idols I said."

"But that girl's pretty..." Miyaji was also with them "Damn, this is vexing, why isn't there an audio?"

"Ehhh? Look someone's behind them?" Takao pointed.

"What? You gotta be kidding me? He came right at that moment!" Miyaji face palmed.

-Back to the bedroom-

"Shiraishi I heard the - "

"Help me~ " Midorima suddenly stopped talking, he felt something cold behind him while Shiraishi shivered.

"Y-you heard that?" Shiraishi asked, frightened at the moment with that voice,.

"Yes. This is all made up, Shiraishi." Midorima said but he looks scared as well, slowly the two of them glanced behind.

"Urrrggghhh!" A swamp man wanna be came in front if them making Shiraishi shout from the top of her lungs and do something unexpected, she kicked the swamp man hard in his midriff and gets one of the thin metal post of the bed

"Get away!" Shiraishi was about to hit him but Midorima held her arm.

"What are you doing?!" Midorima asked making Shiraishi stop her plan to hit swamp man wannabe with the stick.

" the paramedics." The swamp man said as he lied down the floor holding his middle part. Takao, Otsubo and Miyaji came out of nowhere, they were actually watching the two, Midorima and Shiraishi, interact with each other. The swamp man was actually Kimura.

"What the hell are you doing, man?! You ruined that part!" Miyaji exclaimed, surprising the two, Shiraishi hid behind Midorima.

"Owww? What part?!" Kimura said with a pained expression.


"Nice! Shin-chan!" Takao gave two thumbs up, and Midorima glared at him, suddenly he understood everything ,especially with the weird looks of their senpais.

"Takao!" Midorima can't see actually where Takao is.

Shiraishi sighed as she watched Midorima rant with Takao, meanwhile a kid tugged at her blouse, she looked behind and saw the ghost kid earlier. Oh? Must've been the actor. "Yes?"

"You dropped this." The kid gave Shiraishi, Midorima's broken glasses then he scampered off. Shiraishi watched him run off and then followed Midorima out of the Horror house.

"Ow, That girl can kick some ass." Kimura rubbed his part that was hit, They were all at the clinic. "Is that Midorima's girlfriend?" Otsubo nodded, Takao was laughing hard as usual and Miyaji was talking with nurse Saejima. "But Midorima sure is lucky...that girl's pretty." Shiraishi came inside, she helped Midorima retrieve his spare glasses, when she saw Kimura, she bowed a lot and apologized.

"I'm really sorry, senpai." She said.

"I know Kimura-senpai's scary, but man, that's hardcore Akira-chan, you even plan on hitting him with a stick." Takao was still laughing and Shiraishi blushed because of the memory then continued to bow.

"I-it's fine." Kimura said.

"I was surprised that's why I kinda got overwhelmed." Shiraishi reasons. Midorima wiped his glasses then wore them again after he made sure his vision's fine. "But your haunted house is really scary."

"Thanks." Miyaji grinned.

"You even got a kid to play as a ghost, that was good." Shiraishi smiled, however Miyaji and Kimura looked at each other.

"Kid? We don't have a kid there." Miyaji said.

"Ehhh? At first he scared me near the entrance but he gave this back to me before we left."she revealed Midorima's broken glasses.

"B-but it's true..." Kimura said.

"Ahhh, the kid you say, does he looks like this?" Miyaji suddenly got an old picture of a kid. "He died years ago on that room, we actually wanted to tell that first to those who enter to make it more creepy but - ."

"T-tthen, H-h-he's a g-ghost?" Shiraishi gulped and asked, and her two senpai's nodded.

Yukino took a deep breath. This time I'll find out. This time I'll say it! Her eyes were closed and she kept on repeating those two phrases while she's waiting for her time to be called. It was their second to the last rehearsal for the pageant. When she opened her eyes, she was surprised to see some of the people having some problems.

"What could be the matter?" She asked her partner, Toshio.

"Ohhh? They said the DJ they invited for the pageant declined so they'll need one immediately."

"I see…"

"I suggested someone though." Toshio replied.


"You know that DJ from NoLove? DJ YaoiLover? My friend is a daughter of one of the producers, so I asked if they could talk to her."

DJ Yaoi Lover? That DJ Takao and Shiraishi were looking for. "You know her?"

"Yeah…and I'll think they'll talk to her tonight at her duty."

"Can I come with them?" She was looking hopeful as ever, and Toshio flashed her a bright smile.

"Sure. I'm supposed to come, but I don't want her to meet me yet." Toshio looked afar, his smile not disappearing.

"Yet? Why? Does she know you?" he shook his head disapprovingly to answer her question.

Yukino decided to get a breather and walked out of the rehearsal room, she was thinking about the questions and lines she should remember for the pageant however she halted when she saw Midorima inside the court practicing some shots. She didn't go closer but decided to just watch him afar.

"Shin-chan!" Takao called him. "What topic are you talking about with Akira-chan in the haunted house?"

"Nothing." Midorima reached for another ball and shoots.

" look like you're about to kiss..." Takao teased and Midorima almost released the ball prematurely. "So...What are you talking about?"

"We're..." Midorima remembered that he almost asked her something important, lucky for him, Kimura-senpai decided to go there. "Nevermind."


Yukino was listening in their conversation too, her fists clenched as she heard them talking about Shiraishi. It's always her! What's so good about her anyway?! All she ever do is follow them. What is with her?! She thought frustratingly as she looks at those two players. However a smile crept in her face as she knows what she'll have to do. Find that DJ.

"Seriously Shin-chan, You like her." Takao opened that topic again, just after their training. "Pfft...The senpais think she's cute."

"Yes and thanks to you, they have all been pestering me with such trivial questions." Midorima exhaled.

"But seriously, Shin-chan...Have you read Oha asa Zodiac compatibilities." Somehow Midorima almost dropped his bag when Takao said that. "So you did...Aries and Cancer are not compatible."

"I know."

"Ehh? Ohhh...And do you know what sign is compatible with Aries?" Takao teased, he was just joking around, but...

"I have no time for this, Takao." Midorima turned to him, his face was the same as the one Takao saw when they were about to fight Seirin, the beast as he called it. Midorima just walked past him and left Hawkeye rooted on his spot.

Tch. Must've been a pain for Shin-chan to accept that Scorpio and Aries are compatible. Takao thought. "Well...Scorpios are compatible with cancers too...hmmm...I'm pretty much compatible with anyone, haha."

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