DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 15

Miura Yukino's Diary

I liked Midorima since the first time I saw him on that opening ceremony, he got the highest score and I think I got the third place (I think). At first they said that some of his classmates attempted to woe him but he turned all of them down…maybe they're idiots, I'm sure a guy with his caliber will prefer someone that is at par with his mental capacity. LIKE ME.

He was rumored to be weird but I think I find his fascination with horoscopes and fortune telling a good insight, I am a Pisces and I searched that Pisces and Cancer are compatible! they also said that he likes older woman, who cares about age anyway, I am mature in any ways so I can be enough.

I really, really like him, especially when he trains for basketball. it makes me think how complete as a package he is for a man, he's smart, athletic and no one can deny that he looks good too. That's just the right man for me.

However…He was always with that comedian, Takao and sometimes it vexes me that he's too much close with him, although I'm not sure if it's really annoyance or jealousy I feel, but who cares I'm sure he will see me differently and I will take that Takao's place one day.

The situation, however, got more out of hand when a stranger joined them, she's not really a stranger but an invisible entity that attacked when no one pays attention. Her name's Shiraishi Akira. She's classmate with him and she's awfully close to Takao.

Ever since that student rep meeting, I noticed that Takao and Shiraishi became instant friends, it was like they already made a bond before they can even meet at that meeting. They were laughing at something trivial and both of them have short attention spans.

Everything got ruined when Takao introduced the two of them, I saw some changes in Midorima's eyes when he sees her, and they have this different luster that I longed to have and he seems to care for her unusually…

Last time I saw the two of them heading to the clinic, conversing, I timed it and it lasted for about 7 minutes! While the longest I have is around 2 minutes and he's just nodding! I just happened to have a timer that time; I don't usually time conversations…really…

I think that weird girl likes Midorima, I saw her stalking him and Takao and she was writing something! It's probably research! I will do the same too! Last time I saw her, I told him, but he didn't care a bit, maybe he wanted her to stalk him, they even did some cooking lessons in the home economics room, she stands, just a few cm closer to him like they were lovers doing some kitchen duty together. He even tutored her! (hmph! I don't need tutoring!)

I'm getting jealous as days passed… he truly does care for her, I saw him buying some mineral water and then he gave it to her, I saw her riding that cart with him, I saw them eating together and even if its just one time, they went to shop for groceries together.

However, it seems like she's busy about something, she's currently always with Takao and they were investigating about something like DJ Yaoi Lover…I heard them talking about it.

Yukino smiled as she read her journal, tomorrow she'll have an awesome entry, and it might involve her current love interest though, afterwards she was called by her homeroom adviser so she closed her notebook and hid it inside her bag.

"Hey, Shiraishi, My lovely DJ…I got a request for you." NoLove's boss entered Shiraishi's office, she looked up to him, a smile painted on her face. "One of the producer's daughter's friend said they need a DJ for their School fest."

"School fest? When?" Shiraishi asked as she closed the notebook she was writing on.

"Shutoku, this coming Friday." Shiraishi immediately shook her head disapprovingly. "Ehhh? You don't want the gig?"

"No! Really no! I still prefer to be anonymous!" Shiraishi wanted to be famous someday, but that someday is not one of these days. "I'm sorry boss, I really need to decline that, and besides I'm from Shutoku…I want to enjoy the school fest too."

"I see…I just thought you'll love to have some gigs outside of the station." I do boss! But not in Shutoku! "So you're from Shutoku…I know that." NoLove's boss rubbed his chin.

"Y-yeah…I told you before."

"But that's a waste, deary…" Boss said. "They'll come here later, though."

"Some other time, maybe." Shiraishi sheepishly scratched the back of her neck. What a waste, They'll come here? Oh Shit that's murder!. She went out of her office and one of the maintenance walked up to her.

"DJ-san, I heard one of the mixers in your recording room broke, I'll fix it later so I'll need you to check it with me, will that be fine with you?"

"Ahhh, Well, I can stay late… but I have a favor to ask." Shiraishi said, she needs to go early so as not to meet the Shutoku students coming here, but this is still one of her duties, so she'll just hide from them. Gah! Why are my problems piling up?! First the roses, then my schoolmates are going here, Ugh!

The planning committee and their advisers decided to look for a DJ for the school fest's lasts day, Shutoku was known to be an old fashioned/historical school, so they're somehow changing that image, that's the reason why they're planning to make a party like event on the last day and a DJ is somehow required. Yukino decided to tag along with her senpais, she is after all head of the planning committee for the first years, though she had a hidden motive.

"You wanted DJ YaoiLover, right?" A producer of NoLove FM was the one who approached them; apparently Toshio had already informed them. "Sorry about that but DJ said she wants to remain anonymous as of now."

"Ehhh? But it's just a school event." One of her senpai said.

"Well...before this request though, she already filed a leave so I think she have something important to do that day."

"Oh...that's bad."

"But don't worry, we have other DJs, you want to talk to them?"

"Sure, Producer-san…Too bad, DJ YaoiLover had other plans." A senpai said before they followed the producer.

Yukino rolled her eyes, Of course, if she's somewhat of a high profile, it'll be impossible to just crash here and take her. What a waste of time... She was looking around when a familiar brunette passed her eyes. Eh?

"Shiraishi-san, have you seen the notes?" Yukino heard one of the FM people talk, "Those addressed to DJ YaoiLover are already placed in your table."

"I see." That bright, annoying smile that irritates Yukino, now she's sure that Shiraishi, really is the one she saw, while her senpais and the producer are busy talking, she decided to watch and follow her for a while. Shiraishi sat on her chair in a recording type room and wears her headphones, and then she gave a thumbs up.

"Just a trial, Senpai?" The brunette asked, she was talking to a guy in a jumpsuit, probably a mechanic.

"Yeah...I'll just check if the mouthpiece is working well, just say the usual line you do."

"Sure." Yukino walked towards the office but maintained a distance to remain clandestine, she hid behind a wall. If she works here, Shouldn't she be aware who that DJ is? I mean she and Takao have been looking for her. until..."This is DJ YaoiLover, signing out..." Shiraishi glanced at the maintenance personnel and gave thumbs up again.

"Thanks DJ…Oh right! The students are here, they just came a while ago." The mechanic said, pointing towards the other room where Yukino (supposed to be) and her senpais are staying.

"Really? I gotta leave early then! You see, they can't know who I am, haha!" Shiraishi removed her headphones. "They can't know in Shutoku." She made the silent gesture and the guy nodded.

"What..." Yukino halts her step as she watched Shiraishi went out of her office and vigilantly looked around before swiftly disappearing. Yukino grinned, So...That's the reason she's been sticking with Takao and Midorima-san, because she's hiding the fact that she's the one they've been looking for. Yukino walks back to the room where they were first situated.

"Are you coming, Miss?" Yukino nods when she was asked by the guide and she smiled inwardly and decided to treasure this information she found out and use it as a leverage to get her man's attention.

"Ahhh...I want to be the school DJ." Shiraishi sighed as she flips another burger.

"Whaddya say?" Her Kitchen duty partner asked but the brunette dismissed her with a wave of a hand. "Are you going to watch the pageant tonight?"

"Nope." Shiraishi answered. "I'm sure Yukino-san has a great chance of winning it, and besides no ticket, no I can't really go."

"I see." Her partner sliced some cabbages. "That male representative of the first years also has a great chance, that Toshio."

"Oh yeah...they were all talking about him, they said he's a model?"

"Yes he is, He's also a Zunon boy cover, you know? That popular magazine that features high school models."

"Ohh? Yeah!" She remembers that magazine because of Kise Ryouta and the John Tucker girls.

"Hey! Sorry we're late guys!" Their classmates who are scheduled for the next shift came and instantly clad themselves with their aprons.

Shiraishi washed her hands and cleaned herself. "You have somewhere to go?" Her partner asked.

"Yeah, since this'll be the second to the last day, I'll probably check all class' booths." She smiled at her partner who waved a hand at her and went ahead. Shiraishi heads out after a while.


"Ooh? You're staying Shin-chan?" Takao asked as he saw Midorima still practicing on the court, the former was already clad in his school uniform. "You know the cute Yukino-chan? She gave us tickets for the pageant tonight."

"I see."

"She wants you to come. Hehe. Anyways, she just gave two tickets...I asked for another one but she said it's for me and you only, I want Akira-chan to come too but I guess Yukino-chan's jealous of her, hehe." Takao stated but Midorima was silent and he's ignorant of his presence. "Oi? Are you still mad about yesterday?"

"I am not, you can go ahead." Midorima said after wiping beads of sweat that accumulated in his chin.

"Sheesh, Man. I'll text you later for the tickets then." Takao had some other things to do so he left Midorima for today, their senpais told them to enjoy the school fest somehow, even if the Winter Cup is approaching, they never stopped practicing anyway.

Maybe it took Midorima half an hour before he decided to stop practicing and head home, after he showered, changed to his uniform and went out of the locker room, he watched the students loiter around some stalls and others still giving up some flyers for their student cafe's or fares, this sight actually reminded him of his middle school life in Teiko.

"Ehh? Midorima-san?" He glanced behind already knowing who called him, like always, she'll be stumbling towards him as if fate is playing with him. "Where's Takao-san?" He looks at her for a while seeing her hands full of food.

"As I told you before...I am not required to know where he is or what he does, You always ask him when you see me alone."

"Well, I ask about you too, when I see him alone." She smiled and Midorima glowered at her though he's a bit surprised with that answer. "You just seem like a duo of some sort and you look cool together."

"Stop incorporating me with him all the time and we're not a duo." Midorima fixed his glasses.

"Heh. Still denying that." She said why do they make things complicated for me anyway. "Hey, let's have some Takoyaki!" He didn't want to but he let himself be dragged by her, sometimes it annoys him how he lets someone like Takao or her to influence him badly, he was hauled to the Takoyaki shop, Ice cream shop, Yakisoba shop, bread stall and some other free taste offering booths.

"Ohhh...You know my friend is a really good cook." Shiraishi suddenly opened, "When we were in middle school, I've wanted to be a food critique but now that I realize it, I wanted to be a writer over all."


"Yeah, A novelist." She smiled. "How about you? Do you want to be a professional basketball player?"

"That would be nice, but I have other plans and besides I only played basketball for extracurricular activities."

"Heh, You like basketball, admit it." Shiraishi teased. "But what do you want to be?"

"A doctor, perhaps." Midorima answered.

"Ooohhh...Why does it seem so possible when you said it? But when I said I wanted to be a writer it sounded...weird..." she sighed "Just 'cuz you're so smart. By the way, are you nervous about winter cup?"

"Why would I be? As long as I follow what my horoscope says, nothing can go wrong."

"But you gotta be sure to have the exact lucky item...I mean, remember yesterday? Because you have the wrong brand of lotion."

"It was a miscalculation on my part but Oha asa is never wrong." Midorima fixed his glasses once more.

"Oh…now that you mentioned it, you can't be a doctor." She said making the green haired guy glance at her questioningly. "You'll be like, (tries to imitate Midorima's seriousness) Name of the patient, age, gender, blood type and Zodiac sign? Diagnosis, Pancreatitis *clears throat* you'll be scheduled for surgery on the day Oha asa have forecasted a good fortune for you." She snickered.

"Nonsense." Midorima looked away, annoyed with her laugh.

"Hey, I'm just kidding, you'll be a good doctor." Shiraishi said with a smile, Midorima just stares at her, she can just goof around like Takao, not caring about anything, yet…"Midorima-san?" maybe she noticed that he's staring for too long so she called him out, breaking him out of his trance.

"Sorry about that." He looked up, his glasses somehow hooding his eyes, she shrugged and she decided to take another food from a stall nearby. "How mercenary can you be?" Midorima asked, he reluctantly carried the plastic of food she had, since it seems she didn't have enough of her food binging.

"Hey, some of those are free anyway!" She stopped walking and saw a 'fortune telling' stand. "Let's try that." Shiraishi points the stall to Midorima but he glared at her.

"No. Those are frauds; they are just making up things to say."

"Well...Are you sure Oha asa isn't making up the things it says?" Shiraishi crossed her arms at her chest. "You don't need yours to be read, I'll just check out what she'll say about mine."

"Of course, I will not let others cloud my mind with their fraudulent schemes. I suggest you do the same."

"Nothing's going to happen if I listen." Again, she pulled him inside the stall. Why can't he just say no? Oh's hard to do that right now.

It was Arabic style, Midorima noted and most of the students inside were wearing gypsy costumes, before they can enter, a girl with a fish bowl approached them. The fish bowl had something '1000 yen' on it and the girl even winked at Midorima.

"Let's go, Shiraishi." He said but Shiraishi ignored him and searched her pocket for a 1000 yen bill. "What? Are you going to pay that price for a foolish fortune reading?"

"Heh. You should listen to yourself." Shiraishi grinned, still rummaging her bag. "You pay for expensive lucky items!"

"Oha asa is not foolish." Midorima sighed and gets a 100 yen bill, drops it in the fish bowl surprising Shiraishi. "Let's get this over quickly." They were lead inside, a more creepy room.

After a while the main fortune teller came and sat in front of the crystal ball, she looks really funny with her weird semantics but the two spectators were serious in their own way, Shiraishi was expectant of her fortune while Midorima is getting annoyed by the minute.

"" Midorima watched Shiraishi's overly excited expression, they were seated side by side and across them is the student dressed cliché -ly as a madam fortune teller type.

"You'll have a very lucky day today, Shiraishi-san." The fortune teller said as she pretends to see something at the crystal ball. "But you still need to act cautious..."

"Shiraishi is an Aries, Oha asa have not included her in the top three lucky signs, therefore what you say might be rubbish." Midorima said, Shiraishi tugged at his sleeve while the fortune teller glared at him.

"Is she your boyfriend, Shiraishi-san? Well..." she faked crystal reading again. "You must break up with him and find someone like you; guys like him will bring you misfortune."

"Stop talking nonsense. Let's leave, Shiraishi, it's obvious she's lying." Midorima stood up from his seat.

"I am not! It's because you use that fake Oha asa that's why you say that! The crystal ball is real!"

"No it is not. Oha asa tells the absolute, I have proven that because I have survived by means of abiding by her advices, meanwhile that crystal ball is an ancient litter, You should know that the images seen with a crystal ball aren't the foretelling of future events, but rather images from deep within one's subconscious mind, and the crystal ball is the door through which these subconscious thoughts can be accessed. While there is no doubt that many people see visions in crystal balls, there is little evidence to suggest that visions have any clairvoyant content. Analysis of the content suggests they are a kind of hallucination that visualizes things in memory or of expectations, for example a subject who was told to expect to see soldiers, saw exactly this when gazing in a crystal ball. The subject had previously experienced hallucinations when looking at reflective surfaces, something which tends to be true of most people who experience visions when gazing at crystals" Midorima spoke like he was reciting an exact excerpt from a book while he glared at the fortune teller, Shiraishi's mouth was left agape as she listened to him.

"You really know a lot about these stuffs…"

"And I know that incompatibility already..."

"W-what?" Shiraishi asked.

"Shiraishi is Aries, I am Cancer, Oha asa have said that those two signs are incompatible." Midorima answered and walks out of the room, Shiraishi stood up and apologized to the fortune teller student, she ran outside to check on her mate.

"Midorima-san, wait – "she was actually running blindly she hit on a post causing her to stumble down, Midorima looked behind and saw her, standing up, dusting her skirt and rubbing her forehead. "Tch. Stupid post." She muttered, glaring at the post.

"Are you alright?" Midorima walked up to her. "You have dirt here." Midorima suddenly bent down and his hand just reached out to her forehead, he brushed his thumb on that spot, it was just an impulse on his part but well Shiraishi blushed and that caused him to withdraw his hand immediately as he sees her reaction. What am I doing?

"Thanks." Shiraishi tried to calm her heart. "I guess you're right about this day not being my lucky day." She took a deep breath.

"Hmph. I told you, Oha asa never fib."

"Hey, I'm sorry." Shiraishi said as she calmed down. "I just wanted to try that."

"If you want to be aware of your fortune, Oha asa is accessible most of the time so you don't need to fall into the hands of frauds."

"Well...I don't really need to subscribe with the horoscope...I mean..."Shiraishi scratched the back of her neck, as she embarrassingly states."Isn't life fun living when you don't know what'll happen next? I mean... I guess I'll be bored if it seems too predictable."

"Life must be treated precious so it should also be lived cautiously." Midorima adjusts his glasses. "I understand your sentiment but people like you are the ones who end up failing the society."

"That is harsh." Suddenly she pinched his cheek surprising him; he immediately swats her hand away from his face as he rubbed his cheek. She grinned at him though, "And people like you are the ones who grow old regretting not experiencing anything fun in life."

"Why'd you pinched my cheek?!" He's irritated, such actions seemed overly friendly for him, but isn't he being overly friendly with her? Truth be told, he's never been this close to any female he knew, even Momoi, and he's surprise how willing he is when it comes to this weird girl.

"But...Is it really true that we're incompatible?"

"Yes, Oha asa had mentioned."

"Then...Because we don't have compatible signs...does that mean we won't have a chance?" Shiraishi blushed again as soon as she realized, even Midorima had a surprised reaction and silence seemed to engulf them for a while. "I-I mean...will you really use that as grounds to reject someone?" Shiraishi was somehow regretting asking that question, now she feels more conscious and...

"Yes." now, even he is curious, If fate deemed them to be incompatible, why is it that they always crossed path? Why does it seems like a string is attached to them, drawing them close to each other?...Midorima brushed off that thought and then he turned around and left her rooted on her spot, Shiraishi felt like something sharp pierced through her heart. Why am I being like this...

Shiraishi was thinking about how she'll revert the story to its original plot, everything seems like a waste now, she feels rotten as she ponders why she even decided to ruin the story, she was twisting and turning around the bed, a pen and paper on her hand.

Chocolo looked him in the eye and Shuumai did the same, the world seemed to revolve around them as they stare at each other. "Shuumai, I like you..." She blushed as she read the part all over again. But Shuumai stood there silent...

What will he reply? If I stick to the story he'll say : I'm sorry I'm in love with Taco.

If I want to make it a cliffhanger: I'm sorry but we don't have compatible zodiac signs...

But what I really wanted to happen: I like you too... (Wait what? Really wanted to happen? Don't be absurd, Akira!)

Urgh! Erase! Erase! I'll probably place this in the last part, Must add fillers to the story… She reached out for her phone and dialed someone. "Satomi?"

"What?" the other line answered.

"Hey, let's meet up today! Let's go to our usual Manga shop, I need to read something."

"Another Yaoi?"

"Nope…I'm looking for Shoujo this time." Shiraishi glanced at her watch. "Meet me at the shop, 730!" Even before the other line hung up, she ends the call.

Shiraishi came on time in the meeting place and it seems her friend, a certain silver haired girl* was already leaning in front of the Manga shop. "Satomi!"

"At least be earlier when you set the meeting, idiot." Satomi replied. The two of them entered the shop, and Shiraishi started to pick up interesting mangas and went to their usual seats.

"Isn't this nostalgic, Satomi?" she said as she opened one book. "Tch…this story is boring."

"Yeah…its fun meeting in person once in a while, I heard it's your school fest?" Satomi opened one manga and yawned.

"This is annoying too…" Shiraishi said, she gets one manga after another and then 'Too cliché' or 'Too romantic' or 'Unrealistic' are the words that came out of her mouth.

"Why are you reading Shoujo anyway?" Satomi rested her chin on her hand as she helplessly watched her best friend. "Isn't Yaoi your genre?"

"W-well, yeah…"

"Ahhh. I've been listening to your story; it has quite a turn of events." Satomi looked at Shiraishi. "So who will it be then?"

"I-I'm still not sure." Shiraishi engrossed herself in a certain Manga, avoiding her friend's inquisitive eyes.

"If I remember, that story's about the three of you, right?" Satomi grinned. "So you like one of them."

"N-N-No! You got it wrong Satomi."

"Now, I really want to meet them… But the story's going well, don't worry." Satomi teased.

"So…I'll tell you something…I've decided to make a poll at the finale…" Satomi leaned closer so that Shiraishi can whisper her plan to her.

"That'll probably increase your ratings but...Honestly, I want to know..." This time Shiraishi wasn't able to look away from her friend's eyes. "You really like that Shuumai-chan, Don't you?" Shiraishi gulped and averted her eyes.

"This is all for show, haha."

"I hope so...because what if they really are gay? You'll hurt yourself...You better decide and know for sure what you really feel, because I'm telling you, you'll be the one suffering." Akira stared at Satomi...Damn why is she so insightful?,

Takao sighed as he glanced at his phone, Midorima didn't even reply to his messages regarding the pageant, so he watched alone and he noticed Yukino glancing at the empty seat beside him. Poor girl. The pageant ended with Yukino and Toshio being crowned, hurray for the first years! Takao felt bad for Yukino because Shin-chan really is emotionally unavailable right now.

"Congratulations to us." In the backstage, Toshio approached Yukino, though the latter looked crestfallen. "Something wrong?"

"Heartbroken." She sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror.

"Well, the girl I liked rejected my offer too, but tomorrow at the party, I'll confess." Toshio's eyes looked dreamy for a while. "You could too, after the fireworks!"

"Well, Now that you mention it, the guy I like isn't aware of my feelings yet." Yukino sighed. "Maybe I can tell him tomorrow too."

"Good then."

"Toshio-sama~" Toshio looked behind and saw a flock of girls.

"Sorry, I gotta leave for a while." Toshio waved a hand and went out of the dressing room. "We won this now, let's do our best and win our love tomorrow too."

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