DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 16

"Nii-chan?!" Midorima was busy reading a book when his little sister came inside his room.

"Oh, Megumi?" He placed down the book, his little sister jumped on his bed and laid down. "What's wrong?"

"Can you tell me my lucky item for tomorrow?" She cutely said, but it perplexed Midorima.

"Sure…but why?"

"Well…We have an assignment; it's to make a love letter! Ahhh…no a letter only but, Megumi made a love letter." Megumi blushed as she was explaining, however Midorima isn't really fond of hearing about his little sister's early love, she's still a child, yup…She's still a child. "And…I'm going to give it to Kyouya from the other class. So I need to be lucky!"

Midorima sighed, well…she's still a child so this is normal? Right? "You're a Virgo." Midorima typed on his laptop. "Your lucky item will be…oh, it's easy, A scarf."

"Wow! I can borrow mom's scarf! Thanks nii-chan! Hehe, now I'll win Kyouya's love for sure!"

"Wait? You need to know what Kyouya's sign is. You should know if you are compatible or not."

"Ehhh? Really?"

"Yes, so that you can be assured he'll be the right one."

"B-but I don't want to." Midorima raised his brow as he heard his sister. "I don't think that matters, nii-chan! I like him so I'll fight for him... that's why I have a lucky item…this'll help despite that different signs."

"Fight for him? Megumi…You're too young to go that deep in such matters. I'll need to meet that boy first and test him if he's worth your attention, but never mind, you are still young so you can't take him here yet to meet me or else…" He was thinking of grabbing any boy who dares to go near his sister and then shoot them far away from her.

"Hehe! Nii-chan's funny! But Kyouya's really cool he plays basketball too! But he's always sitting though."

Oh he's a bench player. Tch, not worth of her caliber. Midorima thought.

"Nii-chan, how about you? Do you like someone? Do you have the same sign too?"

"Ahh…" that's just not the question he wants to answer right now.

"I need to meet her too, okay?" Megumi giggled before she gave her brother a quick hug and went out of his room. Midorima stared blankly at the door after her sister was out.

Fight for her? Midorima smiled, and then glanced on the stuffed lion which was placed on his collections of lucky item. I am getting mad with all of this…

"Oi, Shin-chan…" You didn't go to the pageant last night…" Takao complained. "I should've just asked Akira-chan to come with me." Nope, Takao won't do that because that will be adding insult to injury for Yukino-chan, she could've been depressed if she saw Shiraishi on the seat she requested for him and Shin-chan.

"I told you, I have no plans in accompanying you at that pageant." Midorima answered as he retrieves something from his locker.

"Ehhh? What did you do last night?" Takao asked seeing how responsive his friend is. "Don't tell me you went out with Akira-chan…Heh. I saw the two of you yesterday, but being the awesome guy I am, I didn't disturb you."

"I wish you could have." Midorima muttered.

"Why? Are you still thinking about that incompatibility thing?" Takao asked and Midorima glared at him. "Hehe, Kidding man, relax…I'm just kidding." Midorima proceeded inside the campus and left Takao out, the latter exhaled, It's because he's being too stubborn. Takao decided to help him out, you'll never know, this could cause him mistakes in the game. Nah…that's improbable. He dashed towards his teammate and tapped him in the back causing him to stop walking.

"What is it, Takao?"

"Listen man…I understand that we're busy and you don't want to hear this but, consider this as an extracurricular activity from basketball." Takao instilled. "Why don't you talk to Shiraishi? She likes you so if you like – "

"She doesn't like me, Takao." Midorima cuts him off again. "And you know that its impossible."

"Why? Because of sign incompatibilities? Well…sometimes what we expect doesn't really happen the way we wanted it to, just like our inter high match with Seirin, maybe we're better or maybe they're lucky, but at least they won contrary to others' beliefs."

"What are you pointing at, Takao?"

"Its not her fault she's born that day, Shin-chan…I know you got a weird fascination for fate and such so I'll say this, fate doesn't revolve around horoscopes only, and besides if you're already setting grounds like sign differences, how can you call that fate? Man…I can definitely host a talk show with this." Takao said. "And…I can't understand where I'm going with what I'm saying anymore, but you get it Shin-chan, right?"

"This is your entire fault, Takao." Midorima said and left him there.

"Well yeah, I introduced the two of you." Takao muttered when Midorima's away. "Wait? What if that's my secret mission in life? Ah shit, too much of this 'fate' thing's rubbing on me."

Shiraishi was walking in the hallway reading some of the flyers she picked up earlier, this'll be the last day and they said there will be a party later after the fireworks and of course, there'll be no classes tomorrow.

"Hey." she looked up when she heard that, since no name was stated she might or might not be the one being called, however the person was really after her, she squinted her eyes to see who was calling for her and then saw him. Toshio-san?

He caught up to her, panting but a smile still formed on his face. "Shiraishi Akira?"

"Yes?" she wonders why such a man like Toshio will warrant her attention, not that its bad though, actually if this is a normal day she would probably be squealing mentally but it seems her mind has a lot of things going on.

"You'll go at the party later?"

"Yeah." she nodded.

"Good!" suddenly he held her hands, surprising her. "I'll see you later." he said flashing her, his bright smile before he bid her goodbye and ran off to a group of girls waiting for him.

She stared at his retreating form, quite bewildered with what just occurred. "What was that?" she turned around again, still baffled with that guy, he never even talked to her in his whole first year life, so why now? She shrugged off the feeling and decided to continue her stroll towards her classroom.

She went straight to the kitchen to help clean since class activities ended yesterday to give way for the party later. She was quite excited since, she's a freshman and she has no idea what happens in such events. However, she was alarmed when she saw Midorima inside, the guy didn't look surprised though, it's as if he was expecting her or rather he's waiting for her. Shiraishi's heart thumped faster, it's probably making a thousand cartwheels, right now, and looking eye to eye with him is quite difficult.


"Mi-Mi-Midorima-san, w-what a-are you doing here?" Oh my God, she's stuttering. Midorima eyed curiously at her and then held out his hand. W-what? What is that? Is it a 'take my hand' thing? I-Is he asking for my hand? OMG I'm hyperventilating inside!


"Midorima-san I'm not – Eh?" Shiraishi looked at him, flummoxed. "What?"

"The tape I lent you."

"Tape?" Shiraishi placed a finger at her chin and remembered. "Oh yeah, the tape!"

"Yes…I'll need it. It is my lucky one, after all."

"Now that you mentioned it, I think I left it at home…You should have told me yesterday, so I could've brought it today. Sorry."

"Never mind. Just bring it back next week." Midorima closed his book and walked past her. Of course…What am I thinking? There's no way he'll like me…he already said that yesterday. "Oh." Midorima stopped walking before he reached the door.

"Yeah?" Shiraishi turned around to look at him.

"You're going to see the fireworks later?" he asked.

"Yes." Shiraishi answered. "I'll check them at the rooftop, though."

"See you then." Midorima replied before he truly left the room. Oww…Do I really like him? Why him of all people? I'm supposed to be supporting his love life with Takao. She sat limply on the chair, feeling down all of a sudden.


Midorima walked out of the room, feeling quite unsure, he's glad she'll come later, but what after that? Geez…It's because Takao have installed annoying ideas in his head. Maybe there really is a need to sort out such matters.

"I saw that~" Midorima froze on the spot, hearing that voice. "Aww, Shin-chan…you can't invite her directly, can't you?"

"Takao." Midorima glared at him, however Takao walked closer and imitated Midorima when he held out his hand and then he said 'Tape.' even sounding like him, afterwards, Takao hugged his tummy and laughed at Midorima.

"Man…Tape? That is so lame…Ahahaha." he almost want to roll over because of laughter.

"Oi Takao! Shut up!" Midorima was getting embarrassed and annoyed right now. Takao stopped for a while wiping a tear of joy from his eye.

"I think I took a video. bwahahahaha." Takao ran when Midorima decided to skin him alive and chase him until the ends of time.

Shiraishi went to the rooftop fifteen minutes earlier than the designated time of the fireworks, however someone was already there, She felt uneasy as she saw who was there already, Midorima. His arms were leaning at the railings while he was looking down. Shiraishi doesn't want to move but her feet were stubborn and she walked towards him, he looked behind as if knowing already that the one approaching was her.

"You're early." She said and he nodded. "Are you going to the party later?"

"I don't want to join such merriments." Midorima answered making Shiraishi pout. "Takao's coming, if that makes you happy."

"Well, it's better if you come too. You should come." Shiraishi appeals.

"I'm not really interested. I only wanted to see the fireworks, since Oha asa have mentioned lucky items to be something bright." He brought up a flash light.

"Come on, it'll be fun."


"I've never really experienced such events in middle school, so I really want to go but it's more fun for me if you and Takao will join."

"If you insist, I guess I'll come." Midorima looked away from her.

Shiraishi smiled but she remembered Satomi's words… You should be sure or else you'll be the one suffering. Maybe this is the right time to ask Midorima what's the real score, she walked closer towards him and props her arms on the railings too, Midorima glanced at her again, though her eyes were focused at front.

"Neh…Can I ask you something?"


"You know about the Varsity Lovers, right?" Shiraishi started. "Takao-san's really annoyed with that radio program and all, because he says it tells a story about you two being gay…Well…you don't seem affected at all."

"It's because I know it's a phony matter."

"Ahhh…Are you really gay?" Ick! That came out suddenly? It's too straightforward.

"Why did you ask? Is the story bothering you?"

"Not really…" The real characters are the one bothering me.

"I'm not gay and I don't harbor such romantic feelings towards Takao." Midorima answered, Shiraishi looked up to him and saw him looking at her as well.

Somehow all parts of me believe what he said, It's funny that before, even if there are a lot of times Takao-san have denied I brushed off the idea, thinking that they're just bashful of their real personality and I wanted to hook them up together because they are my precious friends and I want them to be happy, but now, Am I being biased? Because I want to hear what Midorima said…?

"Shiraishi." Midorima called capturing her attention. "I have something to tell you after the winter cup."

"What is it?" her eyes sparkled somehow and Midorima frowned (He's always frowning anyway.)

"I said after the winter cup."

"Just a clue." Shiraishi pleads.

"After Winter cup…"

"That's after…" Shiraishi counts. "Less than a month? I could forget about it."

"I won't. I'm the one saying it anyway." Midorima assured. Suddenly the people below gathered at one place, the fireworks display is starting, Shiraishi looked up and true enough the first fireworks was released it was multi colored and then Music was added.

Shiraishi watched with delight, fireworks could mean either a beginning or an end of something, she was curious how Midorima takes this situation so she gazed at him and she felt her heart beat quicken as she had a glimpse of him, his eyes were trained on the pyro works and a small smile tug at his lips, he must've smiled unknowingly because of the fireworks but it is such a sight to behold for Shiraishi, now she have confirmed and she is sure, boy…

"I like you…" Midorima's smile faltered and then slowly he glanced at her, their eyes met for a second until… her face heated up, she realized, Oh shit! I said it out loud!


"The fireworks…Haha, I really like the fireworks." She looked away from him and focused on the fireworks. "I like you fireworks…" I think I just made it more obvious… I'm so silly! Really, really silly!

"Shiraishi." Midorima said and Shiraishi stares at him again. "I don't want any distractions, at least not yet…"

"What do you mean?" Shiraishi probes.

"Akira-chan! Shin-chan!" Takao called. "Sorry I'm late! Ehhh? Have I disturbed something? Are you making out?"

Shiraishi blushed, face as red as an apple and Takao was surprised, he have been teasing her like this for quite a time but she never blushed nor reacted like that, Heh…Looks like my plans are working…

"Of course not, Takao-san, don't be silly." Takao walked up to them and stood beside Shiraishi making her stand between the two of them. "You didn't see the beginning, it was amazing."

"Yeah…A senpai asked me to help her at something and I lost track of time…But Shin-chan sure looks happy." Takao teased and glanced at Midorima who glared at him.

"Do your best at the winter cup." Shiraishi said. "You're really marvelous when you play."

"You haven't watched one of our official games before so how can you say that?" Takao questioned.

"You're wrong…I watched your game with Seirin." She said and the two boys looked at her curiously.

"You did?" Takao asked, surprised.

"Yes!" She squealed. "You two got me smitten there. For a minute, I want to kill someone that time, that red-haired guy…" She smiled.

"Whoa! Why didn't you call us? Or went to see us, Akira-chan?"

"I didn't want to disturb you guys, so I left quickly." She looked up and saw another batch of fireworks with music, starting. "Hey! Look!" She points the pyro works at them.

"I'll head out for a while." Midorima said as he left the two staring at the pyro works in the sky. He decided to get something to drink since he felt parched while talking with Shiraishi, it happens every time or maybe because she can make him sprout nonsense sometimes, but he will say what he needs to say after Winter cup.

"Midorima-san." He glanced at the person who called him, it was Yukino. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Yes. Is something the matter?" Midorima asked as he gets the drinks he bought.

"You bought three?" She asked, Midorima nods. "Let me guess, that's for Takao-san and Shiraishi-san?" he nods again.

"What are you going to say, anyway?" Midorima sounded a bit impatient, like usual.

"Midorima-san, I – "

Shiraishi decided to buy some drinks too, she's not aware that Midorima was already out buying, its going to be the next batch of fireworks show, so she should hurry, while on her way she saw two shadows near the vending machine, she walked slowly, however…

"I've liked you for a long time." that voice sounded familiar for her, when Shiraishi saw to whom the voice and those shadows belong, she hid behind a wall.

"Midorima-san…I really like you." It was Yukino. After that line everything felt eerie, silence enveloped the two of them, Shiraishi gulped, listening to their conversation.

"Please go out with me."

Midorima pushed his glasses upward to the bridge of his nose before he stared at her, looking more serious than anything."Yukino." he said his tone have his usual sharpness to it.

"What? What do you think?"

"I appreciate your feelings, but I can't accept them. I'm sorry." That's just like him, dismissive. Somehow it's like Shiraishi felt relief, she doesn't know why but it's like the relief you feel when someone is unable to get something you want.

"Why then?" Yukino asked, quite desperate.

"I don't have time for such matters. Right now, I'm only focused on winning the winter cup, I don't want any distractions." He answered. Shiraishi's back leaned on the wall while she listened, Of course nothing mattered for him now, only the winter cup. This is probably what he meant when he heard me say 'I like him…' He doesn't want any diversions, and besides what am I compared to Yukino-chan? after this maybe he'll entertain her, Yukino-chan's perfect anyway also, she might have a compatible sign with him. What's happening with me?

She looked at the ceiling trying to answer her questions. She got tired though, so she decided to just walk away from the scene. Takao, who felt irritated with the two taking too long, came looking for them, he was thinking maybe they're already doing something and he laughed inwardly.

"Ehhh? Akira-chan…" he saw Shiraishi going away, when he was about to call her again, he saw two other persons talking, like what, Shiraishi did, he hid behind a wall.

"Really or do you like someone else?" Yukino said.

"Do you really want to know the truth?" Midorima answered, and she nodded. "Well then, Yes." Takao who was listening at the back, cheered. Yay for Akira-chan!

"It's Shiraishi, isn't?" Yukino asked. "Why her? She's just deceiving you!" Midorima looked at her curiously; even Takao's interest was piqued.

"What do you mean by that?"

"She's DJ YaoiLover! The one who has been writing about you! The one who thinks that you and Takao have something going on…She's been pretending this whole time!"

Takao's eyes almost bulged as he listens to every word she said. Impossible, Akira-chan… he emerged from his hiding place, surprising Yukino and especially Midorima. "You're kidding, right? There's no way Akira-chan will do that."

"Takao." Midorima was really surprised to see him.

"It's true. We went to NoLove station to borrow her as the DJ for today's event; she declined because you'll find out who she really is."

"Nonsense." Midorima cuts her off. "Takao, let's go." Takao reluctantly followed him; somehow doubt was already forming in his mind.

"Akira-chan went at the party venue now." Takao said. "I saw her a while ago, she must've been listening."

"What?" Midorima and Takao went to the venue and started to look for Shiraishi. "Where is she?"

While they were looking, someone is at the stage talking, what was his name? Yes, Toshio, the winner of the school fest pageant, he was holding the mic.

"I have always liked you ever since you answered my call, You probably wanted to be anonymous so I didn't want to tell everyone, but I really want to dedicate this event for you…"

"Oh! There she is! Akira-chan!" Takao called, Shiraishi heard him and waved a hand but suddenly the spot light was given to her.

"Huh?" She looked around, even Midorima and Takao were surprised.

"I like you, Shiraishi Akira-san or should I say DJ YaoiLover…" Toshio said, stopping Takao and Midorima from their tracks and leaving a flabbergasted Shiraishi on her spot.

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