DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 17

Before the trio came inside the party venue...

"Let's all welcome, the winner of this year's School Fest pageant, Aburame Toshio-san." the MC said and a certain good looking guy approached the center stage, he has a slightly long black hair, fair complexion and somehow a nice physique, he was a model after all. He took hold of the mic and his eyes ruminated his surroundings, trying to spot a certain brunette...

"Thank you everyone for your support, especially for the first years! This victory's for us." Toshio said and then crowd cheering was heard, also some fan girls' screaming and squealing. "However, How selfish this maybe...I want to somehow, dedicate this victory to someone special..." He smiled and although that sounded like a dedication to a girl, (which is...) his fans continued to swoon over him.

"I wasn't really like this, before...especially in my middle school days, I'm just your typical guy, I looked normal, seriously, as plain as you can imagine. In my last year of middle school, I confessed to a girl I liked and she rejected me..."


"Please go out with me." A younger version of Toshio knelt down in front of the girl of his dreams, he's looking like a geek, with his neatly cropped hair and round glasses and with his current scenario, it seems like he was proposing.

"I can't accept your feelings!" the girl said and ran, leaving a heartbroken Toshio.

After that destructive rejection, he never wanted to go to school, he was embarrassed and he never wanted to show his face to anyone. During his secluded days in home, he have decided to listen to the radio, there, he first heard her voice...

"Good evening, lass and lads! This is your resident DJ, YaoiLover! for tonight we will be having another caller tell us her problems regarding this guy she had a crush on for years... Hello? Hinowa-san?"

"Ahhh...Hello DJ?..."

"Yes, So Can you please tell us your heartbreaking story..."

"Well...You see, I've been in love for this guy, around three years or so, but I'm just a nobody and he's a model...blahblahblah" Toshio listened intently at this certain DJ, she has a nice soothing voice, the type of voice that can calm your aching heart. Feeling bored all of a sudden, he decided to call the hotline that was mentioned.

"So we have another caller for tonight! Can I know your name sir?"

"To-Toshi..." He mutters

"Ok so Mr. Toshi, Can you please say your heartbreaking story?"

"Yes, So...There is this girl..." Toshio paused for a moment. "I liked her since the first year of middle school, She was really pretty and I look like a nerd but she always talk to me...she makes me feel happy, she even said I look 'cute' with my glasses and such and with her words and ways, I thought she felt the same...however I never wanted to ruin our friendship so I decided not to tell her, but she grows more beautiful in my eyes and my poor heart can't take it if she would be taken away, so I did my best and confessed but she rejected me... now I knew that she has a crush on a boy from the next class who is quite popular..."

"I feel you, friend...I know the pain, however, the choice is up to you...I would suggest that you move on, like the girl a while ago, and it's a good thing she listened to me and burned all the things that reminded her of that model, It hurts as you remember all those times you spent controlling your feelings and holding it in, you should think of yourself more now...Go out and meet other people. But if you really like her, then remove those glasses, gel your hair and look fab for her! but it will only show how appearance matters for her, you should know that all of us age and when that happens such external things won't matter, only the feelings inside will make your relationship last..."

Toshio was so happy with her advice, it sounded like the usual ones he get but there was something in her alluring voice that makes him want to move and do something!...The next day, he checked his wardrobe and removed his conventional clothes, he went to the mall and bought the modern and trendy ones, afterwards he went to his ophthalmologist and asked for contacts then for his last step, he went to the salon.

It took him a week but when he entered school again, everyone is staring at him, and no one had recognized him, even the girl he likes and what's more, he's not that embarrassed to talk to anyone, that DJ's advice is really worth it, so later that night, he called again.

"Yes, Toshi-san! How are you?"

"Thank you DJ-san, with your advice now I get to be noticed by her again."

"I see, I'm so happy for you! but you should remember the last piece of advice I gave you. OK?" He was so happy because she sounds concerned for his well being and because of that he became a regular listener and somewhat, an avid fan, even though she now hosts love stories and not the love hotline segments, he continued to follow her and deep in his heart he wanted to meet her personally.

True enough with what the DJ said, In their commencement exercises, the girl he likes called him and confessed to him, but this time around, he doesn't have that same desire he carries for her, he knows another person now bears his heart... after the graduation he applied as a model for a magazine, Zunon boy, in hopes that maybe he could use modelling as a ways to meet her personally, and a faithful day came when they were to take a photo shoot next to Nights of Love FM's station, he walked inside and in this studio he saw her, for the first time and he is certain that he likes this girl...

What made him more delighted is at the very first day of his high school life, he met her, Yes... she goes to the same school as he does, Shutoku High, but before he tells her everything, he decided to make something grand for her...

(End of Flashback)

"This girl, saved my life, saved me from the utter depths of desperation and for that I have fallen for her..." The moment he was about to finish, Toshio saw him enter, and he signaled the one in charge of the lights to her.

"I have always liked you ever since you answered my call, You probably wanted to be anonymous so I didn't want to tell everyone, but I really want to dedicate this event for you…"

She was raising her hand, and then the spot light was hers. "I like you, Shiraishi Akira-san or should I say DJ YaoiLover…"

Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at her, even the girl, Shiraishi Akira, who was calling her friends was very much surprised, Yukino also entered the venue at that time, a smirk plastered on her face like 'Great timing', however Toshio was confused why isn't Shiraishi glad? and why are the two guys with her also astounded? Shouldn't they know about it?

"So you're that DJ?!" One of her classmates asked, a few seconds later she was being flocked, interrogated about being that famous DJ and about that famous segment, however the group of people are being cleared and a hand suddenly grabbed hers.

"DJ-san, Do you not remember the letter from Toshi? the letter you read at NoLove FM's Love Hotline? I was the one who wrote that..." Toshio beamed at her. "You have been my inspiration, DJ YaoiLover. Please go out with me."

"Wait...Akira-chan?" Takao called from the background, he looks exasperated and Shiraishi really wants to disappear, evaporate and be part of the air because she can't deny it now, she can't tell a lie again, she glanced at Midorima, he's looking awry like Takao.

"I - I..."

"She is DJ YaoiLover." Yukino said, she caught up with Toshio's moment. "For a long time...she has been deceiving you."

"Akira-chan, is that true?"

"Takao-san, Midorima-san...I..."

"What is your answer, Shiraishi-san?" Toshio asked again, Shiraishi looked up to him.

"I'm sorry Toshio-san." Shiraishi then stared at her two friends. "Takao-san...I'm sorry, but I'm really..." Shiraishi bit her lip.

"You're kidding, right Akira-chan? Is this your plan to make that DJ show up? We're investigating this together, right?!" Takao sounded quite a bit exasperated.

"Sorry, but I really am that DJ." Shiraishi said, her eyes were down avoiding eye contact with her friends. Takao don't know what to feel, he trusted her with all of his secrets and everything regarding this DJ.

"This...This sucks." Takao muttered before he walked out from the scene, Shiraishi looked up, regret evident in her eyes, nonetheless, her gaze was met by Midorima, who had this unreadable expression. Shiraishi didn't talk though, she doesn't know what to say.

"Shiraishi-san?" Toshio called out to her, after he walked closer, Midorima turned around and retreated from the scene too. "What happened? What's wrong?"

"Toshio-san, I'm really sorry." Shiraishi bowed.

"Is this a bad time, then?" Toshio grabbed her hand again.

"Yes... but I don't think anytime will change my answer." Shiraishi pulls her hand slowly before she exited the venue looking for her friends, she spots them outside.

"Takao-san, Midorima-san?" Shiraishi called, Takao looks at her but the usual happy vibes he lets out is gone, Midorima didn't even looked at her, he just leaned on the wall, his glasses hooding his eyes.

"Akira-chan, how could you?" Takao asked.

"I'm sorry...its because, I thought that maybe I could help you...It's because, you two are my friends and - "

"Friends? Why did you lie about this?" Takao asked. "It would've been better if you asked us or if you told us the truth when we discovered that DJ's existence."

"I don't know how I could say it..." Shiraishi said. "I wanted to but..." I'm afraid you'll go away...

"I'm sorry but I don't think I can - "

"Takao, let's go." Midorima cuts him off and turns his back on the two of them, Takao gave Shiraishi one last glance before he followed his mate outside, leaving her quite devastated on her spot.

Toshio watched what was happening outside and Yukino followed him. "Serves her right." she said.

"What're you talking about?" Toshio asked.

"You know the story about those gay lovers, those two guys are her inspiration, that's the reason why she hangs out with them, to write about silly boy's love humor." Yukino sighed. "And now...they will surely hate her."

Toshio felt bad, he never wanted that to happen, the truth is he have been watching her and sees how happy she is with those two guys, she helped him before and now he actually brought her down.

"So they knew ?" It was her friend, Satomi, on the phone. Shiraishi was currently lying on her bed, eyes puffy due to endless crying for the past hours ever since she got home from the party.

"Yeah...I'm so stupid..." Shiraishi cries out, her mom's not around so only her best friend can comfort her right now, true enough though, it was late but her friend is still listening to her rant.

"I want to give you the 'I told you so' lecture but hearing how crappy you sound, you probably need an advice and not a nag this time... but I did tell you to gather facts before you do whatever you do."

"I should've told them they're mad at me."

"Well...If they really are your friends...they will forgive you, like I did a lot of times...anyway...just wait, they'll have time for that."

"Can't you come here and comfort me...It's so sad."

"It's late, idiot...I'll come tomorrow and bring you a bucket of ice cream."

"You said that..."

"Anyway...since they knew, that means the one you like also knew about it..."

"Yeah...he's mad, I know it for sure."

"Ok I'll bring some horror CDs too."

"Silly, but I almost confessed, you know...I wonder if it will have the same outcome if I confessed earlier."

"Of course it won't, Idiot...anyway, try to sleep that out and let's talk all about this tomorrow, alright?"

"Yeah...Sorry for disturbing you, see you tomorrow."

"Sure, make sure you sleep, Akira. Bye." The other line hung up, Shiraishi placed the phone beside her and decided to sleep, but it seems sleep never visited her that night.

It's the start of the normal classes day, and Shiraishi was very hesitant to step inside the room, however, she needs to attend classes and her mom will kill her if she skips school for no reason, when she entered she saw her classmates with their normal routine, chatting while the teacher's not yet around, chasing each other but her eyes went to search for a certain green haired male, who is, as usual, in his seat, reading something.

Like before, she wants to approach him, talk to him about class duties, lucky items and Takao, but it seems everything stops after the school festival, as her friend did say, she should give them time, so instead of greeting him, she went straight to her chair.

The class started and ended like always but Shiraishi's focus was subliminal, often transferring to the basketball player's direction though it seems the latter never cared, when they were dismissed for break, Shiraishi stood up and hoped to disappear ahead of anyone however she walked up to the exit the same time as Midorima. Both, stood, rooted on their spot.

"Mi-Mi- " she was scared as hell to even say his name, however, he walked casually ahead of her, as if he walked past by someone he don't know. That was harsh, she wasn't expecting a kind treatment anyway but still, for her, that was like stabbing her in the heart, especially because its not just friendship, she has something for this guy.

Fame was slightly knocking on her door, She wasn't that famous but because of her classmates, she was greeted with 'Wow, You're that DJ.' Every time she walked in the hallways, She should be glad, right? But all she could think of was how she wanted to savor this moment with her friends, brag about popularity issues with them but...

She walked alone in the hallway, not feeling hungry, she might just stay in the rest room and pass the lunch time.

"Shiraishi-san." She was called so she looked up and saw Toshio.

"Toshio-san...I'm sorry but I don't - "

"No it's okay, I didn't know...Yukino-chan have explained to me everything...I'm the one who's sorry, I made a mistake." Toshio said.

"Its alright, Toshio-san, after all it was my entire fault from the beginning." Shiraishi smiled at him, Toshio paced towards her.

"But I am serious, I like you though." Toshio said. "I want to know if I'll ever have a chance? If I need to wait, that'll be alright..."

"I'm sorry but I like someone else." Shiraishi answered confidently this time. "But I remember you, if that're the one who was rejected by the girl you liked for a long time."

"Yeah, and it sucks to have the same fate again..."

"I'm really sorry, but you are an amazing guy and look, A lot of people adore you now."

"Well, but the one I like can't like me back." Toshio said but saw a glint of sadness in her eyes. "I'm guessing you're suffering too... that's probably because of my mistake."

"No...It was my mistake."

Midorima was on his way to the stairs when he glanced up, he sees the two of them, namely Shiraishi and Toshio, talking, they looked serious and he remembered what happened in the party, somehow his grip on the hand rail tightened.

"Shin-chan, are you staying late - " Takao was also on his way up when he saw his green haired mate, however he ceased walking too when he saw him standing near the stair's first step his eyes were focused above so Takao looked to where he was staring and saw Shiraishi and Toshio. Hawkeye knows why Shiraishi's face is marred with sadness, he knows she has nothing to offer that pretty boy.

But of course, Takao is still quite mad with what happened, its not the allegation of being homosexual that maddens him, actually he's not sure, maybe he doesn't really have any reason to be mad, since almost nobody knew that he and Midorima were her inspiration for that radio segment, maybe it was because she kept it hidden all along, he was worked up for nothing...

After a week the basketball team will be excused for the Winter cup games, Shiraishi was in a bench outside, a new hang out place she discovered, alone that is, and she's reading a shoujo manga.

It was the same, she was embarrassed to even meet Takao so she was always in a hurry, Midorima still looks cold and distant so she's also afraid to talk to him and get ignored or rejected, but it's been a week and she feels she's just letting things end this way... she doesn't want to give up.

After class she was left as one of the cleaners, her co-cleaners chatted to her about her radio announcing career, she was really happy, if only she didn't attach herself to her subjects, this won't feel mortifying, she wanted to be famous one day, to be a novelist or some kind of a screenplay/movie writer so she always thought that being a radio announcer would be a stepping stone towards such kind of popularity.

"Hey, Sensei must've brought the eraser." One of her co-cleaners said. "Can someone get one from the stock room?"

"Sure, I'll get it." Shiraishi volunteered. She walks towards the stock room, when she was there she saw the old radio opened, it was playing 'Foolish heart' and from NoLove FM, she smiled at the song, thinking about her own foolishness.

The song finished when she found the eraser, Shiraishi was about to leave however, she was stopped when the other song played.

"So this is what you meant, When you said that you were spent, And now it's time to build from the bottom of the pit, Right to the top, Don't hold back, Packing my bags and giving the academy a rain-check..." Shiraishi remembered 'It's time" by Imagine Dragons, the first time she met with Takao, when he was humming the song, in his own absurd way. Bam...Bam...Bam...

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