DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 1

School festival is a much loved week long celebration in every school in japan, however a month or a few weeks prior to it, students become too busy in preparing, making plans and decorating the school, also every sections per year are busy making different shenanigans and inviting other schools. Next month, it will be Shutoku high's turn, so everyone has a lot to do.

"Shiraishi-chan, Sensei said that you'll be attending the 1st year rep meeting later." Upon hearing that a certain girl clad in the classic high school PE uniform nods, she has a long brown curly hair that reached up to her lower back and is currently tied in a messy pony tail.

"Oh? Sure, sure." She smirks, her emerald eyes glinting and quite excited before joining the group in their PE class.

"Since we're all preparing for the school festival, we will be having a meeting today about the sports' participation, anyone who'll be joining the fun games?" Their teacher announced, luckily Shiraishi joined the planning committee so she's exempted together with the varsity players, and that's the very reason why she joined, though she don't know anything about governance and planning...She was looking around and completely ignoring her teacher when...

"BACHKOI, BACHKOI BABY..." that's her fucking phone! She cringed when she saw everyone tracing the sound, her hand slowly crept to her pocket, not only will her teacher reprimand her, imagine the humiliation she'll have when they knew that her ringtone's a Naruto opening song.

"Its Shiraishi's!" Oh great, someone behind her saw and now they all laughed.

"Shiraishi-san." Her teacher called. "Meet me after class." Shiraishi gulped but her teacher ignored her and continued, the brunette decided to check the message, since she's caught and all.

From: bossNoLove

Shiraishi-chan! We need a new story! Your last one is a hit; I never knew Boy's love could have such a high rating! Anyway we'll talk on your duty. 3 boss-kun

Great, another problem ahead of her. She sighed and slumped her head between her hands, why can't she live a normal life? Oh yeah, that's because she's a poor girl and she needed money to go to school and a have a bright future.

Anyways, this girl named Shiraishi Akira, is a normal student by morning at Shutoku High and a Radio announcer/DJ every night, her pseudonym is YaoiLover and she works at Nights Of Love FM. Previously, she started as a DJ, however she also begun listening to heartbreaking stories and giving advices (which she herself had no idea). A few weeks ago they started this Love story telling segment where they tell made up stories to the listeners, however everyone thought their stories are cliché so YaoiLover (as the name implies) made a story about boy's love and well, it hit the ratings making Nights Of Love the most listened radio station and because of that she is being force to devise a new story about Yaoi.

But writing is never that easy if inspiration doesn't hit you and now for a week her requests for a new story are piling her desk but she can't think of anything, that's why her boss is bothering her.

After the boring class Shiraishi was told by the PE teacher to stay and so she did, she was also given a warning slip, so she apologized, afterwards when the teacher left she checked her watch and her eyes almost bulged out of their sockets as she sees how late she is in the SC meeting, she doesn't wanna be late because she could be removed! So she rushed in changing her clothes and ran as fast as she could.

When she reached the room, she slammed the door open and she pants as she leans on the doorway "Hello everyone my name's Shiraishi Akira, please treat me well." she tried a smile but it faltered when she saw the group looking dubiously at her and their eyes travelled south, so she followed and realized something, her shoes weren't a match! Her right shoe was their indoor shoes while her left was her rubber shoe. "Oh yeah...I was really in a hurry from our PE, so I forgot to tidy up... hehehe." She scratched the back of her neck.

"Welcome Shiraishi-san from class 1-D, I'm Yukino, the Student Council's 1st year branch representative." A beautiful girl who was really smart looking offered a hand to Shiraishi, and the latter gladly accepts. "We've already started the meeting, so I'll just be telling you about the early topics later."

She just did something funny! However, they never reacted, they just nodded their head and listened to the speaker again, and she looked at them again, if they were her friends they'll be laughing out loud, but hell, they were serious, did she joined the right group?

'They're probably thinking, Oh this girl's pretty but stupid, too bad she's definitely a turn off' she thought as she sighed and slumped on her seat. Shiraishi isn't listening, she was doodling something on her scratch, some weird drawings of stick men attacking each other, and she can't really understand what they're talking about anyway.

"Bam..bam...bam..." her attention was robbed by someone humming 'It's time' by Imagine Dragons, it was done in a whisper like fashion but that sound is too familiar for her so she can't miss it, she whipped her head to the source of the sound and she saw a black haired boy, 'virtual drumming' the song with slight head banging. "Bam...bam..."

'Yes! A team mate!' She thought.

"Oi..."she called his attention silently, he looked mortified upon seeing her stare at him.


"You're doing it wrong, you should say bambambam... like that coz' the first part should be fast.. That's 'It's time', right?"

"Yeah...but I think it sounds like that." He grinned.

"Maybe, but its more better with 'bambambam...bambam...bam' "she said while she whips her hands like she's holding drum sticks and following the beat."Trust me, I'm a fan... Shiraishi Akira, by the way." She smiled.

"Oh me too! I'm Kazunari Takao, You like Imagine Dragon's too?" He shook hands with her then noticed her shoes, he huffed his cheeks holding back his laughter.

"You alright?"

"Pfttt.." Takao can't hold it in and laughed, turning his back on her, then he faced her again after wiping a tear. "Your shoes..."

"Pfftt..." she laughed too. "I know right?" And they tried to laugh in the lowest tone they could.

"I'm glad that you two made a rapport already." The two of them looked in front and saw the whole committee looking at them. "However... we're in the middle of a meeting." The one speaking is Yukino.

"Ahhh!" Shiraishi stood up. "Sorry." Then she bowed.

"Me too!" Takao bowing also.

"It's fine but we have decided that the two of you will be the ones cutting the flaglets for the festival."

"Ehhh?!" Both of them said.

"But I have a practice." Takao adds.

"You don't have a scheduled game so you'll be fine. We need to plan and decorate early." Yukino answered. "I'll talk to senpai about it."

Takao slumped and Shiraishi giggled at his reaction. "What's funny? We'll be decorating. DECORATING." He emphasized.

"Its fine with me if you attend the practice, I'm really good and fast at cutting." She boasts. "But wait, practice?"

"Yeah, I'm with the basketball team." He says proudly.

"Then why are you here?" She asks, remembering that varsity players are already exempted in school fest activities.

"My classmates forced me to join; they said it so that I won't ruin anything." He kids.

"Ouch. On my case I forced myself to my mates coz' I wanna be exempted."

"Meeting adjourned." They stopped chatting and feigned listened with that Yukino. "Shiraishi-san, and Takao-san please follow me." Yukino led them to the supply room where different vinyl plastic and scissors were found.

"This are the materials, you can cut here tomorrow, okay?"

"Sure, Yukino-san." Shiraishi replies and bows as the student council rep left them. She glanced at Takao who checked his watch. "Something wrong?"

"Nothing, I just - "

"Takao." She almost had goose bumps when she heard that voice, though it sounded familiar to her, she looked behind her and saw him, a tall green haired guy with glasses, if she remembers correctly, he's her classmate, the guy who always gets the highest/perfect score on their exams, the guy seated in the left corner of the room who have rejected the girl sitting in front of her and the one beside her and the one adjacent to them, simply because their zodiac signs didn't match even though they were very pretty, what was his sign again, Cancer, right.

This guy actually is a mystery to her, for a guy his stature to be addicted to horoscope and such, and sometimes it scares her to see him carrying some weird items that are really distracting. He's like the character she reads from this certain Yaoi Doujinshi she's been following.

"Shin-chan...hehe." Takao nervously smiled.

"You missed the practice." He said as he adjusts his glasses.

Shiraishi now knows that the green haired Shintaro guy's affiliated with the school's basketball team together with her co 'Imagine Dragons' fan, Takao, he's quite angered with Takao's absence in their practice, and she thinks it weird. (That's because of Shiraishi's Yaoi mania)

" Oh yeah.. She's Shiraishi-chan, a class rep like me." Takao saw her spacing out so he introduced her.

"I know. She's my classmate." He said in a dismissive tone. Shintaro then saw Shiraishi's shoes, his eyebrow raised and he stared for quite a few seconds before he looked up and adjusted his glasses.

'Now I'll be forever labeled stupid!' She said in her mind as she sees him watch her shoes.

"I'll be heading home now." Shintaro said and passed by the two of them.

"Ahhh! Wait...bye Shiraishi-chan!" Takao hurriedly waved a hand and followed Shintaro, while she was left in the hallway blinking at the fast paced scene a while ago. She looked at the retreating couple and saw Takao, laughing while tapping Shintaro's back while the taller guy adjusts his glasses.

'Could it be that?' There's only one reason why a man will reject a lot of pretty and attractive women...

While walking out and ignoring Takao's incessant rant, Midorima Shintaro, the ever so addicted-to-feng shui basketball player, checked something in his pocket, it was a mini Oha-asa book.

'Cancer: A mismatch is a good sign for you.'

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