DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 19

"I don't hold such begrudging feelings toward you..."

Liar. That's what she thinks, In all honesty, she have expected him to speak out his mind, tell her crude things and maybe if Midorima did that, she will easily be forgiven but instead he tells her a scapegoat, that he's not angry at all...

Why is he avoiding me? If he's not mad, why is he being distant?...I can never understand what goes to his mind...she thought, and it was hell as she was checking the chapter she will read today. This night, on her duty, Shiraishi decided to read the second to the last part of her story, Maybe it's better to end this…

She exhaled, reached out and worn her headphones and then gave a thumbs up to the maintenance as a signal that she's ready to be on air. When it was okay, she started...

'The two of them stared at the sky, looking at the fireworks display and both can't help but be awed by the show's magnificence…

"Shuumai-chan…" Chocolo called. "I need to tell you something…"

"What is it?" Shuumai glanced at her.

"This might hurt Taco-chan, but…Shuumai-chan…I…"

She said it but the fireworks were loud so Shuumai leaned in closer… "What?"

"Shuumai-chan…I like you." He heard that clearly, the two of them gazed at each other's eyes… That's what she wanted to say all along... She can't explain it but she wants to tell him.

"Chocolo…I …"

"Mido – " She paused, pushed the 'hold' button and hit her forehead, she almost said his name, she clears her throat and then. "I'm sorry Shuumai-chan…I want to know…" Shiraishi was reading the lines but she herself was getting emotional over it,'I want to say it too, I want to know it too.' she thought and unconsciously though, a tear fell from her and dropped at the keyboard. "T-tell me…"

Shuumai-chan just looked at her, "Chocolo." He said… Shiraishi wiped the tears from her eyes, dang! Why is she crying? unbeknownst her, Shiraishi's office mates were silently watching her as she weeps.

"That Shiraishi is amazing; she even feels her own story." One of the DJs comments and the other occupants there, listens to the story, somehow the way she says it also ends them to the brink of tears.

And that ends for today's chapter…What will Shuumai-chan answer? Will he return her feelings? What will Taco-chan do? How will this story end? A poll was raised on our website, , www,NoLoveFM,com,uk or you can vote via Instagram #ENDVarsityLovers, cast your votes now and get the ending you want. Once again… this is DJ YaoiLover, signing out.

After she signed out, she went out of her studio and was met by teary eyed office mates.

"Whatever is bothering you…Have faith…"

"Did you fail a test?"

"Did you get detention…" they were saying, no one actually knew what she was going through, and she doesn't look like the hopeless romantic type after all. But she ran to them and they had a group hug, it was really funny but her mates were caring for her, especially because she's the youngest.

Midorima woke up early, today's Saturday and the day after tomorrow will be the much awaited winter cup, he went downstairs and saw his sister already awake too, his mom called him for breakfast, which he obliged, after all, they have a practice today.

He met with Takao near the road and he's bringing the rickshaw, As usual he looks happy and mischievous and sometimes his carefree attitude gets into Midorima's nerves.

"Shin-chan!" Takao greets. "What's with you, man? You look sleep deprived."

"I am fine." Midorima adjusts his glasses and then he gripped his lucky item which is a small jewelry box.

"Wait, Don't tell me...You're nervous for the winter cup?"

"Nonsense, Don't be stupid." Midorima answered. "So shall we begin?" He adds and Takao cringed, though the both of them readied their hands for a set of rock, paper and scissors. After a while, Midorima won, of course, Cancer's lucky today.

"Ihhh...let's trade at the stop light." Takao pleads as he rides the bicycle.

" lost." Midorima sat comfortably on the cart. "Go, Takao." He smirked as he heard Takao grumbled. Midorima placed the jewelry box beside him and wore shades as his poor attempt of concealment. He rakes his hair as the breeze blows it slightly and then glanced at his empty side.

Wow! I never thought that this moment will come!" He remembered her reaction, she squealed, hands crept on her face. "I'm sorry...this is just...privilege, you know?" Somehow a small smile worked its way up to his lips, she was really funny that time.

"What? I mean, its like this is your personal thing and're letting me in? Its like I'm really one of you guys...I could cry but I'm dehydrated so I can't."

"Its not weird, its cute. I think I understand why Midorima-san likes this." somehow, the scene replays to him as she unconsciously leans on him, sleep and suddenly snore.

Takao glanced behind and saw Midorima having a weird face (which contains a small smile...). Hawk eye felt mystified so he suddenly braked causing Midorima to slightly lunged forward, his trance broken and the jewelry box flying over.

"Takao!" Midorima angrily called. "Why did you do that?!"

"Sorry Shin-chan...I thought you're being possessed." Takao teased, Midorima felt irritated as he saw his lucky item roll over the street, Midorima jumped off the cart and ran to chase the jewelry box. "Oi, Wait!"

Midorima followed the jewelry box and then saw it stop near a corner, he walked towards it and grabbed it, then when he turn around he remembered the place.

It was near the convenience store where he saw Shiraishi before. "Well, what do you know?...Maybe I'm the ultimate lucky item for you..." She said that to him. Possibly around a time like this, Near this place, and this is...annoying...why is everything reminding him of her? It was vexing because he's losing his goal, but true enough, he can't get her out of his mind. But right now, he must set his priorities straight, Shutoku must win the winter cup.

"Shin-chan?" Takao came afterwards.

"Let's go, I found it." Midorima shows the jewelry box and the two of them proceeded on the rickshaw.

"Phew...It's going to get bloody now." Takao comments.

"What are you talking about? That's all we've been expecting."

The basketball team was now going to head in the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, it's the commencement of the winter cup, the team assembled near the entrance waiting for their bus, Midorima was fiddling with his lucky item, which are scissors, until he noticed Takao, busy with his phone probably texting with Shiraishi, the latter saw him glancing so he grinned.

"Hehe...You jealous?" Takao inquired. "I told her to watch and she said 'Sure!', hehe."

"Tch." Midorima said.

"She will come this time and you gotta impress her Shin-chan." Takao tapped his friend's back before he rode the bus, Midorima just adjusted his glasses and went inside the bus also.

"Takao." Midorima called and Takao glanced at him. "We will win this time."

"What? Of course we will. Why? Are you going to dedicate this victory to Akira-chan?"

"Tch. It is for the team." Midorima answered. "Shiraishi...Don't mention her for a while."


"I will have you know that I told her I have something to say to her after the winter cup." Midorima said and that surprised Takao. " She knows that, so for now let's focus and bring home the burger." He said that nonchalantly.

"Burger? You two sure rub off on each other." Takao grinned. Midorima's phone rang and he reads it. "Who's that from? Akira-chan?"

"No. Its from Akashi." He answered and then placed back to phone in his bag.

True to her promise, Shiraishi did watch every match Shutoku had, she knows they will win, however Takao told her everything about the Generation of Miracles and their bet with each other so she knows despite coming up to this stage the real battle for them have not yet started.

On the 3rd to the last day of Winter cup, Shutoku had made its way towards the semi finals. Shiraishi knew they will face Rakuzan, since she's not familiar and she doesn't have any background regarding Midorima's Teiko life, Takao told her that they'll be facing a former team mate/friend of him and he was regarded as the captain of that dreaded team.

Shiraishi was with Satomi today, the latter have no interest in watching ball games because she hates balls (she said that they can hit the head accidentally and can cause mild concussions) but for her friend, she agreed to do so, nonetheless, Satomi's boyfriend's team didn't make it and lasted up to the first round only so she won't have any problem rooting for Shutoku.

'Meet me near the vendo machine!' That was Takao's text, Shiraishi went near the vendo machine, she was bringing the Tupperware and Midorima's lucky tape, she'll ask Takao to give it back to him. She was patiently waiting there until...

"Shiraishi?" That voice, slowly she turned around and saw Midorima, he looked surprised but not the dreadful kind of surprise, after a few seconds though he regained composure and then adjusted his glasses before he went towards the vendo machine and bought a red bean drink, she just watched him do so, however since it seems like this is the only chance she can give the tape...

"Midorima-san." She called.

"What do you want?"Midorima asked, his arms crossed and he looked sideways, avoiding her face.

"You're battling those Rakuzan guys, right?" Shiraishi asked and he nods. "You need to remove that tape then." This time he looked at her with an eyebrow raised, she walked up to him, slowly grabbed his hand and then placed something on his palm before she closed it with her hand.

When she lets go, Midorima slowly opened his hand and stared at the thing she placed. She was happy to see his expression changed a bit, that of surprise though. "That's your lucky one, you need to use it." He glanced at her, but didn't talk instead he removed the previous bandage and he started applying the one she gave him.

"Is this all?" he asked while tying it to his fingers.

"Yes." She answered. "For now..." then Midorima looked up to her again, her face had this serious look and maybe the two of them understood each other. We will have something to talk about later...

"Akira-chan~ Ohhhhhh...Shin-chan's here too!" Takao emerged out of nowhere. Shiraishi flashed him a bright smile as he walks up to them.

"Here you go." She gives them the Tupperware, which Takao gladly accepts. "Do your best guys."

"Of course, we will." Takao gave a thumbs up. "See you later!" The two of them turned their backs to her and went towards their locker room.

Shiraishi was not yet happy, whatever business she needs to fix with Midorima is not yet finished but he did tell her that he has something to say to her.

"So you met with your friend?" Satomi asked as Shiraishi sat beside her.


"Oh look, they're entering." Satomi points them out, first the Shutoku emerged and then the Rakuzan. "So where is Shuumai and Taco?"

"Number 6, Shuumai and Number 10, Taco." Shiraishi pinpoints them subsequently.

"Ooohh... both are not bad, they look good. Anyway the red haired guy from the other team has snake eyes."

"Maybe he's a relative of Orochimaru?" Shiraishi said. "Kidding, but seriously, he's a number 4? Takao-san said that he's a former team mate of Midorima-san. Why's he a cap, shouldn't he be a first year?"

"Maybe he's good? And those Rakuzan guys gives off a strange vibe, you know...something like...everything seems so flawless its quite sickening."

"Yeah they look so playful yet organized?" Shiraishi suddenly feels a chill run down her spine. "They're going to start." True enough the players lined and a tip off will now start.

"Hey, are you alright?" Satomi asked seeing her friend, she looked nervous and breathless all of a sudden.


"Holy shit!" Satomi bellows surprising Shiraishi. "That Rakuzan number seven! Did you see that?"

"Yeah, Fast and he got away from Kimura-senpai and Miyaji-senpai. His dribbling was out of the ordinary." Shiraishi comments as she gets worried for her school's team.

"This is why I hate watching sports!" Satomi grumbled. "Especially when you root for a team, I get totally stressed watching! Before I watch a game I first need to know if they win or not then I'll watch the game if they won, ugh..."

"Hey...I should be the one frustrated." Shiraishi said, though she understand what Satomi meant, she's not really on to ball games but if you already support one team, its like you're also being part of the game. "But they won't back down because of that."

Nonetheless, Miyaji-senpai is still losing to Mr. number seven, she checks the point difference, 4 points, it probably felt small but for them it seems like a huge burden, her heart was getting blown away with this game. The ball now was in the possession of Takao, he looked confused and was in a deep thought, however, another player also caught her 'Gay' discerning eyes, it was that long haired dude talking to Midorima, What the hell is he saying to Midorima-san? She saw Midorima getting annoyed while that gay-ish guy speaks.

"Ahhh! The ball's stolen from Taco!" Satomi comments and Shiraishi's attention was diverted to Takao who was left dumbfounded as the red haired brother of Orochimaru steals the ball and passes it to number seven. Number seven was still guarded by Miyaji-senpai.

Comically, Satomi nicknames every player from Rakuzan, No. 4 as Orochimaru's bro, No. 6 as Gay, No. 8 as Gorilla and No. 7 as number seven, while she still calss Midorima and Takao as Shuumai and Taco, respectively.

"Come on, senpai..." Shiraishi wants to fly in the court and make the bad guys disappear but, of course, that ain't happening and then number seven makes it out of her senpai's defense again and was planning to shoot..."Eh?" Shiraishi saw Midorima block the ball, wait Midorima? How come he's there already? It looks like she shared that same bewildered expression as number seven.

The ball landed to Takao and he passed it again to Midorima, the latter makes it smoothly from those who tries to pull off a defense for him, he even passed that Gay when Kimura helped him, he made a fake shot to that gorilla looking guy and then Miyaji-senpai got the ball. It was awesome, he dunked it. Shiraishi squealed together with Satomi.

"Shutoku's not backing down!" They heard the crown said and Shiraishi grinned. She glanced down, eyes back at the court again, she watched as Miyaji pats Midorima on the back, and then again, she witnessed it, his rare smile, that smile she selfishly wanted to see for herself only. The team was able to tie with Rakuzan during that quarter.

"These guys are awesome. That Shuumai's out of this world." Satomi said to Shiraishi but as she glanced at her friend, she was spaced out and was staring at the court. "And I'm actually with a lovestruck girl."

The happiness didn't last long, because red haired Orochimaru's bro suddenly unleashed his hidden powers, taking control of everything, even Midorima stumbled down when he took him out, after Midorima, Takao and their senpais can't do anything about him. That red head is really powerful.

"Midorima, Takao." Shiraishi whispers, her hand clenches as she worries for them, this is uncomfortable. She's even trembling, damn, basketball never seemed this tense until now for her.

"Taco's still holding the ball, there's only a few seconds left." Satomi said. "Four seconds...Huh?"

Midorima suddenly leaps, his hands on his shooting position suddenly with the last remaining second Takao passed the ball to Midorima and then, he caught it mid air and shoots it accurately, leaving everyone around flabbergasted.

"What just - "

"Ahhhhhh!" Satomi covered her ears, astounded to see her friend yelling with the crowd "I knew they could do it!" That technique was just damn too good to be true, damn insane, damn awesome! Shiraishi was so proud of them, her heart swells with so much pride that she could just die happy. They did that shot consecutively, four in a row.

"Your friends are really...really amazing."

"Yeah they are." Shiraishi agreed. The game was probably turning on Shutoku's side.

However that red haired always wanted attention for himself, he suddenly shoots the ball in Shutoku's hoop, surprising everyone and then he called the Rakuzan team, after that everything seemed different, they became aggressive again but the one that's devastating is that red hair! He stopped Midorima and Takao's combo shot. What's more, it seems Shutoku's getting fatigued now, even Takao became quite irritated and wasn't able to discern a fake shot from Gay! Takao even fouled because of this Gay while he shoots a three.

"Damn Gay! I hate you, you should -" Shiraishi said as she stood up from her seat, seemingly ready to attack that player, their seat mates were about to run from Shiraishi's violence but Satomi pulled her back and apologized to their neighbors. "What?! Did you see what he did!"

"Akira, will you relax?" Satomi said, she noticed how frustrated Shiraishi is. "Don't give up." Shiraishi looked at her school's basketball team, to her senpais and to her precious friends, they still have the fighting stance. However the game ended with a 16 points difference, Rakuzan as the winners.

"Akira?" Satomi called as she saw her friend sulking. "You want to talk to them, before the next game?"

"Yeah." Shiraishi nods and hurriedly went out of her viewing place, she looked for their locker room but she's lucky to spot the two of them outside but near their locker room.

"Hey guys?" Shiraishi emerged out of nowhere, Takao and Midorima were outside the court, she watched the match so she expected that they'll be down but well...they were crying, the two of them.

"Akira-chan?" Takao's eyes are full of tears, he roughly wiped it.

"Yeah..." she answered, feeling quite gloomy herself.

"Akira-chan..." Takao was about to hug her but the other one came first, the taller guy roughly pulled the brunette towards his arms, surprising Shiraishi and Takao, but the latter smiled and wiped his tears again.

"Midorima-san?" The shooting guard just embraced her, Shiraishi understood; she glides an arm at his back. "You did your best." After hearing that, Midorima tightens his hold on her.

"Let me join too!" Takao then hugged the two of them while crying; making the scene look funnier than normal.

"Stop crying you two! It's making me cry." Shiraishi was holding back her tears.

"Shin-chan's contagious." Takao said, though he's actually the first one to cry, their senpais were looking at the three of them from afar, they were also poignant as of this moment.

"You still have to fight for the third place?" Shiraishi asked.

"Yeah." Takao answered.

"I came here with a friend, so I'll go back to our seat. I just really want to see you guys." Shiraishi said. "Cheer up." She tapped their shoulders.

"Oi, You two." Miyaji approached them, they'll be heading to their designated seat.

"Senpai." She greeted her senior.

"Oh, Midorima's girlfriend." Miyaji didn't actually know her name.

"Ahhh, about that"

"I ll see you later then." Shiraishi was about to correct their senpai but Midorima cuts her off, she nods at him and the two guys went with their team to watch the Kaijo and Seirin match.

The next day, She watched the finals match, Shutoku won third place, Rakuzan was second and Seirin, where Nigou is! Are the champions. Shiraishi watched with Satomi again and the latter was hiding a lot, she said her boyfriend's here and that'll be bad if she's discovered watching without him.

"Too bad that model didn't play, I would love to see a match between him and Shuumai." Satomi comments as they walked out of the room.

"Yeah, I don't think Midorima-san is satisfied with such ending, but at least they're 3rd place." Shiraishi smiled. "But that championship match was...hellish."

"Yeah, What's the name of Orochimaru's bro? Akashi?"

"Akashi. He's changed a bit in the last part, he seems kinder than usual."

"Maybe he's bipolar." Satomi joked and then stopped walking. "Oh, there are your friends." She points the Shutoku team who were also on their way towards the gymnasium's exit."

Shiraishi watched them go. "I'll meet them some other day, I have a duty today, so let's go."

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