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"Thank you everyone..." Otsubo ended his speech.

Before normal school days commence tomorrow, Shutoku basketball team threw a victory party and at the same time a farewell party for the senpais, that's the reason why Otsubo was tasked to speak up in front and introduce the new appointed captain, Yuya Miyaji. Everyone clapped hands, Kimura was talking with Takao about something, Miyaji was giving words of wisdom to the kohais and Midorima is talking with the coach.

"Shin-chan!" Midorima sighed and adjusted his glasses, his lucky item today is 'ice drop' so he bought a box and placed it in the freezer, in case the one in use melts.

The basketball team members are mostly the ones present since its their party, other few students just joined, Takao looked happier than normal and that was a problem for Midorima, since the former kept on tagging with him after Kimura-senpai, telling a story about a girl he met earlier.

Speaking of 'girl' he still have some unfinished business to deal with, yes...he needs to deal with it now...

"Are you thinking of Akira-chan?" Takao asked. "I know you are!"

"What of it?" Midorima looked at the melting ice drop, he needs to replace it now.

"I talked to her yesterday." Takao said in his serious tone.

"So?" Midorima stopped walking.

"I told her if Shin-chan won't marry you, I will, hehe."

"What?" Midorima looked flabbergasted. "Why would you say that?"

"Hehe, I'm just kidding, man, after all I was saying Oha asa gave my soul mate already!" Takao tapped the taller guy's shoulder. "But, Shiraishi is my friend so...don't hurt her." Takao's eyes were like piercing his own, but Midorima didn't back down.

"Its a good thing for you that Oha asa lead you to your soulmate, but Shiraishi's not...because..." Midorima was cut off by Takao.

"Yeah, yeah...I know, Shin-chan...hehe."

"Tch." Midorima turned his back towards him, and now he got all the more reason to hurry up and talk to Shiraishi, at this hour, she's still probably at the station. He quickened his pace and went out of the gym.

"Senpai...You want to see another side of Shin-chan?" Takao whispered to Kimura, his senpai nods, Miyaji and Otsubo walks up to them too. "Let's follow him!"

"Oho...I am curious." Kimura said.

"I hope this is worth our time." Miyaji said sceptically but nonetheless they followed.

"Sorry I'm late." Shiraishi ran towards her studio as soon as she reached the place, Her boss was in front of the door, she gulped and she approached him slowly. "B-boss?"

"Shiraishi-chan!" Her boss suddenly gave her a bone crushing hug. "We made it again! Thanks to that poll you initiated!"

"E-ehhh? L-Let go, Boss..." her boss lets go and Shiraishi took a deep breath. "What happened?"

"Well, because of the poll, our ratings have reached the roof again." Then he hands her some documents. "I've extended the poll and this are the prelimenary results." Her boss left her happily while she skimmed the results.

This is quite unexpected, they want a cliffhanger? Shiraishi's brow furrowed, maybe they don't want to end it yet. She enters her office and saw the stack of notes that were in her table. Tonight is a long night of reading notes and listening to stories.

"Good evening everyone, this is your beloved Disc jockey, DJ YaoiLover, before we proceed to our series of songs, let's read some friendly notes from our subscibers...

Miyakagurl - Hello DJ, its not that I've forgotten about my love for Yaoi, but I think I want Shuumai to end up with Chocolo... anyways, more power to you, DJ-san!

Yuuji - Hello! When's the 'Interview your Idol!' segment going to start? Thank you!

RK - Yehey! DJ's going to end the Varsity Lovers!

MoonLight - Hello, I just want to greet my mom a very happy birthday! I love you mom! She's listening now because I told her to wait for it!

GooGooGaGa - Hello everyone out there! DJ! VARSITY LOVERS ROCK!

RikoA - Good evening, everyone...I just wanted to congratulate my team, Seirin for winning the winter cup! Hi, DJ! I'm a newbie to this FM because I've been busy coaching and all but when I had time, I listened to this station and subscribed with The Varsity Lovers (online tho! Hoho) Amazing story, I'm a fan!

Shiraishi smiled as she reads the notes, some Happy birthdays, anniversaries, monthsaries and other events, some people wanting to meet, greetings and she was so happy just reading them, though she's not really sure why...

"DJ, you have a call on air." One of her co-workers said, so she received the call.

"Hello, dear caller, this is DJ Yaoi Lover, is there any message you want to say, greetings and such?

"Yes I do." That voice again, Shiraishi's hand held the phone tightly. "I want to meet a certain someone."

"Ahhh...What's her name? When and where?" Impossible...that guy won't call here.

"Now, outside her workplace, her name...I will have you know that she prefers anonymity." She smiled as she heard that phrase.

"Oh...I see, so what will you talk to her about?"

"I told her I have something to say after the winter cup."

"Can't it wait? Should she meet you immediately?"

"Yes, if possible...Because my lucky item is going to melt, I don't want to lose my chance with her because I ran out of my lucky item."

"Well then, I should end this call, so you could meet with her."

"If you must."

"Alright, thank you dear caller, Once again this is DJ Yaoi Lover, and this is Nights of love FM, please continue in placing your votes regarding your desired ending for The Varsity Lovers, voting ends midnight of next week's friday, thank you and here is Miurami's song request, 'Beating heart' by Ellie Gouldling.

"That was fast, and what's that he's suppose to say?" Her DJ replacement asked, seemingly perplexed with that weird conversation.

"Well, the one he's meeting is..." Shiraishi gave out a peace sign and then ran quickly towards the exit. "Me!"

"Ooohhhh...Shiraishi-san's meeting someone?" her coworker squealed and an "Awwwwww..." can be heard from her other workmates.

Shiraishi bid goodbye early, it was just around 10pm and she was surprised to hear from him, whatever he'll tell, it must really be important that he doesn't want to wait for tomorrow.

"Midorima-san!" She called when he saw him, He was leaning on a wall across her station's building, his other hand was carrying a paper bag, he glanced up to her, and the silly girl being excited, ran towards him "How long - "*bam*

Midorima sighed as he saw Shiraishi hit the glass door, she must've thought it's a clear path for her, she stood up and rubs her forehead, then the guard opened the door for her, it seems he's controlling himself from laughing.

"Owww." She continues to pat her forehead as she walks towards Midorima. "Hey..."

"Aries always fails to climb up the lucky signs' list, and you clearly depict such dismay." Midorima stated.

"Hehe, What's your lucky item?"

"Ice drop." Midorima raised a stick, probably the remnant of that ice drop.

"Oh, you ran out of lucky item!"

"Its fine, I plan on doing this without one anyway." He said that but Shiraishi saw his dreaded expression for a second.

"Before you tell me what you want, can I tell you something first?"


"Ahh Can we sit? I think it ll take long."

"That's the most logical thing to do." Midorima answered, then the two of them sat on the nearest bench they can see. Shiraishi was looking at her feet while she stretches them.

"I'm sorry, I know I've said this lot of times, I'm sorry for lying to you, stabbing you and Takao-san from behind, making weird assumptions I'm really sorry, and you have the right to get mad."

Midorima sighed, he pockets his hands and placed the lucky item beside him. He stared at her, his arms crossing again. "I remember telling you, its okay."

"You did, after that you acted like I didn t existed at all, at least Takao-san said how annoyed he is when he knew."

"Well, I've been mad but I've already known a long time that you re that DJ, even before you were revealed at the school."

Unbeknowst the two of them, Takao and their three senpais spied on them, since Takao knows what Shin-chan will do, he followed them bringing his senpais along.

"EHHH?!" Takao almost yelled but his senpai covers his mouth, they were all hiding behind the wall of a nearby shop. "B-but, why didn't he tell me?" Takao said when the hand was removed.

"Shhh...I think he'll explain." Otsubu gestured him to be silent, everyone awaits his answer.

"W-what?" Shiraishi was surprised.

"I will have you know that I'm already aware who you are." Midorima sighed. "That will be obvious since, You put that Chocolo character, you do realize that you and I are the only ones who know about that Chocolo incident, that curry disaster, that time we went to the groceries, the fireworks fest, those scenes, we're alone when those happened."

"E-ehhh? Were you listening to Nights of Love?" She mentioned those in the story because she knows he will never listen.

"I was listening to Oha asa radio program and I accidentally heard it." Midorima answered, slightly looking away. No...He can't say he listened to find a way to help her hide it for a while because he knew she didn't want him and Takao to know because she wanted to remain the same with us, "There's no secret that is left hidden forever."

"If you knew… then, why'd you continued being nice to me?"

"Tch." Midorima grits his teeth in annoyance. "You are annoying, stupid, imaginative and assuming."

"I know I'm annoying and all that!"

"But I like you." Midorima said in his natural way of saying that it caught her off guard and his team who was listening. "I don't know where, when, why and how, I just know. I tried to cover it with another strong feeling, hatred but I can't." he adjusts his glasses again.

"Midorima-san?" Shiraishi bit her lip. "What are you saying?"

"I like you, Shiraishi." He says again this time making her heart somehow thump faster than usual. "And it frustrates me, I don't want to have any distractions so I told myself to deal with this after the winter cup, but that Takao kept on disrupting my time."


"W-what?" Takao listened intently. "Is he blaming me?"

"Yeah, he is." Kimura said. "But wait...Aren't they a couple already?"

"Shhhh." Otsubo warned and they continued to listen.

"It frustrates me too that Oha asa said that Aries and Cancer are not compatible and that Scorpio and Aries are, so I got really vexed with the idea of you being with him, but I know, with his nosy nature that he doesn t plan on doing so."

"Sheesh..." Midorima looked at Shiraishi and was surprised to see tears falling from her eyes, but her lips were still curved in a smile. "Midorima-san I - "

"I know. I already know." He interrupts. "Remember when you had a slip of the tongue at the roof top? I wasn't really sure that time, but when Chocolo confessed to Shuumai-chan, I already know how you feel, because that's the two of us you're writing."

"Damn, Why are you so smart?" Shiraishi bit her lip, Midorima timidly smiled, but she stared at her feet, her fingers fiddling.

"That's a given."

"But? You said that we're incompatible."

"Yes, I did but..." he pulled something out of the paper bag he's carrying, Shiraishi remembers that thing. "I will have you know that I never wanted to defy Oha asa because I believe that horoscopes lead you to your fateful encounters however...someone told me that fate never revolves around signs and horoscopes. Do you remember this?"

"Yes I do! Hey that's...this is the lion I retrieved from a tree! And it still has my band aid." Shiraishi said as she gets the lion. "Why'd you have it?"

"Because I own it."

"No you don't, that's owned by - Wait, Megumi-chan's your li'l sis?"

"Yes." Midorima smiled. "Takao told me that the girl who found this will be my soulmate."

"Ohhhh?! So Akira-chan found that toy!" Takao exclaimed and was shhh'ed by his mates.

"I know that's absurd, and I don't believe him but, now that I think about it, whenever I meet with you, you bring me some kind of luck, so maybe I don't mind being pulled along with you." Midorima said. "Maybe you're right about being my ultimate lucky item."

"T-T-That's...sweet." she stutters "So, uh...after this, well..." She was blushing and her eyes can't even look up to him, her hands fiddling with Mr. Lion.

"Whatever happens, happens." Midorima answered and Shiraishi stared at him, somehow looking disappointed and her reaction perplexed him.

"Ehhh? Whatever happens, happens? What kind of ending is that?" she looked dubiously at him. Inwardly, she was imagining a possible ending for this, He should sweep me off my feet! Nah...He will leave me alone if that happens, or he'll say he wants to date me! But he already said that, well not directly, but in his own way... or...we could... she gulped at that idea.

"What ending do you plan then?" Shiraishi pondered for a while and then looked around, seeing the coast is clear (she thought).

"Can I kiss you?" That came out of nowhere but she ll go with it. That's how most Shoujo manga's end anyway...Yaoi mangas end in steamier events and she turned beet root as she went to that thinking lane. For a moment she saw his surprised expression, eyes widened and a tinge of red in his cheeks. "Haha...since, we'll be a couple anyway, right?" She bit her lip as she saw him exhale. "Bad idea?"

Takao was snickering from behind the scenes. "Man, that Akira-chan sure is blunt..."

"Wait?!They're not yet dating?" Kimura asked again "But didn't you say she's his girlfriend?"

"If I just knew!" Miyaji exclaimed. "Wait...You didn't know, Takao?"

" seem a lot closer to her."

"Well, even if I'm the closer one, if I'm not the one she likes, what good would it be if I know they're not yet a couple." Takao smiled. "Besides Akira-chan suits Shin-chan, you know?" The three nodded and looked back at the scene.

Midorima adjusts his glasses (his stupid mannerism) and cleared his throat."Sure". She blinked, blinked again but didn't expect him to say that, anyway she never expected this to happen in the first place. Shiraishi smiled and then moved closer, slowly, towards him, he is too, tilting his head downward

"Wait." Shiraishi said, stopping Midorima midway, her hands reached up to his glasses and removed them, astounding the green haired shooter. "Let's remove this for a while." They could kiss with those but, she likes him without those. (And besides sometimes they get moist...)


"Well you look a lot better without them, for me."

"Really? I thought that is one of my redeeming qualities." Midorima points the glasses, he did receive a letter before saying about how cool he looks with glasses.

"I don't have that kind of fetish." Shiraishi flashed him one of her bright smiles. "I just like you the way you are."

"Do what you want then." he somehow smirked (for about 3 seconds) and then they carried on with what they were doing a while earlier, it was short and sweet, nonetheless, it served as a seal to what they ll be, it was the ending she was waiting for to happen.

"Well...I thought you're going to video that?" Kimura asked Takao.

"Heh. No can do, I just realized that my hawkeye capabilities can be used for matchmaking." Takao thought, he could do well in hosting or working in love hotlines.

"Wait, so that means, They're not really a couple?" Miyaji asked.

"Who cares? At least they are now." Kimura said, making Takao and Otsubo nod.

A month after...

Chocolo was feeling down, she's unsure if she was rejected by Shuumai, Taco told her that Shuumai's always just like that so she didn't need to worry. She went back to the classroom and she was surprised to see him there, he looked impatient and irritated.


"I need to explain things first... At first I was confused of myself, I didn't know how to define the feelings going on inside me...When I've been with Taco, I felt something different, when he's closeby I get some weird feelings and I thought it was crazy, I think I fell in love with him..."

'So he really likes Taco?' Chocolo thought. "You don't need to explain things, I understand if that's how - "

"But when you came into our lives...Its like you took that away from me."


"I know you never intended for this to happen because you treat me and Taco as your best friends" Shuumai walked up to him until he's closer. "I like you too, Chocolo...I'm sorry for keeping it too long but I was waiting for the luckiest day Oha asa will dictate for cancers...because I want everything to go well..."


Shuumai tilted his head down and Chocolo tiptoed for them to meet halfway to share a -

Midorima stopped reading and loudly closed Shiraishi's notebook surprising her and Takao, both who were talking about Imagine Dragon's album, "You don't need to write everything that happened in detail."

"Ehh? I didn't write it all in detail! That's a school setting."

"Why Shin-chan? Are you embarassed that Akira-chan's telling the story about how you confessed?" Takao grinned.

"This is insolent... I did better than this." Midorima glared at Takao. "I'm just concerned about how its like a story of a gay turned to a man..."

"It is suppose to be gay's love, but since its you I changed the plot." Shiraishi smiled.

"Yes...but must you put the last part? I're like saying what really happrned that night..." Midorima said.

"Don't worry, I know what you two did that night! Actually me and the three senpais were there, but I'm so great I never said a word!" Takao teased.


"Wahahaha. You are K-I-S-S-I-N-G~" Takao sing songed and Midorima thumped him in the head, Shiraishi blushed at first but started to laugh at them. "But why'd you extended the story for a month?"

"Ahhh, because of the poll results, they wanted more so...I added some shoujo fluffs to make them ship ChocoloxShuumai pairing and I'm glad that the fans are happy with the two being canon."

"You really follow public demand, do you?"

"Whatever... I'll read that last part tonight because I will start a new gay love story!"

"Huh?" Takao and Midorima both had their curiosities piqued.

"Yep..." Shiraishi retrieves her whirled glasses. "I'm going to Seirin to spy..haha, after all I met a VarsityLover fan there, she said she'll help me investigate!"

"Seirin? Oi...are you actually...?" Takao had an idea who she'll be writing a story. "Well..."

"It'll be entitled, The light's shadow! Cool, right? I don't really know why but that fan told me, it'll be the best title for them." Takao knew it, Midorima facepalmed, this girl's the most assuming and imaginative girl he ever met.

Later that day, Shiraishi didn't go to Seirin and decided to just wait for Midorima, since they were still having some practice. When he's out she met with him in front of the gym.

"Yoh!" Shiraishi greets, Midorima was already clad in his uniform when he went out of the gym. "So...You promised to treat me ice cream today. I remembered so I cancelled my appointment."

"Appointment? Is that even called an appointment?" Midorima suddenly remembered something. "Ahh before I forget. He stopped walking and picked something out of his pocket, it was a cute pink phone strap with some gems sparkling in it. "Your lucky item, something sparkling, searching for this took me longer, sorry."

"Wow!" she receives the gift and attached it to her phone. "Thanks, but you know I don't follow Oha asa that much, so you need not buy me things, this looks expensive." They were out of campus and are on their way to an ice cream store.

"Well...its not just that...when I saw this I kinda remembered you." He looked away and cleared his throat. "Anyway, I will have you know that Oha asa can be a guide for survival, so you must at least - "

"Yeah, I know." Shiraishi smiled and gradually her hand slithers at his then she intertwined their fingers. "I like you, Shuumai-chan." She teased, raising their hands a bit, but he didn't reply, so she stopped causing him to stop too. "I said I like you."

"No. You said you like Shuumai." Midorima said. "I'm not Shuumai, remember? He's a gay turned into a man."

"Pffttt...What an analogy." Shiraishi cackles. "Ok... Again. I like you, Shintaro."

"I like you too Akira." And he gave off that smile, that super handsome smile that got her smitten in the first place.

"So...I heard you were classmates with that Kuroko in middle school?" She smirked.

"Yes, but don't ask me anything about him." Midorima sighed, there's no stopping this girl.

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