DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 2

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Again, a shift ended, Shiraishi lazily removed the headphones. She stood up from her stool and went out of the recording room, after greeting others and saying 'good work'. She took the bus home while fighting the sleep out of her eyes.

She yawned before she unlocked the door of their apartment, she turned on some of the lights, and checked the clock... its 3am so she can sleep for around 4 hours again, What a terrible habit she have, lucky for her, she seems to have unending energy.

The next day, she remembers that she'll be cutting some flaglets after class with her newly found friend Takao; she went inside the stock room and found that he's not yet there so she decided to start on her own. Since, she loves music she can't work without one so she turned on her radio.


Look into your eyes, I see the paradise, this world that I found is too good to be true... she looked behind her and saw a Takao singing with an imaginary mic in his hands, his eyes were even closed, and when his eyes opened he saw Shiraishi staring at him.

"Oh hi?" He sheepishly greets.

"I like that song." She said, then she grabs the scissors and just…Let them say were crazy, what do they know?... put your arms around me, baby don't ever look back.. Let the world around us, just fall apart.. Baby we can make it if we're good to go... she sings in the same fashion like him, which makes him wanna cry, is she his missing sister? She was even swaying her other hand and using the scissors as her makeshift mic, so he joined her in their imaginary stage and placed his arm around her shoulder and they swayed their feet and hands in the air.

And we can build this thing together, standing strong forever, nothing's gonna stop us now... and if this world is...


"Midorima-kun?" The green haired basket ball guy was fixing his things when someone called to him, it's a girl, if he remembered correctly her name's Yukino, the first year rep.

"What is it?"

"Are you sure that you won't participate in the planning committee?" She was from class 1-A, a model student, but of course lower than him, currently three girls were staring daggers at her in class I-D's room. "Shiraishi-chan, is well... inattentive."

"That's none of my business." He answered picking up his bag and going out of the room, Yukino following behind.

"Hey?" She calls, the truth is, she has a crush on him, as in like the moment she laid eyes on him, but he seems really cold and distant to everyone. She was planning to have this 'planning committee' as a way to get closer to him.

Suddenly he stopped and she did too, especially when they passed in the stock room.

All that I ever need.. and all that I want to do...Is hold you forever, forever and ever!...Nothing's gonna stop us...

The two of them watched the other two singer wannabes in the room, actually a group's already watching them, Midorima sighed, he doesn't really care about this and comically, Takao's the first to witness their audience, so he stopped and pulled Shiraishi's sleeve to stop her from swaying and she was also surprised to see them being watched.

"T-thanks?" Takao said and the students watching them clapped. "Oh! Thank you! Thank you!" He bowed and bowed hauling Shiraishi to do the same.

"Everyone, stop loitering!" Yeah, Yukino's there and everyone followed and disappeared from her view. "You were tasked to cut those."

"We were, Yukino-chan, we just got distracted. Hehe." Shiraishi answered and Yukino shook her head in disapproval and left them again. 'She has the tendency to always walk out' Shiraishi thought.

"Oh! Shin-chan!" Takao called which made Shintaro grimace. "Don't tell me, we disturbed your moment with that hot, Yukino-chan." He teased, but Midorima just glared at him.

Why is he mad? She thought and suddenly, his eyes met hers, which caught her heart somehow because of the intensity of his stare, like...he's gonna skin me alive...Suddenly an idea popped in her mind...

Shiraishi's thought at the moment: Shintaro is glaring at me is it... is it because I'm getting close with Takao? Oh my? Is this the reality of Boy's love... does he like Takao? (She thinks that way because; she likes Yaoi manga so much)

Takao witnessed the melting stares of the two at each other; it was like 'Hey, have we met before? Cuz' you look like my first spouse...' suddenly an idea popped in his mind...

Takao's thought at the moment: Shintaro must be thinking...'Is she the one Oha-asa had reserved for me? My soulmate? Ohhhh... and of course, Shiraishi's thought must be.., this is love at first sight...on the contrary, second sight cuz'I saw you yesterday... and he had this weird idea to tease Midorima and hook the two of them.

Shintaro was annoyed ( that's the truth despite their different conclusions) at the two of them...he hates idiots that gang up, after his deadly staring contest, he adjusts his glasses again.

"I'll head to the court." He said and left the two of them, Takao glanced at Shiraishi, who was still in shock, and he went in front of her and waved his hands on her eyes.

(On Shiraishi's imaginary mind...

'My name is Shintaro and I'm a basketball player...I'm considered the best in this school and because of that I try to be manly, but I'm not sure...I've been hiding this fact for a long time and I plan on making it hidden forever until...I met my team mate, Takao, who had opened my heart, but this thing I feel for him...Its forbidden...and he seemed to be insensitive, liking other girls...I hope I can dispose this feeling...) this was all playing in her mind in her sudden state of shock, until Takao interrupted her.

"Oi?" Takao called, and she snatched his hand surprising him.

"Thank you Takao-san! For letting me meet you..." she stared at the space Midorima once stood at. "And him..."

'Yup...She really likes him, this'll be good.' Takao snickered

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