DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 3

"Neh...Shin-chan...You like Shiraishi-chan, eh?" Takao nudged his shoulder but the taller guy ignored him and continued to read the horoscope. "Oi..."

"Tomorrow's lucky item is a child's doodle...where can I get this?" Midorima mutters.

"Just make a doodle yourself." Takao kids and Midorima glared at him.

Shintaro did bring some printed child doodle from the internet but he's not quite confident, he needs a real one, his youngr sister in elementary doesn't want to help him and he thinks she draws really good, today anyway, is their art class.

Shiraishi came late in class but she was able to sneak from behind so she sat in the back seat, when she looked at her left, she saw Midorima who was perplexed to see her beside him, she averted her eyes immediately hoping he will just shut up.

"Okay so you'll be paired with your seatmates. Bring out your sketch pads and pencils, Ariba.." their teacher clapped to signal them to rush and Shiraishi reluctantly faced her partner, who was again in a bad mood, which is always happening, whenever she's around...

She tried her best in arts class but she failed all the time, she's good in writing but she's bad at drawing so she keeps on sighing and doodling what she think is a portrait of Midorima. She peeked at him behind her sketch pad and saw him seriously drawing.

"What do you want?" He said out of the blue, not even averting his eyes from the sketch pad.

"Nothing." She tried to smile and feigned being serious in drawing.

"Ok times up." After an hour their teacher came back and announced that, making her rush in doing his hair. "Give it to your partners."

"Here." Midorima extends his drawing to her and she gulped. "Where's yours?"

"Ahhhh..." she smiled. "Here..." she slowly gives her drawing to him, and he receives it, the two of them looked at each other's drawing at the same time.

"Whoa..." Shiraishi said as she stared at the drawing, it was perfectly done, it looked, quite like her, and deep in her heart she felt a pang of guilt as she didn't drew him well, with a slow motion she stared at him and was surprised to see him, quite (though its still indifferent) appreciating her 'drawing'.

The truth is, he was happy to see her drawing, it composed of a big oblong with two egg shaped drawings inside and is that a banana? On the latter part with some shaded, probably, hair above the circle, its because it was a great epitome of a child's doodle.

His reaction perplexed her, is he happy because he found a way to make Takao laugh at her? Or she did a unique piece of art, that only geniuses understand.

The key step in writing is to know your subject well, and in this case, Shiraishi's in the school's court watching the basketball team practice, of course other students were there since they were all at awe with Shutoku's basketball team. Midorima came out fresh from his locker and he tapped his left fingers which were bandaged.

"Are you here to watch?" Shiraishi was surprised to see Takao behind her, grinning like an idiot. "Are you gonna cheer for him?" He points Midorima.

"Ahhh! No...hehehe." she waved a hand.

"He's really cool. Cool as in his coolness even reached his heart to make it cold." He watched Shintaro make a sure shot despite his weird location. "I actually see him as a rival before, though it disappointed me to know we'll be on the same team... but then I got to work with him, so that's it."

Shiraishi looked at Takao who was looking afar, reminiscing... Could it be that? Even Takao is...

"Oi, look at Takao... is he hitting on a girl again?" One of their senpais said. Midorima glanced at Takao and Shiraishi, who were in the bleachers. Shintaro, being accurate in shooting positioned himself to hit his new target.

"But what did you like - " before Takao can continue a ball hits him square in the face.

"Ta-Takao-san?!" Shiraishi helped the fallen Takao stand and looked below, she saw Midorima looking at them before he averted his eyes to the hoop again.

"Awwww! Shin-chan, that hurts!" Takao yelled holding his forehead, before he went in the court ranting at Midorima, who just passed the ball straight to him, hitting Takao's gut, making him roll in the floor due to pain.

Shiraishi was at the cafeteria starting her new radio story, she have entitled it as 'the varsity lovers'. She was in a seat when she was thinking of a name.

I can't write them as they are...hmmm... then I got to give them some humor...hmmm... She was thinking deep when one of the janitors approached her.

"Miss?" He called.

"Oh...Yes?" She smiled apologetically as she's been spacing out.

"You need to order something so you could stay." He said with a timid smile.

"I see.. Can you save this place for a minute, while I order?" when the janitor nods, she dashed to the counter.

"What do you want? Taco or Shuu mai?" The caterer asked

Taco or Shuumai? That sounds good... the cashier repeats the menu because Shiraishi spaced out, "Taco or Shuumai?"And she almost wanted to kiss the caterer, right Takao is close to Taco and Shintaro is Shuu Mai...

"Both please!" She said and after receiving her order she rushed to a table and decided to start scribbling...

Taco-chan is friendly and good in basketball, he also liked singing, Shuumai-chan is stoic and serous but he has a soft side for horoscope and fortune telling...

'We were having this practice in the court and he tried to block my shot, he stood in front of me, eventhough he was shorter he tried and raised his hands higher, I dribbled the ball turning my back to him, but he glued himself to me.

It was crazy and distracting smelling his manly scent and the friction between us...I ran and found a place then without further a do I shot the ball and it went in, thanks to my lucky charm and of course, my accuracy. I straightened myself and adjusted my glasses, trying to control the tension that build up to me a while ago...

"Not fair...Shuumai-chan." He jokingly said, that stupid Taco-chan.'

And that ends Varsity Lovers' episode for today, this is your DJ Yaoi Lover, signing out...

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