DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 4

Shiraishi smiled to herself as she held the headphone down, the 'Varsity Lovers' took a high rating in the recent poll the stations had, she was also quite happy because not only is she having an inspiration with Takao and Midorima, she has also set a goal to help them realize their feelings for each other.

"BATCHKOI, BATCHKOI BABY,.." she immediately fished out her phone from her pocket and answered the call.

"Oi?" Shiraishi greets upon seeing the caller ID.

"Akira...Is that the story you were telling me?" The other line said.

"Satomi! Hahaha... Yes, that's it. So whaddya think?" Shiraishi walks out of her office, its time for her to go home.

"So you found a real inspiration this time? I hope you gather facts before you pester other people again..."

"You're so gloomy all the time aren't you? How's life there in Touou by the way? I saw the photo! He's nice."

"Shut up, he's my PE demo partner, Moron... I'll call again, I feel sleepy."

"Sure, Miss you, friend!" And with that the other line hung up. Shiraishi keeps the phone back in her pocket, and decided to take a taxi home.

Class 1-D's homeroom teacher today was called for an emergency meeting, so he gave them some seat works before he exited the class, some of his students then decided to leave when half an hour passed and the teacher wasn't still back, meanwhile, Shiraishi fell asleep, her head rested on her table, her hand as a support, the other was left dangling.

Midorima closed his book and placed it in his bag, he started arranging his materials together with his lucky item (a cutter, he puts it inside his pocket) until he heard something akin to snore. He looked at the source of the sound and saw Shiraishi fast asleep.

He doesn't care, he will let her sleep here, its not his business... those were the thoughts in his mind, yet... being a responsible human being, he must at least try to wake her up, after all Oha asa have mentioned that 'Today is a day for kindness.' So sighing and after adjusting his glasses, he walked up to her.

"Oi!" He called, but to no avail, he breaths out, then tried to shake her a bit... but again it was no use.

Takao was walking in the hallway, their class had the same fate as Midorima's so he decided to bug his team mate. He was already in the front door of 1-D when he saw the whole scene.

Midorima was bent over the sleeping Shiraishi, he must be checking if she's really asleep, his hand pinched her cheek but again, she's still asleep. 'What the hell did this girl do?'

Takao smirked, he's definitely going to tease Midorima in their practice, he decided to leave them and to not disturb them so he went ahead.

"WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY, NININING..." that was her new ringtone and as soon as it rang, she immediately sat up, her head hitting Shintaro's face, making him stumble down.

"Owww! WHAT THE HELL..."she caressed the back of her head, damn her new tone's worse than Naruto's opening. She glanced beside her and saw Midorima, his hand holding his nose, then dawn hit her and she realized... "Oh...Oh...Oh my! Midorima-san!"she instantly went to his aid.

"Go away..." he said moving away from her, and when his hand was removed from his nose, he saw a red stain.

"MIDORIMA-KUN, YOU'RE BLEEDING!" Shiraishi panicked and surprisingly because of her panic mode, she was able to drag Midorima, a guy with a foot more than her height, to the clinic.

"Its alright now..." the nurse said as he checked Midorima for other facial injuries. "You both are quite hard-headed." she teased and it actually surprised Shiraishi that Midorima is able to communicate well with a female nurse.

"Thank you, Saejima*-san." He said before bowing, and again doing his favorite mannerism which is adjusting his glasses.

"No problem. Shiraishi-san, please take care of your boyfriend, neh." The nurse winked at Shiraishi. On the other hand, Shiraishi's head vigorously shakes as she negates the 'boyfriend' issue, but the nurse didn't understand so she just smiled and closed the clinic door.

"Are you al-" when she glanced behind her to check on her injured companion, he was already walking farther from her. "Oi!" She dashed to catch up with him, as soon as they were aligned, she grabbed his sleeve. "I said Oi!"

"What?" He looked 20% more annoyed than his usual annoyed face.

"I'm sorry." Shiraishi blurts, she's the type of person who needs to hear forgiveness before she can move on, but Midorima just stared at her. "Hey, I just said 'sorry...'"


"You should at least say, 'its okay' or like 'I forgive you'."

"Hmmm... I don't - "

"Why are you hovering on me by the way? Do you need something from me or..." she was stopped as she looked at his pocket. Is that a cutter? Is he planning to kill me...? "I see...Oh my...the things you need to do for love..."

"Huh? Love?" Shintaro asks, perplexed by her sudden dialogue.

"Midorima-kun!" Her hands grasped his shoulders. "I don't plan on ruining your relationship with Takao-san! I-I just wanna be a friend, so please don't misunderstand!"

"Huh?" Now he's even more perplexed, Shiraishi drops her hold on him.

"Just remember that." She said and bowed then she left him on the hallway.

After basketball practice, Shintaro was removing his finger bandages and was seated in the bench inside the locker room.

"Shin-chan likes Shiraishi-chan~"Takao suddenly emerged from nowhere. " did you wake her up? Did you kissed the sleeping beauty?"

"Like Shiraishi?" Shintaro suddenly remembers her words...'I don't plan to ruin your relationship with Takao-san...' he thought deeply again...Maybe she likes Takao and was thinking I don't like her for him...Tch...Women...

"" Takao was waiting eagerly for his reply.

"Why don't you stop involving me in this stupid relationship blues? If you like each other, Tch...That's none of my business." Midorima stood up, getting his things before leaving the locker room.

Shin-chan is...Jealous? Takao thought as he noticed his friend's more annoyed look and he silently laughs at it.

She was in the cafeteria thinking about how she could do her investigation more, she needs to see them both in action, she forked some of her vegetables as she looks afar.

"Shiraishi-chan!" She almost jump on her seat as she heard her name called, when she glanced at the caller, it was Takao. "Oh Shin-chan...look who's here!" Takao tugged Shintaro's sleeve stopping him from walking.

Midorima's cold eyes were trained on hers but of course, she didn't flinch because she knew why he's always mad with her. "Hi Midorima-san, Takao-san." She said politely.

"What's with the formal greeting!" Takao retorts, he then pushed Shintaro towards Shiraishi so that he can sit with her then he, on the other hand, across them, "Isn't this fun?"

Shiraishi, slowly looked at Midorima who was annoyed with Takao while the latter was just smiling weirdly on his spot. Midorima then pulled something out of his pocket, it was a cat figurine and placed it beside his meal.

"Today's lucky item involves a cat." He explains. "His name's ..."

"Mr. Meoww!" Shiraishi squeals...

"Mr. Meoww..." Midorima said, almost at the same time Shiraishi said it. "How'd you know that?"

"I just guessed. Its a cat." She smiled, her attention on the figurine. Hehehe...Definitely gay...

"Awww...isn't this picture perfect?"Takao said and Shiraishi cringed, she slowly glanced beside her.

"Itadakimasu." Shintaro said , completely ignoring Takao and went back on his food. Shiraishi nods and decided to eat as well.

"Shiraishi-san, this are all the files, your classmates have submitted for the school festival." their homeroom teacher hands a stack of files. "Midorima-kun..." he called the taller guy, which in turn walked up to him.

"Yes, sensei?"

"Please help Shiraishi-san organize this files..."

"Eh..."Shiraishi mutters."No...I'll be fine, I -"

"Sure, sensei." Midorima answers before Shiraishi finishes her statement.

"Thank you then." He left the two of them inside the classroom.

Shiraishi was more than nervous (though inwardly, she was happy because she doesn't have the word 'organize' in her vocabulary) that's because, this is Midorima Shintaro, right...Midorima Shintaro, the person who just attempted to kill her in her sleep, the passionate lover of Takao Kazunari...and both of them isn't aware of their feelings for each other. Yet...

Midorima already started reading some of the files, he looks so serious and somehow dreamy , Shiraishi was looking at him. Sometimes, I get annoyed by the fact that some hot guys are gays.

He noticed her stare at him so he looked up. "What is it?"

"Neh...Describe Takao." She said as she gets a paper on the stack.

"Annoying. " he answered looking back at the files. "Why?"

How cute...he thinks Takao's annoying...the more you hate the more you love. "Nothing really."

"What's your zodiac sign?" He asked, eyes still on paper.


"Just answer."

"Aries." she said.

"I see..." he answered.

Is he making a compatibility test between me and Takao-san. She gulped. Then silence engulfed the two of them as they seriously browsed the files, she then noticed a Bonzai beside him. "Is that your lucky item today?"

"Yes." Then again they were silent, until Midorima finished his part of the work."Are you finished?"

"Just a bit more." She answered still checking some files. "You can leave, I'll take the files to the faculty."

"Its fine, I'll take them with you, the teacher asked us to anyway." He said resting his chin on the palm of his hand while he waits for her to finish.

"I'm done." She said after a few minutes then stacked the papers together. "Lemme have yours." She said.

"No, I'll carry them." He said getting all the papers from her.

"But, you're still going to carry the Bonzai."

"I can do that."

"I know! I'll carry the Bonzai for you." She said.

"No, I must have the lucky item."

"Its fine, its not like I'm going away with it, I'll just be by your side when we go to the faculty." She said and reached for her bag, then the Bonzai. "Let's go!"

She did carry the bonzai up to the time they went to the faculty, however the PE teacher asked Midorima to deliver some questionnaires for the basketball club, so he carried a stack of papers again while she tagged along the court with his lucky item.

"Oh! Shin-chan and Shiraishi-chan's together already?" Takao teased as he saw them enter together.

"Ahhh...No, Takao-san, he helped me do some school work, so I carried this for him." She answered. "So where will I put it?"

"Just hold it." Someone said, he was Otsubo-san, their captain. "He leaves them around anywhere anyway."

"Yeah...I think its a better idea!" Takao grinned mischievously. "Then you could go home together."

"Who is she by the way, Midorima? Your girlfriend?" Their captain asked, but Midorima left them, not answering nor denying the question.

"Ahhh! Shiraishi-chan, you want to watch our practice, while you wait for Shin-chan?"

This is it! Chance! Research! Grab it now, girl! "Yes!" She answered rather enthusiastically.

"Yehey! Shiraishi-chan, better watch my moves, bwahahaha." Takao states with a maniacal laugh until Shintaro hits him on the head, he changed on his training clothes. "Owww...That hurts, Shin-chan."

They were amazing, Shutoku's basketball team, she notes. She was quite engulfed in the play and the way they work on their defense. She actually, specifically watched their defense play.

'Taco-chan was behind me, blocking my path, our bodies almost fitting each other and I get this weird feeling as I feel his lower part on my behind...The friction...its somehow... she was imagining that as she sees Takao on defense with Midorima.

'I stopped moving because I don't want this to end in some unwanted tension, so I shoot the ball, and of course, knowing my capabilities, it went in while I adjust my glasses.

"Eh! Unfair Shin-chan." Takao complained.

"Nothing's wrong with that." Midorima answered. "You still need to give your all, even in practice."

"Tch... yeah, yeah...Whatever." then Takao's eyes went to Shiraishi ( still in her imagination/story mode) who was in daze or rather mesmerized by their play (he thinks). "Neh... You're just showing off to Shiraishi-chan."

"I'm not like you, idiot." Shintaro answered as he practices another shot.

"Okay..." their captain clapped hands. "Lets call it a day." He said and then the players went out of the court.

Shiraishi patiently waits outside the court, then Takao and Shintaro came out together. She was still holding Midorima's bonzai.

"Neh, Shiraishi-chan, where do you stay? Shin-chan will walk you home." Takao said, but Midorima wasn't even speaking.

This Takao sure is dense, he's hurting Midorima-san's feelings..."I'm still going somewhere so, you two go on ahead." She hands the Bonzai back to Midorima, which surprised him. "Thanks for your help." She said. She wanted to go with them home, because she wants to know how they interact while they walk home together, but she knows the feeling of wanting to be alone with the one you like.

"Are you sure? Its getting late?" Midorima asked, which astonished Takao, usually Midorima would just want to be alone, he even doesn't want him to go with him sometimes.

'What a Tsundere, this man is...' both Takao and Shiraishi thought at the same time.

"Its fine." she answered "Bye Takao-san and Midorima-san." She waved goodbye at them as they did too, before the three of them got on separate ways

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