DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 5

"I'm tired. *yawn* I can't still solve this..." Takao was inside his room solving his assignment, Midorima didn't lend him his notes, so Takao's fending for himself. "Damn its 1130 pm!" He reached for his headphones and decided to listen to the radio first.

It was cool hearing Imagine Dragons' songs and he found the perfect FM station for him, he discovered this station last week and he loves the songs the DJ plays, its like they both have the same taste in songs.

'Good evening everyone...This is nights of love FM, and today we'll be telling the chapter three of 'The Varsity Lovers' this is DJ Yaoi Lover, and let the story commence.

'Neh, Shuumai-chan, why are you carrying that plank? Taco-chan asked me, he probably noticed this plank I am holding.

'It's my lucky item for the day...' I answered in simplicity, not wanting to further our conversation...

'I see! Oh yeah! Wanna try the newly opened Yakinuku shop near the school?'

'W-with you...?'

'Of course, that's gonna be cool, yoh!' Taco-chan exclaimed, my horoscope told me, this'll be my lucky day...

"Pfft..." Takao snickered. "That Shuumai's like Shintaro... " and he continues to listen.

"You shouldn't be wasting your time with such things if we have practice." Midorima said as he watches Takao rub his head because the ball hit him. Takao was carelessly sleeping in the court so the ball flew at his face.

"Your fault Shin-chan, its beacuse you didn't lend me your assignment."

"I am not required to do such things." He answered and left Takao in the bleachers.

"Shin-chan's really like that Shuumai-chan...the only difference is Shuumai's gay..." Takao sighed. "I'll go to the clinic!" Takao yells and went out of the court.

It was an early saturday morning, Midorima reads the Oha asa horoscope for today and his lucky item is...

"A Chocolo candy wrapper?" Midorima thought Oha asa's lucky items are becoming weird these days, but he must not doubt it. He decided then to go to the nearest convenience store and buy a Chocolo candy.

Convenience store#1 cashier: 'We have no Chocolo here.'

Convenience store#2 cashier: 'sorry boy, but that product doesn't sell well here...'

Convenience store#3 cashier: 'try the next store...'

Damn Chocolo's hard to find... he gets on the last store he could find and decided that if there's no Chocolo here, he will stay home all day to prevent bad luck.

"I'm afraid there's no Chocolo here..." the cashier of the fourth store said and if only Midorima isn't a reserved guy, he'll be showing his frustration already.

"Can I have this..." somehow that voice was familiar to him so when he looked down, right...Its her. She looked up and a hint of surprise was also in her features. "Midorima-san?" She was wearing casual clothes, a button up shirt and short jeans.

"Shiraishi." That was supposed to be his greeting, yep... his cold hearted greeting, and as a man, now he has added responsibilities... like walking a certain brunette home, especially when she has a lot of luggage to carry. (She bought a lot of things, toilettries, snacks etc...). He just stood beside her waiting for her to finish paying.

"Ahhh...? You want something?" Shiraishi asked curiously.

"Your home is closeby, I suppose?" He asked.

"Yeah, just a few blocks from here." She smiled. "Why? You don't need to walk me home, by the way, its early in the morning, and I can carry this stuff..." Midorima grabbed the plastic bag that she carries.

"Why are you doing grocery shopping in a convenience store?"

"Ehhh, Because its closeby?" She answered, and he sighed.

"I'll walk you home then." Midorima pins the nose piece of his glasses, and without waiting for her he went out of the convenience store, she shrugged and decided to just let him carry the goods. Even gays can be gentlemen sometimes...

They started walking, Shiraishi pointing the directions and somehow they can talk of something like their classmates, the school festival and...

"How long have you known Takao?" She asked.

"Not long ago." Midorima answered vaguely, earning a pout from Shiraishi...

"How did you become friends?"

"I'm not specifically friends with that Idiot." Of course, maybe they're already secret lovers?

"But you're - " Midorima stopped walking so Shiraishi did too. He actually looked like he saw a deadly ghost or a murderer on the loose so Shiraishi looks in front of them and she knew why..."Oh a black cat..."

"Not just a black cat, its a black cat with green eyes." Midorima said with a slight tone of frustration. "We need to change course..this street might bring us bad luck."

"Ehhh? But this is the closest." Shiraishi answered "And you can leave me here, if - " suddenly he grabbed her hand.

"This is bad omen, we won't pass there." He said and pulled her away from the street. "Any other route?"

"Well...its a longer route, we need to pass by the convenience store again."

"Its fine, let's go." And with that they started walking again, back to their tracks, to the convenience store and taking the other street, it was tiring but Midorima will not take risk.

"We'll be close, a few walks from now... you can leave me there." Shiraishi points at a street, few blocks from their spot.

"Okay." Midorima decided to tighten the tie of his rubber shoes but when he did, he felt something rip, when he looked down, his shoe lace ripped! He cringed, another unlucky hint.

"Your shoe lace broke." Shiraishi comments the obvious and Midorima glares at her. "What?"

"Let's stop there for a while." He directs a nearby bench, and Shiraishi reluctantly follows, the two of them sitting on the bench.

He was thinking deeply, his elbows propped on his thighs as he contemplates. He must really find that lucky item to counter all this bad luck. Shiraishi was looking up in the sky, wondering how long they would dilly dally here, she sure is hungry and she needs to cook because her mom took the night shift. She can leave him here, but that would be rude considering he went out of his way to walk her home.

She rummaged her bag to get something to eat or nibble, even a candy is enough and lucky she was able to scoop two pieces in her bag. She gets the first one and as a courtesy, she offered it to him first, "Candy?"

"No than- " Midorima was surprised to see what's on her hand, Its his lucky Chocolo candy. He gets it from her and stared at it, Shiraishi gets the other piece and ate it quickly."Where'd you get this?" He asked inspecting the candy.

"Oh, I get that a lot from work, helps me stay awake." She said, the candy bulging in her cheek.

When she looked above again, Midorima felt quite in relief, he has the lucky item now. Slowly, he glanced at the girl beside him, she was looking intently at the sky. "I'm fine now." He said and stood up then Shiraishi stood up too.

"You okay now? Feeling lucky now?" She teased

"Yes." They started walking again. "Oha asa's lucky item is this candy."

"What?" Shiraishi asked. "Why didn't you buy in the store?

"I've been to four convenience stores and none have this." He glanced at the candy.

"Well, what do you know?...Maybe I'm the ultimate lucky item for you..." she teased, she knows he likes Takao so that won't matter.

"Nonsense." He said adjusting his glasses.

"I'll be fine here." Shiraishi points a nearby house. "That's where I stay." She forcefully grabs the plastic bags from him. "See you at school." She tried to wave a hand despite carrying something then she went on. Midorima watched as she enters the house. He stares at the candy in his hand, a small smile crept his lips before he puts the candy in his pocket and went home too.

"Hey, You've seen that new nurse, Saejima-san~" Takao said, both he and Midorima were on their way to the court. "She's hot, isn't she?" Midorima remembered the time he went to the clinic, that annoying memory of his nose bleeding. Takao nudged him in the shoulder.


"C'mon, she's an older woman." Takao teased.

"I think that's obvious Takao, otherwise she won't be the school nurse."

"And you like older woman..." Takao grinned at him. "She told me she likes tall men, You hear that Shin-chan...We are tall." Takao exaggerated. Midorima ignored Takao, Winter cup is close so they must train hard and forget unnecessary involvements.

Shiraishi was also passing in the hallway when she saw the two, she hid at the side of the locker and listened intently to what they were talking about.

"Older women are not bad but I like younger women too!" Takao exclaimed.

"Shut up, Takao." Midorima's gonna have a headache if he continued to listen to this guy.

"Are you shy admitting that you like Older women, Shin-chan?"

'Stupid Takao! Why is he bringing that up?' Shiraishi thought then she looked at Midorima, he looks annoyed as usual.

"Shiraishi-san?!" Someone called her, It was Yukino, because of that she was stopped in her reverie and the two guys she was peeping saw her too. "Why are you hiding near my locker?"

"Ahhh! Sorry Yukino-san..." she scratched the back of her neck having no idea of what to say.

"Eh? Shiraishi-chan?" Takao caught her attention.

"Ahhh, Hi Takao-san, Midorima-san." She greets sheepishly. "S-see you around." She said and desperately tried to escape the situation.

"Midorima-san, I've seen her following you around these days, Is she stalking you? Did she do something wrong?" Yukino, the ever so concerned (infatuated) with Midorima asked.

"Ehhh?! Shiraishi-chan's following you around?" Takao asked again, then he remembered what they were talking about a while ago. Oh Shit! She heard me pushing Shin-kun to older woman...ohhhhh...She's jealous?

"There's no incident like that, Yukino-san. If you'll excuse me." Midorima went pass the two of them.

"See you around, Yukino-san!" Takao said too and then catched up to Midorima.

"Sorry I'm late." Takao opened the door to the supply room, Shiraishi's there and is already cutting another set of flaglets.

"Ehh? Takao-san? Why are you here? I thought you have a practice?"

"Yeah, we do, but you know I can't let the girl do all the work." He said before he grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the other set of flaglets.

"Does Midorima know you're here?" She asked, because she doesn't wanna be the third person again in TakaoxMidorima relationship.

Takao smirks as he heard her ask. "Nope, Shin-chan went home ahead and left me." Takao feigned hurt but the truth is, Midorima had said that today's his little sister's birthday and the family's going out. "Why'd you ask?"

"Ahhh...nothing." Shiraishi focused on cutting. Awww, they must've had a fight.

"Can I ask you something? About last week." This time Shiraishi looked up. 'Is he going to ask me for advice?'

"Neh, Takao-san...I think you should think about Midorima-san's feelings for a bit." She said, perplexing Takao. "I don't think he likes older women."

Ehhhhh? "When he was asked about his type of girl, he said he likes someone older than him."

Shiraishi looked surprised. Maybe Takao-san opened that up because he is jealous... and he wants to confirm, I'm pretty sure Midorima just said that to cover up his identity.

Upon seeing her surprised reaction, Takao thought 'oh no! I shouldn't have told that! Of course she'll be hurt. "But I don't think younger women are bad..."

"Takao-san." Suddenly Shiraishi slammed her fist on the floor. "Midorima-san doesn't like older women!" She was itching to tell him that Midorima likes him, but its up to the former to confess.

"Ehhh? How'd you know that?" Takao then realized..."Did he confessed to you?"

"Ahhh..No not yet, but I know and I'm going to make him confess." She says in full conviction, almost making Takao cry.

"Whoa...That's so bold of you, Shiraishi-chan, Don't worry, I'll support you." Takao said.

"Yeah, just support me Takao-san, we'll make that happen." Shiraishi said and Takao nods.

Shin-chan's so lucky, having a passionate Shiraishi-chan as a lover...ohhhhh...

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