DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 6

Shiraishi lacks topic, she doesn't know how she can continue the story. In times, she was tossing and turning in her bed, thinking of a story and other times she was wasting a huge amount of paper because of her story scraps.

She's actually embarassed to ask them to let her see their practices, so she watched some NBA games to fill up those basketball scenes. This day, her off (after a long time) she decided to write so she can read something later on her duty at NoLove station. However, before she could start the scribbling, she decided to call someone.

"Satomi!"her voice was louder when Shiraishi said the name.

"That was loud...What is it this time?" The other line replied.

"Nehhh..what do you think of my story? changed it to 3rd person POV."

"Its better in 3rd person...but can I comment ,story wise?"


"Its getting quite boring. You focus too much on your characters' feeling for each other and its quite getting common."

"Really? For the record I'm having difficulty in continuing it, because I can't get enough facts about them, nowadays..."

"Why don't you try to add another character? You seem to interact with them, add your part there and make it some kind of a love triangle."

"You think? Geez... thanks Satomi!" Suddenly, Shiraishi had an idea.

"Yeah, yeah whatever...see you some time."

"Sure, bye." Shiraishi closed her phone and gets a piece of paper again. Right, A third party, What would be the nice name for her?

Varsity lovers will now commence; third person's point of view.

Shuumai-chan was carrying a potted cactus as a lucky item today, it was lunch break , he exits their classroom and Taco-chan was waiting for him in the hallway.

"Shuumai-chan!"Taco-chan called and then throws a canned coffee at him, which Shuumai caught with no problem.


"Neh, Have you seen the new clinician?" Taco-chan asked.

"Oh, Cola-sensei? Yes, I have, why?"

"She's hot , isn't she?" Taco-chan dreamily said but Shuumai-chan wasn't happy hearing that at all, his indifferent face became quite gloomy.

"I think she has a crush on me..."

"Stop daydreaming, Idiot, there's no way she'll have a crush on you." Shuumai-chan tightens his hold on his lucky item.

"Do you have a problem, Shuumai-chan?"

"I don't, let's hurry up before we get caught in lunch time rush." Shuumai-chan then hastened his pace.

"Have I done something wrong again?" Taco-chan thought...

"Of course, you did, Moron! Shuumai likes you and you flirt with that Cola!" Takao was listening to Nights Of Love FM, apparently, he wants to rip his headphones apart when he heard that. "But..isn't this scene quite familiar?..."he scratched the back of his neck trying to remember but he can't so he just shrugged it off.

"We will be doing a simple meal today." Their home economics teacher said and then, individually the students positioned in front of their preparation table, the ingredients and the utensils were all there.

Shiraishi loves Home economics, if there is a subject that makes her excel, this is it. She is good at cooking, baking and anything that involves the kitchen. So, she immediately went to her place and readied her materials, she even wore her apron.

"We'll be cooking beef curry." Their teacher said and she started explaining. "You can practice for now, but next meeting, I will be grading your curry." Afterwards, she told them to start cooking so the students decided to prepare the ingredients. Shiraishi was doing pretty well, she sliced the vegetables and the beef placed them in the steamer and then created the sauce. Hers, undeniably, smelled good even attracting her neighbor and others tasted her dish.

"Its delicious, Shiraishi." One of her classmates said, and she believes she did a really good job. However, something suddenly smells burning, and a gray smoke was already clouding her vision, she looked for the source and saw it starting from the corner of the room. When she fans the smoke, she sees who the culprit is.

Midorima was a terrible cook, and now he is displaying this in front of everybody by burning his dish. That happened because his lucky item, a stuffed panda got tangled with his ingredients. Shiraishi decided to help him before he burns the whole school, so she ran to his side turned off the stove.

"What are you doing?" Shiraishi exclaims.

"I'm cooking. Can't you see that?"

"No, because of the black smoke you made." Shiraishi counters.

"What is this?" Their teacher exclaimed seeing Midorima's mess. She saw the beef was burnt, the vegetables were unevenly cut and the supposedly brown curry sauce is red. "Midorima-san, this is unacceptable, you need to try harder, I'll be grading that." Their sensei said.

"Yes, Ma'am." Midorima bowed before the teacher dismissed them, when most students were out, Midorima cleaned the mess he made, sighing to himself, he doesn't need to learn cooking because he's a man after all.

"Did you name this too?" Midorima was surprised to see Shiraishi still there, she was holding his stuffed panda.

"Give that back." He commands.

"Relax, I'm just holding it for you so it doesn't get entangled in your ingredients again." Shiraishi answers. Because of her endless, nosiness, she had made it her goal to teach him to cook, so that when the time comes, his deadly cooking skills won't be a reason for the break up of TakaoxMidorima relationship. "You'll fail this subject."

"Nonsense. With Oha asa's guidance, I won't fail." Midorima said while he adjusts his glasses.

"Well..." she pulled his 'disaster' curry. "Who do you think will eat this?"

"I think its edible."

"Taste then." She pushed the plate to him and she grinned as she saw him grimace. "Even Oha asa will die in this." She went to her table and got her finished product. Midorima eyed it, and sees how miserable his looks.

"I shouldn't be worried in such matters I am a boy after all." He answers and this time Shiraishi pouts.

"You need to cook better for Takao-san!" She said and grabbed his hand dragging him to her counter, where her ingredients are still in good condition.

"What do you want?"

"This is the basics of the basics... so you at least should now how to do this."

"I can do it, Its just because Mr. Panda's not in sight a while ago."

"No you can't, Just by looking at it, I can see how horrible you are as a cook." She hands him the knife. "Slice and cut those." She points the vegetables.

"I do not need to do this." He says, ignoring the knife but she pulled his sleeve forcefully, he remembers the time she dragged him in the clinic. "I told you- "

"Cut." Somehow she sounded really domineering that made him hold the knife. "Slice those veggies now."

"Where's Panda?"

" need to cut those first." Shiraishi moves the stuffed panda away from Midorima, he glared at her but of course, she was used to that, so he sighed and reached for the vegetables. Midorima didn't slice the vegetables though, he chopped and mash them with the knife, (imagine the horror on Shiraishi's face as she watches him) and it crept him out when a part of his 'mashed potato' squirts into his face.

"OH MY GOD..." Shiraishi squeals. "You're a murderer!" Shiraishi accused, she placed Mr. Panda at the counter across them and grabbed the knife from Midorima.

"I told you, I don't want to do this."

"Hey, I'm doing this for your sake, you know... You need to listen carefully." she gets a carrot and then sliced it into bite sized pieces (kind of square). "You slice them." She shows him the slice. "Not chop, or pounce, okay?"

She tells him to prepare the rice which he reluctantly did and she taught him how to boil the beef and mix the sauce, Midorima, even though he doesn't want to admit, listens to her. She was speaking, her eyes were looking at him while her hand kept on stirring the sauce. "Oh..." she suddenly stopped, her finger points to her cheek. "You've something here."

"What?" He tried to mimic her, finding the peculiarity she saw in his face, but seems to fail, so instinctively, Shiraishi, moves closer tiptoes so she can reach his face and her thumb brushed the stained part she mentioned. Midorima felt heat rush into his face, because of the sudden proximity, but Shiraishi didn't notice that because she instantly reverted into her position.

"Now do one on your own, I'll just go check the rice." She said, Midorima exhaled, he hates this, he really hates this but somehow, he can't move away, he can't rebuff her and its aggravating. "OI! What's with this rice, its not cooked?!" He heard her.

"Then make it cook." He answers as he mercilessly chops the vegetables. She added some water and grumbled as she walked back to him.

"Just add water up to the line given by the rice cooker, Midorima-san." Shiraishi scolds and Midorima rolls his eyes at her. After a while he finished, this time his vegetables were sliced, though quite bigger in size and his sauce is brown and had no particulates in it.

Shiraishi tasted his finished product and it tasted normal, at least. "Takao-san will like this." She said to Midorima, which made him disappointed somehow. Like, All I ever heard from you is Takao's name disappointment.

"If you're concerned about that Idiot, why don't you cook for him?" Midorima asked, he will never cook for him and if he will, he's going to make sure that a stomach ache will happen.

Oh My God! This is it again, he's suspecting me! "Of course I'm not that concerned, hehehe..." Shiraishi vigorously shakes her hand. Midorima raised an eyebrow at her because that's the kind of reaction girls in denial always do.

"You suit each other fine." He left the room with a deadly aura that made Shiraishi gulped.

She then gathered her materials and also left the room, she's definitely going to put this part on her story as the beginning of the third party's appearance.

"Ohhh? Shiraishi-chan?" She glanced behind and saw Takao. "Have you seen Shin-chan?"

"Oh...we were just together a while ago, but he left." She ponders.

"What? Together as in, together alone? What did you do?" Takao in excitement asked.

"Ahhhh, yes we were alone, b-but we're not doing anything bad..." Oh no! Am I causing a trouble for them again?

"What are you doing then?" Takao smirks, probing some answers.

"S-secret..." Shiraishi remembers, she can't tell Takao Midorima's effort to learn cooking for him. However her facial expression (eyes averted from him, lips slight and mostly not obvious but curved into a smile) gives Takao some weird imaginations of what happened. "See you around!" She said and bids good bye.

Takao was again the one in charge of Midorima, they were having a practice game again and they were in different teams and of course, knowing Midorima's ability to shoot everywhere, it was agitating to guard him, so, Takao being Takao, while Midorima was about to shoot...

"You are alone with Shiraishi-chan in the home economics room..hihihihi..." Takao teased and surprisingly, Midorima's finger twitched and instead of shooting (since he knew that it won't be accurate) he puts down the ball and dribbled it, dashing away from Takao, making it appear as a fake shot, but Hawk eye knew something more than that of course.

He actually had a reaction to that? Takao thought before he followed Midorima.

Midorima, on the other hand, admits that he was a bit (just a bit) distracted, much to his chagrin. But he won't falter this time, he gets to the center despite being guarded and then without any warning, he shoots the ball. Takao grimaced, he remembers that Midorima's a lot worse when he's annoyed.

After the game, Takao wasted no time to approach Midorima, the latter was drinking water. "Shin-chan! So what 'ya doing in the home economics room? Are you playing 'make house'? Or are you doing a role playing game?"

"Its none of your business." He said and continued to drink.

"Geez...Shin-chan, you're so shy, you know?" Takao said. "So, who confessed first?"

Midorima almost choked on his drink when Takao asked that. "Takao. What confession are you talking about?"

"You know...who likes who, and such..." Takao will not confess for Shiraishi, that's her job anyway. "No one?"

"No one." Midorima sternly replies.

"Tch... the two of you sure needs to be locked in a room, alone..." oh? An idea popped in Takao's mischievious mind.

"The school festival's coming up..." Takao said after stretching. "What's 1-D's plan?"

"It's confidential." Midorima answered.

"Ehhh? Its not like our class's gonna copy yours!"

"Can't take risk and besides there's nothing final yet."

"What do you mean by 'can't take risk' Shin-chan? Don't you trust me?" Takao feigned hurt again, he's being overly dramatic this days, Midorima notes.

"Ehhh?" Both basketball players turned their eyes in front, Takao smirked and nudged Midorima's shoulder while the taller one grimaced.

"Shiraishi-san!" Takao greets, though his squinted eyes kept on pointing Midorima.

"Are you fighting?" Somehow, a glint of concern was evident in her eyes.

"Uhhh...No we're not. So - " Takao answered before Midorima cuts in.

"Why do you seem to be in our way all the time?" (Midorima meant it like this, 'Why are you always present wherever we are?'...however in Shiraishi's mind it was like...'Why are you always a hinder to us?'...)

"Shin-chan! That's rude." Takao scolds.

"Nope, its alright, Takao-san." Shiraishi smiled, she understands that they need to talk. "I was just submitting 1-D's plans in the faculty." She points at her right side, and true enough, the faculty's there. "I'm really sorry if I disturbed anything, it wasn't really my intention." She said looking apologetically. (Which Takao mistook for sadness.) She then waved goodbye and walked ahead of them. Good! They're gonna be back together. She thought.

"What the hell are you doing, Shin-chan?! You hurt her feelings!" Takao yelled.

"Why don't you run to her then?" Midorima adjusted his glasses, they seem to have moved when Takao spoke. "You keep on putting me in this problem of yours."

"What? That's not true." Takao promised to support Shiraishi, and he hopes she won't be mad with him. "Shiraishi-san likes you." He said in a very low tone.

"What?" Midorima was quite taken aback with Takao's confession.

"You heard me, Shin-chan, Shiraishi-likes-You." Takao emphasized it for him.

"Seriously, Takao, this nonsense of yours."

"Shin-chan, Shiraishi's pretty and...talented? Yeah...she is." somehow Takao doubts what he's saying. "Anyway..."

"Takao." Midorima said his name to shut him up.

Their sensei tasted Shuumai-chan's beef curry. "This passed." Their teacher said before moving to the next student.

"I told you Shuumai-chan! You can do it!"

"Of course, I got a lucky day today." Shuumai-chan said.

"A simple thank you is enough, you know?"

"Whatever... "

"Chocolo-chan!" Taco-chan was waving at them. "How's home econ?"

"Shuumai-chan's cooking, passed!"

Shiraishi stopped reading, a smile formed in her lips. "This ends today's chapter, thank you for once again listening to the Varsity Lovers, this is DJ YaoiLover signing out..."

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