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Chapter 7-1

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Next week is Shuutoku's school festival, and because next week is a week of no classes, this last days are exam days (dreadful days were you anticipate a week long vacation but gets bombarded with reviewers that makes you want everything to end...) Students studied hard so that they can enjoy the school fest with no worries.

After three days of exam torture...

Shiraishi was all smiles, everything is going well with her career, she passed her math exams so she was confident to pass everything. Midorima was again announced to have aced the exam, lucky him.

"Shiraishi-san, please see me in the faculty." Oh shit! She forgot about Biology. She bit her lip as she tensed remembering about how she guessed almost every item in the test.

After the class, she reluctantly followed her teacher in the faculty and as soon as she stood in front of his desk, her teacher clicked his tongue and shows a 10/100 score in biology.

"You're going to take the remedial exam..." the teacher spoke, and that, ladies and gentlemen, ends her beautiful, supposedly happy day.


Takao was very happy today, He received his papers and he passed the math exams and because of that he was confident he passed all exams, he was worried that his fail might be grounds for his removal in the winter cup. Midorima had no such problems, he's sure.

"Takao-san, please go to the faculty after class." Oh shit! He forgot about Chemistry. He shuddered at the thought of him left behind in the winter cup, he did fooled around in his chem test.

After class he reluctantly followed his teacher in the faculty and as soon as he stood in front if his desk, his teacher shakes his head and handed Takao's 10/100 score in chemistry.

"You're taking the remedial test, or else you won't play in the winter cup" his teacher said, and that, ladies and gentlemen, ends his beautiful, supposedly happy day.

Takao went out of the room and saw a slumped figure beside him he looked sideways and a familiar brunette greets him.

"Takao-san..." she had no energy.

"Shiraishi-chan..." he seems lifeless, oh the sad life of students.

"Why are you here?" She asked and Takao suddenly placed his hands on her shoulders, then, comically, tears came falling in his eyes (like this T.T) Somehow, without continuing, Shiraishi understood then she nods and tears also floods from her eyes (like this )

The two of them sat in the nearby bench, trying to comfort each other. "Chemistry." Takao mutters.

"Biology." Shiraishi answered. "When's your remedial class?"

"The day after tomorrow, You too?"

"Yeah..." she sighed. "If I fail, I'll say goodbye to vacation."

"If I fail, I'll say goodbye to vacation and the Winter cup." Takao pulls his hair out of despair.

"You had it bad...I wish I could help, but I'm also a failee.." she exhales.

"How 'bout your chemistry?" Takao asked. "I passed my biology."

"I passed the chemistry."

"I know!" Takao suddenly had an idea. "You teach me Chemistry and I'll teach you Biology!"

"That's great Takao-san! We can help each other." Shiraishi exclaimed.

"So you failed Chem?" Otsubo asked.

"Y-yes." Takao smiled awkwardly. "My remedial test will be the day after tomorrow."

"You'll need to pass that in order to join the winter cup." Otsubo said, then he saw Midorima placing a mirror in the bench. "Why don't you ask help to Midorima?" Upon hearing his name, the dark green haired boy looked at the two people conversing.

"Oh! No need for that, I already have someone to study with, In fact we'll study after practice."

"I see. Well, good luck." Otsubo tapped him in the back and gathered the team.

"Oi Shin-chan!" Takao walked up to Midorima. "Do you know who I'll have a study date with?"

"Good luck to whoever that is." Shintaro tightened the lace of his shoes.

"Its Shiraishi-chan!" Midorima stopped his tying.

"You do know she also failed."

"She failed Bio, so I'll help her in Biology and she'll help me in chemistry." Takao said rather enthusiastically, before he clears his throat. "If you're ever worried or jealous, you can see us in the library."

"Shut up, Like hell I care with that." Midorima ignored him and joined the group.

Study session attempt #1

"Whoa...That's a lot of books." Takao comments as he saw Shiraishi carrying a pile of books, Takao helps her and they placed them atop the table.

"I got atleast 3 chem books for you." Shiraishi said, handing the books to him. "Maybe its better if we study on our own first."

"Yeah...then we could ask each other about what we don't understand." Takao counters. "Yosh, let's start."

After the table of contents...

"This book has too many pages." Takao said while he lazily flips the pages.

"This too..." Shiraishi yawned. "It reaches up to 1000 pages."

"Maybe I'll just read the outline of each topic."

"Yeah, that should be better." She smiles as she skips the other pages.

After two pages past the TOC...

"Gosh...the first writer of this book died last 1990s..." Shiraishi slumps her chin in the palm of her hands, getting bored by the minute.

"What the? This book is dedicated to a dog?!" Takao mutters. "Look..." he pushed the book towards Ayuzawa and pointed the picture of a dog in the dedication.

"Maybe the author studied the dog?"

"For chemistry? He poisoned the dog?" Takao looks dubiously at her and she shrugged her shoulders.

The first chapter...

"Introduction to Biology, life is..." Shiraishi continued to read silently.

"Importance of Chemistry in life...Yeah, I know this..." Takao reads silently too.

After a few pages...

"Life is defined by *yawn* six..." Shiraishi's eyes were half lidded and her head slips from her hands for quite a few times.

"Organic and Inorganic..." Takao mutters, his eyes were closed.

After a while...

"Zzzzzz..." Shiraishi's head was rested on the opened Biology book, a hand beside her face, the other's dangling.

"Zzzzz..." Takao's head was thrown aback, his back leaning on the chair, arms crossed and his legs stretched out beneath the table.

Sure, this is none of Midorima's business and he doesn't care, but he was just curious...he walks inside the library while holding the lucky item which is the hand mirror, (Takao even teased him a while ago about becoming snow white's step mother) He instantly looked around for them, he won't interfere, he'll just check what they're doing...its true, he won't. However, a scowl formed from his mouth as he finds them asleep in the table situated in the corner.

He shakes his head disapprovingly, Man proposes; God disposes...

Midorima saw the books these two idiots were trying to read, hardbound, thousand paged books which he is sure they didn't even understand, he sighed and gets an outlined Bio and Chem reviewer; then without further ado, slams them in the table, waking them up.

"Oh shit! They broke up!" Shiraishi yells earning a condescending stare from the people around her and a 'shhh' from the librarian. She was dreaming about the doujinshi she was reading, she was surprised to see a certain dark green haired boy in front of her. "Midorima-san?"

"Pass!"Takao stood up and yelled that, as he was roughly awaken. He was dreaming of Winter cup competitions, After the same stares and scolds, Shiraishi got, he sat down and was surprised to see his team mate in front of them. "Shin-chan?"

"I can see that your study's going very well." Midorima spoke.

"Ahhh... well..."Shiraishi scratched the back of her neck. "We tried?"

"You gotta help us, Shin-chan." Takao pleads and Shiraishi nods. "What's your secret?"

Study session attempt # 2

"First of all, you're having a remedial test not a board examination, so use short and easy to understand books." He lays the books in front of them. "Second, try answering some questions."

"Oh yeah, this is better." Shiraishi said as she opened the book.

"Third and most important of all...check for your lucky item and bring them with you, with this you have 100% chance of passing." he gets a chair and sat beside Shiraishi.

"What? Even that?" Takao exclaimed.

"Well, do you want to pass?"

"Check lucky item, got it." Takao scribbles on a scratch.

So then the three of them started their 'study' session, Midorima taught them. Its true that when another student teaches you, it is more easily understood than when a teacher does.

Midorima was watching the two of them study but he saw Shiraishi looking confused as she bites the end of the pencil. "Is there something wrong, Shiraishi?"

"Oh? N-nothing." Shiraishi gave a fake smile and waves her hand then gets back on her book. Takao, peeked at them from behind his book, looking at how Midorima watches Shiraishi.

"Let me see..." the taller guy moves closer beside her (as in close; not that it bothers Shiraishi) he bents down his head as he reads the part she was in. "Phases of mitosis?" Takao was actually snickering behind his book.

"Ahhh, well - " Shiraishi glanced sideways, her face mere inches from her tutor. "I just forget the arrangements and their functions actually."

Midorima sighs before he moved closer and points the drawing to her." Interphase starts with 46 chromosomes, next the Prophase where the nuclues will disappear and the microtubules attach to the centromere, Metaphase chromosomes align in the middle, Anaphase they separate and in telophase, cell division begins." he said while doing an illustration.

She nods but still looksconfused. "Okay, so Inter ,Meta, Ana...No Inter, Pro - "

"I Propose Men Are Toads." Midorima suddenly said and Shiraishi stares at him questioningly again. (Takao wished he has a camera, because in their current pose they looked like cliched movie couples who knew their feelings for each other and is about to kiss.)


"I Propose Men Are Toads, I for Inter, P for Pro, M for Meta, A for Ana and T for Telophase." he answered.

"Oh...Is that a pneumonia?" she asked and Midorima raised an eyebrow at her.

"Did you mean mnemonic?"

"Pffffttt..." Takao's controlled laughter became audible to Midorima so he glared at him, while Shiraishi continues to understand the mitosis she is studying. Takao mouths 'sweet' while he motions Midorima to put a shoulder around her back, which made him realize his proximity with her. " should give me some special attention too, Shin-chan...hehehe" when Takao said that Midorima swears inwardly that if the mirror was not his lucky item today he will smash it to pieces and struck each shard to Takao, while the heroine, Shiraishi looks up to them and blushed 'How sweet, Takao-san demanding some attention...awww...'


"Okay, okay...just do your thing." he grins at Midorima before he went back to his book.

Exam proper

Takao and Shiraishi were waiting outside the faculty room, they even dragged Midorima, much to his chagrin. A few minutes later the teacher told them that the exam will start...

"Lucky item?" Midorima asked.

"Check." Takao answered showing his phillips screwdriver.

"Here." Shiraishi shows her tally counter.

"Okay." Midorima then reached for his Oha asa booklet. "Today is a lucky day for Scorpio and Aries, You don't need to fret, you will pass."

"Yes." Comically, the two examinees saluted and entered their room in a military way.

After the exam...

Midorima, though hesitant at first, decided to wait for them Takao was the first to come out of the room, and when he sees Midorima he gave a thumbs up, he was immediately followed by Shiraishi who was all smiles and gave Takao and Midorima two thumbs up.

"You look really happy, you're not even sure - "

"What are you saying Midorima-san!? We believe in Oha asa's powers!" Shiraishi said with full conviction.

"That's right, Shin-chan." Takao nods.

"Well, Oha asa's always right, but I'm - "

'We are the champions, My friend... Takao sang and of course, Shiraishi followed as they walk towards the exit. Midorima sighs, there's no changing this two.

The verdict day...

"Don't be nervous Shiraishi-chan, we should believe." Takao encouraged as he saw Shiraishi biting a finger tensely.

"You too, Takao-san."Shiraishi replied as she saw Takao's shivering knees.

"Takao-san." The teacher called and Shiraishi tapped his back as he went inside the faculty. After a few minutes, he went out, he looks really gloomy.

"I...passed!" Takao said; his expression from grim turned to that of utter happiness.

"Shiraishi-san." The teacher called, Takao gave a thumbs up to her and she entered the faculty room.

"So how is it?" That was Midorima, who came out of nowhere.

"Shin-chan! I passed of course, thanks to my effort, bwahaha."

"Thanks to Oha asa, you mean?" Midorima said.

"Hey, you know Oha asa just got lucky, its a coincidence."

Midorima looked inquisitive, seems like he was looking for someone. "How about her?"

"Oh, Shiraishi-chan? She's still inside."

Yukino, class 1-A's representative was on her way to the faculty to submit 1-A's plan for the school fest, she saw Takao and Midorima standing in front of the office. She smoothed her clothes and walked vicariously towards them. "Excuse me." She pretended not to know Midorima from the back, the tall guy looked behind and saw her, without a greeting he stepped sideways giving her some space to continue. "Eh, Midorima-san, Takao-san. What are you doing here?" She asked, faking astonishment.

"We're waiting for someone." Takao gave a smile. After a few minutes though, Shiraishi emerged from the room, and unlike Takao her results were pretty obvious because of her big smile.

"I passed!" She squeals and immediately runs to Takao, the two of them held hands and jumped in joy. "Yehey!" She giggled like a kid actually, so did Takao and Midorima watched the whole scene with Yukino. "Thank you so much, guys!"

"They're quite close?" Yukino asked. Shiraishi's eyes went to Midorima, and without warning (or even thinking on her part) Shiraishi ran to him and well.., hugs him...yup...HUGS him. Midorima was surprised/immobile/stupefied at the moment. Takao mouths the word 'nice' with a two thumbs up and Yukino was sending death glares to Shiraishi, the brunette didn't exactly know what she is doing because of her happiness.

However, realization hits her as her cheek felt something thumping faster, she looks up only to see, Midorima staring at her and she realized again as her face was welcomed by his chest, she immediately pulled away hands on his shoulders. Oh shit!Oh shit! Oh shit! I just hugged Midorima-san, OH MY GOD! And to make it worse... she glanced behind and saw Takao grinning like an idiot. In front of Takao-san!

"Ahhh... Sorry, hahaha, I got pretty much carried away." She said, mentally slapping herself for doing such a thing.

"Its fine, Shiraishi-san, we should celebrate!" Takao pushed both Shiraishi and Midorima (who have recovered from that sudden shock.)

They decided to celebrate in a sushi restaurant nearby, Takao was eating merrily and Shiraishi was tasting everything while Midorima digs in a red bean soup (which surprisingly is offered in the restaurant).

"So..." Takao interrupts and the two looks at him.

"So...?" Shiraishi asks, and Midorima stared blankly at him.

"Are you two - " Takao was about to ask her but Midorima realized what he was meaning to say.

"Takao." Midorima said in a menacing tone.

"What?" Shiraishi stares at Takao then to Midorima.

"Sheesh... Oh yeah!" Suddenly he realized something. "Neh, Shiraishi-chan since we both love alternative music, there's this station I listen to every night, its called...Nights of Love FM..."

Shiraishi's breath hitched, Midorima also saw her hold on the chopsticks tensed.

"Its amazing! Her choice of songs are exactly my type... and she also reads a funny gay story." Takao mentally laughs as he remembers Shuumai-chan and Shintaro's likeness.

"Oh?...t-that's cool..." Shiraishi sweat dropped.

Oh shit! If they knew...If they will know, I'll definitely die...

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