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Lupine [Captain America’s Daughter]


In which a girl raised on her own independence has to learn to trust in others after her torturous experience with HYDRA. Or in which Evelyn Grace is reunited with her father.

Action / Drama
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" this is a wild game of survival "


════ ⋆★⋆ ════

EVELYN GRACE had become a master of disguise over the years, or at least that's what she liked to think.

It became a second nature to her; changing her name, her hair and her clothes... and she was good at it too - becoming a new person every few months, that is. She was almost as good at it as she was at running.

Evelyn was always running these days.

Whether it be from the authorities, or from HYDRA; she was phenomenal at slipping away and starting a new life.

Her current life was situated in Chicago, Illinois.

She was happy there - or as happy she could be as an orphaned runaway. Evelyn worked at an ice cream parlour in an amusement park, a job she enjoyed. Her once long brown hair was changed to a short blonde bob, and her deep brown eyes concealed with brilliant blue contacts.

The girl adjusted her name tag on her apron. Sophia was her new name; or rather, her fake one. After nearly three months, she'd grown accustomed to hearing the alias.

"Hey, the managers say that from now on the ice cream girls are in charge of rolling tokens," said her co-worker, Emily. The petite red-head placed the tub of tokens on a table, before heading towards the back yelling a "be right back! Just going to go clean those buckets!" over her shoulder.

Evelyn chuckled, resuming her task of wiping down the tables.

She slung the cloth over her shoulder, placing the bottle of cleaning spray on its shelf in the corner behind the counter. Sometimes her job was a lot, especially when they'd get rushes of customers all at once; but the calm after the storm... that was her favourite part. The moment when you can finally take a breath after serving a long lineup of people; the moment when you know you've earned your pay.

Evelyn tossed the dirty towel in the back towards the sink, smiling as she heard the small shriek from Emily (letting her know that she'd hit her actual target), before plopping down on a chair by the cash; next to the table of tokens.

If the managers needed the workers in ice cream to roll their tokens, it probably meant that they were swamped over there; and so Evelyn decided to get on that right away.

"Hey Emily, you almost done back there? I could use some help!" Evelyn shouted as she began to tackle the enormous pile of golden coins.

Emily shouted something unintelligible in response, but by her tone Evelyn could tell it was probably some sort of crack or playful banter on her part. Either way, Evelyn laughed and continued her task, digging her hand into the bucket.

Mixed in with the full gold colour of the used tokens was a single black and red token. As Evelyn analyzed it, she quickly realized what she was looking at. She could identify that symbol from anywhere, the eerie symbol of a red skull with tentacles that belonged to none other than the despicable organization HYDRA.

She dropped the coins, cringing when they made a loud clanging sound against the floor. Emily yelled to her from out back, making sure everything was alright.

"Everything is fine!" Evelyn shouted, hastily scooping the coins off the floor.

HYDRA is here, she realized as she stared fearfully out at the packed amusement park, they know where I am.

She internally cursed at herself. She had done so well, she almost made it to the end of the summer! That was just a mere three months, how did HYDRA find her so soon?

And that's when she saw the three men, all clad in black approaching the building with purpose. Evelyn was also quick to notice the weapons all clutched tightly in their hands.

She turned, so they wouldn't see her yelling, "Emily! Stay back there and hide!"

She could hear the girl shout something in return, probably a question as to why she was supposed to hide; but the urgency in Evelyn's voice warned her not to argue.

The bell above the door jingled.

The click of the safety on a gun was also heard, and when Evelyn turned back around she was met with the barrel of a gun pointed directly at her face.

"This doesn't have to get violent" she said quietly, slowly raising her hands.

The gun was hesitantly lowered, but her sense of safety didn't return; there were still two other guns pointed at her body.

"Soldier, come with us."

She nodded her head, walking around the freezers of ice cream towards the HYDRA soldiers. One of them stood behind her, his gun pointed at her back as they began to lead her to the door.

For a moment, everything was calm.

Until it wasn't.

Evelyn spun on her heel, smacking the gun out of the man's grasp before he could react. She then pushed on his chest while sticking her foot out, causing him to fall back and smash his head against the metal of the freezer - effectively knocking him out.

Of course, there were still two more.

Evelyn flicked her wrist and clenched her hand muscles, smirking as she peered at the claws protruding from her fingers. She felt the fangs elongating in her mouth and knew by now her eyes would be glowing a bright yellow.

She launched an attack on the second soldier, ripping the gun from his grip, only to receive a hard punch to the eye. Evelyn quickly retaliated, sending a flurry of slashes and punches towards the man.

The third soldier wasn't as dumb as the first two. He was well aware of the weapon in his hand, and he certainly used it to his advantage.

Evelyn endured two bullets to the shoulder before she could react.

Fortunately she was hyped up on adrenaline and barely felt it happening. She quickly dealt with the final soldier, knocking him out in an instant. Then she hastily grabbed her bag, scrambling out of the building and down the street.

She had no idea what she was going to do or where she was going to go, but one thing was for sure:

She had to leave the city.

════ ⋆★⋆ ════


Steve Rogers was a mess.

An absolute, complete and utter mess.

How could he have not known? After all these years - after sixteen years! How could he have not known that he had a child!

"Cool down, Capsicle" Tony snickered, already typing away on his computer system. "We'll find out where your daughter is. If she's still alive, that is."

Natasha sent him a scolding glare.

Then a hologram screen flashed on next to the trio, revealing a ton of pictures of a young girl in chronological order. There were pictures of her from when she looked to be no older then two or three and some more around age seven, then they cut off until she looked to be around 12 years old.

Natasha stood up, analyzing the pictures while Tony mentioned "girl sure seems to like changing her appearance..."

In one picture, she had long brown hair and brown eyes. Then in the next, her hair was dyed red. In the next, she had chopped it short above her shoulders and dyed it black. Her eye colour was also a common subject to change; from brown to blue to green, it was obvious this girl either loved changing this up or she had something going on.

"This isn't just a teenage phase," Natasha noted, "these are disguises - or at least attempted ones."

"Says here she was placed in an orphanage when she was two, disappeared when she was seven and came back when she was twelve. Her orphanage burned down shortly after - she was the only one to survive." said Tony, "she was put in another orphanage after, but ran away after a day."

Natasha was the first to link the information, "she was running away from something, or someone - hence all the disguises."

"What's her name?" Steve asked, a numbing sensation crawling over his body.

"Evelyn Grace - no last name. Her parentage was unknown and she was never adopted."

Steve suddenly felt the worry eating away at his stomach as what was said earlier began to sink in, "Tony, can you find out where she is right now?"

He was done before Steve had even asked.

"Chicago, Illinois. Looks like she's at an ice cream place."

Tony had already began hacking their cameras before Steve could open his mouth. Footage from a camera popped up, showing a small blonde haired girl wiping down tables.

"That must be her" said Steve, subconsciously moving a little closer to the hologram.

Then it all went down.

The eerie token in the bucket.

The three HYDRA soldiers marching into the ice cream parlour, and Evelyn's fear-stricken face. Steve was scared - no, Steve was petrified when his daughter had three guns pulled out on her.

He thought that was it when they began leading her out of the building. He just found out about his daughter, and now HYDRA had her.

But then her eyes flashed a vibrant yellow, and she grew claws and fangs before proceeding to beat up all three men. Then she fled the building, leaving behind a trail of blood.

"Damn. Who would've thought, Cap's daughter is a badass."

Tony's comment was ignored by Steve. The blonde was too preoccupied with staring blankly at the video footage that once showed his daughter. His daughter!

"She got shot, we need to help her" said Steve worriedly. They had no backup, only the three in the room - everyone else was on different missions. If HYDRA continued to pursue her after she ran, they could be seriously outnumbered; but Steve didn't care, all he wanted was for his daughter to be safe.

"Tony, can you track her location?"

"Did you seriously just ask me that? Of course I can, I'm Tony Stark."

"Just do it" Natasha sighed, exasperated.

Before they knew it, they were gearing up for their next mission:

Operation: Save Evelyn Grace Rogers.

════ ⋆★⋆ ════

[ A / N ]

Hopefully I didn't bore you guys too much... So this is the start to another marvel fanfic... you might not know, but I have started and not finished SO many of these...

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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