The Kaiju World War

Chapter 9: The War Council

Becky was excited. She was finally going to see Monster Island. What made it even better was that Will was going with her. When she had learned that Will was at least willing to see what being a kaiju was all about, she felt relieved. He had begun to talk to her again, telling her that he was not angry at her for keeping the secret from him, that what he really had felt was exactly what Sam had said in the meeting. After the talk with his parents, Will had seen that the others would need him, that they depended on him to fill the shoes of Godzilla. He had begrudgingly accepted it and would do everything in his power to be the king. But first, the two of them needed to train.

They were standing in a forest clearing. Rachel had told her that it did not matter if the world knew the kaiju lived again, after New York there was no way they could hide it anyway. They just had to make sure that no one saw the transformation. If it was public knowledge that the kaiju could change into humans, and the identity of those humans were known, there was no doubt that the governments of the world would hunt them down and try to use them as weapons. Rachel and Anthony were standing beside them and Rachel was instructing them on what to do.

"At this stage, you need some emotional incentive to transform," she instructed. "So before we get to the island, do not try to change. Neither of you are flying kaiju anyway so this makes it easier. Once I change into my kaiju, the two of you will climb on my back. Anthony will fly behind us as a guard. Are you two ready?"

Becky looked at Will and he nodded, signaling that they were. With a nod from Rachel, she and Anthony made faces of concentration. Becky was excited, she had never seen the changes before and was interested to see the process. Of course, she had experienced it but that wasn't the same, you couldn't see what happened during the transformation. Rachel got onto all fours and her body began to elongate and grow. Two very beautiful butterfly wings grew from her back while two additional limbs, insect limbs, emerged from her sides, her original four also took on an insect-like appearance. Fuzz began to cover Rachel's body and her head became more rounded. Her eyes became completely blue and had the look of a kaleidoscope. When the transformation was complete, what Becky saw was no longer Rachel Nelson but the mighty kaiju Mothra.

Will hadn't taken notice of Rachel's transformation. Instead, he wanted to watch Anthony change and see which kaiju he was, even though he guessed he already knew the answer. Anthony did not get on all fours. Instead, he began to grow taller, spreading out his arms, his already brown skin taking on a lighter shade. His arms lengthened farther and the skin began to stretch downward creating two huge wings. From his head came two crests and his mouth and nose merged to form a beak. When the transformation was complete, Rodan stood where Anthony had been a moment before, the exact kaiju Will had expected. He and Becky looked up at the ginormous creatures that stood in front of them. It was hard to imagine that the two powerful beings before them were their friends. Rodan and Mothra looked down on them and it seemed, at least to Will, that they were smiling. You couldn't really see it on Mothra's face, she had no way of making that motion with her mouth, but her eyes looked joyful. She lowered one powerful wing to ground level and stretched it out to Will and Becky.

"Climb on," she said. Will was amazed at the change in her voice. It was musical and had a soothing quality to it. Despite that, there was definitely a since of power there as well. Will took Becky's hand in his own, happy to have finally smoothed things over with her, and climbed up the wing and they took their seats right behind the giant head. The giant moth nodded at Rodan and the monster pterodactyl took to the skies. After a few seconds Rodan screeched what Will assumed was the all clear signal. Mothra rose into the sky slowly, gently shaking her passengers, and they were off for the island.

Space Godzilla was heading to Baas Island. He flew the skies above the Pacific Ocean, the water looking like nothing more than a blur. To his right was Megaguirus, his mate, and Battra and on his left were Gigan and Mechagodzilla. In the ocean below, swimming to the island, were Orga, Titanosaurus, Krystalak, and Zilla, his most trusted bodyguards. This meeting they were going to was one of the most important ones in Space Godzilla's life. Now that Godzilla, the brother he despised more than anything, was back he had to rally his followers for the war. He had no doubt that it would start again in earnest and he needed his men to be prepared.

Thinking about his brother brought memories of his childhood to him. He remembered how the two of them had played together as hatchlings, learned how to control their kaiju powers from their father and Orochi, the adviser. He remembered the war with Orochi and how the eight headed kaiju had killed his parents and the anguish that came with their death. Then he remembered how his brother had accepted the crown and rallied the kaiju who had remained loyal to their father, and the joy that came at the defeat of Orochi and his rebels and how his brother had started a rule that tolerated humanity. Then came the evil memories. Godzilla, being pampered by their parents, how all the others just saw Space Godzilla as the younger brother, Godzilla showing humans sympathy, he giving Space Godzilla given a lower position than Biollante, their half sister. All these bitter thoughts were mixed with ones of evil delight. The memories when he and Gigan would plot his brother's downfall, when he finally broke off with half the kingdom rallying to him, the war that devastated human cities, and that final day at Skull Island, the one before he was placed in this human body. He was eventually shaken out of his memories by the voice of Megaguirus.

"We are here love," she said softly to him. Space Godzilla shook himself and looked down at the barren wasteland that was Baas Island. This area had been bombarded with nuclear waste by humans and was a perfect place for Space Godzilla and his troops, they all thrived on the power and nourishment it gave them. Once they landed, they were met by two more kaiju, King Ghidorah and his brother Monster X.

"Your majesty," Ghidorah said, bowing. Monster X bowed as well, though his was more just a nod of the head. Space Godzilla smirked, he knew that Ghidorah sought to remove him from power and Monster X, his strong, bodyguard of a brother, did whatever he wanted him to do. However, until the time that his brother was dead, Space Godzilla needed Ghidorah's support. He had been a member of his father's court and one of his chief advisers. Monster X had been there too but, like now, was one of the king's guard, one of the most brutal. Their craftiness and viciousness would be needed in the war.

"Enough with the pleasantries Ghidorah," said Space Godzilla. "I have much more important things to discuss with you. I assume that Gigan has made you aware of our situation?" Ghidorah nodded the middle of his three heads.

"How unfortunate that you were unable to kill your brother before he learned of his kaiju power," Ghidorah said, a smile coming over his three dragon faces. Space Godzilla tried to hide his anger at his words. He knew that they were a jab at his pride and Ghidorah would like nothing more than to get him riled up and embarrass him in front of his followers. However, Gigan, his most loyal follower, saved him.

"Enough Ghidorah," he said with some authority. "This isn't helping anything. If Space Godzilla falls, what is there to stop Godzilla from coming for you? Your support of our rebellion is no secret and let's not forget the rumor of your part in Orochi's rebellion as well." Space Godzilla smiled at that. Ghidorah had been suspected of giving Orochi secret information. He had fought with Space Godzilla's father, but Orochi had learned of attack plans and strategies that were top secret. Very few kaiju had been given that information and the only one who's loyalty could even have been questioned was Ghidorah, he had always been rather independent. However, no evidence could be found to support the suspicions and therefore no accusations had been made. Despite this, Space Godzilla had little doubt that he had been guilty.

"Of course," Ghidorah said. "Right this way your majesty." He led them to a large cave in the side of the island's central mountain. Space Godzilla, Megaguirus, Gigan, Mechagodzilla, and Battra followed. Monster X and the other kaiju that Space Godzilla had brought stood on guard outside, making sure none of their enemies tried to attack the island. Space Godzilla and the others made their way deep inside the mountain. Eventually, they came to its center. There was a pool of lava bubbling and Ghidorah flew to a side of the cavern and settled himself there. He indicated that Space Godzilla should go to the back, the most defensible position. He did and Megaguirus took her usual spot on his right and Gigan took a place at his left, the others took different positions around the pool. Once settled, the war council began.

"We need to take immediate action against them," stated Mechagodzilla right from the start. This came as no surprise to the others. Mechagodzilla was always looking for a fight. Despite this, he was also very good at planning out a battle in advance. "Godzilla has had no time to prepare and they are still vulnerable. They have been protected by the shobijin's magic until now. It's time to make our move."

"No, our time has not come," said Battra. "Many of our own troops haven't regained all their strength, we need our full power behind us. We hold some of the most powerful kaiju in our ranks, such as Destroyah and our king himself. If we wait, there is no doubt that we could win."

"What's the matter Battra?" retorted Mechagodzilla. "Is this some ruse to protect your sister?" Battra rounded on the general. Mothra was his twin sister and while he may be fighting with Space Godzilla, few of them actually believed that he would find it in his heart to kill her, Space Godzilla himself doubted the divine moth's loyalty. He had been the hardest to sway to join him, having to result to his hatred of humanity in the end. However, they still needed him, they needed a kaiju who's power rivaled that of Mothra and who better than her own brother.

"No," the divine moth replied. "I just believe that in our current state we would surely be defeated." Space Godzilla looked between his two lieutenants and tried to grasp what they both said. It was true that right now their enemies were weak, but it was also true that their own forces weren't in the best conditions. He looked to Ghidorah who had been quiet this whole time.

"What do you think, Ghidorah?" he asked. Ghidorah took a few seconds to respond.

"I believe we should wait for them to come to us," he said. When the others looked at him in confusion, Ghidorah elaborated. "Godzilla has just remembered he is a kaiju right? Well, if my memory is correct, he has always sought to prove himself worthy of his father's crown. What better time to do it than now, when the others may doubt him. He will need to prove himself soon, and when he does, we will be ready." Mechagodzilla however, raised a question.

"How will we know when he plans to do so?" he asked. " I mean, it's not like any one of us can just waltz in and ask them for their battle plans."

"Don't we have a kaiju who is very capable at espionage?" Ghidorah responded. "If I remember correctly, Zilla was always good of keeping himself in hiding." Mechagodzilla began to retaliate but pulled back. Ghidorah smiled. "I propose that we send Zilla in undercover and he will find out when they plan to strike. Then once they do, we lay a trap for them here and launch an assault on Monster Island itself." The others looked at each other and nodded their heads. The plan was a good one. Everyone would be satisfied by it, Mechagodzilla would get his fight and the kaiju who still hadn't regained their full power would have the time needed. They all looked to Space Godzilla, waiting silently for his response. After a few seconds, he made his decision.

"Let's do it."

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