The Kaiju World War

Chapter 10: The Dreams

Wind whipped at Will's face as Mothra sped on her way to Monster Island. He was amazed that he was astride one of the great kaiju of legend and even more so that she was one of his friends. He looked behind them and saw Rodan easily keeping pace with them. If the legends were to be believed, this was definitely not the fastest he could go. Becky sat beside him, delight shining on her face. She loved the feel of the wind and a soundless laugh, carried away on the air, escaped her mouth. At seeing how happy she was Will couldn't help but smile with her. Carried away in the excitement, Will gingerly go to his knees and stretched his arms out like wings. He let a whoop of excitement out and soon he and Becky were laughing together.

"Enjoying yourselves back there?" rang Mothra's voice inside his head. Will was so startled that he almost lost his balanced on her back. Rodan dived underneath, ready to catch Will if he were to fall. Mothra chuckled lightly in response.

"Sorry about that," she said, the laugh still lingering on her voice. "One of my powers is that I can speak telepathically." Will shot a glare at the back of her insect head.

"Don't do that," he retorted. "I nearly fell off."

"Rodan would have caught you." Mothra replied. "You didn't answer my question though. Are the two of you enjoying yourselves back there?" Will remained silent for a few seconds but soon let out a chuckle.

"Yes, we are." he said. As if to confirm what he said, Becky let out a laugh of pleasure. Thoughts of happiness wafted from Mothra. She always loved it when she had passengers and they in turn enjoyed the ride. But these feelings of elation were soon dwarfed by more serious thoughts.

"You had better have fun while you can," she said. "Once we reach the island, you won't have as much fun. Your training must take precedence and at times it will hurt. You will be frustrated and many times will want to give up. Just keep in mind why you are doing this." Will swallowed nervously.

"Can you tell me what I'm about to face?" he asked. It was a few seconds before Mothra responded.

"I could," she said slowly, "but I think I will leave it to the ones training you." With that, they passed the rest of the trip in relative silence.

A few more hours passed before the island came into sight. What Will saw took his breath away. The island was huge, and beautiful. It was covered in foliage and even at this distance, he could see that it teemed with life. Birds flew around its central volcano and in the ocean below them, he could see dolphins breaking the surface. Despite what awaited him on the island, he still could not wait to land. Their speed decreased until the wind no longer whipped at their face. Rodan flew up until he was neck and neck with Mothra.

"Welcome home your majesty," he said. Despite the formal way Rodan addressed him, Will marveled at how his friend's voice had changed with the transformation. Gone was Anthony Roma's light, cheerful, and pleasant voice. In its place was a deep, resonating one that made him sound both hard core and, for lack of a better word, sexy.

It's beautiful," Becky said. She was leaning forward and looking over Mothra's head at the island. Will suspected that she too could not wait to land.

"If you think this is beautiful," said Mothra, "wait until you see some of the other islands in our chain. Infant Island for example out-classes this one. Its plant life is much younger and hasn't had time to wither. However, this is the one we all call home, mainly due to its size. It also makes an excellent training ground for kaiju. This island has vitality and a sturdiness that has survived many battles and as such can survive anything we can do while training."

Mothra began her descent onto the beach. Will looked down and was surprised to see four humans standing not far from where they were landing. As they neared the ground, Will could make our more of who they were. Soon, he could see exactly who they were. It was Daniel, Kelton, Dallas Sullust, and Nash. With a whoosh, Mothra landed and laid out a wing. Will slid down it like a giant slide and turned to help Becky. He was surprised that she remained seated on Mothra.

"Becky and you will be training separately," Mothra said. "I will handle training her, with the help of Savanna, Sarah, and Leah. You will remain here and Daniel will take care of yours." With that, Mothra took off into the air and soared to the other side of the island. Will turned to face his friends. Daniel and the others, Rodan having turned back into Anthony, were waiting on him.

Will walked over to his friends. As he did, he noticed that all of them were smiling at him. Will didn't know if this was because of what he was about to do or because they were going to have too much fun with him. Either way, Will gritted his teeth and approached the inevitable. Daniel stepped forward and shot Will an encouraging smile.

"Well, you ready?" he asked, skipping the pleasantries. Will liked that, better to get the gritty business done away with. He nodded his head in the affirmative. Daniel clapped his hands together and rubbed them together, prepping himself for what they were about to do.

"Alright, the first thing we're going to teach you is how to transform," he began. Will was a little surprised at this, he already knew how to do that, or so he thought. Daniel's next words took away any certainty he had.

"The reason for this is we've already told you. Initially, you have to have an emotional high to do it. That doesn't mean every type will trigger it, such as happiness or sadness. Every case has been one of anger, fear, or a situation where you would die otherwise. Thing back to your transformation in New York. All three of these were present in a sense. You were angry at Space Godzilla because he was hurting Nash, you were scared of what he would do, and you were afraid that Nash would die. That was what triggered it.

A thought came into Will's head. If an emotional high could trigger it, what was to stop it from happening on accident? Before the question had even left his lips, Daniel answered it.

"However, once you gain more control and go through the process more often, this won't be an issue. Your body becomes accustomed to it where it's as natural as any other function. However, before you have that control, it's best if you stay out of any situations that may trigger it." That wouldn't be hard. Will was not a daredevil and anything like that had a very slim chance of happening.

"Now Kelton, Dallas, and Anthony," Daniel continued, "are going to change into their kaiju while Nash and I stay here and coach you through it." Will watched as he three friends went through the process. They grew in size until they were no shorter than fifty meters and Will was excited to see who the other two were. Where Kelton stood was what looked like a metal Godzilla. His body was sleek and looked like a fighting machine. A huge crest went out of the back of his head and Will suspected that it was as dangerous as the rest of him. This was Kiryu. When he looked at Dallas, Will had to hide a smirk. While the others had looked like impressive creatures, Dallas looked like, well, a Power Ranger. His body was covered in red, blue, yellow, and white, adding to the Power Ranger feel. Yet, Will knew that he was as deadly as any other kaiju. This was Jet Jaguar.

"Will," said Daniel, snapping his attention away from the others. He and Nash were looking at him with bemused looks on their faces. They knew how impressive a kaiju looked. Yet, they had to keep Will focused. Daniel began instructing him on how it was done.

"To transform, you need to concentrate with all your might," he began. "However, you cannot will yourself to change. The kaiju and you are two separate beings inhabiting the same body. As such, you must reach deep inside yourself until you feel another presence. You must allow him to take control, to become the master of your body. Once you do, the change will be quick and painless and before you know it, you will be the size of a skyscraper. Now, begin."

Will concentrated hard. He searched his subconscious for any sign of that other personality. He gritted his teeth and strained, he could feel his face reddening. Suddenly, a voice echoed in his mind.

"Keep going like that and you are bound to hurt yourself," it said to him. Will jumped and looked around but saw no one else there. Then he realized who must have spoken.

"Is that you Godzilla?" he asked nervously.

"Well, I sure ain't your father," the voice replied sarcastically. "Now what do you want?"

"I would like you to take over, please," Will responded. He felt that he needed to be respectful, this was a king he was talking to after all.

"Oh drop the formalities," Godzilla said. "I never asked that of my kaiju, though a few stubbornly kept calling me "your majesty." You and I are the same kid, treat me as you would yourself, or at least a very close friend. Plus, I won't completely take over, that's not how this works. You will still be there as I am always with you. Now prepare yourself."

Will braced himself, expecting a wave of pain to shoot through him. However, it was as Daniel had said it would be, all he felt was a slight tingle. Soon, he had risen to the height of Kiryu and Jaguar. He looked down at his hands and they were no longer smooth human ones. In their place were clawed scaled ones. He was Godzilla once again and he could feel his human self receding back and the kaiju coming to the front.

Nash and Daniel had transformed as they noticed Will changing. Godzilla already knew who Nash was and wasn't surprised to see Anguirus standing beside him. Daniel on the other hand he had no clue who he was, though he could guess pretty easily which he was. When he looked in front of him, he wasn't disappointed.

Daniel had transformed into a lion-like kaiju. His red eyes shined like diamonds in the sunlight, reminding Godzilla of his power to reflect any beam that hit him there. He had a mane of golden hair that covered many parts of his body. What skin that was seen looked like scales but Godzilla could see that they resembled stone more closely. This was none other than King Caesar, the trainer of all kaiju.

"Hello old friend," Caesar said to him. He smiled a toothy smile, joy going through him to see his favorite student back.

Godzilla observed the kaiju around him. They all were delighted to see their king back and he was delighted to see them too. Each welcomed him as if he had just gone on a long trip and had finally returned to them. Godzilla found that he had missed this camaraderie all the time he had been locked up in a human body. Yet, he realized, he had somewhat felt it with Will and his friends, had known that these people were his old supporters, that they too had been given human bodies. However, until his first emergence, he had been in a state that was close to sleep. He had not been completely aware of what was going on around him, so the feelings he had experienced felt more like a dream. Now he was feeling all these things first hand and it felt good to once again emerge.

"It is good to see you all," he said to his friends. "It has been too long. What was it, nineteen years I believe, since last we spoke? How ever long it's been, I don't care. It's just wonderful to see you all again." The kaiju around him all responded with roars of agreement. They stood there in comfortable silence for a few moments, taking in the joy of being with each other again. It was Caesar that broke it.

"It is indeed nice to see you again your majesty," he said, "but we do have pressing matters to attend to. It has been years since you have done any fighting or had any practice to keep your skills and powers honed. Not only that but, if you are like the rest of us, your memories will be a little muddled. Each of us have found that rigorous training brought memories back, helped us to restore ourselves. We would like to do that with you."

Godzilla thought about what Caesar was saying. Now that he thought about it, he couldn't remember much beyond who his friends were. His mind seemed cloudy and disoriented, not doubt an effect of being "asleep" for so long. If that had happened to his memories, than there was no doubt that his fighting skills were affected as well.

"What do you have in mind?" he asked Caesar.

"First off," Caesar replied, "I thought we could have you fight Jet Jaguar. Out of all the kaiju, other than myself, he was the only one on our side that could really match you in skill. Yet, he has no eye for teaching the fighting art to another. So why the two of you are fighting, I'll be observing you to see where you need some freshening up. When you are ready, we will begin.

As Caesar said this, Jet Jaguar got into a ready fighting stance. Godzilla made moves to do this, but before he had even taken any measure to defend himself, Jet had swung a left cross at him. He was able to duck the blow just in time and the attack went right over his head. In retaliation, Godzilla threw a punch right at Jet's face, one he blocked with his forearm. The next move came just as fast as the first. Jet swung his foot up at Godzilla who in turn blocked the move. However, Jet leaped into the air and brought his other foot around to slam into Godzilla's head. The blow momentarily stunned him and he was hard pressed to ward off the next few attacks.

Godzilla had sensed that the man Jet had changed from had been a skilled fighter, Will's own thoughts and memories had confirmed that, yet he never had remembered Jet being this good. His attacks came at such a speed that it might have rivaled Rodan's flight speed. He never had a chance to counter attack. Each blow came after the next too quickly for Godzilla to do anything. Very soon, he was standing there panting, his body tired and sweating. Jet on the other hand showed no outward sign that he had even exerted himself. Caesar took this moment to speak.

"Your speed and technique could use some work again Godzilla," he said not unkindly. "Jet has always been faster than you but there are ways that you use to use to get around that. You would even sometimes use it against him. We need to draw that out. Now again."

Late that night, Will crawled into his bed. The drills Caesar had put Godzilla through had been tough and worn out the kaiju king. When he had reverted back to his human form, Will had felt just as exhausted. Daniel had explained that, though the two of them were different personalities, they still shared a mind and body, they would both feel the effects of the training. Afterward, Mothra had escorted Will and Becky home and it wasn't until late that night that they returned, Will wanting nothing else than to crawl into his bed. Once he did, he immediately went to sleep.

Dreams filled his mind that night. He saw himself, or rather Godzilla, running around on Monster Island. Beside him were much younger versions of Anguirus and Rodan. It flashed then to an image of two other Godzilla-like kaiju looking down at him, one a purplish gray male with two large spikes on his shoulders and a head crest, the other a female who resembled him but whose eyes glowed white. Next he witnessed the arrival of his three younger siblings, Biollante, Space Godzilla and Godzillasaurus. Then pain flashed through him. He was in a battle and the two kaiju who he assumed were his parents were fighting a giant eight-headed monster. His vision was torn from that sight when another kaiju that resembled him, but was dripping lava, charged him.

Will woke with a start. He was sweating and his whole body was shaking. He ran a a quivering hand through his hair and wiped some of the perspiration from his face. The dream had shaken him and he wondered what it could possibly mean. Never before had anything like this interrupted his sleep. Were these memories of Godzilla's past life? He would get his answers the next day.

When he arrived on Monster Island for more training, Caesar began with more fight training. This time he sparred with Kiryu. The metal kaiju was very skilled. He fired all his weaponry at Godzilla who tanked the majority of the blast. However, when Kiryu activated his energy sword from his wrist, Godzilla was caught off guard. The blade carved a small, shallow wound on Godzilla's leg and the pain, though minor, sent his mind on a joy ride.

He witnessed the death of his father, mother, and the burning Godzilla that he assumed was an uncle, at the hands of the eight-headed kaiju. Then he saw his ascension as king, with Manda by his side. Suddenly, he saw the final battle with the eight-headed monster and the spell that seemed to obliterate them. After that, he knew no more.

Will woke up on the beach. Despite being alert, he kept his eyes closed. He felt the soft sand underneath him and enjoyed the warmth that came off it. After a few moments, he noticed that he could hear voices around him. It took him a minute to realize they belonged to his friends and very soon he could understand what they were saying.

"What did you do Kelton?" asked Nash's voice somewhere above him.

"I don't know," answered Kelton. "I didn't cut him that deep. It may have been a little painful but not to the point he would pass out."

"I don't think it was Kelton," said Daniel. "He kind of froze and his eyes looked to be seeing something else."

"Quiet guys," said Dallas. "He's waking up." Will sat up slowly, holding his head. He looked at his friends who were around him, confused at what happened.

"Guys," he began, "what did I just see?"

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