The Kaiju World War

Chapter 11: Adaption

"Concentrate Godzilla," said King Caesar patiently. Jet Jaguar had just knocked him over with a move that he surely should have avoided. Godzilla held his head and a dazed look covered his face. It had been a few weeks since the dreams had begun and now they were invading his mind even when he was awake. They interfered with his training and with his day job. As such, his training was going nowhere and Becky's dad was getting somewhat frustrated. Caesar was as well, seeing Godzilla's lack of progress as disturbing. However, having gone through the same ordeal, he was inclined to understand. He just didn't remember them being this bad for him.

"Why don't we take a break?" suggested Jaguar. He too remembered what the dreams could be like and understood Godzilla's predicament. He helped the monster king to his feet and and gently laid a hand on his shoulder. Godzilla looked tired and worn. While the dreams disturbed his waking moments, they also kept him from a good night's sleep. Not all of them were filled with bad memories but even the good ones would cause him to wake up and each time he did, he got the feeling of suddenly remembering something he was suppose to do. It would happen multiple times during the night and in the morning, he would be just as worn and tired as the previous day.

Anguirus, who was sitting not too far away, looked at his best friend, worried for him. What he was used to was seeing a kaiju who, while not the most confident, was strong and once he set his mind down a path he believed to be right saw it through, with all the confidence he could muster. Now he saw one who was beaten, tired, and miserable. Only twice before had he seen Godzilla like this. The first was when his parents had been murdered by Orochi, the eight-headed kaiju who had been his father's chief adviser and had led a rebellion. The second had been when Space Godzilla had betrayed him. Both times he had bounced back, but it had also taken quite a bit of time, with the help of his friends, the ones he had placed in his council. He knew that this time was no different and that, like before, Godzilla only needed some time to heal.

Godzilla walked around the island, his head down, trying to gather his thoughts. These dreams were more like nightmares. While true there were indeed good memories at times, the majority were bad. What made it even worse was the thought that he had actually forgotten these things while lying dormant in the body of Will. Now they were coming to the front again and all the terrible memories of his past life were eating away at his subconscious.

As he continued to walk, he heard sounds of a fight in front of him. He looked up and he found that he had traveled to the part of the island where Manda had been training. Today, she was with Mothra, Komodithrax, and Biollante. She and Komodithrax were currently sparring and he was proud to see that his beloved was holding her own. At this moment, she had Komodithrax wrapped in her snake-like coils and sending small currents of electricity through her body to shock her foe. Godzilla knew that these were minor powered shocks to what she could normally dish out. Her electricity, at full power, could knock almost any kaiju unconscious. Soon Komodithrax, who could not escape the vice-like grip, tapped out and Manda uncoiled herself from around her foe. As she did, she and the other three females noticed Godzilla for the first time. Once they did, Manda made her way over to Godzilla, her legs so short it was almost a slither. She stopped in front of him and smiled. Her smile faded though when she noticed the troubled look in Godzilla's eyes.

"What's wrong hon?" she asked. Godzilla smiled at this. Before, in their previous life, she had never called him names like this. He knew she must have picked it up from Becky, who always called Will pet names like "hon" and "sweetheart". He found he rather enjoyed it.

Nothing," he answered. "Just going out for a little stroll that's all." Manda however, could see through this. Godzilla only ever went out on a stroll if something was bothering him. Biollante, his sister, knew this too and when Manda looked back saw that she had a worried look on her face that mirrored her own. Mothra, who knew Godzilla almost as well they and Anguirus did, sensed something was wrong.

"Why don't you take a break Manda," she said. "We'll pick it back up in an hour or two."

"Thanks Mothra," Manda replied. She looked back at Godzilla and extended her tail out to lay it gently against Godzilla's leg. "How about we continue this walk together." Godzilla looked at her and smiled again. He laid the tip of his snout against her forehead.

"I'd like that," he said and the two of them walked off together. Biollante and the others began walking in the opposite direction, hoping to meet up with Caesar and the other kaiju training Godzilla.

Manda and Godzilla continued to circle the beach. At a point, she led him off into the forest, to a small open clearing where the two of them sat down. She gently wrapped her coils around him and laid her upper body across his legs. Godzilla took no real notice of her actions and just stared off into the distance, his mind clearly on something else.

"Godzilla, what's wrong?" she asked him. Usually, he enjoyed any time alone he had with her. Whatever was on his mind must really be bothering him.

"It's these dreams," he responded. "The majority of them bring painful memories back to me. I can't sleep well at night, they distract me when training and they even affect Will. When I do get a good memory, it's almost immediately drowned out by another horrible one. I don't know what to do."

Manda looked at Godzilla for a moment, studying him. She, like all the other kaiju, had gotten these dreams or visions of their past, the memories coming back like a flood. True, some of hers had been painful, like when her father Orochi, along with five of her siblings, had rebelled against Godzilla's father, the majority had been wonderful. Then she remembered Godzilla's own past. For him, life had never been easy, one of the downsides of being a kaiju prince and king. She knew that this moment was going to be hard on him but all she could do was offer encouragement and try her best to help him get through it.

"We all have gone through this process hon," she said. "These dreams are to help us, and our human selves, to remember who we are and what we do. Yes, some of the memories are painful, but we have to look past them. A good example of this is Biollante. When she remembered that she is only a half-sister to you, Space Godzilla, and Godzillasaurus, she was devastated. Yet Savanna, Rachel, Leah, and I helped her through it. Your friends can do the same with you, all you have to do is ask. And of course, I will always be here for you."

Once she finished, Godzilla looked up at her. His face showed all the pain these visions were bringing him and it tore at Manda's heart to see him this way. She knew that there was nothing she could physically do for him and wished that there was. Despite this, Godzilla smiled at her and she smiled back. He placed the tip of his snout against her forehead and the two of them closed their eyes. They drank in each others scent for a few moments until Godzilla broke the contact. He looked at Manda with love in his eyes.

"Thanks sweetheart," he said. "That was what I needed to..." he stopped abruptly. His vision clouded and he stared unseeing passed her. Manda knew that another vision had hit him.

Godzilla was seeing himself and his followers traveling to Skull Island. Waiting for them there were Space Godzilla and his minions. The battle ensued, kaiju roars splitting the air and the ground shaking with the force of the fight. Godzilla knew that he was witnessing the last day he had been a free kaiju. This attack was meant to be the last battle of the war. He could see Space Godzilla breaking off from the fight and flying above the island, the energy welling up inside him. Manda watched, helpless, as the vision took him. His face contorted in pain and she could see he was fighting.

"Don't fight it," she said, "let it flow." Her voice seemed to have reached him because his body relaxed. Godzilla let the vision wash over him. In the last moments of terror, he felt the joy and love of being with Manda in those last moments. The warmth that came with the shobijins' music as well as the peace that came with oblivion.

Then Will's memories started to flow. Godzilla saw the birth of Sarah, Drake, and Samuel. Witnessed the first time he met Becky as well as his many attempts to win her heart, as well as felt the overwhelming joy when Will succeeded. He felt the happiness of growing up with Nash, Anthony, and Kelton and the closeness the four boys had shared, a bond similar to his with Anguirus, Rodan, and Kiryu. Lastly, he felt Will's nervousness when he came close to proposing each time.

At this point, the vision faded. He couldn't be absolutely certain, but something told Godzilla that this vision had been the last. They would no longer torment him and he could go on with his life. Manda watched him come out of the trance. She was nervous, could this one have scarred him? However, the look on his face showed not sadness or hurt, but happiness. He smiled at her.

"That was...beautiful," he said, tears leaking from his eyes. She returned his smile and the two of them laughed with joy and relief.

Not far away on the island, Anguirus was congregated with King Caesar, Kiryu, Rodan, Jet Jaguar, and the three kaiju who had been training with Manda. All of them were worried about Godzilla. Out of all of their memories, his were without a doubt the most painful. How a kaiju could cope with that he didn't know. He worried that maybe these dreams would make him unfit to lead. He and Mothra had been leading these kaiju until Godzilla returned and he would gladly give it back to him. The prospect of permanently being in charge, possibly being the next king, was daunting. He did not want it and did not envy Godzilla of the position.

"Are you sure there is nothing we can do to help?" asked Komodithrax. Anguirus looked to her. Ever since Zilla had announced his allegiance to Space Godzilla, she had been hurting. The two of them had come close to being mates but her loyalty to the true king had stopped them. Anguirus had tried to console her, the two of them being very close. Yet, nothing could ease her pain except for Zilla returning to them. However, her pain also made her sensitive to that of others. She did not want anyone to hurt and if they did, she would do her best to ease it.

"Yes Komodithrax," replied Mothra. "The dreams can only be experienced by the kaiju. We cannot help Godzilla in any other way than by encouragement. We can only watch, wait, and hope that he get's through this."

"He will," said Rodan, "he always does." Out of all of them, Rodan was the only kaiju that had complete faith in Godzilla. He had always been a staunch ally, never wavering in his resolve. This was why Godzilla had trusted him. Now that resolve was giving Anguirus strength and he smiled at the giant pteranodon. The others seemed to take courage from his words as well.

"What's that?" asked Biollante. Anguirus and the others looked in the direction she was and noticed something heading this way. Jet Jaguar flew into the air for a better look. He landed and looked worried.

"It's Varan," he said. "And it looks like he is dragging something behind him." Anguirus looked closer and could see that he was right. It was Varan and he seemed to be gently dragging something huge. It couldn't have been food, he wasn't on fishing duty. Soon, after closer examination, he realized what it was. He looked at Mothra and she seemed to guess it too.

"Jet, find Mecha-G and search the island for Godzilla. Mothra, grab Gamera and meet at the Stone. Looks like we may need both our healers."

Godzilla and Manda sat in the clearing, enjoying each others company and the scenery around them. Eventually though, they knew they had to resume their training. Godzilla was the first to voice this.

"It's about time we were getting back," he said. Manda nodded her head in agreement. The two of them started to get up and leave the clearing. Suddenly, a screech filled the air. They looked and saw a metallic, three-headed kaiju descending toward them. He landed and Godzilla saw that it was Mecha-King Ghidorah. The kaiju paused for a minute to catch his breath.

"Godzilla, Manda, Anguirus has called you to the Stone," he said urgently.

"What's wrong?" Godzilla asked.

"You will see, just come." With that, Mecha-G took off. Godzilla and Manda looked at each other and after a pause made their way to the Stone.

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