The Kaiju World War

Chapter 12: Preparations

The Stone was a clearing over looking a waterfall that had a large boulder that even the heaviest of kaiju could sit on comfortably, without it breaking under their enormous weight. As such, Mothra and Gamera, the two healers, had chosen this spot as their place of healing. Godzilla and Manda followed Mecha-G to this area, nervous at what they would find.

Once they reached the Stone, they were greeted with a large group of kaiju standing close to the boulder, whispered conversations being passed around as they watched Mothra and Gamera, a large turtle-like kaiju with tusks, standing over a prone kaiju, rubbing salves over its many wounds. As they approached, the injured kaiju's face came into view and Manda let out a gasp.

It was Baragon, a small, red, four legged kaiju with long floppy ears and a horn that protruded from his forehead. Manda buried her face in Godzilla's side, this kaiju was her brother. Godzilla gently laid a hand on her head and continued to watch Manda and Gamera as they worked. Anguirus looked up from the conversation he was having with Rodan and Kiryu and noticed him and Manda for the first time. He broke himself off from them and made his way over. Once he reached them, he sat on his haunches, his clubbed tail twitching nervously behind him.

"What happened Ang?" Godzilla asked. He could feel Manda trembling next to him. Baragon was one of her two remaining siblings that had not joined their father's rebellion. As such, she felt a closeness with them that went beyond typical sibling love. They would protect each other against anything and willingly give their lives for the others. Anguirus looked over at the prone figure and just shook his head.

"We don't know sir," he said. "One of our guys found him while patrolling the beaches and...well, you should probably hear it from him yourself." Anguirus led Godzilla and Manda over to one of the groups of kaiju.

"Varan!" he called and beckoned one of them over. Varan was a lizard-like kaiju with orange scales. He had giant, razor-sharp spikes protruding all the way down his back and beneath his arms were two leathery pieces of skin that he used to glide on the wind. He could not fly like Mothra or Rodan but his method was just as good. He had a raptor-like claw on each of his feet that could deliver a toxin that was deadly to anything smaller than a kaiju but would only render one of them either unconscious or paralyzed for a time. This kaiju was also Manda's other brother.

"Yes sir?" he asked when he had arrived.

"Tell Godzilla what you told the rest of us," Anguirus prompted. Varan turned to them and, seeing his sister's worried look, gave her a small, sad smile and began.

"I was out patrolling," he began, "like Kiryu asked me to, when I saw a body floating in the water. At first, I thought it might have been a whale, but then noticed it was too big. As I watched it, I eventually saw it move and caught a glimpse of Baragon's horn. My first thought was, what is he doing, Kiryu told him to go and keep an eye on Baas Island. Then it hit me that he may have been injured. So I glided out to him and could see the deep cuts running along his sides and neck. I did what any good brother should do and brought him back to shore where I was met by Mothra and a few others and then once Gamera arrived, he and Mothra gently picked him up and flew him here. The rest you know."

After Varan finished his story, Anguirus dismissed him and turned back to Godzilla and Manda. He could see that the story had a great impact on Manda, her cries had become more like sobs. He just hoped that she wouldn't blame Kiryu for the accident. Baragon was just doing his duty and in this time of unease, on the brink of war, these measures had to be taken. Tensions were high and there was no telling what Space Godzilla and his cronies would do. He had no doubt, with Godzilla having returned, they would be nervous.

"Has this happened before now?" Godzilla asked. His face was filled with concern. Baragon was one of his followers and more importantly Manda's brother. Godzilla had always been genuinely concerned for the well being of his kaiju and with Will holed up in his head, this care for others would no doubt be stronger.

"No," Anguirus finally replied. "Space Godzilla has not been this bold since before we were humans. Ever since we've had enough kaiju, we've been keeping an eye on the activities there on Baas Island but they have either never noticed our boys before or never attacked them, knowing how we would react. He must be getting desperate with you having returned." They all glanced sadly at Baragon. Godzilla could remember how he had been before. He had been full of energy and very playful as well as hard working. Now he looked small and defeated, a sad sight.

"Excuse me," said a voice behind them. They all turned and Gamera was standing behind them. "I'm sorry to interrupt but I just thought I'd let you know Godzilla, and you too Manda that Baragon's wounds, though serious, are not life threatening." Godzilla felt and heard the sigh that escaped Manda. "However, I will say that I would not recommend that you use him in the retaliation strike. You do plan to take action right?"

Godzilla hadn't really thought about it before. Now that he did, it made sense to do something. They could not stand idly by and just let Space Godzilla's kaiju attack scouting, fishing or any other kaiju under Godzilla's protection. However, he needed time to think about what they would need to do. He searched his reclaimed memories on what he would usually do in this situation. When he did, he turned to Anguirus

"Call a meeting to the Central Clearing," he said. "You know who to get." At that Anguirus bounded off. As he did, a smile broke out on his face. The old Godzilla was back.

Within the next two hours, Godzilla, along with eight other kaiju were seated in Monster Island's central clearing. To his right was Manda and Anguirus sat on his left. The other six kaiju were Biollante, Rodan, Kiryu, Mothra, King Caesar, and Gamera. These kaiju were his inner circle and each one had a specific purpose.

He used Gamera to keep track of which kaiju were in good enough condition to join in assaults and to inform him of the physical state of his soldiers. Though he and Mothra shared the duty as healers, Mothra had other duties she had to see to and as a result did not have as an extensive knowledge of the troops' health as Gamera. He spent almost every waking hour keeping track. He cared for them almost as much as Godzilla himself.

Caesar and Mothra were his chief advisers. Mothra would help him discover peaceful solutions to any problem presented. In fact, it was her who got the humans to trust him and his faction, she having the best relationship with the humans. Caesar was his practical adviser. He would be the one to determine whether military action needed to be taken or if a dispute could be handled peacefully. That was not to say Godzilla could not figure these things out on his own. It was just wise to have another voice to confirm or dispute your claims and insure you were on the right track.

Rodan and Kiryu were his military generals and each one had their own special way of devising strategies. Rodan was the more straight forward type. He devised the more simple strategies, the ones that were easily executed and had fewer variables, meaning it was less likely to go wrong and if it did the battle did not fall apart. Kiryu on the other hand was more unorthodox. He could see every outcome and devise strategies to counter act each one. His plans often were more complicated and underhanded and had to be really thought through. It was because of this that he was also in charge of security on the island. He could see any weakness and either fix it or compensate for it in some way.

Biollante and Manda's presence was no surprise either as one was the future queen and the other was already a member of the royal family. Godzilla trusted their inputs and knew that, while not the same type as Caesar and Mothra, they had their own brand of wisdom that could prove helpful. Plus he trusted them with everything else, so why not here as well.

Anguirus brought a more logical aspect to these meetings. He would cause Godzilla to think things through more carefully and look at things from every angle. Not only that but, he would always have some leading role in any battle they fought and would need to know the strategies Rodan and Kiryu cooked up so he could execute them effectively.

"We cannot stand for this," Manda said angrily. "Space Godzilla will pay for what he did to my brother." Godzilla knew that, whatever battle plan they cooked up, Manda would insist in being in the initial assault. He looked to Rodan and Kiryu.

"What do you two suggest we do?" he asked them. The two generals looked at each other for a second and Godzilla knew that they had already come up with a plan.

"We suggest an attack on Baas Island itself," Rodan responded. "What we would like to do is have three points of attack but with our numbers we are limited. Our original strategy was to have two parties come from different sides of the island and a third come up from the ground, out flanking them. However, with Baragon, our best burrower, out of commission for a while, we will go with just the two. One of them will make the initial assault on the island and the other, when the first has engaged the enemy, will come from behind and flank them, resulting in confusion and us surrounding our opponents."

"We were thinking Godzilla," continued Kiryu, "that you lead the initial assault. Since Space Godzilla is really out to get you, we believe that seeing you will draw them out to battle quicker. Not only that, by seeing so few may cause them to be over confident and reckless. Anguirus, you should lead the rear attack. Once you hear the sound of battle, quietly emerge and sneak up behind them. Each of you can choose the kaiju for your parties, but choose carefully. If this goes wrong, it could prove disastrous."

Godzilla nodded at this, he liked the idea. Even now, he was thinking which kaiju he should choose. But then, Anguirus voiced something that none of them had thought about.

"What about Godzilla's training?" he asked them all. "With the dreams coming it's been going much slower than usual. Will that hamper our chances?" However, Caesar had a simple explanation for this.

"That shouldn't be a problem. If the dreams have stopped as Godzilla truly believes they have, then the training should come much easier to him. I'd say it should be two weeks before he has all of his old tricks back." He looked and smiled at Godzilla.

Godzilla felt relieved. The whole time he had suffered through the dreams, he had worried that he would not be fit to lead these kaiju into battle, to protect them if needed. Once he thought of protection, another thought crept into his mind.

"Gamera, what will be Baragon's state of fitness in three weeks?" he asked.

"Not well enough to go into battle I can tell you," Gamera answered. "His injuries are extensive and even with a kaiju's accelerated healing factor it would still take weeks before he is in full fighting condition. Why do you ask?"

"Will he be able to aid in guarding the island?" Godzilla asked. Gamera and the others saw where this is going.

"I believe so." Godzilla nodded and looked at the others.

"We need to decide who will stay behind and keep Monster Island safe," Godzilla continued. "Kiryu, as captain of my guard, I'm leaving you behind to keep it safe. Baragon will automatically join you and the others you can pick. However, some of our stronger kaiju are off limits, we need them for the battle." Kiryu looked a little disappointed at this order so Godzilla elaborated. "We will have a general with us in Rodan to help command the troops. And you think outside the box so would be able to figure out any counter attacks my brother may launch against us. I only trust you for this job."

"Yes sir," said Kiryu. "You are right, someone has to stay behind. I just kept dreaming I would be fighting by your side again like the old days." Godzilla walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I know how you feel my friend," he said. "I dreamed about fighting with you, Rodan, and Anguirus again. But this battle is not that battle. We will fight together again." With those words, he looked around at the assembled kaiju.

"We attack three weeks from today," he said. "All of us need to be ready. Be training hard and making any preparations needed, even with your human selves. Dismissed." With that, the kaiju began to break up. As they were leaving the clearing, Mothra froze and tilted her head back and forth. Godzilla and the others stopped and turned back to her.

"What's wrong Mothra?" Godzilla asked. She shook her head before she looked at them.

"I thought I felt something, another presence," she answered. "It's gone now. It was probablt nothing." The others just shrugged their shoulders and left the clearing. Several miles under them, Zilla was emerging from a hole he had made in the side of the island. He crawled out and began to swim back to Baas Island.

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