The Kaiju World War

Chapter 13: The Battle of Baas Island

Will looked at his reflection and a scared, nervous face stared back at him. The past three weeks had passed too slowly for his liking. Never before had he been so afraid of any particular day. Despite the reassurances that Godzilla was ready, that he could take care of himself, Will still felt unprepared.

The door opened behind him and Becky walked in. Seeing his face, she wrapped her arms around his waist and put her head on his shoulder. She gave him her most encouraging smile and Will tried to return it, but instead just smiled weakly.

"Everything will be alright Will," she said, planting a kiss on his cheek. She gently squeezed him and he looked at her intently.

"That's what everyone says," Will responded. "I guess that this nervousness is just natural. I mean, who wouldn't be afraid of their first battle, ever." He ran his hands through his hair. Becky just hugged him tighter. Will looked at her, eased himself out of her embrace and turned around to face her.

"Bek, sweetheart," Will began slowly. "We have to face the fact that we might not make it back from this. Before we go, I have to ask you something, something I've been meaning to ask you for a long time." As he said this, he got down on one knee and pulled a small box from his pocket and opened it. Becky put her hand to her mouth and tears started to leak out of her eyes.

"I have devised many ways and situations in which to ask you. I had planned to ask you when you returned from Europe, at the Statue of Liberty in New York, and even by just taking us to the park we went to on our first date but everything seemed to work against me. But now, before we go to battle and possibly die, there is no better time. And I don't want to die not having asked you.

Becky, I love you, more than my own life. Ever since we met, there has been something about you, something that I could not describe but it drew me to you. I have dated a few girls but none have held the sway over me like you do. I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you and only you. So, Becky Rogers, will you marry me."

Becky stood there, the tears keeping her from saying what she wanted. She had waited for this moment for a long time. She had become friends with other boys in her life but Will had always been her best friend. When she had started to date him a year ago, she had done so with the sole purpose of marriage. The entire time, she had seen this day coming and pictured it several times in her head. Now she was living that day and nothing but happiness was in her mind. As all of this went through her head, Will waited for her answer.

"Becky, you kind of need to, um, say something," he said gently. He gave her a gentle, nervous smile. Becky shook herself and smiled at Will.

"Yes," she said shakily. Will stood up slowly, put the ring on her finger, and took her in his arms. The kiss was so wonderful that Will just wanted to stay there with the woman he loved. Unfortunately, they were not as alone as they thought.

"About time y'all!" said a voice behind them. Will and Becky looked over and there was Nash, Anthony, and Kelton standing in the open doorway. All three of them were smiling at them.

"They're engaged!" Kelton yelled down the hall. A chorus of whoops and cheers greeted this news. Will and Becky slowly walked out of the room, their arms happily wrapped around the other and entered the living room. Sitting in the couches, chairs and on the floor were a few of their friends and family. Each one of them looked overjoyed and applauded their entrance. Never before had Will been so happy. And he had faith that he would be again.

The next day, Godzilla stood on the shores of Monster Island, looking out to sea. The sun shone off the water, making it gleam like glass. Behind him, all his kaiju were separating into groups. To one side stood Kiryu and the kaiju he had chosen. Among them were Baragon, Godzillasaurus, M.O.G.U.E.R.A., a mecha kaiju with a drill for a nose, wheels for feet, and two hatches with lasers for hands, and Mothra. Godzilla was sad to see her stay but Kiryu said he would need her to convey messages to Godzilla if the island were attacked. On the other side stood Anguirus and the kaiju chosen for the sneak attack. Among them were Varan, Gamera, Kamacuras, Komodithrax and Gorosaurus, Godzilla's cousin. In between these two stood the kaiju that would join Godzilla in his initial assault. Among them were Manda, Rodan, Biollante, King Caesar, Mecha-King Ghidorah, King Kong, and Jet Jaguar. These kaiju would help him to draw out the enemy and hopefully cause a big enough distraction for Anguirus and his men to march in.

Godzilla turned to his followers and felt a sense of doubt. These kaiju were following him to battle, possibly even to their deaths. It was up to him to insure that didn't happen, that each and every one of these lives made it back intact. The thought was almost overwhelming. What if he messed up? What if he could not keep the diversion up long enough for Anguirus to launch his strike? What if something were to happen to Manda? Godzilla shook himself, trying to drive these thoughts away. He knew that if he expected something to go wrong, that would increase the chance that it would. Instead he turned to his followers, his soldiers, and prepared to say something that would hope to raise their spirits.

He cleared his throat nervously and his entire audience looked up at him expectantly. Godzilla tried to speak but his voice just wouldn't come. How could he instill courage into his followers when he didn't feel any himself. His eyes then fell on Manda. She smiled at him and he nervously returned it. He knew that the night previously Will had proposed to Becky, the human that Manda would change into, and that the female had accepted. He knew too how Will's love felt, for he had the same type for Manda. Will's proposal to Becky was basically his to Manda, and they both knew it and her answer was the same as Manda's would have been if Godzilla were to propose to her. Those thoughts, and the look that Manda was now giving him, were enough to give him the courage he needed. He took a deep breath and plunged into his speech.

"This is it," he began. "Today is the day we strike back against my brother. He has nearly taken Baragon from us and had he succeeded we would be at a disadvantage. We all know Baragon and how true to us he really is. It is thanks to the amazing healing abilities of Mothra and Gamera that he survived and I'm sure that we all feel nothing but gratitude to them for what they have done. Let's think of Baragon as we go into this fight, think on the pain he must have suffered, the pain we felt because of them. Today, we go to put those responsible down and in their place. Today, we will defeat my brother and his followers once and for all. Now lift your voices to the skies my kaiju and let the world feel your wrath and hope that Space Godzilla and his soldiers hear it and feel fear. Today, we go to war!"

A chorus of roars rose into the air. It echoed all over the island and the ground shook with the sheer force of it. As the sound died away, Godzilla paused and smiled to himself. These were his soldiers, the kaiju who had remained loyal to him. He knew that each would die for him and he, as their leader, their king, knew that he had to be willing to do the same for them, they deserved nothing less. The conviction he felt coming from them was strong, so much so that Godzilla wondered how he could have ever doubted that they would win. He looked at his followers for a few moments before continuing.

"We each know the plan. I trust each of you to follow through and I know you will not fail me. Now to Baas Island and the defeat of a mighty foe." With that, he and the others of the attack force plunged into the ocean and swam for Baas Island.

The water was cold around Godzilla. He and his strike team were not far from the island. They were so close that they could see the volcano at the center sticking up from the water like a beacon. Anguirus and his team had broken off already and were heading to the rear of the island. They would stay submerged until they heard Godzilla's own force engage the enemy. Now the time was upon him.

They slowly approached the island but kept themselves where they could be seen, they had to keep Space Godzilla focused on them. Godzilla could feel the ocean floor as they neared and yet there was still no sign of Space Godzilla or his soldiers. This didn't feel right. He felt they should have seen someone by now. Once they reached the beach, their enemies showed themselves. Out of the many crevices of the barren island emerged several kaiju and at the front and center of the group was Space Godzilla, flanked by his cronies Gigan and Mechagodzilla, Kiryu's older brother.

"Hello brother," said Space Godzilla. "It's so nice of you to visit. What brings you here, with such a threatening host I might add." Godzilla didn't answer, he just stared at his younger brother and to anyone looking at them now, they thought they saw daggers fly from their eyes. They stood like that for a few seconds and then Godzilla just launched himself at him and the fight was on.

Space Godzilla saw the first blow coming and blocked it easily. He returned it with a kick that Godzilla was quick to block. Then Godzilla bit into his brother's foot. Blood spurted from the wound into Godzilla's mouth and face. Space Godzilla let out a howl but soon recovered from the pain. He grabbed his brother's head and pried the jaws apart. Godzilla shook himself from his brother's grip and spun, hitting him with his tail across the face. His brother was launched into the air and landed on his back. Godzilla jumped toward his brother, the fight no where near over.

All around him, his kaiju were fighting hard against the enemy. Manda was engaged with a giant lobster named Ebirah. Her coils were wrapped tightly around her enemy, electricity pouring into the creature at full capacity. However, the bolts had little to no effect. Ebirah's shell was excellent protection from the power and soon, his giant claw was coming for her head. Manda lashed out and fastened her teeth into the giant crustacean's limb. Ebirah let out a howl of pain and tried to shake Manda loose but she held on. Her snake-like coils tripped him up and he soon fell on top of her. Manda slithered out from underneath him and readied herself to strike. Instead she felt a blow to the back of her head and knew no more.

No one noticed Manda go down, each of them too preoccupied with their own battles. Rodan was in a dog fight with Megaguirus, a kaiju whose speed was nearly on par with his own, the two dodging the others' attacks. Jaguar was facing off against both Megalon and the male Muto. Caesar took a hit from Mechagodzilla's finger missiles. King Kong was absorbing Gabara's own power and using it against him. Despite all this, something didn't feel right to Godzilla. There were just too few kaiju here. Where were his brother's other followers?

Anguirus and his soldiers slowly rose from the water and approached the island. All was quiet so far, Godzilla hadn't engaged his brother yet. Gamera slowly came up beside him and settled in.

"How long do you think we have to wait?" he whispered to Anguirus. Gamera had never been too keen on fighting and was always ready for any battle to end. Now was no different and Anguirus could see that.

"However long it takes," Ang replied. They continued their approach with no fear of being spotted. Godzilla would have made sure that all of Space Godzilla's kaiju were facing him. They waited quietly for the signal and as they did, Anguirus looked over his troops. Each one of them had a determined look on their faces. They would not fail him or Godzilla. This battle would end with their victory, he just knew it.

Suddenly, a monstrous roar split the air, followed by many more. A crash was heard and Anguirus knew that the battle had started. He could see lights flashing over the gray mountains and explosions shook the island and the air was peppered with debris. Anguirus looked back at the kaiju under his command.

"This is it!" he exclaimed to them. "Let's show these traitors how real kaiju fight!" With that, they charged onto the island. They ran through the canyons and headed for the sounds of battle. Soon Anguirus could see the battle and was surprised at the scene that greeted him. He could see that the opposing forces were evenly matched. Something was wrong, where were the others? Godzilla should have been outnumbered Just as this thought came to him, he found his answer.

A giant spider landed on the back of Kamacuras. It was Kumonga and she had her prey pinned down. She opened her fangs and was ready to finish her prey, probably devouring her in the process. Anguirus launched himself across and knocked the spider off her, causing the giant kaiju on her back, her legs kicking in the air like an over turned beetle.

As Kumonga struggled to get up Anguirus looked at his surroundings and was dismayed at what he was seeing. Kaiju were swarming over the hills that surrounded the ravine. Behind the highest peak, Monster X stood and watched as the others charged them. Gamera was soon going toe to toe with Orga. Zilla soared over Komodithrax and latched himself on to Gorosaurus, pinning him down. Lasers rained down from the sky as Battra dive bombed them which was effective in scattering them as well. From the west, Krystalak led Titanosaurus in a charge that put Kumonga back on her feet. Soon, they were surrounded and cut off from Godzilla and the others. They had no choice but to fight their way through.

Back on Monster Island, Kiryu looked out to sea. The waters were calm and undisturbed. He couldn't help but think that the peacefulness that he was seeing now hid the fact that not too far away, in this same chain of islands, a battle was raging. He only wished that he could be a part of it. Mothra glided down and landed next to him.

"I can feel the conflict in you," she said. "It is hard to sit here, with our friends in danger, and not know what is happening. I, like you, wish to be out there, fighting with my friends. I wish I could be there to defend them and help in any way that I can." Kiryu turned to her and smiled, it felt good to know that someone else shared his feelings. Mothra always had the uncanny ability to know exactly what he, or anyone else for that matter, were thinking. Maybe it had something to do with her telekinetic powers but he doubted it, she would never breach another person's privacy without their permission. He believed that it had more to do with her ability to sense someone's emotions.

He remembered when he had first transformed that it was her that had calmed him. He had gone on a rampage and nearly walked into a populated city. It was her that had stopped him and brought him to this island. Now, he was back and again the captain of the guard. He still wished to join the battle but knew that an attack could be launched here too. He and the kaiju with him were just as important as those fighting at Baas Island.

"You know, sometimes it's hard to follow orders," he said to Mothra.

"I know," she responded. "How hard do you think it is for me when I have to fight my own brother? Then look at Komodithrax. She has to fight the kaiju she loves. This war, and the orders we have to follow, are not easy for everyone."

After that, the two of them sat in silence for a little while. They watched as Baragon and Godzillasaurus passed by on patrol. The sun shone hot, birds chirped, and whales shot water into the air not far away. Kiryu welcomed this time to enjoy the scene. His fun was ruined soon after with the arrival of M.O.G.U.E.R.A. The robot kaiju landed in front of Kiryu and Mothra very quickly, so fast that Kiryu almost fell over, Mothra was already hovering.

"Kiryu, to the south, two kaiju coming in fast," he said quickly. "It's hard to make them out but I'm pretty sure it's King Ghidorah and Destroyah." Kiryu took to the air and Mothra was hot on his trail. Why were they coming from the south? Baas Island was to the north of them? How did they get around them.

Once they reached the southern beach, Kiryu and Mothra landed. He then sent M.O.G.E.R.A to get Baragon and Godzillasaurus. He looked into the sky and sure enough, there were Ghidorah, MKG's father, and Destroyah. The two kaiju landed in front of them just as the other three defenders arrived.

Destroyah was a large, red kaiju with bat-like ears and a long horn on his forehead. His tail ended in pincers, not unlike an insect's mouth. He looked like the devil himself. Out of all the kaiju Kiryu had seen, only two were larger than this monster and that was Biollante and Orochi. While he may have been large and imposing, Kiryu knew that it was the other kaiju he needed to fear.

King Ghidorah was a giant, golden, three-headed dragon. His power was immense and very few kaiju could even hope to match him in a fight. He was rivaled only by Godzilla, Space Godzilla, their father, his own son MKG and Orochi, two of which were dead. Fortuently though, Kiryu had the skills needed to fight this enemy. However, he knew that the attempt may kill him.

"You are trespassing here," said Kiryu. He and the others formed a defensive line, blocking the two kaiju from the rest of the island. Ghidorah just laughed

"You really think that you five can stand against the three of us?" he said. Kiryu was confused by this statement.

"You must be getting senile in your old age Ghidorah," he said with a smirk on his face. "You seem to have miscounted, there are only two of you." Ghidorah cocked the middle of the three heads to the side.

"Have I Kiryu?" he asked. "Look again." He gestured with his left wing and left most head to the water on that side. As Kiryu and the others looked at it, they were surprised to see that the color had changed. Instead of a clear, clean blue color, it had turned a nasty, mucky brown. The water looked polluted and filthy and soon they had their answer as to why. Out of it rose a kaiju covered in nothing but muck, slime and pollution. It was Hedorah, the kaiju of trash.

Mothra backed away slowly from this new foe. Even in the days when she had fought with Godzilla, Kiryu knew that she had never liked Hedorah. Mothra stood for the beauty and cleanliness of the Earth. Hedorah was the opposite. In fact, the rumors were was that she had been made from the filth humans poured into the oceans. She had been found by Super Godzilla in the early stages of her development and brought back to Monster Island. The Moths, Giga Moth, Mothra, and Battra, wanted nothing to do with her. However, being a kaiju Super Godzilla would not turn her away, no matter what had created her. Her life had not been an easy one and she had been shunned and rejected by the kaiju society as a whole. Space Godzilla had offered her a better life and she had taken it. Now she was one of the most powerful kaiju following Space Godzilla. Kiryu had a slight hope that he and his soldiers could have held off Ghidorah and Destroyah but Hedorah had destroyed all hopes of victory. Ghidorah seemed to sense this.

"I would suggest you five surrender now," he said, his voice showing that he believed he had already won. "If you do, no harm will befall you."

Kiryu was sorely tempted to accept the offer and almost did. Then he looked at the kaiju under his command. These four would do anything for Godzilla and one of them was his little brother. He could not disappoint them or Godzilla, one of his closest friends. He looked at Ghidorah and said the words that might mean the end of them all.

"Attack!" He and his kaiju launched into action. Godzillasaurus and Baragon leaped at Destroyah. However, the two kaiju were no match for the devil monster. He easily caught them in his hands and held them in front of him. He laughed at their pitiful attempts, one kaiju so small it was hard to believe who his family was and the other already wounded from an encounter with Gigan. With seemingly no effort he threw the two of them on their back and came on strong, his horn glowing and swinging with that phantom blade he had.

M.O.G.U.E.R.A and Mothra attacked Hedorah. Mothra launched her stingers but they had no effect. They were caught in the muck that made up her body and slowed. M.O.G.U.E.R.A took a different approach. He opened the hatches, ready to fire but they were soon covered in the muck launched at him by Hedorah. It clogged up his circuits and did not allow the lasers to fire. He attacked with the lasers from his eyes but they were stopped by Hedorah's own laser. This left M.O.G.E.R.A with little choice but to charge in with his drill. This left him stuck to Hedorah, leaving him at her mercy.

Mothra tried dive bombing her. She fired two beams of energy from her antenna and the result had the effect she desired. Hedorah's body took the force of the beams and muck sprayed everywhere. Hedorah let out a screech that thrilled Mothra. At least she knew Hedorah could be hurt. But her enemy wasn't done. Hedorah launched more of her muck at Mothra and it hit her in the wings. Now Mothra was in trouble. Without her wings she could not release her poison, which might not work on Hedorah now that she thought about it, and she would not be able to fly, something that put her at the mercy of Hedorah. She and M.O.G.E.R.A were down.

While all this had been going on, Kiryu had attacked Ghidorah. He had activated his jet boosters and launched himself at his enemy. Like a flying football player, he tackled Ghidorah and both of them flew back into the ocean. Once over the initial shock of the impact, Ghidorah took to the air with Kiryu hot on his tail. The two remained in the air and thus the dog fight began.

They bobbed and weaved, dodging the others attacks. Ghidorah let rip a barrage of lightning from all three heads and grazed Kiryu's back as he tried to dodge. In retaliation, Kiryu activated his energy sword and took a swing at one of Ghidorah's wings. The dragon quickly rolled and the blade struck his scaled side instead. It had no effect which shook Kiryu up a bit. His blade could cut through anything and now here was armor that could protect someone from his blade.

During his momentary amazement, Ghidorah struck. He landed a kick into Kiryu's chest and sent him into the water below. Kiryu landed with a splash and it took him a moment to clear his head. When he resurfaced, Ghidorah dived at him. Soon, the two of them were both underwater and Ghidorah was perched on his back. All three of the heads latched on to Kiryu and let loose electric shocks throughout his body. The fact they were underwater just made it worse. Kiryu knew that he had to break free. Desperately he tried to think of a way out of this mess. He then remembered the few missiles he had stored in his back. He let them loose each one of them slammed into Ghidorah's chest. The kaiju let out a roar of pain and let go. Kiryu took this momentary respite to reach the surface.

When he broke the surface, he looked over at the island and the sight that met his eyes sent fear down his spine. Mothra was lying prone before Hedorah and M.O.G.E.R.A was covered in muck, immobilizing him. Baragon and Godzillasaurus were having no better luck with Destroyah. The giant kaiju had them pinned. Seeing this, Kiryu knew they had lost the island and knew they had to retreat. But he would not leave them.

Quickly, he blasted Hedorah with his own corona beam and flew straight at Destroyah. He tackled the red kaiju and lifted him above his head, no easy feat, and threw him at the stunned Hedorah. Destroyah hit her hard and the two were both caught in her muck. Kiryu then rushed over to his two allies and, with the help of Baragon and Godzillasaurus, freed them from the muck.

"We have to retreat," he said to Mothra as she cleared her wings of the filth. "Send a message to Godzilla now. Tell him the island is lost but that we are all safe." He looked over and saw Hedorah and Destroyah getting up.

"Let's go now." With that, the five kaiju escaped Monster Island. As they retreated, Ghidorah rose from the water and watched them go. They had finally taken the island. Destroyah and Hedorah made a move to pursue but Ghidorah extended his wings to stop them. There orders had been to take the island, nothing more. Besides, he knew they would get another chance to kill those five again soon.

Anguirus launched himself at Monster X. He rolled himself into his spiked ball and bounced toward the great beast. Monster X did not try to dodge, he didn't even flinch. Instead he jumped into the air and kicked Anguirus like a giant soccer ball. He bounced twice before landing into the side of the mountain. The force of the impact drove the wind from him and he laid there in a heap, stunned. He tried to rise but Monster X was on him in a heart beat. He felt himself being lifted by his tail into the air and being spun around and around. The world went by in a blur as Monster X picked up speed. His head would on occasion hit the mountain side with a thwack and loose boulders would rain down on him as a result. Very soon, he was thrown into the air and landed on the beach.

He could feel the footsteps of Monster X as he came closer. The kaiju bent to pick him up again but Anguirus was ready. He let out a bellow that disoriented his foe and Monster X staggered back. It took him a few moments to clear his head but by then, Anguirus had already charged him. Monster X felt sharp spikes being driven into his stomach as Anguirus hit him. His feet slid back in the loose sand and the wind was knocked out of him. He could feel warm blood ooze out of the wound and the mere thought that an opponent could make him bleed enraged him. He grabbed Anguirus by the back of the head and threw him again onto the beach.

This time though, he prepared to fire his gravity bolts. In the seconds it took, Anguirus shut his eyes and braced for the pain. But it never came. Instead he heard the bolts go sailing past and a thunderous crash as something landed on the sand in front of him. He opened his eyes to see Gamera pinning down Monster X. He may have had a pacifist nature but that turtle could really fight when needed. He had gone into his shell and flown straight into Monster X, knocking him to the ground. Now he had straddled him and was punching him repeatedly. After a while, Monster X had blocked both the punches and was holding off the turtle's blows. Gamera in turn fired his plasma ball right into the kaiju's face. The blow knocked Monster X's head back into the ground and nearly made him loose consciousness.

Instead though it just made him angrier. He wrapped his tail around Gamera's neck and took off. As he flew, he dragged the turtle through the sand and Anguirus ran not far behind. The spiked kaiju jumped and hit Monster X with his back, knocking him to the ground. This blow finally was enough to knock Monster X out. The two of them stood over the prone form and took a second to regain their breath.

"Thanks for that," said Anguirus, gasping for air.

"Don't mention it," Gamera replied. They both looked over at the battle raging in the canyon. Their forces were being overwhelmed by the enemy. Varan and Krystalak were circling each other, Titanosaurus had Komodithrax pinned on the ground and Zilla and Gorosaurus were both latched on to each other, not letting go. The outcome was not looking good.

"How did this happen?" Anguirus asked. "This was suppose to be a surprise attack. We should have been able to waltz right in while they were occupied with Godzilla, not meet a force ready to counter us. What went wrong?"

"Someone tipped them off," said Gamera. "Ang, we have to retreat. We are not going to break through and even if we did, we would be in no shape to fight. Let's go around the island and get Godzilla, this attack failed."

Anguirus' eyes blazed. No matter what, he would not fail Godzilla, he'd get himself killed if that's what it took.

"No!" he yelled at Gamera. "We have to break through. Godzilla needs us." With that, he jumped back into the thick of the fighting.

He landed right on Orga's back who had been struggling to get up from where Gamera had knocked him down. The big kaiju went back down and soon felt teeth sink into his neck as Anguirus bit down hard. Blood flowed freely from the wound and Orga struggled to shake him off. Anguirus wouldn't let go no matter how hard his foe bucked. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain as two laser bolts slammed into his side. Battra dove and rammed into him, making Ang let go, and took back to the skies.

As he got up, Anguirus noticed Gorosaurus making his way over to him, a large wound in the side of his neck. Blood soaked the ground where the kaiju walked and Anguirus noticed that he too was soaked in his own blood. Gorosaurus stopped in from of him and coughed up blood.

"Ang, we have to retreat," he said. "Our guys are too weak to continue. We have lost the element of surprise and there is nothing we can do for my cousin. We have to leave now." As he said this, Anguirus noticed that Monster X was staggering back to his feet. Despite this, he was still reluctant to leave.

"What about Godzilla?" he asked. His voice shook. He had failed his closest friend. Somehow, their attack had failed.

"We will get word to him," Gorosaurus replied, "but for now we have to worry about ourselves." Anguirus looked at the other kaiju and knew that he was right. They had to live to fight another day and the words of Rodan rang clearly in his ears. "A good general always knows when to fight, but also when to retreat." With that, Anguirus let out a roar that signaled the retreat.

Godzilla heard the roar and looked up from his fight with Space Godzilla. That was a roar of retreat. What was Anguirus doing? They needed him and the others here. In his moment of distraction, Space Godzilla landed a blow to the side of his head, staggering him. Godzilla, enraged now, let loose his heat beam with such ferocity it was amazing how his brother survived the impact, let alone stand up afterward. Space Godzilla was too slow to raise his shield and took the beam full on in the chest. He stumbled back and went down onto one knee and let loose his own corona beam which Godzilla dodged. Suddenly, Godzilla heard footsteps and believed just for a minute that Anguirus had feinted his retreat. He was disappointed however when Monster X and the rest of his brother's followers emerged from behind the mountains.

"What's wrong brother," said Space Godzilla, smirking. "Not what you were expecting?" Godzilla looked at the host behind his brother and a sense of hopelessness washed over him. However, he was quick to quell this feeling and looked at his enemy with determination.

"We will stop you Space Godzilla," he said. "No matter how many of you there are, we will defeat you and put an end to your little rebellion."

"Even if Monster Island were to fall?" Space Godzilla asked with a grin that said he knew something Godzilla did not.

"What do you mean?" Godzilla asked.

"I mean that, while you and your little band were here, making all this trouble, I had sent a few kaiju to your scantly defended island and if my beliefs are correct, they over powered your defenders and gave Monster Island to me."

"How can you be so sure," Godzilla laughed. He had prepared for this exact thing and he was in full belief that his monsters would hold the island.

"Look around brother," Space Godzilla said. "Which of my kaiju are not here. And tell me, would your staunch defenders be able to take them on? Would they have been able to drive them off the island? If they could, I must say that you really ramped up your training.

Godzilla looked at the kaiju who were now breaking off from their battles to listen to the confrontation. As his gaze swept over those that were fighting for his brother, three very distinct figures were missing, Destroyah, Hedorah, and King Ghidorah. Godzilla's eyes widened as he took this information in. His defenders would have no doubt been able to drive off two of those monsters but all three? It was impossible. Just at that moment, Mothra's voice rang in his skull.

"Godzilla, the island has fallen," she said shakily. "What do you want to do?" It took a moment for Godzilla to answer but when he did, his voice was steady.

"We'll regroup at Mothra Island," he said. "Send a message to Anguirus, I think he has already retreated." With that, he severed his connection with Mothra. He looked his brother in the eye and a rage filled him but he held it in check.

"Retreat kaiju," he said. "We will live to fight another day." With that, they all left the island.

Several hours later, they all were grouped on Mothra Island, a small land mass where the natives had worshiped the Moths as gods. This island was one that Space Godzilla would never touch, even if he had absolutely defeated them. As he landed, Anguirus made his way through the crowd toward Godzilla. His face showed grief and loss.

"I'm sorry Godzilla," he said. His voice showed all the hardships they were all feeling. They had lost the battle. Not only that, but they had lost their home in the process. Godzilla didn't see how this day could get any worse. Despite this, laid a comforting hand on Anguirus' head.

"It's all right Ang," he said. "I would have expected you to do nothing else. Getting you and the others killed would have done nothing but put my brother that much closer to victory. Now join the others, I have to address them."

This was one thing that Godzilla never liked. Addressing anyone after a loss was never fun, let alone a bunch of kaiju after a defeat like that. Godzilla stood at the front of the crowd and they all looked up at him expectantly. He cleared his throat and began.

"We cannot let today's loss get to us. We are fighters, each and every one of us. This island is impenetrable to all kaiju but us. We will use this as our base and strike back against my brother and win back our home. We never gave up in the war with Orochi and we will not do so here. Just like before, we will defeat Space Godzilla and thrive again. Our victory will come down hard on him and crush his rebellion like the pest it is. As long as there is breath in my body, I will not let him win and will fight for all of us and regain what is ours. Together, we can and will win."

At his words, a chorus of roars went up into the air. Godzilla's words had reached their hearts and gave them new purpose. They truly believed that he could lead them to victory. Godzilla began to walk toward the interior of the island and the others began to follow him. Rodan, Anguirus, and Biollante soon caught up with him.

"Rodan, gather the others, we have much to discuss." As Rodan flew off, Godzilla noticed that one kaiju was noticeably absent. He looked through the crowd at the kaiju following him and could not see Manda's snake-like body anywhere.

"Ang, have you seen Manda?"

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