The Kaiju World War

Chapter 15: Aftermath

Godzilla was frantic. When Biollante told him that she hadn't even seen Manda when they left the island, Godzilla began an hysterical search for her. He walked through all the kaiju assembled, calling out her name and asking them if they had seen her. No one had. Anguirus knew that this could spell disaster for them. If Godzilla openly showed this weakness in front of the others, uncertainty could spread and their loyalty and confidence in Godzilla could waver. In fact, he could feel the uneasiness growing in them. He had to get his friend out of here. Anguirus ran up and stopped Godzilla before he could go farther inland.

"Godzilla, calm down," Anguirus said under his breath. The look that his old friend turned on him was one of worry and anguish. Only once before had Anguirus seen him like this. On the day that Orochi killed his parents.

"Manda's missing Ang," he responded. "I can't just stand around and wait for her. I have to find her. She can't be dead. She just can't be." Anguirus' own thoughts were going along this line but in a different matter. He believed that maybe Space Godzilla had incapacitated her early on in the fight to take her alive. He had witnessed what his brother was like after a terrible loss and would no doubt have had something to do with this. Maybe he wanted Godzilla to have a break down, cause uncertainty to infest their troops. If that were the case though, they probably would have showed them the body of a dead Manda. No, what he believed was more devious. He could just see Space Godzilla holding Manda hostage for leverage, to cause Godzilla to surrender. However, he kept these thoughts to himself. He could not risk Godzilla trumping off after her and risk everything they had fought to achieve. No, he had to make sure that Godzilla would stay true to their cause.

"She may be alive, but we can't risk everything for her," Ang said. "We need to take time and figure things out. Once we know for certain what has happened to her, then we can take the steps needed to act. Just think, Godzilla. Would Manda want us to trump off and risk everything that we are fighting for? You are no use to her dead or captured."

Godzilla slumped in defeat. Anguirus was right, they couldn't run blindly out to sea and search for Manda. He knew that Manda would want him to remain strong and keep moving forward. However, deep down Godzilla found this a hard thing to accomplish. Never before had he felt so weary and no matter what he told himself, he knew that he would not feel the same until Manda was back at his side. Anguirus however, took the silence as acceptance. He pressed his supposed advantage.

"Maybe we need time away from all of this," he said. "Why don't we head back home and go a few days away from all this. Let Will take control and you rest. You've had a hard day and need to relax a bit. Then we can focus on what we need to do." Godzilla nodded and soon, they, and the majority of the other kaiju, were all on the backs of Mothra, Rodan, and the other flying creatures. They were ready to head home.

Nash didn't know what he was expecting but the way Will was acting was definitely not it. When they had reached the apartment, Will had gone straight to his room and closed the door. For hours there was silence coming from the room and every attempt Nash made to console him was rebuffed. Will didn't even acknowledge him.

There was only one other time that Will had been like this in his life. Twenty-two years ago, when Will was three, Drake had been born into the world. Though Will already had a sister, having a younger brother was a dream come true. However, Drake had been born premature. As such there were many health problems as a result. His breathing was labored, he had bleeding on the brain and was sick every other day. Often Will had heard his mother crying, especially after putting Drake in his crib. They did not know which night would be his last.

As this was going on, Will was devastated. He locked himself in his room and there was nothing that he, Anthony, or even Sarah, who was only two at the time, could do to comfort him. It was only when Drake made a full recovery that he came out of his depression. Nash knew that, as long as Becky was missing, he would be this way.

The night wore on and Will never even emerged from his room. Sarah, Kelton and Rachel had come over and the girls, who were expert chefs, cooked lasagna for them. Not even the enticing smell of Will's favorite food could snap him out of the dark place in his mind. Worried about him, Sarah prepared a plate and took his to his room. Surprisingly they heard the door open as well as Sarah talking quietly to Will. Very soon though, she returned with a devastated look on her face.

"Is he okay?" Kelton asked. Kelton had not grown up with Will, Anthony and Nash, in fact they hadn't met him until they were about thirteen. Despite that, he had become an integral part of their little gang, getting into as much trouble as the rest of them. In fact, it was usually him that concocted their next big adventure. But sense he hadn't grown up with them, he had never seen Will like this and it came as quite a shock.

"He's...he's just sitting on his bed with a picture of Becky," Sarah said. "He didn't even seem to notice that I was in the room. I tried to talk him into eating but nothing seemed to work. After a while I just left the food on his desk and left." She hung her head and Nash could just hear light sobs.

"Is there anything we can do?" Rachel asked the room. Nash just hung his head.

"The only thing we can do is wait and see if there is a way to resolve this," he said. "The last time Will was like this, he didn't come out of it until Drake was healthy. I assume that only Becky's return will give Will his usual personality." At these words, the others sat in silence and prayed that Will would soon return to them.

Clouds covered the moon, throwing Baas Island into perpetual darkness. However, in the center of the volcano light was everywhere. Space Godzilla and his closest followers all laughed with glee as the relived the battle. Each recalled the faces of their enemies as they had fled the island in defeat. Their little spy had done the trick and Godzilla's surprise attack had been foiled. Now they sat in council both for celebration and to decide the next move.

Ghidorah was one of the two silent kaiju. If any of them had a right to boast it was him. He had led a successful attack on Monster Island, one that had placed the island under their control. This alone made it an amazing feat for they had never been able to take the island, let alone attack it, at any time before. Then you added in the fact that he and only two other kaiju had conquered it against superior numbers. However, he just viewed the others sitting around him as mere children. In truth, they all were younger than he was. He had in fact grown up with Space Godzilla's father and had watched as the kaiju he currently followed grew up. He would always see them as children, one of the reasons he sought the throne for himself. He did not think anyone other than himself was fit to rule the kaiju.

"Many things must be decided here and now," said Battra, ending the revel making. He was the other kaiju not taking part in the rejoicing. He never liked fighting Godzilla, making each battle against him torturous, especially since he was fighting his sister. However, he truly believed that Space Godzilla's cause was just and had gone along with it. At his words, the others fell silent and seemed to regain their composure. Space Godzilla stood up somewhat straighter and cleared his throat.

"Battra is right," he said to others around him. "My brother may have suffered a terrible loss but that doesn't mean that he will just let us walk over him. No doubt he will make every attempt to regain the ground he lost and we must be ready for whatever he may throw at us."

"Would he really be so bold if we hold his precious Manda hostage?" asked Megaguirus. "I mean, would he really risk her life just to get back at you? No doubt by now he knows, or at least guesses that we have her in custody."

"I have no doubt that he knows where she is," Space Godzilla replied. "My brother is no fool and it wouldn't take long for him to put two and two together. Now, would he risk Manda's life by attacking us? I believe that he will make every attempt to get her back but I also have two reasons for keeping her. My first is that I trust that her absence and his worry will send him into a state of turmoil and cause him to falter in his leadership responsibilities. As for the other, I intend to use her as leverage to get Godzilla to surrender to me. He has never truly cared for, or even wanted, the responsibility of being king and if he had to decide between keeping the crown or Manda's own life, I have no doubt that he'll choose her. He'll believe that he can get it back eventually but little does he suspect that I'll kill him as soon as he surrenders.

Now, what we really have to decide is what to do with the time that is presented to us. I believe that at this moment, my brother is distressed and unable to function normally. We need to take advantage of this and launch an assault on a few of the major human cities and I've already devised a few tactics. We will divide into groups and each one will attack a different one. Gigan, you, Megalon, and Zilla will march on New York. Mechagodzilla, take your brother and Titanosaurus and hit Tokyo. Ghidorah, go with Muto and level San Francisco. Megaguirus, you will attack London with Hedorah and Kumonga. Battra will go with Monster X and Orga to Paris. I will go with Krystalak and Destroyah to burn Beijing to the ground. That will leave Gabara and Ebirah to guard our prize."

The others took in these words and nodded their ascent. For Battra, this was a dream come true. No longer would they be conquering the islands but doing what he had really signed on for. He saw humanity as a pestilence, one that was destroying the planet. His sole desire was to see them wiped from the face of the planet he was devoted to. He would not see his precious Earth destroyed by pollution and neglect. This was why he had joined Space Godzilla. Godzilla and Battra's sister both saw the good in humanity and the potential they had. They had wanted to give them a chance at survival and they had even used the shobijin to establish a treaty with them. This was something he could not stand, making Space Godzilla's offer all the more enticing. He did regret fighting against his sister and Godzilla, a friend he had known since his larva days, but he saw it as a necessary evil. In other words the end justified the means.

Two great grins spread across Mechagodzilla's and Gigan's faces. They loved destruction and reveled in the end results. Just the thought of human cities burning caused them so much joy that Mechagodzilla almost giggled with pleasure. While they may have been happy, Megaguirus was not. She wished that she could have fought alongside her protector but she knew better than to argue with him. The last time she did that, she had been beaten into submission, something she knew that Godzilla would never have done. Too bad he was devoted wholeheartedly to Manda. She also guessed that he would have probably been able to see through her ruse. Oh well, she learned to live with what she got.

Ghidorah stared approvingly at his "leader". This was one decision he could find no flaws in. However, this did not change his desire to kill him. All Space Godzilla wanted was power and was driven by nothing other than jealousy. True, Ghidorah wanted power but he also had a greater purpose, to bring the world into order under his rule. There would be no more war, the humans would be made into servants, and the world would be shaped into a likeness that he approved. He would place the superior race at the top and put all lesser beings into their proper place. That was his purpose, that had been the purpose of Orochi when he had secretly been serving him. It was a purpose that he intended to see fulfilled.

Their plans had been made. When no objections had been voiced, as if he would have listened to them anyway, Space Godzilla dismissed the meeting and they headed for the entrance of the cave. Little did they suspect that one kaiju that had not been permitted to join the meeting, had been listening at the mouth of the cave. As the others made their move to exit, this lone kaiju made a hasty retreat and headed for the beach, intent on getting word to his true friends.

Nothing could have prepared Nash, Anthony and Kelton for the week that followed. At first, Will never left his room but soon Sarah, and a few threats of losing his job from Becky's father, caused him to emerge. He went to his job but did not work with the same gusto his co-workers were use to seeing. It was as if a zombie was walking among them. Eventually, a routine formed. He would only eat, work, and sleep.

It was during this time that an unexpected thing happened. The four of them were sitting down to dinner, a very quiet affair with Will's silence, when a knock came on their door. All but Will acknowledged the noise.

"Someone's at the door," stated Nash, hoping to get some response from Will. It was unsuccessful and Nash rose to answer the door. He opened it and standing there on their doorstep was Zack Milos. Nash was surprised but eventually that changed into rage.

"Can I help you Zack?" he asked coolly. Ever sense he had taken up with Drake's crew, he had made no attempt at hiding his anger. He saw his betrayal as a personal offense. He had been a good friend of the Halter family and was a very nice guy. In fact, he and Nash had been very good friends. However, when Drake had gone bad, he had joined him. He claimed it was because he was trying to bring Drake back but Nash believed differently. Zack knew this and could feel the coldness behind Nash's words. However, he had to talk to Will and would not let Nash's anger deter him.

"I need to talk to Will," he said.

"He is unavailable," Nash responded. "Whatever you have to say you can tell me. I'll make sure he gets the message." Zack didn't believe a word of this but knew that was the best he was going to get.

"I know what Drake's plans are," he said. "He believes that with Becky hostage Will is unable to function well enough to muster any type of defense. He will attack six major cities within the week. Will needs to be ready to launch a counter attack." Nash did not take this news like Zack wanted.

"You dare come in here and use Becky against Will!?" he exclaimed. "That is just low Zack. First you betray us and now you toy with Will's emotions. Get off this property before I make you." With that he slammed the door shut.

Zack looked at the door crestfallen. Nash had responded just the way Zack had expected. He knew that it was his own fault. He had truly joined Drake in hopes of making him see the error of his ways but in the process he had made the others see him as a traitor and he guessed he deserved it.

After Nash slammed the door, he stormed back into the dining room. He knew that he should have taken what Zack said more seriously. It would be just like Drake to make a move like that when Will was in distress. However, he just couldn't believe it when Zack was the one who had delivered the news. When he returned to the kitchen, Anthony and Kelton turned their heads to him. Will remained as indifferent as ever.

"Who was that?" Anthony asked.

"Zack," Nash responded. "He was trying to take us off our guard and mess with Will's emotions."

The rest of the week passed without incident. Will showed slight improvement. He would at least talk when addressed but only with yes or no questions. Despite his distrust of Zack's warnings, he knew that an attack would be completely in Drake's character and he had Anthony and Kelton, as Rodan and Kiryu, keep an eye on things. He just couldn't in good conscience completely ignore it. He even had come up with a few plans in case of such an attack. It wasn't long until his fears were realized. On a Monday night, Anthony called him on his phone.

"Nash, turn on the news," he said. Nash did and the first thing he saw was New York in flames. Gigan and Megalon were storming the city. It then flashed to San Francisco and Muto was flying over the Golden Gate Bridge. Tokyo was under a barrage of missiles from Mechagodzilla. Just as Zilla said, six major cities had been attacked.

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