The Kaiju World War

Chapter 16: Burning Cities

Nash stared at the television in shock. His cell phone fell out of his hand and clattered to the floor. Fear showed on in his eyes and it was a while before he noticed that Anthony was still talking to him. He closed his mouth, which had opened in shock, and quickly picked up the phone.

"Sorry Anthony," he said while trying to keep his voice steady. "I was just surprised is all. Despite my precautions I still didn't expect this."

"What does Will want us to do?" Anthony asked on the other line. Nash stared at his friend who was currently staring out the window but Nash doubted that he was seeing anything. Another wave of sadness washed over him but he forced himself to focus on the moment and not on Will's grief.

Then a thought came to him. Maybe if he could strike out against his brother he would snap out of his depression. It might give him some hope into rescuing Becky. Anything must be better than sitting and wallowing in sorrow.

"I'll ask him," he said. With a quiet beep he hung up the phone. He slowly approached Will and for a second looked out the window with him. Rain pattered against the glass, and the sky was a dreary gray. He laid a hand gently on his shoulder. To his surprise, Will turned his head toward him.

"Will," he began slowly, "Space Godzilla has struck out against humanity. He's attacked chief cities around the world and Anthony wants to know what to do about it. Do you have any plans? What's our next move?"

Will's eyes seemed to be thinking this through and a familiar fire came into his eyes. Nash held his breath. Was Will finally going to take up his responsibilities again? However, as this thought came to him, Will's eyes took on that dull, bleak look again. All of Nash's hopes had been shattered right as they rose.

"I don't care what you do," he stated flatly. "You take care of it." He then resumed his observation of the rain. Anger flared in Nash because of Will's blatant indifference. How could he do this to them? Did they, or the rest of humanity for that matter, even mean anything to him anymore? He wanted to lash out at him, to try and snap him out of his trance to bring back the loyal, loving friend that he had grown up with. However, he had an emergency on his hands at the moment. He would have to deal with Will when he got back. He stormed out of the apartment and called dialed Anthony's number.

"Anthony, grab the others. We are going to war."

Beijing burned all around Space Godzilla as he, Krystalak, and Destroyah walked through the city. Buildings crumbled to the ground and the screams of the humans rang clearly and sent shivers of joy through his spine. The army rolled in several tanks that let loose volley after volley into them. Explosions racked their body, leaving little scorch marks where the missiles had landed. However, they had no effect whatsoever on Space Godzilla and his allies. He laughed at their pitiful attempts to defend themselves and deliberately stomped on many of the tanks.

His two followers launched their own counter against the humans. Krystalak rolled into a spiked ball and crushed tanks, cars, and humans alike. Nothing could stop him. Jets fired futilely at him but they were soon ripped from the sky by Destroyah with his oxygen destroyer beam, his katana horn, and his shear mass. He let out a loud laugh, reveling in the destruction. The three of them knew that nothing could stop them.

Across the Atlantic in New York, Gigan and his brother Megalon were having similar fun. Gigan was making sport of the humans that tried to stand against them. He loved to see the flames dance from where his eye beam had struck and beside him his brother jumped around like a little child at the sight. Megalon took a different approach to destruction. What he enjoyed most of all were the sounds that followed any explosion. With his drill-like hands he burrowed under the foundations of buildings, destroying them and shrieking at the sound they all made as they crumbled. When engaging the humans, he fired napalm sacs from his mouth which resulted in huge explosions. Yes, these two were having the time of their lives. However, their companion didn't much care for what was happening.

Zilla did not partake in the orgy before him. He hated to cause suffering to any being, especially ones who could not stop it from happening. He had been raised by humans after his mother died and had helped them on many occasions. Now he was forced to take their hopes, dreams, and even their lives from them. He wished that he could abandon this life, to leave and return to his beloved Komodithrax. However, he was determined to bring Space Godzilla back from the road he had started to walk. He loved his childhood friend deeply and just could not abandon him to this path of destruction.

Human tanks advanced on him as he watched Gigan and Megalon enjoy their handiwork. Though he stood there out of the way, the humans still viewed him as a threat and for all appearances he was. He did not want to harm them and instead ran. Helicopters pursued from the skies and kept up with him as he dodged around the buildings. They herded him into Central Park where a host of tanks awaited. When Zilla saw the ambush ahead, he knew that his hope to avoid violence could not be fulfilled. He leapt and landed right in the middle of them. The tanks he landed on crumbled under his weight. As a result all of the remaining tanks seemed to take heart at seeing their companions go down and converged on Zilla's location. He had hoped that seeing him easily dispatch several tanks would cause the others to flee. Now he faced a small army and would have to take more human lives. However, before he had to commit the terrible deed, a red beam swept across the ground, destroying them all. The helicopters fell from the sky in a massive fireball as a huge yellow and brown beetle-like body crashed into them.

"Get your mind out of the clouds Zilla," Gigan said as he landed next to him. Zilla looked up at the kaiju who was leading this assault. Out of all of Space Godzilla's followers, he hated Gigan the most. He believed that it was his fault that Space Godzilla had become the way he was now. Before Gigan had gotten close to him, Zilla had been his best friend. It had been Space Godzilla who had welcomed him when Super Godzilla had brought him to Monster Island. He looked up in defiance at him for a brief moment and then stormed off, leveling a building in the process.

Suddenly a huge explosion shook the ground nearly knocking Zilla off his feet. He turned around in fear, expecting half of the city to have been blown away. Instead, what he saw gave him mixed emotions of happiness and fear. Megalon was lying on the ground in a heap, his bug face contorted in pain. Standing over him, his hands smoking, was Jet Jaguar. He had fallen from the skies at super speed, ramming into Megalon like a meteor.

Standing next to him was another kaiju that Zilla had been scared of even when he was with Godzilla. It was King Kong, the giant ape of Skull Island known for his awesome strength with arms that could rip a kaiju's jaws apart. His hands were wreathed in blue lightning and his face contorted in rage. Ever since Space Godzilla had destroyed his home, Kong hand held nothing but hatred for them. Now he had come for his revenge and Zilla held little doubt that he would stop before they were all dead.

Gigan had turned at the sound of Jaguar's explosive entrance. He looked from his brother, who seemed out of the fight for now, and Kong who now had the blue lightning enveloping his whole body. He knew that Zilla would be of little to no help here but also believed himself capable of handling these two monkeys. He spread his feet, raised his hooked hands in a defensive position, and let out a metallic roar of challenge.

Jaguar was the first to respond. He launched himself at Gigan who effortlessly dodged his attack. He leapt into the air, used one of his hooks as a brace against Jet's back, and landed a kick in the oncoming Kong's face. The great ape went down with a crash, taking another building with him. However, Kong was quick to retaliate. He rolled with the fall and was on his feet in seconds. With a electrically charged fist, he punched Gigan in the side of his beaked face. Gigan stumbled but had little time to recover. Jaguar rocketed into his side and they both careened into another building that came on top of them.

It took a few seconds but Jet was the first to emerge from the rubble. He reached into the pile of debris and brought up Gigan by the horn on the top of his head. The cyborg kaiju was quick to act. He fired a beam from his single eye and blasted Jet right in the face. The giant robot took the laser full on and fell back with Gigan landing on top of him. He raised his hook hands, ready to bury them in Jet's head but was stopped by Kong who rammed his shoulder into him. The two fell over with Kong landing a couple heavy punches to Gigan's head.

Quickly, Gigan activated the buzz saw in his abdomen and ripped a furrow in Kong's stomach. The ape let out a howl and reeled back, clutching his belly. As he did, two hooks punctured his skin and lifted him off the ground. The three fins on Gigan's back spread and soon they were both in the air. Kong tried to escape his enemies grip but the hooks just dug deeper and deeper. Blood dripped from his wounds and Gigan lapped at the drops that landed on his head, enjoying the warmth of the liquid as it went down his throat.

With a great heave, Gigan then threw Kong through the air. The giant ape soared through the sky, something he normally doesn't do, and landed in Central Park. He skidded across the ground, leaving a deep furrow in his wake. The cyborg made an attempt to follow but was halted by Jaguar. The giant robot had seized Gigan's tail and stopped the kaiju from dive bombing Kong. Instead, Jet wrapped his arms around Gigan's waist and plowed them both into the ground not far from where the great ape lay with an earth shattering crash. The two of them wrestled, both of them trying to gain an advantage over the other. It wasn't long before Gigan began to gain that advantage.

Seeing this, Kong staggered to his feet, grimacing at the pain the effort caused him. He clutched at his belly and let out a grunt. However, he knew that he had to help Jet. Fighting through the pain, he began to charge. Slowly but surely he picked up speed and again rammed hard into Gigan. The two of them went down and rolled in a heap. Gigan at first seemed stunned but soon regained his composure. He drove his hooks into Kong's wounds and the ape began to weaken. However, Jet then dove on top of him. He threw one arm under one of Gigan's and brought the other around his throat. He now had the cyborg in an unbreakable choke hold.

Not far away, Zilla was watching all of this. He enjoyed seeing Gigan struggling against these two. He knew that the only thing that would make it better was some of that human snack called popcorn.

Anguirus made his way toward Beijing along with Kiryu, Varan and Gorosaurus. He wanted nothing more than to be in New York facing off with Gigan, the kaiju who had become his personal rival over the years. However, he knew that as the one leading this attack he had to be the one to face Space Godzilla. This thought made him even more angry at Godzilla and Will. He understood what they were going through but that did not give them the right to neglect everything else. Godzilla knew full well the power his brother had and that very few kaiju could even stand up to him. Godzilla was one of those few, Anguirus was not. Not only that, but Space Godzilla also had Destroyah and Krystalak with him.

That was why he had these particular kaiju with him now. He knew that he could not take on the rebel leader by himself along with the other two so he needed one to help him fight Space Godzilla, one to take on Krystalak and the other for Destroyah. He just wished that he could have had more fire power behind him. Yet, he knew that the others were needed elsewhere. Mecha-King Ghidorah had to be in San Francisco to fight his father, Rodan was the only one fast enough to fight Megaguirus, Mothra had to handle her brother and Jet, well his grudge against Megalon was so strong that, no matter what Anguirus did, he could not have gotten that kaiju to go anywhere else. He was just happy in the fact that Kong was with him. The two of them could handle Gigan and Megalon and he could not see Zilla being much trouble for those two, if at all. Suddenly, Mothra's voice rang in his ear.

"Biollante, M.O.G.U.E.R.A, and I have engaged Battra in Paris," she informed him. Anguirus had instructed her to periodically check in on the others and report to him. "You may also want to know that Jet and Kong have successfully routed Gigan and Megalon. Zilla was no where to be found."

That last piece of news intrigued Anguirus. Though he was glad that Kong and Jet had won, the fact that Zilla had not fought puzzled him. Had he been wrong about him? Perhaps they potentially had an ally on the inside. He shook that thought away, he had to focus on the here and now.

"Thanks Mothra," he responded. "Tell Jet to get Kong to Paris, I have a feeling that he'll want to head there anyway. Then send Jet to London. Hedorah is there and I think Rodan, Komodithrax, and Kamacuras will need help."

"I'll get Jet to London but Kong is in no state to fight. Gigan hurt him severely." Anguirus grimaced at the news. Few kaiju could say they had truly injured Kong and now Gigan was one of those few.

"Alright," he said. "Just tell Jet to get him somewhere safe first and then head for London. We'll deal with him later." With a small affirmative, Mothra severed the link.

"What did she say?" asked Kiryu. Anguirus did not ask how he knew that he had been talking to Mothra. He often quietly talked out loud as he conversed with her, it was unnerving talking to someone in your head.

"That they've engaged Battra and that New York is saved," Ang responded. "Kong was seriously injured and I've had Jet take him somewhere safe. He will then head to London. He should be able to help our soldiers there." They continued on to Beijing in silence then.

It wasn't long afterward that they saw huge, black pillars of smoke in the distance. Anguirus increased their speed. They crested a small hill, small for them anyway, and saw a sight that made Varan take in a sharp breath.

Below them, Beijing burned in a sea of fire. It was so bad that you could barely tell that a great metropolis had once been here. The screams of the terrified civilians reached their ears and Anguirus felt great waves of emotion, the chief of which was anger. He immediately began searching for the kaiju responsible and soon found them in the center of the raging inferno.

Space Godzilla was watching Destroyah and Krystalak wreck havoc around them. He let out a laugh that sounded close to insanity. Anguirus realized that he was reveling in the destruction. He wondered if the human who changed into him, Drake, even felt anything for the innocent lives that were killed. Did the lives of his fellow man mean so little to him that he willingly allowed this to happen? If he did, Ang felt sorry for Godzilla's human.

"Ang, what do you want us to do?" Kiryu asked him, bringing him back from his thoughts.

"What we are best at," he responded, "fight." Without another word, the spiked kaiju took off down the hill. He heard Kiryu's jets activate and the running feet of Gorosaurus and Varan. The battle was on.

It took a bit for Space Godzilla and the others to notice that an enemy was approaching over the roar of the flames. Once they did though, Space Godzilla smiled wickedly, his sharp teeth reflecting the light of the fires surrounding him. He noticed that it was Anguirus who was leading the charge, not his brother. If Godzilla had been himself he would be here and no doubt Anguirus would have been in New York fighting Gigan. That he wasn't told Space Godzilla that Manda's capture had shaken him up just as he had planned. Now he was going to take not only his best friend from him but his cousin as well. With that thought in mind, Space Godzilla and the others charged their enemies.

As they ran, Kiryu and Varan passed Anguirus and launched themselves at their respected enemies, Varan to Krystalak and Kiryu to Destroyah. Ang had no worries for them. Krystalak, while an impressive fighter, was on an equal skill level with the venomous Varan and Kiryu was such a skilled fighter and possessed so much power that Ang truly believed that the cyborg could hold his ground against the kaiju of destruction. He however, was worried about fighting Space Godzilla again. He did not doubt his own abilities but he could not honestly believe that he could take on the rebel leader by himself. That was why he had Gorosaurus with him. Godzilla's cousin may not have been one of the most powerful kaiju ever but his own skills at fighting and agility would definitely be an asset against the much larger and in turn slower kaiju. The battle was joined.

Anguirus began the fight in his usual manner. He leapt at Space Godzilla and rolled into his ball mode. This spiked, armored sphere could cause sever damage to almost any kaiju it came in contact with but Space Godzilla expected this. He lifted a clawed hand to stop the ball from ever reaching him but soon found that same hand caught in the jaws of Gorosaurus. His cousin had used Anguirus' attack as a distraction to get in close. The attack had taken Space Godzilla's attention off of Anguirus allowing the kaiju to slam into him with the full power of the attack. The spikes left bloody holes in his chest but fortunately they were not deep and the bleeding was not bad.

Watching the spiked dinosaur bounce away from him, he raised his other hand, attempting another telekinetic blast. However, his concentration was broken yet again when he felt three clawed fingers tear into his chest. Gorosaurus ripped three long, bloody gashes across the holes already there and for a moment, Space Godzilla was stunned. The cuts were much deeper than they should have been but then he remembered that Gorosaurus shared his blood. Any member of his family would have the strength to truly injure him.

Enraged, Space Godzilla sent a small energy wave out of his body, not much different from an EMP blast. The pulse was so strong that Gorosaurus, who had still been attached to his arm, was forced to let go. He fell on his back, stunned and Space Godzilla advanced, ready to deal a killing blow. Thunderous footsteps made their way toward them as Anguirus charged. He jumped at Space Godzilla, mouth wide open, ready to sink his teeth into his enemies flesh. At the last second, the kaiju spun around and back handed Anguirus across the face, sending him flying. His anger had lent him strength.

Anguirus landed on his back and was too dazed to try and stand. After giving Gorosaurus a kick that shot him into the air like a soccer ball Space Godzilla made his way over to Anguirus. Blood dripped from his chest wounds and large pools of it dotted the ground, evaporating in the heat of the flames. He reached Anguirus and raised a foot to stomp his face into the ground.

Before he could land the blow though, he felt a sharp pain and tug in his tail. Gorosaurus had recovered much more quickly than he had thought possible. His cousin had his teeth and claws fastened in his tail and yanked hard. Caught off guard, Space Godzilla stumbled back and gave Anguirus time to get up and gain some breathing room. It wasn't long until Gorosaurus had jumped through the air and landed on his back. He felt sharp teeth bury themselves in his neck and Space Godzilla let out a roar of anger and pain. He noticed that Anguirus was charging him again and with a great effort tore Gorosaurus from his neck, feeling skin leaving with the kaiju, and threw him at Anguirus. The two collided and landed on the ground in a heap.

Charging himself and gathering as much energy into his shoulder crystals as he could, Space Godzilla walked toward them. Soon he had all the energy he needed and fired his corona beam at the two downed kaiju. The beam slammed into them and explosions shook the earth around them. Space Godzilla began to levitate and continued his relentless barrage. Crystals protruded from the ground and using his telekinesis they were thrown at Anguirus and Gorosaurus. They shattered against them, leaving shards embedded in their hides. Space Godzilla landed and looked down at the two kaiju he had just subdued.

"Did you really think the two of you could possibly defeat me?" he asked laughing hysterically. "What chance did you have against a kaiju of my power? None, absolutely none. Only my brother can defeat me and where is he now? Oh yeah, stuck at home crying about his missing Manda. You have no chance of defeating me without him. None whatsoever."

Anguirus knew that he was right. Here he and Gorosaurus were lying on the ground bruised, battered and bleeding. They could do nothing against the kaiju before them. He looked around him at the other kaiju with them. They had fared much better in their fights, Varan had all but beaten Krystalak and Destroyah and Kiryu were at a standstill. Anguirus knew that it would still be a while before they would be able to gather to defeat Space Godzilla. He was about to sound the retreat but just before the words left his mouth Mothra's voice rang in his head.

"Ang, we have to regroup," she said, anxiety in her voice. "New York and Tokyo were saved but the others are lost. Kong is wounded and Kamacuras is on the brink of death. We have to get to Mothra Island."

"Alright," Anguirus said. "Have everyone rendezvous there and send Rodan to pick up Will. We need to talk to Godzilla." With that he severed the connection and roared the signal for retreat. Kiryu let loose a volley of missiles while he and Varan broke off from their fights. The smoke from the resultant explosions gave them enough cover to escape.

The moon shone brightly on Baas Island later that night. Space Godzilla and Destroyah, who was carrying Krystalak, slowly descended on their island home. He looked over to one side of the island and saw Manda's crystal cage gleaming in the moonlight. He smiled to himself as he thought of all that he had accomplished. His brother was in distress causing his enemies to be leaderless, he had in custody the kaiju many beings, kaiju and human, believed to be the queen of monsters, and he had decimated six human cities. Yes, New York and Tokyo were still standing but the damage had been sever enough that the humans would take quite a while to repair and rebuild their cities.

They landed in a clearing made specifically for flying kaiju. On the outer edge, Gigan and Zilla were having a heated argument and it wasn't long before Zilla had stormed off. Space Godzilla made his way over to his chief lieutenant to see what the fuss was about. He honestly didn't care but he could not have his kaiju fighting among themselves.

"Something going on between you two?" he asked.

"Just that he was no help once Jaguar and Kong arrived," Gigan replied. "Once Megalon was taken out there was no way I could take both of them on. My skills may be impressive but even I have limits, limits I discovered today. I mean, I know Zilla isn't the strongest and Kong has a reputation for ripping the jaws of kaiju apart, but I still could have used his help." Gigan let loose a huge sigh. "I still do not understand why you even recruited him. He is just about useless."

Space Godzilla looked after his childhood friend. Zilla had been one of the last to join him but never seemed to keen on any of the tasks set him. Many times he wondered if the small, fish loving kaiju could really be relied upon. Gigan's report did nothing to ease that doubt.

"I'll keep an eye on him and see what can be done," Space Godzilla said. "Right now though, we need to plan our next move."

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