The Kaiju World War

Chapter 17: Dissention and Alliance

Back in Kentucky the sun was setting, giving the sky a mixture of beautiful colors. Will still sat by the window looking out into the twilight. However, he was not even seeing the beautiful colors but instead had his mind solely on Becky. He could not believe that he had been so careless, that he had let her be taken by his terrible brother. The guilt was swallowing him up along with the thought that he would never see her again. Deep down he knew that there was something that could be done but his mind could not get out of the rut. He had been aware of Nash needing him to join in the battle but Will just couldn't risk her life. If she did die then his life would be misery for he would always blame himself for it. No, Becky's life was paramount and everything else took a back seat.

As the light faded even further into night Anthony came through the door. Will barely noticed his presence and just barely turned his head to see who it was. Other than that, he did not change his position. It wasn't until his roommate put a hand on his shoulder did he really take interest.

"Will, we need you to come to Mothra Island," Anthony said. "It's urgent."

"Why?" Will simply asked in response.

"The others need to talk to you," Anthony replied. "And you need to get out of this house." Will continued to stare out the window and it was a few seconds before he answered.

"I don't think I can Anthony. I just don't feel like it." Anthony, his patience wearing thin, walked in front of Will, blocking his view and forcing him to look at him.

"Will, this has to stop," he said. "Just sitting here brooding does nothing to help Becky. Your brother is now starting on a rampage that will cover the entire world if we don't do something. You and I both know that Becky would not want this. She would want you to remain strong, to be the man she fell in love with. Besides, we may even come up with a plan to rescue her."

Will sat there for a few seconds with his head bowed. Was he just going to sit here and ignore everything around him some more? Or would he finally be ready to do something about it? He raised his head and looked Anthony right in the eyes. There was a fire there that Anthony hadn't seen for the past few weeks.

"Alright, let's go."

The flight to Mothra Island took only a few hours. Rodan could fly at amazing speeds and it was no wonder to Will that the pteranodon was the fastest kaiju there was. Before the flight, Anthony had briefed Will on the situation with his brother, how four of the six cities hit were virtually gone. They would take years to rebuild and yet, even if they were the cities would never be the same. He also told him to keep any talk of Becky to a minimum at first. In order to rescue her, they needed a plan to deal with Space Godzilla and his cronies.

Soon, the island came into view and Rodan's speed began to decrease. Slowly they descended onto the beach and as they did, Will noticed the dark silhouettes of Godzilla's council. Will could not make out the shapes clearly to see which was which but knew that Godzilla only talked to certain kaiju when plans were made. He also noticed that three slots within the circle were empty. Two of the missing members were just now arriving but the third he knew would never show. Will's mind filled with sorrow at the thought along with guilt. That just made him more determined to be here though. He wanted to help Becky in any way he could and now realized that just sitting back at the house would do her no good.

They landed on the soft sand and Will slid down one of Rodan's large wings. Before either of them could blink Will was gone and Godzilla stood in his place. Once transformed Rodan turned to look at him.

"Let's not bring up Manda right away," he reminded Godzilla. "There are things we need to discuss with you first." Godzilla just let out a sigh at this. "We will discuss a rescue plan but we need to take stock of the situation first." With that the two made their way toward the clearing, passing Jet Jaguar and Mecha-King Ghidorah who were standing guard.

"With things as bad as they are, Anguirus believed that a guard was needed to insure that no enemies were to sneak up on us," Rodan explained. With that they entered the small clearing where the council was meeting.

All the kaiju of the council were there, with an addition of two others Will had not seen from the sky. Gamera and Mothra were standing close by two severely injured kaiju, King Kong and Kamacuras. Kong was on his feet, his injuries looking as if they were healing fast. Kamacuras on the other hand looked to still be on death's doorstep. One of her hooked appendages was almost completely severed, her legs were all at odd angles and deep cuts and puncture wounds were found all over her body, the two worst being on her head. The wounds were so bad that even Godzilla who was use to seeing things like this shuddered and turned his head. Mothra and Gamera were doing all they could to heal her and a few of the gashes were being sealed before everyone's eyes.

Godzilla soon noticed that every kaiju present had a manner of wound on them. Anguirus was bruised all over, Kiryu had a shallow cut on his neck which ejected sparks and even Rodan had three puncture wounds that Will had not noticed. The only one who had no wounds was Godzilla, the kaiju who had not been in the battle. Guilt racked him but he did his best to drown that feeling, he had to concentrate on the here and now. The others didn't notice him and Rodan until they started to make their way across to their usual spots, Rodan sitting on Godzilla's right hand which made Manda's absence all the more potent. Gamera was the first to talk.

"I hope you don't mind Kong and Kamacuras being here," he said. "I know you prefer less kaiju to know about your plans but this island doesn't have a place like the Stone and we came here immediately after the battle. Most of the others could live without immediate treatment but these two had to be dealt with quickly."

The right side of Gamera's head was coated in his own green blood and that eye was swollen shut. It was typical of Gamera to see to everyone else first after a battle. Only then would he deal with his own wounds. Mothra was not much better. Her beautiful, rainbow wings were in tatters, blood coated the hairs on her body and one of her antenna was bent. Godzilla knew that all of these wounds would heal, mainly due to their own healing skills, but he still felt terrible about it all. He should have been there and not brooding at Will's house. If he had, just maybe those cities would still be standing and he may have even rescued Manda in the process. Now that he thought about it the more it made sense. Now there was nothing he could do. He would have to deal with the hear and now.

"It's fine Gamera," he responded. "I understand. You and Mothra just keep doing what you do best. It probably won't do any harm if they hear what we say." Gamera nodded his thanks and turned back to healing Kamacuras.

With everyone silent and their attention diverted from the healers, Anguirus stepped forward. He looked at Godzilla who could see a small flash of anger there but it was gone quickly. Godzilla felt hurt that even his best friend was angry with him but he could understand why. If Ang had abandoned him to fight this war he would have felt similar feelings.

"It's time I give a full report of what happened," he began. "Every leader of the strike teams told me the details of what happened and I understand that each of you will know what happened at your respective cities. However, each of us as members of this council have the right to know the extent of the damage dealt.

In our midst we have Kong and Caesar to thank for their bravery at New York and Tokyo. Without them, those two major cities would have been left in ruins." Congratulations were quietly given to Kong and Caesar at these words. The two kaiju merely nodded their heads humbly, gracefully accepting the thanks.

"However, the other four teams were not so lucky. Mothra tells me that Battra destroyed Paris but not in the way the others did by leveling all the buildings. Instead they hit major landmarks in order to demoralize the humans, landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame. Once those buildings and others were gone the humans didn't put up much more resistance.

Rodan has also said that London has become a feeding ground for Megaguirus, Hedorah and Kumonga. We all know that Space Godzilla's queen has little larvae who leave her, to go and devour human life then transfer the energy to her before dieing. Kumonga has erected a web that is crawling with humans and much larger prey. And Hedorah has turned everything into a polluted wasteland that is just on the brink of being uninhabitable, she leaves just enough to support life for Megaguirus and Kumonga.

As for San Francisco and Beijing, their demise was much more simple. Every building was burned to the ground with nothing left whole. My attempt to save Beijing was a disaster. Kiryu and Varan put up an amazing fight but Gorosaurus and I could not hope to defeat Space Godzilla though Gorosaurus did manage to wound him. There is some good news though. Mecha-King Ghidorah tells me that Muto was injured severely in the battle for San Francisco."

All of the kaiju present bowed their heads. Most felt like failures for not being able to defend the humans. However, Godzilla felt something even worse, shame. He saw the bruises that covered Anguirus' body and knew that if he had been a good king and gone to the battle, then just maybe they could have subdued his tyrant of a brother. He just hoped that his cousin did not possess more severe wounds. He knew that he had to make up for it and he would.

"Guys," he began tentatively. He knew that he had to tread carefully here and make sure he said the right thing. "I know that I have not been a good king lately and that I abandoned you all in my sorrow. For that I am sorry. I have no excuse to offer but I promise that I will do better from here on out. I will make things right and will take down my brother insuring that the world becomes safe once more. Nothing will stop me from fulfilling this promise."

"Who says we want you as our leader anymore?" asked a voice. Everyone turned in shock to Kiryu who was now glaring at Godzilla. "You abandoned us, left us to fend for ourselves. What's to say you won't do it again? I mean, we all are less important than Manda to you aren't we?"

Complete silence fell over the group. They all stared at Kiryu in horror. He was insulting their queen along with the king. Godzilla felt anger burning deep inside. He clenched his fists and took a step toward Kiryu, intent on pummeling him. However, he was stopped by Anguirus who stepped in front of him.

"Kiryu, calm down," he said. "You don't mean that. Your emotions are just a little wired right now and affecting your judgment. Think about who you are talking to. Show some respect."

"Come on Ang," Kiryu responded. Don't tell me that you're not angry with him. He abandoned us and wallowed in his own misery. How could you not be."

"Ang, move now," Godzilla said. "I'm going to rip him apart." Anguirus refused to move. He looked his best friend in the eye and through that gaze told him to calm down as well. Godzilla clearly got the message.

"Yes Kiryu I was," he said returning his attention to the cyborg. "But he is here now and trying to make up for it. That is good enough for me and should be for you. Now let it drop." He kept his eyes on Kiryu and Godzilla turned back to his spot.

"Yeah, like he could have taken me anyway," Kiryu said under his breath. "He couldn't even protect his mate." However, everyone heard it.

"Shoot," said Anguirus and it was the only thing he said before everything fell apart.

Godzilla turned, leaped over Anguirus and drop kicked Kiryu right in the chest. The cyborg fell back, rolled with it and ended back on his feet. A smile crossed his robotic mouth and, activating the rockets on his feet, charged Godzilla. The king of the kaiju caught his friend around the neck and threw him to the other side of the island. He began to follow but was stopped. Kong despite his injuries had gotten up and grabbed Godzilla.

"That's enough Godzilla," he said. "You need to calm down right now." Godzilla in retaliation jumped backward, crashing through the foliage. Kong crumbled, too weak to stay on his feet. Godzilla got up and stood over Kong.

"Stay out of this," he said. "You are already hurt and I don't want to hurt you anymore, so don't make me."

Suddenly a rock shattered against the back of his head. He turned and there was Kiryu with another rock ready. He threw that one too but Godzilla easily dodged it. Anger flared inside him and he slowly advanced. Kiryu smiled as he approached. It looked like he had wanted this fight for a long while.

"You don't deserve to be king," he taunted. "You abandoned us, left us to fend for ourselves and for what? All because Manda was taken prisoner. It helped no, one especially her. Now you're letting your anger get the better of you. Let someone else lead and you follow for a change. Ang is better suited to this than you.

The words tumbled from his mouth quickly like Kiryu had been waiting to say this. In fact he had, ever since Will and Godzilla had gone into their stupor. Originally he would have relayed it more kindly but after the loss of the cities his own anger was getting the better of him. Godzilla in turn felt the heat of his words. He knew them to be true and he had indeed come here hoping to help fix things. But now one of his closest friends was turning on him, insulting him as well as Manda. The latter was something he could not stand.

Godzilla charged Kiryu aiming to tackle him. In retaliation, the cyborg slammed his hands behind his opponent's shoulders and caused Godzilla's jaw to collide with his upraised knee. Godzilla felt his teeth rattle as they were jarred together and he fell on his back hard. He made to get up but Kiryu was one him in a second. To his surprise Kiryu had his energy sword drawn. The cyborg thrust the blade at his chest right where his heart was, aiming it seemed to kill. Godzilla quickly side-stepped the jab and maneuvered behind his opponent.

He than grabbed Kiryu by the shoulders and brought him crashing to the ground, the impact causing the sword to deactivate. While the cyborg was down Godzilla raised his fists above his head and intended to bring them crashing down on his enemies chest. However, Kiryu was ready. He activated the rockets on his feet and shot forward and took Godzilla's legs out from under him. Godzilla quickly recovered and threw a right hook straight into the side of Kiryu's head. Quickly, the cyborg countered with one of his own followed soon by an uppercut. Godzilla then threw a head-butt and disoriented him. Stunned, Kiryu could not defend himself from what came next. Godzilla picked him up and started beating him against the ground repeatedly. Once he stopped, Kiryu just laid there, defeated. Godzilla wasn't finished though.

"All I wanted to do was make up for the mistakes I've made," he said as he towered over Kiryu. "I came here to do just that but then you decided to mock my pain. You know nothing about what I'm going through, the loneliness, the sense of failure, any of it. YOU DON'T KNOW!" He knelt down beside Kiryu, grabbed his throat, and raised his fist.

"That's enough Godzilla!" screamed a voice. He looked up and there were all the kaiju present on the island. They were looking at him in horror and fear. He roared a challenge at him and all but Anguirus, Rodan, and Biollante flinched.

"This is solving nothing," said Biollante. "We can't help Manda if we fight among ourselves. What does this prove?"

"I came here to make up for what I've done," Godzilla responded. "I want to fix things, to make amends and save the kaiju I love."

"Then prove it," challenged Rodan. "Help us and stop this senseless violence. Lower your fists." Godzilla began to calm down. Slowly he lowered his fist as well as his head. He felt ashamed for what he had done here and began to stand up.

Just then, Kiryu threw a fist into his jaw. Godzilla landed with a tremendous crash and all other thoughts were driven from him. The anger returned at an even greater intensity and he let loose his atomic breath. Kiryu responded with his maser canon's. The two beams met halfway to their targets and the resulting explosion caused every kaiju to either fall over or stumble.

Once the effects had worn off Godzilla slowly got back to his feet. He rubbed his head and looked at the results. His anger fueled even hotter and he headed toward the ocean. Biollante recovered herself soon afterward and saw her brother leaving the island.

"Godzilla, where are you going?" she cried after him.

"It's clear I am not wanted here," he responded. "I'm going somewhere I am."

"No, we need you here," she said. "We do want you." Her words fell on deaf ears and Godzilla just headed farther and farther out to sea. She heard a noise and saw Kiryu getting up. She rounded on the cyborg and it took all of her control not to start a fight with him.

"Why?" was the only thing she said. She did not trust herself to say anymore.

"We don't need him," said Kiryu. "If he leaves I say good riddance.

Miles away on Baas Island Manda was in no better shape. She paced around the edges of her crystal prison again looking for that impossible escape route. Early on in her confinement she had contemplated returning to Becky's form and slipping through the gaps in the crystals. There was no way that the space was too small for her. However, when she reached deep into her mind to bring Becky's conscienceness to the front there was no response. It was quiet and each time Manda tried to reach her there was a haze there, like a thick fog blocking every access point.

This was unsettling to say the least and Manda felt sorry for Becky. She did not doubt in her mind that Becky was going through the same experience she had for nineteen years. After all that time when summoned to the front, Manda had felt like she had just woken from a long sleep. Now Becky was in the exact same state she had been. It felt like a part of her was missing. She could no longer communicate with her or even feel her presence.

How was another question, one that Manda had little trouble in figuring out. There were two kaiju here who were masters at telekinetic powers. She had little doubt that psychic barriers had been erected to block Manda from communicating with the human. They had known that she would think to do just that and had compensated for it. She was not dealing with idiots.

Even if she had managed to change to Becky there was the issue of her guards. Space Godzilla had ordered that two guards be placed at her cell at all times. These guards would change out periodically and Orga, the captain of his guard, had a specific routine for them. The only kaiju exempted from guard duty were high ranking ones like Space Godzilla, Megaguirus, Gigan, Mechagodzilla, and Ghidorah. Everyone else pulled shifts. Everyone else except Zilla. She had kept a close watch on the guards to see if any patterns developed and the one thing she noticed was that Zilla never guarded her.

She wondered why that was? During this time she had tried to trick her guards into helping her escape. Being a female kaiju she could be seductive if she chose and was surprisingly good at it. In fact, one time she came very close to succeeding with Gabara. The little cat lizard creature had always been very easy to manipulate, especially by a female. With that close call Space Godzilla himself had ordered that he be partnered with a more observant and level-headed kaiju. Now whenever he was on duty Monster X was with him, a kaiju who she knew would never be persuaded to do anything his brother Ghidorah didn't want done. Could they be relieving Zilla of guard duty for a similar reason?

Currently her guards were Megalon and Super Mechagodzilla. These two kaiju were definitely not the smartest but they were also not complete idiots. They were basically tools who did exactly what they were told. She had tried to do something similar with them as she had with Gabara but it hadn't worked. She had however, made Super MG doubt himself and what he was doing until X came and whacked him over the head. Now she knew that the guards were not going to be her way out and she began pursuing any other alternative she could think of.

After an hour of pacing the cell, she had laid down to rest. As she did something strange began to happen. Out of the shadows came a lone figure. He approached slowly and quietly, looking over his shoulder every now and again as if to see if he was being followed. It wasn't long before Megalon and SMG saw it. They moved to flank Manda's cell from both sides and faced the figure. Once it saw that it had been seen it took a more calm and even approach, as if it had every right to be there. In moments it stepped out of the shadows and revealed itself. Manda was shocked at who the kaiju was.

It was Zilla. He strode over to the cell and waved a clawed hand in greeting to the guards. In his mouth was a large humped-back whale. He threw the mammal over the crystal's into the cell with Manda. Space Godzilla rarely fed her hoping to keep her weak and as a result Manda was famished. She attacked the whale and gorged herself. She was enjoying the taste of the meat so much that she almost missed the conversation going on between Zilla and her guards but just managed to catch the last couple of words.

"Orga has ordered me to give you two a break for about an hour," he said. "I am to watch over the prisoner until that time is up."

Manda laughed inside at the idea that Orga would give anyone a break. It was not in his nature. Not to mention the fact that Zilla never had guard duty and that he was alone. There was no way that any sensible kaiju would fall for that. Good thing her guards were not sensible. The two looked at each other, smiled and began to walk off from the cell. When she looked back on this she would be forever grateful that those two were as dumb as they were.

Zilla stood by the cell as Manda finished her meal. She was grateful too. There was nothing that could take her mind off what she was doing at that moment. She reveled in the taste of the warm meat and blood as she continued to feast. This was probably the best meal she had since the Battle of Baas Island a month ago. Once done she let out a large belch and began to curl up, ready to sleep. However, that luxury would be denied for a little longer.

"Manda," Zilla whispered through the bars. "Manda, we need to talk." The snake kaiju raised her head sleepily and looked at Zilla curiously. Since the incident with Gabara the guards had been ordered not to talk to her. Now here Zilla was lying to her guards and talking to her as well. What was going on?

"What?" she said hesitantly. There was every likely hood that this was a trick orchestrated by her captors to get her to slip up. Then again, Zilla had never been allowed to guard her before. Why would that change now?

"I've come to help you," Zilla responded. "You've got to get out of here before Godzilla offs himself."

"What do you mean?" Manda asked.

"Ever since you've been here Godzilla has not been himself. He is indifferent to everything around him and when we attacked the humans he didn't even show. Space Godzilla was just gloating about it a minute ago."

Everything that Manda had dreaded had come to pass. The last time Godzilla was in a state like this had been when his parents were killed by her father. It had taken the combined powers of herself, Anguirus and ironically Space Godzilla to break him out of the depression. Now she was the cause and it didn't seem that Ang could revive him on his own.

"Why would you want to help me, let alone Godzilla?" she asked. "You betrayed us like everyone else. How do I know this isn't a trick." Zilla hung his head at this question.

"The only reason I went with him was because I though that maybe over time I could make him see reason," he responded. "I now know that isn't going to happen. His soul is seared and nothing can turn him from his present course. He loves what he is doing, revels in it. I regret what I've done in his service. I was the one who informed him about the attack here. There is nothing that can be done to change that but I hope to make up for it. I hope to start by, well I have to know you want to go through with it before I tell you."

It took Manda a while to process all of this. It now made sense why the attack on Baas Island had gone so badly and that it had been Zilla's fault made her even less likely to trust him but his little speech made her think differently. Every word that came out of his mouth seemed sincere and he looked her in the eyes when he said it. Everything there screamed of sincerity. She could not help but believe him.

"What do you have in mind?" she finally asked.

"Well, not exactly what you or I would want but if it works we will be that much closer to winning this thing." For the next few minutes he explained a complicated plan that would ultimately result in her escape. The plan was sound and had many contingencies in place in case something went wrong. From what Manda could remember of the kaiju in front of her he had never been one for strategy. Maybe his time with Space Godzilla had been good for him just a bit. Once everything had been explained and thought through the two sat in companionable silence, they had at least half an hour before Megalon and SMG returned.

"How's Komi?" Zilla asked, using the pet name only he used for Komodithrax.

"She misses you," Manda answered. "Every day she thinks of you and wonders what's become of you. I don't think a day goes by where she isn't thinking about you." Zilla smiled at the thought. Apparently he missed her too.

"Why don't you come with me?" Manda asked. "Forget the plan and return to Godzilla's army. I have no doubt that he would welcome you back."

Zilla shook his head. "No, you and I both know he wouldn't. I've done too much and nobody there would trust me. I have to do something that proves where my loyalties actually lie and this is the best way to do it."

Manda knew that he was right. She hated to admit it but even she wouldn't completely trust him despite the fact that he was helping her now. Despite that she was going to make one final attempt to reason with him. However, she didn't get the chance, Megalon and SMG were making their way back toward them.

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