The Kaiju World War

Chapter 1: 19 Years Later

Will's alarm went off, too loudly for his liking, and he sat up. The song that was playing was "Monster" from Skillet. He couldn't believe that he had to wake up this early on a Saturday. His phone read 9:00 a.m., a time he would usually be asleep and the temptation to return to his covers was almost over whelming. Then he remembered why he woke up so early, Becky's plane was suppose to arrive in just three hours. With that in mind, Will stood up and left his room.

When he entered the living room, he noticed a leg draped over the back of the couch. One of his two roommates, Anthony Roma, had fallen asleep there. Will walked over and saw that his phone was still in his hand. Apparently, he had passed out talking to his girlfriend, Jana Blake, long into the night, which was not uncommon. Curious to see if his other roommate, Nash Faller, was also asleep, Will made his way back into the hallway until he came to Nash's door. He put his ear to the door and could just hear the soft snores Nash often made while asleep.

Seeing that both were asleep and knowing they would be for a while, one to at least noon and the other until four, Will decided to take his shower and then eat breakfast. He went to the bathroom and once in the shower let the warm water trickle down his body. He took his time getting done, he still had three hours until Becky's flight got in. After about thirty minutes, he got out, dried himself off and picked out his favorite polo shirt to wear, a purple one with small black stripes. This shirt had in fact been a gift from Becky.

After dressing, Will poured himself a quick bowl of cereal and toasted a couple of chocolate pop-tarts. Then once he sat down at the table and positioned himself where he could see the TV best, he switched it on. He didn't bother turning down the volume for Anthony, who was sleeping on the couch facing it, could sleep through just about anything. "I bet, if a bomb went off outside the house, he wouldn't even notice it," Will thought to himself.

As he munched on his breakfast and watched a monster movie that had come on his favorite channel, Nash walked in. Nash was a boy about Will's height with a slightly stockier build, though it wasn't hard to surpass Will's puny 125lbs. Nash wore a light brown goatee and his hair, though naturally the same color, was dyed red. Will smiled at his best friend as he sat across from him at the table.

"Morning," Will said cheerfully. "You sure are up early." He glanced over at the clock that hung on the wall which read 10:45.

"Yeah," said Nash, running a hand through his beard. "My stomach woke me." He ended this sentence with a huge yawn. Nash then got up and opened the cabinet, taking out the Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Nash, still standing up, walked over and looked out the peep whole. "Will, it's your cousin again." Will chuckled to himself and got up. He walked over to the door and let in his cousin Harley Halter. Harley was a few inches taller than Will and definitely more muscular with dark brown hair, similar to Will.

"Will!" he said and quickly wrapped him in a very awkward hug, his usual greeting. Will returned the hug, laughing as he did so. Harley and he tended to be very awkward around each other and other people were either creeped out or found it insanely hilarious. At that moment Nash was laughing at the two of them.

"You two may be the strangest men I've ever met," he said, suppressing another chuckle. Will smiled at him teasingly.

"That's part of our appeal isn't it Harley." Will jumped into Harley's arms who caught him easily. This was a practiced routine of their awkwardness. While in this position, Will looked over at the clock. It read 11:15.

"Oh snap!" he exclaimed. "Sorry Harley but I've gotta jet. Going to pick Becky up from the airport."

"Oh that's right," he said happily. "She gets back from The UK today doesn't she. Do you want to pick her up by yourself or do you mind if I come with?" This question came as no surprise to Will since she and Harley had been close friends, best friends in fact, since they were little. It was a wonder to Will why he won her heart and Harley didn't. Will smiled at his cousin understandingly.

"I kind of wanted to be alone with her for a bit. We haven't seen each other in months and I want some alone time with her before everyone swarms her tonight. Plus we are probably gonna be real mushy too and no one wants to see that."

Harley nodded his understanding. "Well, you better give me a shot to talk to her tonight at the welcome home party." He gave Will a playful wink.

"No problem man. You two will have your time together, I promise." With that, Will grabbed his keys, hopped in his black Ford Mustang, sent Becky a text that he was on the way, and headed to the airport.

It took Will about thirty minutes to reach the airport. Excitement filled his stomach and a little bit of nerves as well. He couldn't wait to see Becky or to surprise her with both the party that night and something else more exciting.

Will turned onto the exit that took him to the airport and the first thing he noticed was the great big pillar of smoke rising straight in front of him. A fire must have happened recently and Will felt sorry for whoever was facing this crisis. However, the closer he got to the airport, the bigger the pillar got and he began to worry. He pulled into the parking lot and was horrified by what he saw. Fire trucks, cops, and ambulances were everywhere and there were many anxious people standing around outside, a plane had crashed. Will looked desperately for the flight number and once he located it, his heart leaped into his throat, it was Becky's flight.

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