The Kaiju World War

Chapter 19: Escape

Space Godzilla sat in his recently made crystal throne and stared out over the pool of lava. He had called another council of his most trusted followers to decide what exactly their next move needed to be. On his right hand sat Gigan who watched out over the kaiju present like some sort of robotic hawk. Megaguirus perched on his left. The dragonfly queen hung very close to him these days, ever since he had placed Manda into custody. He couldn't help but wonder if she suspected that he wanted to make the giant snake his true queen.

Directly across the pool stood Ghidorah. Monster X, the golden dragon's brother and shadow, stood just to his right. His arms were crossed and his eyes were looking downward. He almost seemed bored to be here. In actuality he had no business sitting at this council. However, Ghidorah had insisted that he always be in attendance. Space Godzilla suspected that the three-headed kaiju wanted a little leverage against him because Monster X was loyal only to Ghidorah.

The other three kaiju, Mechagodzilla, Battra and Orga also sat in attendance. Both Orga and Battra had serious looks on their faces. Orga's only focus was the security of Space Godzilla while Battra never really cared to be here in the first place. His sole duty was to the safety of the earth and nothing else. Mechagodzilla on the other hand had a look of elation on his face. Despite the loss he suffered at Tokyo, he was still going on and on about how he was able to face off with Caesar and his allies. There was no doubt Mechagodzilla blamed the loss on his brother and Titanosaurus. At this very moment he was going through his fight with Caesar again.

"Then he leaped at me like some giant kangaroo and I swatted him aside like it was nothing," he bragged. "As he lay there in a heap I fired round after round of missiles into him until he rolled out of the way and got to his feet. Next I..."

"Oh would you shut up already!" said Battra. "Nobody cares how you smacked Caesar around or if he cowered under your missile barrage. The fact is you lost the fight. Deal with it."

Mechagodzilla glowered at Battra. "Oh yeah? Well, I'll show you what I can do you oversized butterfly!" He charged the divine moth and raised his hand, ready to fire the finger missiles. Just as he was about to attack Battra, Monster X leapt across the lava pool and grabbed Mechagodzilla by the throat.

"Enough you idiot," said Ghidorah from the other side of the pool. "This is no time for stupid pride. Godzilla is at our mercy. We can virtually do anything we want to him. This infighting would be a waste of time and energy. It would be better spent deciding where to hit next. Can you set your petty differences aside for a few moments?

It was a few seconds before Mechagodzilla choked out a response. "Once your guard dog let's me go." Monster X looked over at Ghidorah who gave him a nod. He let go of the giant mecha and leapt back across the pool to his brother's side.

"Now that we've gotten out of the way," Orga said impatiently, "can we get back to the task at hand? I would prefer we not be here all night." Space Godzilla, who had been watching the events unfold with some amusement, snapped out of his stupor.

"Yes, I agree," he said. "We know where they have taken refuge. However, Mothra Island has a protective shield that prevents anyone who would cause a divine moth harm or damage the island itself from stepping on it. But, they cannot stay there forever. They need food and water which are not in abundance on the island. I propose we lay siege there until they have no choice but to surrender. Once we have won, our victory will be assured and one of the most powerful islands will have fallen to us and we would suffer very little casualties."

Space Godzilla did not even remotely care about the lives of his followers. However, he was no fool to think that any fight against his brother's kaiju would be easy nor that this would be the last fight. Some of them would undoubtedly be able to escape the siege ring and continue this tiring, though rather fun, war. He would need all the kaiju power he could get.

The other kaiju pondered his words. Most seemed to agree with it. However, Battra mulled over the entire plan repeatedly. Suddenly a thought came to him, one that might save them days of waiting, a skill that he knew most of their kaiju did not possess.

"There is a faster way," he began and the others looked to him quizzically. "A siege takes a lot of waiting and the majority of our kaiju don't have the patience to sit and wait for an enemy to surrender. I do know that my sister has kept the shield up all these years but it is like any other shield. With enough power it can be battered down and broken. Better yet, it may even drain her energy so that she would be out of any fight that ensued. I suggest that we instead repeatedly hit the barrier until it shatters. I mean, we have enough power in our ranks to destroy that thing. We would be in and out and would not have to worry about our guys doing something stupid out of boredom."

Silence shrouded the entire chamber. Not many kaiju would even remotely question Space Godzilla on anything. Often if someone did he would beat them to the brink of death. However, he was not doing that now. Instead he was sitting there pondering Battra's words. After a few minutes he looked at Battra. Though he did not like being questioned he could not afford to be stupid at this point. What Battra said made sense. It was true that many of his kaiju were not patient, especially when it came to battle. Just sitting there surrounding an island, that close to spilling blood, would cause them to act rashly and make a mess of the plans.

"Do you really think that we could beat down the barrier?" he asked.

"Yes," Battra replied. "I helped raise the shield after our father died. I do know its weaknesses and flaws. With enough power, which I believe you and Ghidorah would be enough, the barrier will not stand for very long. If we combine all of our kaiju's power, that wall will fall in a matter of hours and we won't be there for the days a siege would take. I believe it to be the fastest way."

"I personally agree," interjected Ghidorah. "A siege would take too long for any of our tastes and we would be ridding them of a safe house were any to escape the carnage. It's a good option."

Space Godzilla took a little while to respond. He had been eager to jump on Battra's idea at first. Then Ghidorah had to give his support to it. He hated ever agreeing with Ghidorah. He knew deep down that the three-headed dragon was after his position and he never wanted to be on the same side as him. However, he was smart enough to know that the plan was the best course of action. There were too many benefits to ignore.

"I agree," he reluctantly said. "In five days time we will launch our assault. Orga, prepare most of our kaiju for battle. We will leave Gabara and Titanosaurus to guard the prisoner and the rest of us will converge on Mothra Island and destroy it. We will not only break down it's shield but blow the island from the face of the ocean."

"But boss..." started Battra.

"The island holds no value for us," said Space Godzilla. "The power there is only for divine moths and while you may be one, your power can come from other sources. The island goes."

Just then Zilla burst into the chamber. He was out of breath and had a look of urgency about him. He came skidding to a stop at the edge of the pool next to Ghidorah. Space Godzilla was furious.

"What do you think you are doing?!" screamed Space Godzilla. "You know you are not allowed in here! There had better be a very good reason for you to be here or so help me I will roast you!"

"There is sir," huffed Zilla. "Manda is attempting an escape. Right now." Silence followed.

"How do you know that?" asked Space Godzilla.

"I helped her orchestrate it."

Manda sat in her cell impatiently. Zilla had informed her the night before that the tunnel to the sea was almost ready. She had often felt the vibrations in the earth as he dug. Her guards had also felt them at times but Zilla had been smart to schedule his excavations during the times when the more dim kaiju were on duty. Tonight Zilla had timed her escape for when the guard changed.

It wasn't long before she felt the ground underneath her bulge. Quickly she moved and Zilla's head rose from the ground. As fast as lightning he moved the earth around so that all of Manda's slim body could fit. As he worked she looked periodically over her shoulder to see if the new guards were on their way. At this moment they weren't.

As she looked back she saw that Zilla had made the hole significantly bigger. She could easily fit her entire body into it. She was amazed at the speed some kaiju could dig through the earth.

"Alright, do you remember the plan?" Zilla asked.

She nodded.

"Follow this tunnel until you come to the sea," he continued. "There will be a fork somewhere down the line. Take the path to the right. The one on the left will have been my route out. Once you reach the water head toward Mothra Island as fast as you can. All of the others have taken refuge there. Now go!" He dove back into the hole.

"Wait Zilla!" Manda called after him. He poked his head back out of the tunnel. "Are you sure there is no other alternative? I'm sure we could work something out."

Zilla just shook his head. "No Manda, there is not." Without another word he disappeared once again.

Manda hesitated for a second before following. She wished there was something she could do to bring him back with her. There was no doubt in her mind that she could at least make Godzilla see that he could be trusted. However, the more she thought about it the more she saw that he was right. He had to prove to the others that he was on their side and his plan was the only one that had any chance of working.

She soon realized that she had lingered too long. Quickly she dove into the hole head first. It had filled with water from the ocean, making it much more easy for her to navigate through. She sliced through the water as if it were nothing, making her way through the tunnel at speeds even Godzilla would have found amazing. She did not see hide or hair of Zilla. He had probably swam through quickly to insure she continued with the plan instead of wasting time trying to change his mind.

Soon she came up to the fork in the tunnel but did not hesitate in taking the path to the right. It wasn't long afterward that she could smell the open ocean and all the wonders it brought. She barged through the exit and out into the open sea. The freedom felt wonderful as well as the salty, cool water enveloping her body. She had not felt this alive for over a month.

However, her celebration had to be cut short. In the distance she saw two figures appear in the direction she needed to go. One was Ebirah, the giant lobster that had made her capture possible. The other was Zilla. Space Godzilla had sent two of his best water navigators to apprehend her.

Quickly she turned around and made a bee line in the other direction. She turned a corner of the island and tried her best to maneuver around the land mass and get on the other side of them. However, she was blocked by Titanosaurus. Every kaiju made for the water had been sent to bring her back.

She quickly let out an electric pulse. The shock stunned Titanosaurus and gave her enough time to go around him. She soon was headed back in the right direction. Suddenly, something landed on her back and started to force her toward the bottom of the ocean. She turned her head and saw Ebirah sitting there, a claw ready to strike.

As the claw opened and came down toward her, Manda feared that maybe Space Godzilla was actually going to kill her. However, Ebirah clamped down around her neck just hard enough that she could not escape. Again she sent an electrical pulse through the water but Ebirah's hard shell protected him from the blast. He began to bring her back to the surface, Zilla and Titanosaurus flanking him on both sides. They emerged from the water and came back to Baas Island's shore. Ebirah roughly threw her onto the sand at the feet of Space Godzilla who was waiting there.

"Nice try Manda," he said looking down at her. "I admire your bravery but it really is hopeless. There is no way you can escape from me. You will be my queen even if I have to force you."

Manda growled at him in response. Space Godzilla just laughed at her attempt at defiance.

"Guys, I think we shall move up our time table," he continued. "We move camp tonight to the new capital. We shall take our prize with us as well. I have no doubt she shall feel more at home on Monster Island." Manda just glared at him and Ebirah and Titanosaurus escorted her away. Zilla made to follow them but Space Godzilla stopped him.

Zilla, a moment if you please," he said. Zilla stopped and looked nervously at his leader. "Tell me again what you did exactly."

Zilla swallowed nervously. "To regain your trust I concocted a plan where I could prove my loyalty. So, I made Manda believe that I would help her and invented this elaborate escape plan. I would inform you of the escape attempt and would aid in recapturing her. That part of the plan went off easily. I just wanted to prove to you that I am loyal only to you. I know since New York you have had me watched and hoped to find some way of making you believe in me again."

Space Godzilla took all of this in. "So you went against your orders, won the trust of our prisoner, helped her escape, then recaptured her all to make me trust you again?"

Zilla nodded.

"Hmm, good work," Space Godzilla said. "You took initiative and proved that you remain ever loyal to me. I approve." Zilla smiled at these words, though the smile never really reached his eyes. Space Godzilla failed to notice. The giant kaiju began to walk past and as he did he back handed Zilla, knocking him to the ground.

"Sorry about that old friend," he said. "Though you do have my trust again I cannot be too lenient on kaiju who disobey orders. I have shown mercy though and that will be the extent of your punishment because of your motives. Get up when you are ready."

Zilla made no response. He was out cold.

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