The Kaiju World War

Chapter 20: Siege of Mothra Island

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Anguirus woke up to the sound of angry voices. He tried to curl back up and sleep but found that the blissfulness eluded him. The two voices grew louder and louder in volume and he realized they must be arguing. As his consciousness returned, he began to recognize the voices of Biollante and Kiryu and even overhear what they were arguing about.

"We should go and look for Godzilla," Biollante said. "He could be in trouble and need our help."

"Who cares," retorted Kiryu. "He left us of his own free will and hasn't been seen for days. He has truly abandoned us this time."

"How can you even say that?" Biollante asked. "He is one of your best friends and has always had your back. Not to mention we need more than ever right now. He may be the only one who can remotely beat Space Godzilla."

"No we don't!" Kiryu said, his voice rising. "We are doing just fine without him. And besides, I am perfectly capable of handling your little brother on my own. He isn't that tough."

"You know very well that neither of those statements are true," Biollante argued. "Space Godzilla holds so much power in his veins that if he were to exert himself at all, every machine, if it doesn't shut down completely, will at least not work as effectively. You and the other mechas are powerful enough that you could withstand the power damping effects but not enough that you could beat him. There are only a few kaiju who can hold their own against Space Godzilla, and you have indeed proven that you are one of them, but the only one to have actually beaten him was Godzilla. That is why we need him. Your just too stubborn to see that and it's because of that pride that he isn't here in the first place."

Kiryu was about to respond but a sudden whoosh of air silenced him. Rodan glided down and landed between the two. Once he did Anguirus relaxed somewhat. Kiryu and Biollante had been at each others' throats since Godzilla left four days ago and Rodan, probably one of if not the most level-headed kaiju was often the mediator.

"That's enough you two," Rodan said. "We cannot afford to fight among ourselves at the best of times. To do so now would be disastrous. Kiryu, get a grip. I am getting tired of you trying to nurse your wounded pride. You may be a formidable opponent but you are nowhere near as powerful as Godzilla. Stop trying to fool yourself into believing that you are. You made a mistake and instead of trying to prove that you didn't, accept the fact and either just admit it and go on with your life or do your best to try and fix it.

Biollante, he may have been wrong in his actions but to keep reminding him of his failures gets us nowhere. If anything it makes the situation worse. Forgive and forget. That is the best policy at times like this. We need to work together if we are remotely going to survive at all. I agree that we need to find Godzilla but right now we can't spare the time or kaiju to do so. It is only a matter of time before Space Godzilla knows what happened and takes the opportunity to attack us. We need to be ready. Now get back to your duties before I make you!" With that, the two walked off.

Anguirus had early on tried to be the mediator. As acting leader he saw it as his duty to keep the peace between them. However, his obvious bias towards Biollante made that near impossible. No matter what the situation his emotions would get the better of him and he would wind up attacking Kiryu as much as Biollante had. This area was definitely more Godzilla's or Rodan's forte. Both of them were good with people and Godzilla even understood how the others thought, able to read their emotions almost as well as Mothra.

After his first failed attempt to mediate, Anguirus had offered the position of acting leader to Rodan but the pteranodon had refused, stating that Godzilla would have wanted him to lead in his absence. However, Rodan had eased his load by handling the problem that Kiryu and Biollante posed. Though he sided with Biollante like everyone else, it did not show as readily as it did with Anguirus. While Anguirus would often wind up berating only Kiryu, Rodan would criticize them both. Slowly but surely he was working Kiryu down.

"That went well," said Anguirus as he sat down next to Roan.

"I promise Ang, I'm getting fed up with those two," Rodan responded. "I have no idea how Godzilla manages this on a regular bases. It would drive me insane."

"He has a way with others," said Ang. "Not to mention loads of practice. I would think you would too, at least after drawing from Anthony's memories. Doesn't his girlfriend have to be handled with care?"

"Who, Jana?" Rodan said. "Not to that extent. I mean, sure she is a little sensitive but usually the two can work things out easily. There isn't much to take from that."

A brief silence followed.

"However, there is something about Jana I don't get," Rodan said.

Anguirus looked at him puzzled. "Like what?"

"I don't know," continued Rodan. "There is some power that comes off of her. Every time I am Anthony I feel it. It feels strange and oddly powerful."

"Do you think she is also a kaiju?"

"I don't believe so. I mean, how many others can there be? When the shobijin saved us, there were nowhere near as many as there had been before. In fact, the power I feel is similar to what we feel when the shobijin ghosts appear."

This surprised Anguirus. "What do you think that means?"

Rodan shook his head. "I don't know. It could be nothing. Or it may even be that she has just been around our human forms so much that some of our power has leaked on to her. I don't know. Could be anything."

"Have you talked to Mothra?" Anguirus asked. "She may have some insight into what's going on. After all, she knows the power of the shobijin better than any other kaiju."

"No I haven't," Rodan responded. "I don't think I will until I can be sure something may be wrong with her. It may very well be nothing, could even be my imagination. I don't want to cause a stir until I have to. She is only human and does not need to be dragged into this. Don't forget that Anthony's emotions imprint on my mind as well. I love and care for her as much as he does and were any harm to befall her because of me I would feel the same grief and guilt Anthony would. No, until Jana needs to get involved she stays as far from this war as possible."

Anguirus nodded and the two sat there in companionable silence. They stared out into the night and took in all the scenery. Somewhere out there was their best friend, lost and alone in his emotions. They needed to find him and soon.

Miles away on Odo Island Will was near the end of his recovery. The past four days had been a mixture of relaxing and taxing. Throughout the entire time, Will had worried about his friends and was often found pacing up and down the beach. Miki had advised him to find something to keep him busy. He had attempted at helping the island inhabitants with their work but his mind was elsewhere and he became more a hindrance than a help. Akari too had tried her best to distract him, keeping him company and showing him the wonders of the island. But due to her not knowing Will that well, this had little effect as well.

Miki then decided on a course of action. She began to help Will in controlling his mind. Their sessions soon helped him to focus on the here and now and to help speed up his recovery. It wasn't long until she began training him in protecting his mind from mental probes. Godzilla had already received significant training in this area but if Will did not receive similar training his and Godzilla's thoughts would be vulnerable to attacks from telepaths and kaiju alike.

This afternoon he and Miki were going through a session. They sat on the floor of his room staring intently into each others' eyes. Akari was standing in the doorway watching. Will had learned quickly and already after four days could withstand Miki's strongest attacks.

"Concentrate Will," she said. He could feel her probes attempting to sift through his thoughts. Currently she was attempting to see his proposal to Becky. He refused to let her see that and instead focused on a brick wall. Miki had told him that the best way to hide anything from anyone trying to enter his thoughts was to focus every thought on some object or a thought he didn't mind them seeing. Miki's probe made every attempt she could to break his concentration but nothing worked. Will had succeeded in warding her off.

"Good job Will," she said smiling. "I think you have a chance now. Be warned though, a kaiju's power is ten times stronger than my own, so hope that one of them does not try to probe your mind. I don't think any human's defense could stand up against a kaiju."

"Thanks Miki," Will said. Thanks for everything. I don't think I would have gotten back on the horse if it hadn't been for you. How much longer do you think I need to be here?"

"I think you and Akari can leave in the morning," she responded. "Just head straight for the island. I think your friends would be happy to have a new ally join them." She smiled warmly at him.

Suddenly the sound of rushing water shook the cabin. Will quickly jumped to his feet, he knew that sound anywhere. A man then came rushing into the cabin. His face didn't show fear but instead that this was a common occurrence.

"Miss Miki, he's back," he said.

"Good, bring him here," Miki responded. Apparently, kaiju coming to their island happened every day. Despite the relaxed feel in the room Will did not sit back down. Something didn't feel right. Akari stepped out of the doorway to let the guest in. It was Zack.

"Will?" he asked in surprise.

Immediately Will went into defense mode. "Miki, Akari get behind me!"

"Whoa, calm down Will," Miki said. "There is nothing to be afraid of."

"Nothing to be afraid of?" Will asked in shock. Do you even know who this is?"

"Yes, he is Zack Milos, better known as Zilla." She said it with such calm that Will almost didn't ask his next question.

"What is he doing here?" he asked.

"Zack has been coming here ever since he stumbled across us about a month ago," Miki answered. "Ever since Space Godzilla captured Manda his emotions have been confused and he has taken to wandering around the islands trying to gather his thoughts. One day he saw Balkzardan and, surprised to see another kaiju, came to investigate. At first, both Akari and I were hesitant to approach a kaiju known to have fought with Space Godzilla but after probing his mind I saw his inner conflict and have been trying to help him ever since. In fact, I have probed his mind now and what he has to say may intrigue you."

She turned to Zack and gave him an encouraging nod. He looked into Miki's eyes and returned the nod. He took a deep breath and addressed Will.

"I am no longer with Space Godzilla or Drake, which ever you want to call him. All this time I've been trying to reach him and tell him that what he is doing is wrong but nothing worked. Miki finally convinced me that there was nothing I could do. So I have decided, to prove myself to you and the others that I really am no longer with him, to turn spy. However, I had lost his trust and had to regain it in order to gain any useful information. So, with Manda's help I came up with an elaborate plan to earn the trust. We staged an escape and made it look like I had been manipulating her while in reality I was worming my way back into his good graces. It worked and I have gained information that may help you."

He paused here and again looked at Miki for confirmation. When she again nodded at him to continue he took a breath and carried on.

"Space Godzilla intends to attack Mothra Island in the morning. Battra has informed him that the barrier that protects the island can be broken down with force and that is exactly what they intend to do tomorrow. They have also moved their capital to Monster Island and there, after the battle is over, he intends to force Manda to become his queen."

Silence followed. Rage filled Will's mind. How dare his brother take the woman he loved. The fire of battle welled up inside him and now nothing was going to stop him from saving his beloved. He made a move to exit but Miki stopped him.

"Not yet Will, you need one more day of rest," she said. "Think what can help your friends until then."

At first Will almost forced his way past Miki but remembering everything she did for him, he stopped himself. He thought for a few minutes. How could he help them from here? It wasn't long before he had an answer.

"Zack, get to Mothra Island and warn the others of this attack. The barrier won't stop you, it somehow can read your mind to tell if you have any intent to harm Mothra, the island itself or any beings she has harbored. Tell them to hold the fort for a few hours and that reinforcements will arrive quickly. That you can pass the barrier should be enough to convince them."

Zilla nodded and was quickly out the door. Will then turned to Akari.

"Get ready. Tomorrow at dawn we both go to battle. We will give them a little nasty surprise." Akari turned and ran out after Zack. Will turned back to Miki.

"Don't try to stop us," he said. "I can't stay here anymore. My friends need me and I will not abandon them."

Miki nodded. "No one will stop you. Go and end the menace and save your love. And Will, take good care of my daughter." She then left the room.

Will looked out the window. The sun was just setting giving off a beautiful red glow. He looked at his clock and it read six o'clock. Time would not go fast enough now that a battle was on the horizon. Will knew that if he didn't occupy himself he would just pace around his room. He decided that he would get something to eat. After all, he would need to keep up his strength. He got up and followed the others out of his room.

Stars shone brightly overhead as Anguirus and the rest of the council gathered in the dormant volcano that Mothra had often used as her sleeping quarters when she was here. He had called another meeting because they would need to do something with Godzilla missing. Every member had arrived, even Kiryu who had threatened to skip out on them. However, he had come and Ang was glad he did. He wanted his opinion as much as the others.

Once everyone had settled in he cleared his throat and began. "We all know the state we are in. Godzilla is missing, Space Godzilla is on the verge of wiping us out. We need some plan to strike back against them but first we need to find Godzilla. Without him we don't stand a chance."

Everyone agreed to this, even Kiryu much to Anguirus' surprise. Maybe someone had finally talked some sense into him.

"Great, now that we are all agreed I have organized search parties..." As he was talking, Mecha-King Ghidorah swooped in. He looked excited and not in the good way.

"Zilla is approaching the island," he said in a rush.

"What? Are you sure?" Anguirus asked.

"No doubt," MKG responded. "He moves through the water like a fish and the back spikes can't belong to anyone else. He doesn't seem to be slowing down either.

"Why didn't you stop him?!" Kiryu asked.

"Someone had to get here and warn you all," MKG said. "I left Gorosaurus to watch him. I suggest you all come at once." At that, he flew off. The others all headed for the exit with Rodan and Mothra following the mecha into the air.

It took them only seconds to reach the beach and what they saw caused a stunned silence to fall over them all. Zilla had walked right onto the beach and stood there facing Gorosaurus. Anguirus could not believe what he was seeing. A kaiju who had sided with Space Godzilla from the beginning had walked onto the island as if the barrier wasn't there. A quiet whoosh of air swept over Anguirus and Mothra hovered down.

"Is there something wrong with the shield?" he asked. "How did he get through?"

"No, there can't be," she responded. "The shield was constructed by very powerful magic that can only be either removed by the caster or beaten down. Magic is not like technology, it has no glitches and cannot be fooled or manipulated. No, he really must not mean us harm if he came through the barrier."

They then all grew quiet and listened to the confrontation unfold.

"Please Goro, I must talk to Anguirus," Zilla said. "It's urgent."

"Why should I allow you to go any farther?" Gorosaurus retorted. "What makes you think I would let you in the first place?"

"I walked through the barrier," was Zilla's only response.

Anguirus watched as Gorosaurus mulled over what Zilla said. It seemed that he was torn between his duty and what his eyes were telling him. Ang was facing a similar dilemma. With Godzilla gone he was in charge of the kaiju here and as such had to protect them as best he could. That meant not rushing into any decisions. Yet he could not deny what he was seeing here. A known enemy had waltzed right through the protective shield like it was nothing. If what Mothra said was correct, maybe he had to take a chance.

"Are you sure this isn't some allusion?" he asked Mothra.

"Only three kaiju were powerful enough to cast any type of counter spell," she responded. "All three are dead and gone."

Anguirus nodded. His instincts were all screaming at him to send Zilla off of the island. However, the last time he had ignored him six cities had been attacked. He was no fool, he had to take a chance. He stepped out of the trees and approached the pair.

"It's alright Gorosaurus," he said. "I'll hear what he has to say." The two jumped being so focused on the moment they never noticed the others arrive. Gorosaurus looked hesitant while Zilla seemed relieved. Anguirus gave Gorosaurus a nod and the kaiju backed into the foliage with the others where they remained watching.

"What is so urgent that you risked coming here?" Ang asked.

"You need to get everyone ready," Zilla said jumping right in. "Space Godzilla plans to attack tomorrow and not only kill all of you but destroy the island as well. Battra has told him that the shield can be beaten down with enough power. They have the strength to do it and with the barrage I would guess it would be only a matter of hours before it falls. I have been told to tell you to hold out for as long as you can. Reinforcements will arrive and help you."

"Who told you that?" Ang asked.

"Godzilla," Zilla responded.

Shocked Anguirus stared at the kaiju in front of him. "Why should I believe you?"

"I got through the shield," was all Zilla said.

This was a difficult situation for Anguirus. He had to admit that all the evidence was in Zilla's favor. He had made it through the barrier and had come to an island where he should have been killed. Despite his instincts, he knew that he had to take a chance on this.

"Alright Zilla," he said. "We'll be ready."

Space Godzilla stared out over the sea. The sun was rising and his followers were all around him. This was the day. Today he would gain unofficial victory. After today nobody would be able to stand against him.

Footsteps and the sound of buzzing wings behind him turned his attention away from the sea. Gigan stood to his right, an excited gleam in his eye. Megaguirus hovered on his left, her eyes filled with nervousness. Space Godzilla silently scoffed at his queen. She had never been much of a fighter, preferring more to hiding behind those more powerful than herself. This was why he wanted Manda. He wanted a mate not afraid to fend for herself, able to protect any heir he might have. Megaguirus definitely did not fit that mold. He turned his attention back to sea, taking in the moment.

"Ready sir?" Gigan asked.

"Yes," Space Godzilla responded. "Let's move."

The same sunrise was shining on Will and Akari as they walked toward the ocean. Will was ready for the coming battle yet Akari was clearly nervous. She let out a sigh and took many deep breaths. She looked like she was about to be sick. Will decided he had best get her mind off of it.

"Are you excited about being with people like you?" he asked. She turned to him and gave a small smile.

"Very," she responded. "I have felt a pull to leave this island for months now. I could feel Balkzardan's emotions and it always felt like something was missing. She felt incomplete. But yet she always felt elated when we saw you guys on the TV, especially when we saw one kaiju in particular."

"Oh, which one?" Will asked.

"I can't remember his name," she said. "He was one of the kaiju who fought in New York when you all first emerged. He had a crown of spikes on his head, walked on all fours, had a long clubbed tail, and his most distinguishing feature was the armor of spikes on his back."

Will smiled. "That was Anguirus, Godzilla's best friend. Not to mention his human transformation is my best friend Nash. You should meet him. I think you'd like him." He gave her a sly wink. She just smiled in return.

"Well enough with this small talk," he said. "Shall we be going?" She nodded and the two began to transform.

When Godzilla had fully emerged he looked at the kaiju who had replaced Akari. She was a four-legged, reptilian kaiju with black and white scales. Two white spikes rose from her shoulders and each had a golden spur attached. Her tail had six more of these spurs and another two protruded from her cheeks like golden tusks. Her eyes were a bright yellow and seemed to shine with their own inner light. She was lean, muscular and everything Godzilla remembered her to be. It was good to have her back. The two acknowledged each other and headed out into the sea.

Tension was in the air at Mothra Island. It was so thick Anguirus thought he could cut a hole in the air with the horn on his nose. Beside him stood Rodan and Kiryu, each ready to face whatever came their way. The other kaiju were spread out around the edge of the island keeping watch for the enemies approach and concealed as best as they could be in the foliage. Nothing stirred except the lap of the water against the beach.

Suddenly explosions rocked the island. The sky above seemed to be blocked out by the fire as the missiles hit the barrier. They all looked into the sky and there was Mechagodzilla hovering in the air, King Ghidorah at his side. Kiryu took off to meet his brother and soon he was joined by MKG who engaged his father. The two seemed surprised to meet such resistance. Apparently they had expected this to be a surprise attack.

Not far out to sea, Space Godzilla was watching the same confrontation. He was shocked to see two kaiju almost immediately engage Mechagodzilla and Ghidorah. This was suppose to be a surprise attack. How had they known about it? With a hand signal, he sent Super Mechagodzilla into battle to help his brother. Then he, Gigan and Destroyah approached the island. With a single roar from him they began their barrage on the wall.

Anguirus watched the battle in the sky. The surprise retaliation had shaken the two kaiju. Kiryu had soon gained the upper hand over his older brother and had nearly knocked him out of the sky. However, the silhouette of a new foe emerged on the horizon. It was SMG, Kiryu's other brother. He and MKG soon saw the mecha coming and immediately fled for the cover of the shield. Mechagodzilla did not want his brother to get away however. He charged after him but once he reached the edge of the shield he seemed to collide with a brick wall. The ricochet was so powerful that he rebounded into Ghidorah. Anguirus couldn't help but laugh.

However, once Kiryu and MKG had retreated the barrage began in earnest. Wave after wave of power hit the wall and the island began to shake. Mothra and Gamera landed next to Anguirus. The divine moth looked worried.

"I can feel it giving," she said. "I hope those reinforcements Godzilla promised get here soon."

"You did have contingencies in case this happened didn't you?" asked Anguirus.

"In a manner of speaking," she responded. "The whole wall will not collapse at once. And if a hole appears it will reform. We just have to give it time. However, if the whole barrier falls it will not regenerate, it will be gone."

Another wave of energy shook the island as the barrage continued. The shield rippled and what looked like static ran up and down its surface. Suddenly they all converged their fire power on one spot. It flickered for a brief moment but help. The barrage intensified on that one spot and the kaiju were so focused on it that they almost missed an enemy approach to their right.

However, Anguirus just caught movement out of the corner of his eye. He looked in that direction and Monster X was flying right at the weakened spot at full speed. Anguirus let out a roar of warning but was too late. The kaiju threw a mighty punch and shattered that section of the wall.

The effects were instantaneous. Immediately the wall began to reform but was too slow to make up for it in time. Behind X, kaiju started to swarm the hole and attempt to make their way onto the island. Anguirus began to take defensive measures but before he could do anything Gamera sprang into action.

"Rodan, sling-shot!" he screamed at the pteranodon. Rodan took to the air and Gamera grabbed him by the feet. The two of them spun in a circle at insane speeds and right when Rodan was facing the breach Gamera released. He plunged toward the gap like a javelin straight at X. At the last moment, right before Gamera reached him, he flipped to where his shell faced X and the other kaiju. He slammed into Ghidorah's brother with enough force to split the ground. X didn't just stumble back but flew as if he had been shot from a cannon. The kaiju behind him didn't even have a chance to move. As soon as X was launched each, one behind him was hit and fell over, like Gamera had just gotten a strike in bowling. Gamera's quick thinking had given Anguirus time to take action.

"Mothra, signal Jet and M.O.G.U.R.A," he said. "Everyone else, form a blockade around the breach. We have to give the wall time to reform." Out of the foliage the other kaiju emerged. They joined Gamera at the hole and stood ready to defend it from any intruders.

Appalled, Space Godzilla watched as Monster X flew away from the island. He landed with a huge splash not far from where he stood with Destroyah and Gigan. Both of his minions stared dumbfounded at where X had gone under.

"What the..." was all Gigan could say. Destroyah just growled. One look at him and Space Godzilla knew it was time to let the mad dog off its leash.

"Destroyah, go have your fun," he said, nodding toward the island. Destroyah's eyes lit up and he rocketed away. He was finally going to have a taste of blood. However, before the red kaiju could get very far, something plummeted out of the sky and sent Destroyah into the water. Space Godzilla and Gigan hesitantly approached the spot where the big kaiju had sank but before they could Destroyah sprang from the water in a tussle with Jet Jaguar.

They made a move to help him but were stopped from a barrage of lasers and missiles. They looked up and M.O.G.U.R.A was slowly approaching them, weapons ablaze. Enraged, both Space Godzilla and Gigan took to the skies. M.O.G.U.R.A's weapons hindered their progress but it wasn't enough. They soon had him in their clutches and threw him to earth with a huge splash.

Gigan then went and ripped Jet away from Destroyah and threw him on top of the other mecha. Destroyah made a move to leap on the two of them but Gigan held him back. Space Godzilla landed next to them fuming. Jet courageously stood his ground and faced the three mighty kaiju in front of him. He knew he did not stand a chance against these three by himself and M.O.G.U.R.A was currently out of the fight. He braced himself for his death.

Space Godzilla was going to kill these two for their interference. He and the others began to gather energy ready to kill them. However, as they were in the process of firing, something rammed into them at a great speed, knocking their shots wide. Space Godzilla was able to catch a glimpse of it as it flew toward the main battle and all he saw was a streak of yellow. They all stared after it in wonder and as they did something rose from the water behind them. A voice spoke, one that filled Space Godzilla with dread.

"Hello brother."

Anguirus and the others were holding their own and the wall was getting close to healing. Currently he had his teeth fastened in Titanosaurus' long neck. The dinosaur was putting up quite a fight but it wasn't long until Ang had him pinned. He looked up from his fight and saw the others faring pretty good on their own. Kong was keeping SMG under control, Monster X was locked in a fierce battle with Gamera and the skies were a great light show as three separate dog fights ensued.

Out of nowhere an agonized roar split the air. Ang looked over and saw Baragon pinned under Muto who was pummeling him relentlessly. Baragon, for all his strength, could not shake him off. Anguirus gave Titanosaurus one final kick and made his way to help Baragon. But as he did so a yellow blur flew over the top of the little red kaiju and knocked Muto away. Stunned, Muto fell into the ocean.

The same blur then zipped through the battle and knocked all their opponents over. The shock was so great that even the airborne fighters paused. Suddenly three figures fell from the sky. Anguirus was surprised to see that it was Space Godzilla, Gigan, and Destroyah. He looked up and there in the arms of Jet was Godzilla, M.O.G.U.R.A. flying behind.

Jet let Godzilla down next to Anguirus and the yellow blur zipped to his side. When he saw who it was Ang had to do a double take. It was Balkzardan. Ang was at a loss for words. After all these years, here was his beloved. She appeared to be alive and well and now she was here fighting at his side once again.

But he could not let his emotions get to him right now, there was a battle to be won. However, he need not have worried about it. At the arrival of Godzilla and Balkzardan, along with the sky raining kaiju, everything had come to a halt. Godzilla stood at the front of his kaiju and stared down those who would oppose his rein.

The enemy stood there stunned at what they had just seen. Their fearless leader had just fallen out of the sky and been beaten by his enemy. Currently, Orga and Mechagodzilla were helping him to his feet. The two brothers stared at each other and every kaiju could almost see the daggers flying between them.

"Leave brother," said Godzilla with enough force behind his words that even his father, Super Godzilla would have shivered. "Leave while I still allow it. We will settle this another day."

Space Godzilla glared at him and it was a moment before he responded. "This is not over Godzilla. We will be back."

With that, he nodded at his troops and they took off. Within moments they had vanished over the horizon.

To those of you who wanted Balkzardan to be with Rodan, I apologize. If you remember from the first chapter, his human had a girlfriend and she will play a bigger part in the second story. I hope you all can accept what I decided on doing. Thanks.

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