The Kaiju World War

Chapter 21: Anger, Forgiveness, Reunion

To Machine Dragon: I already accepted it. I just hoped the readers could. And thanks for the support and ideas.

To Matt: This is the first in a trilogy I have had planned for a long time.

To all readers: Sorry for the wait.

Tension was in the air as Space Godzilla and his followers left Mothra Island. Anger welled up inside of him to the breaking point. It was so intense that he could not control his power completely. A wave of telekinetic force shot out from him causing a huge amount of water to fly into the air, soaking many of his soldiers. They all looked at their terrifying leader in fear and none dared approach him. None that is except for Gigan. Out of them all, he was the only one who could be in Space Godzilla's presence when he was angry.

"What is it my lord?" he asked quietly, not wanting the others to overhear anything. Space Godzilla quickly put a finger to his lips indicating Gigan to be quiet. He cautiously looked around to make sure no one was listening. Gigan then heard Space Godzilla's voice inside his head.

"How on earth did they know?" he asked. "We did everything we could to keep this quiet and yet they still knew we were coming. This was to be my moment of triumph, my time to rise above my brother as the king of all kaiju. Now here we are, returning to Monster Island in shame!"

"The simple answer," said Gigan, "is that we have a traitor in our midst." Space Godzilla stared at his lieutenant in silence for a moment.

"Who would dare betray me?" he asked, barely keeping back his anger and letting loose another wave of power.

"Not very many," Gigan replied. "I will admit very few of your kaiju are deathly loyal to you but even fewer have the brass to turn on you. If you want my opinion it was Battra. It was his idea to change the plan, not to mention that he was the last to join our cause. Let's not also forget that his sister is with the enemy. I can't think of any other likely candidate."

Space Godzilla took a minute before answering. "I can already rule out you, Megaguirus, Mechagodzilla, and Orga. I also have no reason to suspect Destroyah, his mind is too far gone and under my control to be that kind of threat. Hedorah would not even be welcomed with them anymore, and Megalon is loyal to you and through that me. I know you had your suspicions about Zilla but after that stunt he pulled with Manda he would not go against me and then Gabara is too much of a coward to. That leaves everyone else. I want you and the other kaiju I mentioned to keep an eye on the others, especially Ghidorah and Battra. Make sure that they don't know what you are doing and hopefully we catch this traitor. He is going to wish he had kept his loyalties to me when I'm done with him." With that he ended their connection and glided away.

Gigan watched his leader go. He would obey this command but he would add one other kaiju to that list. Though Space Godzilla trusted Zilla there was something off about him. His wounds were just as serious as any of theirs but that could be part of an elaborate cover scheme. No, his suspicions about Zilla did not vanish on the words of Space Godzilla. He would keep a close eye on the kaiju and even employ Megalon to help him. He would find the traitor and once he did that kaiju would wish that Space Godzilla had found him first. They would learn exactly why he was Space Godzilla's most loyal follower.

Back on Mothra Island the atmosphere was very different. Everyone was overjoyed at their victory. Not only that but the sight of both Godzilla and Balkzardan were enough to make anyone happy. Once the enemy had left they had all swarmed the two of them. Varan and Baragon, Balkzardan's brothers, had been the first to reach her. Of course they would have been the first to greet her, having thought she was dead since before the war with Space Godzilla had been a thing.

Godzilla watched all of this with a mixture of happiness and sadness. If only Manda had been here to see this. She should have been here to see her sister was still alive after all. As he thought about this, Godzilla felt a flicker of hope that just maybe he would be able to rescue her after all. Now they had a kaiju on the inside and with Zilla's help things would be so much easier. Godzilla looked out over his kaiju once again and noticed that someone else was missing. Where was Kiryu?

"I can't believe she is alive," said a voice beside him. Godzilla jumped at the noise. He had been so absorbed in his own thoughts that he had not even heard the kaiju approach. He turned to see Anguirus, Rodan, Biollante, and Mothra at his side. Ang was staring at Balkzardan with the most stunned look. Godzilla couldn't help but smile at his best friend. For years Ang had mourned for what they had all thought was the death of a great ally and friend. His love for her had been as strong as his for Manda and now that she was alive very few would be more happy than Anguirus.

"The story is even more amazing," he said to his friend. "You should let her tell it to you." There was a comfortable silence between the five them for a few moments.

"What happened while you were gone?" Rodan finally asked. "How on earth did you stumble across another kaiju out there? I thought they were all gone except for us."

"It's a long story," Godzilla said. He then went on to explain how he had wound up on Odo Island and the incident with the two punks. How he had woken up in a small house to be greeted by Miki Saegusa and her beautiful daughter Akari and learned that Balkzardan's spirit had been put into Akari as a baby. Then his four grueling days on the island, worrying about Manda and everyone else and how Zack had shown up the last of those days and told him of the attack on Mothra Island and that he had turned spy. He finally came to the end of the story of where he and Balkzardan had left the island to come here and aided them in the fight.

Once he had finished the others stared at him in amazement. All four of them turned their gaze toward the kaiju now being swarmed by all her friends. If she had been out there, who knew if there were more humans who hosted a kaiju.

After a pause, Anguirus spoke up. "She is just as beautiful as I remember her." They all shared a laugh at the misty look he was giving her. Anguirus blushed as much as his gray, scaly skin would allow and hung his head.

"Yes she is," Godzilla managed to say through his mirth. "And you just wait until Nash sees her human form. Even by our standards she is beautiful. I doubt a mere human like him will be able to ignore her for long." He gave his friend a sly wink.

"You had better get in line Ang," Biollante teased. "You may not get to talk to her if you don't." Despite his embarrassment Ang nodded at them stoically and walked off.

Once the spiked kaiju had left, the rest of them stood there in silence watching the events unfold in front of them. However, Godzilla looked over their heads and kept looking for Kiryu. His greatest desire right now was to find his old friend and mend their friendship.

"He's not here," Rodan said beside him. Despite his like of telepathic powers he, along with Anguirus and Manda, could always seem to know exactly what he was thinking. "After the battle he headed deeper into the island. If you go now you may be able to catch him."

"Thanks Rodan," Godzilla responded. "Wish me luck." With that he walked off.

The others were too absorbed in Balkzardan to even notice him as he passed. She had been very popular in the days before Orochi rebelled and her supposed death had devastated many, especially her siblings who had not sided with Orochi as well as Ang. It was no wonder that they ignored Godzilla and he had to admit he liked it, not being the center of attention for once.

He headed into the island's interior. At first he could not see any sign of Kiryu but then the sunlight shown off of something metal. Godzilla looked in that direction and there was the giant mecha standing there, looking out to sea. Godzilla slowly walked over to him and stood beside him.

"Enjoying the view?" he asked.

Kiryu lowered his head. "Ever since I gained sentience the ocean has intrigued me. It's where I go to think. Not much unlike your human Will. If Kelton's memories are correct he did much the same thing at college."

"Yes he did," Godzilla responded. "One of the signs that he was my host." An uncomfortable silence stretched between them. Kiryu had never been good at apologizing or these kinds of situations. If they were going to get through this Godzilla would have to start.

"Kiryu, I'm sorry," he began. "You were right. I was selfish and saw everyone's problems as insignificant compared to mine. I was just so upset. I felt that I had lost my only hope to have a family and the grief consumed me so much that I dumped all my responsibilities on Ang. I am not making excuses, because there is nothing to excuse what I did. I realize what I need to do to strengthen my resolve. You have my word that it won't happen again."He turned to leave but Kiryu shot out a hand and placed it on his shoulder.

"Wait," the mecha said. "You are right, there is nothing to excuse you from what you did. But likewise there was no reason for me to lash out at you, insulting both you and Manda. I was angry and felt abandoned. You know my past. Once my brothers and I had gained sentience the humans who had created us wanted nothing to do with us. They abandoned us out in the ocean and left us to be killed off by the kaiju we had been built to fight.

However, it was our own enemies who had saved us and took us in. You all took care of us and helped us to control our minds and powers. Then my brothers abandoned me when Space Godzilla started his rebellion. I have felt alone despite there being three other mechas who remained faithful to you. They were not my brothers, not my family. As the years passed, I came to see you, Ang and Rodan as my family. Then to see you leave us to fight the enemy alone brought those feelings of abandonment back and I grew angry. I could not stand it again. I was not thinking clearly and needed someone to lash out at.

That just made things worse and just drove a bigger rift between us and gave the enemy exactly what they wanted. Godzilla, I am sorry. I have no idea what you are going through and at least in kaiju form never will. I had no right to behave the way I did and like you I vow to never do it again."

In response, Godzilla place a hand on his friend's metallic shoulder. "I forgive you Kiryu. We both acted like fools. If it ever happens again, let's both attempt to make things right as soon as it does."

There was a pause after these words. Many emotions were going through the two friends' minds. There was happiness that they were now able to bury the hatchet. Another was relief that now they were united once more. But there was also sadness at what it took to reach it. However, the other emotions outweighed this and they clasped each others' wrist.

"Hey, I forgot that Balkzardan disappeared before you arrived," Godzilla said. "Let's go and meet her, that is if Anguirus could let her go for a second or two." The two friends laughed heartily and walked back to the others.

After he had left the others, Anguirus had waited patiently to approach Balkzardan. It was like sitting on needles. He rocked back and forth on his heels and waited until everyone else left. As he did he noticed movement to his left. He casually glanced that way and saw Rodan there.

"Having trouble?" the pteranodon asked.

Anguirus nodded. "It has been what, thirty of forty years since she disappeared. Now she has suddenly been thrown back into my life. What if she doesn't love me like before? What if she forgot all about me? I don't think I could stand that. It would be like losing her a second time."

Rodan looked at his friend and smiled. "I understand how you feel. But you can't let that stop you from trying. You will never know unless you two talk. And don't forget, Godzilla talked like she hadn't. Look, now is your chance."

Anguirus shot his gaze over to her. Everyone had left her side except her brothers. They were standing beside her like two bodyguards.

"Go on," Rodan said, giving him a light pat on the back. "Don't worry about Varan and Baragon. They won't keep you away from her. At least they aren't her father."

Anguirus shuddered at the thought of that eight-headed menace. He indeed would not have allowed him anywhere near any of his three daughters when he had been young. However, Balkzardan was the only one who had held him at all. Manda had been Godzilla's soul mate from the beginning and the other had been a spoiled brat and had remained loyal to Orochi during his rebellion. No Balkzardan had been the only one for him. He had loved her so much that they secretly were seeing each other before the war began.

He swallowed nervously and approached her slowly. As he did, the three of them turned their heads toward him. Once his and Balkzardan's eyes met Anguirus stopped. It was like fireworks were going off in his head. His heart began to race and he was happy to see her eyes light up with joy as well as a smile break out on her face. She turned to her brothers, spoke something to them and they walked off.

Once they were out of sight, Anguirus continued toward her but in the blink of an eye she was nuzzling him beneath his chin. Like a cat she rubbed up against him and Anguirus playfully nuzzled her back. They circled each other, occasionally jumping on each other and rolling on the ground. To anyone who watched them it looked like two giant cats playing. It wasn't long until they were both curled up on the ground snuggled close together.

"I missed you Ang," she said. She nuzzled his chin again and gave him a lick on the cheek.

"And I missed you Balky," he said, using the pet name he had given her. He gave her a lick on the head as he said it. "What happened to you all those years ago?"

It was a moment before answered. "Dad had figured out about us not long before he began the war. During his build up to it he had observed to see which of his children would remain loyal to him and which he could manipulate. From the beginning he knew that Varan, Manda, and Baragon were too close to Godzilla and his family. However, he hoped to keep me, since I was definitely one of his more powerful children which is why he didn't let me see you, the kaiju prince's best friend.

However, once he found out that we were seeing each other he had to remove me from the equation. I was too powerful to be in the hands of his enemy. So, he sent Burning Godzilla, Godzilla's uncle, to kill me. I was ambushed by that terror and would have died had it not been for Gigamoth. He fought off BG and drove him away.

Despite his best efforts he could not heal me. He tried everything but my wounds had been inflicted by one of the most powerful kaiju of the time and would not heal fast enough. I was dieing. Then Gigamoth told me of a spell that could save me. I would be separated from my body and my spirit would wander the world until it found a suitable human host. Well, he did and it wasn't until twenty-one years ago that I found Akari Shinjo. She became my host and I waited all this time to rejoin my brethren, who I believed had been killed by my father.

It wasn't until a month ago that I felt other kaiju and my desire became stronger. Akari had observed you all on their television and through her memories I learned that you were alive and I grew more excited. You had defeated my father and were safe.

I wanted to leave at once but Akari's mother Miki said it was too dangerous. She told her that you all were at war with some of my old friends and that it would be unsafe for me to return. That all changed when Godzilla washed up on our island. Once he came Miki finally allowed me to leave and Godzilla and I came to fight with you in defense of this island."

As she finished her story, Anguirus looked at her in amazement. She had gone through the same ordeal he had but years earlier. He knew that he would have to thank Mothra. It was because of her dad that he had his beloved back. There were many things he wanted to say but none seemed right. Instead he just nuzzled her again.

"I vow to never let that happen again," he finally said. "From now on I will always have your back. If anyone wants to harm you they go through me."

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