The Kaiju World War

Chapter 23: Reclaiming a Home

Here we go guys, the next to last chapter. I really enjoyed writing this one and hope you enjoy reading it. Thanks for the support.

Storm clouds gathered in the mid-afternoon sky on the small California beach. Will stood on the edge of the shore looking out to sea. His friends were all around him, Anthony and Dallas already changed into Rodan and Jet Jaguar. The trip from Kentucky to California had felt like a long one though in reality had only been a few hours thanks to the speed of Rodan and Jet. On this day they wold reclaim their home. Or at least their kaiju's home. Not only that but he would be reunited with Becky at last. As Will looked out into the ocean Nash came up beside him.

"It's time," he said. "If we want to reach the island by sundown we need to leave now."

Will nodded. "Alright Nash."

He turned to look at his friends. Nash, Anthony and Kelton, the three men who were like three extra brothers to him. Sarah, Sam and Harley, all members of his real family who had remained loyal to him through it all. Savanna Nigels and Leah Landon, two girls so sweet and gentle that Will hated to see them go to battle with him. Rachel and John who both had hearts the size of the kaiju they turned into. Gavin and Hans, Becky's brothers who would do everything to protect their sister and her happiness. Akari Saegusa and David Quan, both strong in their own way. Daniel Cassaway and Gabe Challos, men who would fight for their beliefs and never shirk from a fight. And last but not least, Keith and Dallas, easily his strongest fighters.

These men and women would stand by him no matter what happened. They trusted him to the utmost and that thought humbled him. He did not believe himself worthy of that trust and responsibility. He just hoped that he could live up to their expectations. This day would prove whether he could or couldn't.

"My friends," Will began slowly. "I will not lie to you. Today is one of the most important that we will ever face. Today, we fight not just for ourselves but the entire human race, the entire planet itself. This night will decide who is the true king, me or Drake, a.k.a Space Godzilla. There can be no retreat. If we lose here everything we hold dear, our friends, family and homes, will be gone, stripped away by the cruelty of my brother. Think on that as we fight tonight. Let that give you strength when you think you have none left. I know that I am asking you to sacrifice your lives but we are doing it to save those we love. Have we not been taught all our lives to do just that? No sacrifice is greater than to lay down our lives for our friends. This night we will not only rescue Becky but also save humanity from a terrible fate. Think on this as we fight! Now, who is with me!"

Will lifted his fist into the air and as he did so the did others, raising their voices as well. They were ready for this and knew exactly what they were getting into. Will knew that only death would stop them from reaching their goal. He just hoped that none would actually have to die. He turned back to the ocean and as he did he heard Godzilla's voice in his head.

"Nice speech," he said. "I don't think that I could have done any better." Will smiled at the kaiju king's praise. He then transformed into the giant monster and let out a mighty roar. He turned and saw that everyone else had also changed. With that, they stepped into the ocean and headed for home.

Godzilla and his kaiju slowly approached Monster Island. Once they were close to shore Godzilla and the others slowly raised their heads above the waves, doing their best not to cause the usual tidal waves that resulted from their surfacing. The sun was setting behind the island, telling him that they were on the eastern side. Zilla had been able to contact and inform them that he had been given a guard post on the western side. With a hand gesture, they all went back underwater and swam around the edges of the shore until they surfaced facing east.

The first thing Godzilla noticed was Zilla waving excitedly at them and gesturing for them to approach. They did but very slowly, each one of them looking for any of the other sentries. Once they reached the shore Zilla was standing there, waiting.

"Good, you all made it," he said. "There are three other sentries at the other points of the compass. They are Muto, Ebirah and Titanosaurus. I would suggest you take them out and avoid the center of the island until you are ready to engage Space Godzilla. He has already gathered the others there, along with Manda."

"Thanks Zilla," Godzilla said. "I am sorry about what has to happen next." The night before they had agreed that to keep his cover intact they would have to knock him unconscious like the others.

"It needs to be done," Zilla responded with a small smile on his face. "Just make it quick." Godzilla nodded and gestured to Kong.

"Just go slack," the ape said. "Don't tense up or it will hurt a lot worse." Zilla nodded and got into position. As Kong raised his fist, Zilla put up a hand to stop him.

"I just want you to know that once I wake up I will not be your friend," he said. "I will fight just as viciously as the others in order to keep my cover."

"Understood," Godzilla said and he nodded to Kong to continue. The great ape threw his punch and hit Zilla hard under the jaw. He dropped like a rock but before he hit the ground Komodithrax ran up and caught him. She gently laid him onto the ground where he stayed. He was out cold. She then gave him a gentle kiss and ran back into the ranks of the kaiju.

"Alright, let's move on," Godzilla said. "Rodan, take Caesar and Varan and take out the other three sentries. But do it as quietly as possible, we don't want them knowing we are here before we're ready."

Rodan nodded and he and the other two kaiju were off. With that, Godzilla and the others headed for the center of the island. They soon reached the mountain that marked the center and halted in their approach. This was going to be the moment of truth.

"Anguirus," Godzilla called softly behind him. The spiked kaiju made his way up beside his friend. "Take the others and head to the other side of the mountain. Gather there and send Balkzardan to alert the others to your position. Get as close as you can without being seen. I'm going to confront my bother. You all will know when to intervene."

"Are you sure that is such a smart idea?" Anguirus asked, giving him a skeptical look. "You should probably have someone with you."

Godzilla just shook his head. "I need to do this on my own. After all, this is a family matter. Plus it would be a good diversion for y'all to get into position."

Anguirus sniggered. "You said y'all. I guess Will is coming out in you after all."

Godzilla glared at him. "I'm glad you can make jokes at a time like this but could you please keep focused on the task at hand?"

Anguirus nodded reluctantly, his smile fading. "Just be careful. And if you get into trouble I will jump in to help, no matter what your orders."

Godzilla smiled at his friend and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I would expect nothing less. Don't worry about me, just worry about what you have to do. Now get going." The two friends looked at each other for a minute. Then they both raised a hand and gave each other a fist bump, the one thing their human parts had taught them that they absolutely loved.

Then they parted ways, Anguirus and the rest of the kaiju heading off behind the mountain while Godzilla headed off right to the base. As he did he kept his footfalls light, his feet barely making any noise as the touched the ground. He slowly crested a ridge and peered over the edge. The sight that met his eyes did not surprise him in the least.

At the base of the mountain were all the kaiju loyal to his brother. Anticipation was heavy in the air and all eyes were turned toward the mountain. Godzilla turned his own gaze in that direction. There was a large precipice that stuck out from it with another, smaller ledge underneath. On the smaller of the two were three more kaiju, Gigan, Megaguirus, and Mechagodzilla. Gigan and Mechagodzilla were looking down over the others with huge grins on their faces but Megaguirus was looking longingly up at the ledge above them, at the kaiju who stood there looking over them all. It was Space Godzilla, the last rays of the setting sun sending his shoulder crystals into sharp contrast and bathing the clearing in their light.

The sight of his brother on that ledge filled him with anger. It was from that very ledge that their father Super Godzilla had addressed his followers. Godzilla had refused to do the same when he had become king, believing that he could never replace or be better than his father. Space Godzilla on the other hand had no such hesitations. No doubt he believed himself better than their father and that he deserved to be where he was now.

Godzilla was also confused why Megaguirus was not up there with him. In the past, their mother Ghost Godzilla had always been up there with their father, his queen giving full support to everything he said. Megaguirus was his equivalent and should be at his brother's side. Was he just that arrogant to not allow it? It did not take Godzilla long to figure out the answer.

"Bring the prisoner!" his brother called. Godzilla quickly turned his head to gaze out into the crowd below. Soon he spotted three kaiju walking among them and one stood out very clearly to him. It was Manda. She walked forward with all the dignity and grace she could muster, her head held high. Flanking her on both sides were her guards Orga and Destroyah. At the sight of her Godzilla immediately wanted to run to her but he knew that would be suicide. Not only did she have two of Space Godzilla's strongest fighters guarding her but there was also the throng of enemy kaiju around them. He would be killed before he ever reached her.

Once Manda and her guards reached the base of the mountain they separated. She made her way slowly up the slope, the whole time watched by Megaguirus who did not seem at all happy to see her. A thick silence fell over the crowd as they watched her, all excited to see what would happen next. It wasn't long before she reached the precipice.

"Yes SG?" she asked, using the nickname they had all given Space Godzilla to tease him. At this the entire crowd gasped at this blatant show of disrespect, with Gigan and Mechagodzilla letting loose low growls. Space Godzilla raised a hand to stop them.

"I trust your quarters were comfortable?" he asked, completely ignoring the blatant jab.

"Yes, quite," Manda responded. "Much more comfortable than that dung heap you all call home." Godzilla couldn't help but smile. His mate was keeping a cool head even amongst all these enemies. He doubted that she even knew they were here so her defiance was nothing short of remarkable.

Space Godzilla however did not share his enthusiasm. It was clear even from where Godzilla was hiding that he was getting angry.

"I hoped it would help you see who I really am," Space Godzilla said, fighting hard to keep his emotions in check. "That I am not as bad as you have been led to believe. I can be kind, generous and merciful. Not only did I give you much more comfortable quarters but I also brought you home.

Have you reconsidered my offer? Joining me wouldn't be so bad now would it? We could rule all of the kaiju world together. You could stand by my side as my mother did with my father. Being my queen would be so much more fulfilling than if you were my brother's. Nothing would be held from you and you could do whatever you wanted. You would truly be the queen of the world."

Godzilla felt rage spike inside him. So this was what his brother had intended for Manda. It would indeed be a severe blow, not only to him personally but also all his kaiju. No wonder Megaguirus was not too happy to see Manda. She had always seen herself as his queen and to see another take her place would be heart breaking.

Godzilla also had to laugh at his brother's methods of persuasion. Manda had never cared about his position or the benefits that came with it which was one of the reasons he had chosen her. He knew what her answer would be before she even gave it.

"I have thought about your offer but the answer is still no," she said heatedly. "It will always be no. I love your brother and to be joined to you would be repulsive. You have no heart and it is impossible for you to love anyone other than yourself. You already had a queen and are throwing her away. I would rather die than be your queen."

Anger could clearly be seen on Space Godzilla's face at these words. Sparks flew off of his shoulder crystals and the mountain shook just a little bit. Yet, Manda did not so much as flinch at his anger.

"Then so be it," Space Godzilla said very quietly and menacingly.

"My case in point," Manda responded. "If you don't get your way you kill the person who denies you."

"I am the king!" Space Godzilla roared. "You all will obey me. The penalty for disobedience is death! There are no exceptions, even for you! I offered you power and prestige and you denied it all. You deserve death!"

"You are no king," Manda said. My loyalties were first to your father and now your brother. They are ten times the king..."

She did not get to finish her sentence. His anger finally spilling over, Space Godzilla back-handed her across the face. The force of the blow sent her sliding down the side of the mountain. Godzilla had seen enough. Now he was truly angry. It was bad enough that Space Godzilla was trying to steal her from him but to strike her when she refused him was the last straw. Enraged, he let out an ear-splitting roar that shook the very foundations of the island.

Stunned silence fell over the crowd. Every eye in the clearing turned to where Godzilla had been hiding and the sight of him, enraged, sent fear down the backs of them all, even Space Godzilla.

At the sound of his brother's roar, Space Godzilla had recoiled. He was so shocked that words escaped him. As Space Godzilla stood there in a trance, Godzilla made his way over to Manda's side. No kaiju tried to intercept him at all, they were too shocked to do anything.

When Godzilla reached Manda's prone figure he bent down and gently nuzzled her head. She let out a quiet moan and her eyes fluttered open. It took her a moment before her eyes fell on Godzilla.

"G-Godzilla?" she asked. "What are you doing here?"

He smiled down at his mate. "I came to get our home back."

Godzilla bent down and nuzzled Manda again. It was hard not to just stay there and take comfort in being reunited with her again but he had a job to do. He turned around to face his brother, the one responsible for all of this mess.

Space Godzilla had regained his composure by the time Godzilla had turned around. He wore a somewhat bored expression but Godzilla could see through that in a heart beat. When they were young Space Godzilla had always worn that look whenever he got in trouble, trying to unnerve their parents. Needless to say it never worked and it wasn't going to work on Godzilla. He was not just any ordinary kaiju that his brother could intimidate.

"Hello brother," Space Godzilla said. "I must say this is a pleasant surprise. Had you informed me of your arrival I would have had a feast prepared for you."

"Give me one good reason why I should not kill you right here, right now," Godzilla said, not going to humor his brother with small talk at all. He slowly made his way up the mountain side, ignoring the growls that Gigan, Mechagodzilla and even Megaguirus were throwing at him.

"Oh I could give you several," Space Godzilla said with a playful smile. "The least of which was stealing your mate."

"In my eyes, that was the worst thing you could have done," Godzilla said angrily. "I am giving you one chance to surrender. I suggest you take it."

"I don't think you are in any position to make demands brother," chuckled Space Godzilla and he gestured out to the audience below them. "You are obviously outnumbered. Every one of those kaiju down there are loyal to me and only me. They will fight for me to the end, to their last breath."

"Well, we won't," said a voice below. They both turned to see Anguirus and Godzilla's other followers gathered below. Balkzardan was helping a very confused Manda to her feet. She was staring at her sister in utter bewilderment. It was obvious that after this was over Manda would have questions but this was not the time for them. They had a battle to fight.

"I would say we are pretty evenly matched," said Godzilla. "I will say again Space Godzilla, either surrender or prepare for a battle you will not win."

"Violence," said Space Godzilla walking to the edge of the cliff. "It seems that is what our family is made for isn't it."

There was a small pause as Space Godzilla looked out over the edge.

"Did I ever tell you what my reason was for betraying you?" Space Godzilla asked.

"There was another reason than wanting power for yourself?" Godzilla responded.

"Ha, if only it was that simple," Space Godzilla said. "No, it's because you are too weak. You and Father both. The both of you were too soft on the humans who never showed any gratitude to us. They, who could not defend themselves against the onslaught of Orochi, still fear us and show no respect. They should be in servitude to us, their masters, their superiors. But what do you and Father do? You both continue to protect them and let them keep their freedom. Not to mention that Father even made some of us take on their names for us so that they would understand who we were talking about. I mean Super Godzilla? Space Godzilla? What kind of names are those. He even changed your name to Godzilla instead of what it originally was, Gojira.

What you two did was weak and pathetic. I was going to instate the kaiju rule. No longer would we have dominion over only a simple island chain in the Pacific but the entire world. Humans would serve us and there would be no higher power to answer to. We would be the supreme beings on the planet and respected by all. There wouldn't be anything we could not do. And you were keeping us from that. My kaiju see the wisdom in my plans, they see the benefits. All you are doing is refusing to step aside or even see my way as the right way. You are blind brother and need to be removed from the equation."

As Space Godzilla finished, Godzilla shook his head. What it really came down to was his brother's thirst for power.

"You miss the point of ruling," Godzilla said. "It is not about who is better than who, which person deserves to rule. Father always told us that a good king always puts his subjects first. We are meant to serve them, and not be served ourselves. And the laws and regulations we put on them is nothing compared to the restrictions we are to put on ourselves. If we don't, we become drunk with that power and will behave in a way that is not good for them and in the long run ourselves.

And did your time as a human teach you nothing, no humility? Humans are a weaker race and definitely less wise. That is why they need our help and protection. Our father sought to fulfill that roll and help them but knew that they would rise up if we were to conquer them as you intend to do. Yes they hate us and yes they would prefer to see us wiped from the face of the planet but we are to be and can be better than that. Instead we need to work with them and improve the relationship and maybe one day things will get better. Can you not see that?"

Space Godzilla just laughed.

"You are so naive Godzilla," he said shaking his head. "They will kill you in the end no matter how hard you try to protect them. This ignorance is proof that you need to step aside and a more enlightened king needs to step up. And that king is me!"

With that he lunged at Godzilla. Godzilla, caught of guard, was not prepared for what happened next. Space Godzilla grabbed him and threw him over the edge of the precipice. As soon as he landed, all of his brother's kaiju swarmed him, burying him underneath a mass of bodies. They began to bite and claw at him, doing their best to injure him. Godzilla fought for his life. He kicked and punched at any point he could reach, sending kaiju flying through the air.

Suddenly he felt the pressure begin to lessen. His friends had joined the battle. Very soon he was able to stand up and in the effort he sent any kaiju still attached to him flying, letting loose a mighty roar. Rodan and Anguirus were the first to his side. Ang already had a split lip while Rodan had blood coating the spikes on his belly.

The battle was in full swing now. There was not a single kaiju who was not fighting one other at least. Godzilla could see Gamera and Kong fighting back to back, holding their own against Orga and Monster X. On the edge of the battle, Biollante had Destroyah entangled in her vines as he was trying to take to the skies. Jet Jaguar already had Megalon pinned to the ground, his beetle-like head buried in the dirt. Balkzardan and Manda were fighting side by side against Megaguirus and King Ghidorah. It was like the two sisters had never been apart.

"What do want us to do?" Ang said, bringing Godzilla back to the moment.

"Spread out and help whoever might need it," Godzilla responded. "Don't retreat no matter what. We fight until the last breath leaves our bodies." His two friends nodded and charged into the battle.

Godzilla attacked the closest kaiju to him, Muto. Apparently the sentries had woken up and the first thing they did was join the fight at the island's center. Muto sunk his hooked hands into Godzilla's flesh but the kaiju king easily shook him off. He then took to the skies, trying to escape the monster king's wrath. Godzilla gave chase but before he could catch up he felt something land on his back.

It was Zilla. Though smaller and definitely weaker he had immediately leapt to his ally's aid. Godzilla had to admit that Zilla was a good actor. His claws and teeth tore at Godzilla's scaly armor, sending many bits flying off. Quickly Godzilla grabbed his ankle and threw the smaller kaiju off of him. Zilla skidded across the ground for a few feet and came to a stop at Krystalak's feet.

Krystalak stepped over Zilla and advanced on Godzilla, soon joined by Kumonga, Muto, and Gabara. They all advanced on Godzilla, joined by Zilla as he got back to his feet. They backed him up against the mountain and encircled him, cutting off all escape routes. Godzilla readied himself to take on every one of them at once.

Suddenly, something else jumped on his back. It was Titanosaurus. The kaiju sunk his teeth deep into his flesh, the first actually to break the skin and draw blood. The others prepared to attack but stopped in surprise. Godzilla looked at them confused until he felt Titanosaurus' teeth unhook from his side. He looked down and saw that the kaiju was out cold, someone had bashed him on the head.

That same somebody then flew over his head. It was Caesar. The lion kaiju charged those closing in and Godzilla watched as his enemies surrounded him. Caesar stood in the middle of the circle, waiting for them to make the first move. Muto was happy to oblige.

Thinking that their numbers would prove superior he charged Caesar from behind. Godzilla's mentor leapt into the air, performing a back flip as the kaiju passed harmlessly beneath him. Taking advantage of his apparent weakness, Kumonga jumped at him but Caesar was too quick for her. Faster than any eye could perceive he kicked the giant spider right in the face, knocking her unconscious in one blow. He landed and prepared for the next attack.

Godzilla stood transfixed as Caesar quickly dispatched the others. None of them could stand against him. He had trained most if not all the kaiju here today and knew their strengths and weaknesses as a result. These kaiju were not the best fighters in the first place and that fact did not make things easier for them. It wasn't long until they had all fled. Caesar turned to Godzilla, nodded to him, and returned to the fight.

As he watched him leave, Godzilla took in the rest of the fight. His kaiju were holding their own and in many cases winning their battles. However, some were sustaining terrible injuries. Baragon had a huge gash on his right hind leg and was struggling against Ebirah. Kamacuras was about to be squashed by SMG but was saved by Jet Jaguar. Manda, who had been in captivity for months, was starting to tire. Godzilla knew then that he had to find his brother and defeat him for the battle to be over.

Once he had separated from Godzilla and Rodan, Anguirus had charged head long into the battle. The first thing he noticed was Gamera struggling against Hedorah. The giant turtle was holding his own against the smog monster but it was evident that he was tiring. Anguirus quickly made his way over to them, hoping to aid him in the fight.

However, mere feet away from them, another kaiju blocked his path. It was Gigan, his rival. The cyborg stared him down with the biggest grin on his face, a grin that sent shivers down Anguirus' spine.

"Going somewhere Ang?" Gigan taunted. "You weren't planing on playing with someone else before me were you?"

"I didn't want to Gigan," said Anguirus quietly. "I just wasn't sure if you would show your cowardly face. "

Gigan smiled at the jab. He began rubbing his hooks together, sharpening them to a fine edge. The two of them began to circle each other. Each had been waiting for this moment for a long while. Their last battle had ended in a draw over nineteen years ago. Space Godzilla had sounded the retreat, interrupting the fight. Ever since they had wanted a rematch to see who really was the superior fighter. Now the time had come at last.

They continued to pace, neither one willing to make the first move. Anguirus kept his gaze focused on Gigan's single eye. Though the cyborg had no pupils to speak of, Ang had always been able to read him. Now was no exception and it saved his life.

Quicker than anyone could react Gigan leapt at him. However, Anguirus had anticipated the attack and right before the cyborg had left the ground he had already stepped aside. As his enemy soared past, Anguirus made an attempt to head-butt him in the side. However, Gigan had anticipated this and stuck out one of his hooks. The razor sharp edge cut a furrow across Anguirus' nose, blood spraying from the wound.

Anguirus let out a roar of pain, momentarily blinded by it. He shook it off quickly and was just in time to see Gigan making another run at him. At the speed he was coming, Ang had no time to maneuver out of the way. Instead he rolled up into a ball like a hedgehog and aimed his spiked back toward Gigan.

The cyborg hit the armor at full force, sending Anguirus bouncing across the clearing. Ang bounced along for a few feet, knocking over a few kaiju in the process, friend and enemy alike. Once he came to a stop he unrolled to prepare for the next attack. What he saw though surprised him. Gigan was stumbling around like a drunk, a few sparks flying from his head. Apparently, when he hit Anguirus' armor, both the force of the impact and the spikes themselves did something to his head. Now he could barely stand on his two feet.

Anguirus saw this as his chance. As fast as his feet could carry him he charged Gigan. Suddenly, when Ang was mere feet from him, Gigan's three pronged tail pierced his side. The cyborg had faked his dizziness to lure Anguirus into a false sense of security and use that to break his defenses. There was a reason he was Space Godzilla's assassin.

Ignoring the pain as best he could, Anguirus tried to continue with his attack. However, the prongs that were now hooked into his side held him in place. Gigan laughed at his enemies futile attempts to struggle.

"What's wrong Ang?" he asked mockingly. "You seem to have a thorn in your side. It must hurt terribly."

"Nah, this old thing," Anguirus responded through gritted teeth. "It's only a little pin prick. Just let me remove the needle."

Quick as a whip Anguirus lunged at Gigan's tail. He clamped his jaws firmly around the appendage and bit down hard. Gigan let out a painful screech and raised one of his hooks to bring it crashing down on Anguirus' head. Before the blade reached him, Ang rent the end out of his side, blood coming from the wound like a fountain.

The motion caught Gigan off balance and the attack never hit home. Anguirus then ran behind his enemy, keeping a firm grasp on the tail. They then spun in circles, Gigan trying his best to reach Ang as the other kaiju kept turning as well.

After a while, Anguirus did let go of Gigan's tail. Before the cyborg could react or even realized that his enemy had let go, Anguirus had leapt onto his back. The force of the impact drove Gigan to the ground, embedding his beak deep into the earth. Anguirus did not let up there. He continued to pummel Gigan's head repeatedly until the other kaiju stopped moving.

Once his movements stopped, Anguirus slowly got off of Gigan. When the cyborg didn't respond to the lack of weight on his back, Ang slowly made his way around to the head. Still there was no response. Gently, Anguirus nudged Gigan's head with his foot again with no sign of his enemy even noticing the contact. Smiling to himself, Anguirus realized that he had indeed knocked out his opponent and proven that he, though maybe not as strong as Gigan, was indeed the better fighter.

Godzilla scanned the battlefield for a sign of his brother. It did not take him long. It was a full moon tonight and the light shone off a crystal-like form somewhere near the base of the mountain. The figure was trying to creep away from the battle and Godzilla knew then that it was his brother, trying to sneak off away from the fighting. Godzilla let out a roar and charged him. Space Godzilla, seeing his brother approach, took back up the mountain to the precipice he had addressed his followers earlier. He came to the edge and turned to face his brother. Godzilla knew that he would have to be careful here. A cornered animal always fought harder and more ferociously than it normally would.

"Have you come to finish it brother?" asked Space Godzilla. "Come to kill me as you should have all those years ago?"

"I don't want to Space Godzilla," Godzilla replied. "You are my brother and killing you is the last thing I want to do. I will give you one last chance to surrender and if you do you will have two options. The first is to stand for a fair trial and face punishment for your crimes against the world or to live out your life in exile away from civilization, both human and kaiju alike."

"What kind of options are those," Space Godzilla scoffed. "Neither one results in something that would benefit me. Any trial, no matter how hard you try, will not be fair. You claim to be a just king and I know what the punishment for treason is. And exile is out of the question. I will not live the rest of my life alone."

"I may show mercy to you brother," Godzilla continued. "If you surrender now, you will not face the death penalty and were you to go into exile I would shorten the sentence. This is you last chance. Take it or we will have to fight."

There was a slight pause as Godzilla finished. The two of them stared each other down for many minutes. As they did, Space Godzilla's eyes began to soften. Was he really considering his brother's offer? Godzilla dared to hope that he was and even took a cautious step toward him. However, as he did, Space Godzilla's eyes took on that hard, angered look.

"Never!" he cried and as he did he threw dust into Godzilla's face.

Blinded by the sudden attack, Godzilla could not see what happened next. He suddenly felt his brother's immense weight on top of him. The two toppled to the ground and rolled in the dust. Godzilla tried to regain his feet but again his brother was on him. Space Godzilla grabbed him from behind and dug his teeth deep into Godzilla's flesh. Blood began to trickle down Godzilla's neck and Godzilla began to fear for his life.

In a last ditch effort he blindly grabbed Space Godzilla behind the head and reached around with his other hand and took hold around his abdomen. With all of his strength, Godzilla lifted his brother and threw him into the side of the mountain. Rocks came loose from the impact and rained down on Space Godzilla, covering him in a layer of dust. Dazed, he shook himself and stood, ready to take on what else Godzilla had in store for him.

Released from his brother's grip, Godzilla now had time to gather his energies. His back scales began to glow blue and the air around him grew warmer. He took in a deep breath and let loose with a torrent of atomic breath. Space Godzilla was ready for this however. As the blue energy rocketed toward him he raised up his telepathic shield and redirected the beam back at Godzilla.

The monster king deftly side-stepped the beam and charged Space Godzilla. He lowered his shoulder and with all the strength he could muster rammed into him, making him collide with the mountain once again. Godzilla began repeatedly bashing Space Godzilla's head into the mountain side, causing the whole thing to shake. As he did, Space Godzilla let loose a telepathic blast that sent Godzilla flying to the other side of the precipice.

Godzilla landed near the edge, winded and on his back. He tried to gather himself but soon noticed his brother leap at him. Space Godzilla came hurtling through the sky, arms outstretched, teeth bared, ready to end him. In a last ditch effort, Godzilla raised his feet to chest height and braced. As Space Godzilla landed on top of him Godzilla gave an almighty kick into his stomach and sent him flying off the edge.

Space Godzilla landed right at the base with a great crash. Godzilla wasn't far behind him. As soon as his brother hit the ground he leapt off the cliff himself and landed right in front of him. Those kaiju still battling stopped what they were doing to watch the outcome.

Godzilla marched over to his downed enemy who was now struggling to get back up. He kicked him in the side and rolled him over onto his back. Before Space Godzilla could even attack, Godzilla placed his foot on his chest and pinned him to the ground. His back scales turned blue and he took a breath, ready to end his brother's life. But as that thought hit him he hesitated. Could he really bring himself to kill his brother? After all he was family and no matter what he had done Godzilla knew that there would be a part of him that would be missing if Space Godzilla were to die. And he knew that he would forever feel guilty for doing it.

"What's the matter brother?" Space Godzilla taunted. "Too cowardly to finish me? You are soft and weak. A real leader would kill me. Do it!"

At one time Godzilla would have without hesitation. However, now there was something holding him back. It didn't feel right. If he killed him now it would be in cold blood, not in self defense. Godzilla went through all the reasons in his mind why he should kill him. He had committed treason, a crime punishable by death. He endangered all kaiju everywhere as well as the human race. He had captured Manda and tried to make her his queen. All of this would surely justify his death right? As Godzilla thought these things, Will's voice spoke clearly in his mind.

"Don't do it," the voice said. "If it doesn't feel right then you will be haunted by it forever. You will always remember this day and keep asking yourself what if you hadn't. Don't do that to yourself. It will help no one."

Godzilla thought this over and realized Will was right. He would never be able to live with himself if he killed his brother. However, he could not just let him walk away. He glared down at the kaiju who had caused all this trouble and gave him one good kick to the face. He was out cold.

The deed done, Godzilla looked up at the kaiju around him. The majority of his brother's supporters had already fled the island but the ones who still lingered looked on in shock. They each began to back away and before Godzilla could stop them or get the others to they all turned tail and fled, abandoning their leader to his fate. Once the clearing was empty Anguirus approached him, his side and snout still leaking blood.

"You should have killed him," he said looking down at the still form of Space Godzilla.

"I probably should have but I couldn't bring myself to," Godzilla said. "He is my brother after all."

Anguirus nodded. "I understand. I don't know if I could have if I were in your shoes. Now what are we gonna do with him?"

"I have an idea," Godzilla responded and he gestured toward Mothra. "Can you put up psychic barriers to keep him in place?"

"Of course," Mothra said. "Where shall we put him?"

"The old caves on the other side of the island," Godzilla responded. "We shall post a guard on him twenty four seven. Can you two see to that?"

They both nodded and began to carry Space Godzilla off with assistance from Varan and Baragon. As they did, Godzilla searched the crowd for any sign of Manda. It wasn't long before he saw her slithering toward him. Once she reached him they touched their snouts together, a gesture they had not done in over a month. They just stood there, reveling in each others presence and happy to be reunited.

"I'm proud of you Godzilla," Manda said at last, breaking the connection. "You did what few other kaiju could or would do."

"I guess my time as a human has turned me soft eh," Godzilla chuckled in response.

"Not at all," Manda said seriously. "If anything it has made you stronger. You showed mercy where death would have been appropriate. That is the sign of a true ruler and I am happy to be called your queen."

After a few more moments of silence Godzilla responded. "Thanks hon. I hope Becky thinks the same of Will. Speaking of which, I think it's time for them to have their happy ending."

Manda just smiled at him in response.

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