The Kaiju World War

Chapter 24: A New Life

Alright guys, here is the final chapter.

Will was sweating like a pig. Inside his tux he could barely breath and it didn't help that he had on three layers, the jacket, his button up shirt and a Batman t-shirt hidden underneath. However, it wasn't the heat that was getting to him but the event. He nervously wiped away more sweat and began pacing the room.

"Now who does this remind you of?" said Nash who was lounging in a chair.

"Shut up Nash," Will said annoyed.

"If I remember correctly you told me to take it easy on my wedding day," Anthony teased. "Can't follow your own advice I see."

"Your circumstance was different," Will replied. "You were just worried that the ceremony wouldn't go the way Jana wanted. I'm nervous about the whole thing."

"So?" Anthony said. "What's the difference? Just take it easy Will. Just like you told me."

"What if I don't live up to her expectations?" Will asked.

"You won't," Kelton said. "We always have impossible expectations for the people we marry and no one ever lives up to them. Why do you think so many marriages unfortunately end in divorce? What makes a marriage good is to realize that and accept the person for who they are, flaws and all, and help them strive to be better. Only then can you have a truly happy relationship."

"Oh, stop using my own advice against me," Will said. Out of them all it was usually Will who got asked for relationship advice. In fact he even planned on making this his life's work. Kelton had just quoted one of the things he always said to people faced with this problem.

"Then start listening to it yourself," Kelton chuckled. "You love her and she loves you. That's all that matters."

Will looked around at the four men he had asked to be his groomsmen. Nash, his best friend. Anthony, the friend he had known the longest and had been his roommate through college. Kelton, the friend who was always good at getting him into trouble, the fun kind. Sam, his true younger brother in every sense of the word.

He couldn't help but smile at them. Of course they were right. What did he really have to worry about. Drake, or Space Godzilla, was locked away and unable to interfere with his life anymore. He had Becky back after Mothra had removed the mental barriers around Manda's mind preventing her to change. And now he was finally marrying her after all this time. There was really nothing to worry about. It was just nerves getting at him and in reality there was nothing to be nervous about.

"Of course you guys are right," he chuckled. "What do I have to be scared of? It's just marriage." The five of them just laughed at that.

Will looked down the isle still sweating. The crowd was rather big, or at least bigger than what he had expected. Many smiling faces looked up at him. Toward the front on his side were his parents, his mom close to tears. Not far behind were Akari, Harley, Keith and John, all four smiling up at him. There was also Dallas who looked as sullen as ever, not even cracking a smile. Gabe and Jana however, who were sitting beside him, both had huge grins on their faces. Both of them seemed like they could barely keep in their excitement. Lastly on his side were David and Chey who, like her sister, was on the edge of her seat.

On the bride's side of the isle were of course Becky's parents, or at least her mom since her dad would be walking her down the isle. Beside her were Becky's brothers Gavin and Hans who were whispering quietly to each other and looking mischievously up at him. Becky had hinted that they were planning some prank to pull on him. Behind them though were people Will only knew through Becky or her family.

Suddenly, the doors at the back of the room opened. First through the doors were Nash with Will's sister Sarah on his arm. They were followed by Anthony who was escorting Rachel, then Kelton who had Savanna and lastly by Sam who had Leah. They each took their places, waiting for that moment the wedding march would play.

When each groomsman and bridesmaid had taken their places the flower girl and ring bearer arrived. Will smiled as his baby cousin and Harley's niece Cora came walking down the isle. She locked eyes with Will and let a cute little smile spread across her face. When she reached the end she almost went and stood with him but at a little prodding he guided her over to stand with Sarah.

The ring-bearer was Anthony's little brother Andrew again. Having already done this once he had no trouble going and standing with his brother.

Then the wedding march played. At a signal from the preacher the audience stood up and everyone looked toward the back. In walked Becky, her father Scott beside her, arm in arm. Will gulped once he saw her. He could not believe this beautiful woman had agreed to be his wife. Her long auburn hair flowed down behind the vale and her dress seemed to sparkle. Their eyes made contact once and she smiled at him. He smiled back and as he did he could feel the tears start to come.

They reached the end of the isle and as they did, the preacher gestured for the audience to take their seats.

"This day is one of happiness," the preacher began. "One of joy. Each one of us have gathered here to witness the unity of a pair of people who love and cherish one another more than anything else. Who presents this woman?" This last question was aimed at Becky's father.

"Her mother and I," Scott responded. He lifted the vale from over her face and Will could take in her full beauty for the first time. After the vale was removed, Scott kissed Becky on the cheek and took his seat next to his wife. Will and Becky stood next to each other, smiling as the preacher continued.

"I have talked to many couples and performed many ceremonies in my time," he said. "Most often though, they are more focused on the physical relationship than the emotional. They fail to realize everything that goes into a marriage, that it is a partnership that lasts for life. However, Will and Becky are not one of those couples.

I have known both of them all their lives and watched them grow up together. Throughout the years, even before they dated, I could see a bond between them, a friendship that had the potential to be what it has become today. From the moment they started dating, anyone who knew them or even saw them together could see the love they had. This love was not skin deep but true and powerful, going beyond what anyone would have expected from people their age. That is why it is with great joy that I unite these two at long last."

The preacher continued on about what all marriage was about and as he did, Becky and Will looked at each other. Every word that was spoken rang true in Will's mind. Here beside him was a woman who he could love, and did love, above all others. It was true, he had loved her from the very beginning, first as a friend but then as something more. As he thought over this a smile came across his face as well as tears to his eyes. Becky returned the smile and it was a wonder that Will didn't break down right then and there.

"The two of them have prepared vows to say and it is at this time they shall say them," the preacher said. "Will shall speak first."

Will swallowed. While he did wish to say his vows he really didn't have anything prepared to say. He felt that were he to write it down and then repeat them they would not feel the same or even that he meant it. So, instead he decided to speak from his heart. He would, as Nash always said, wing it.

"Becky," he began slowly. "From the moment I met you I knew that there was something special about you. At the time I could not understand what it was, we were so young, but as the years passed I came to see it. You may be beautiful on the outside but the inner beauty shines more brightly for me."

Will had to take a moment to catch his breath. With each word he became more choked up and the tears began to flow freely. He could even hear sniffles in the crowd.

"Your kindness and loyalty were the most obvious, staying my friend even through the horrid teenage years. But it was your ability to love even the worst of people that astounded me. As the years passed I could never think of a person I would rather spend my day with or even one who I loved more. However, I hesitated to make any attempt to win you over. I saw you as way to good for me and in reality you are. So I dated other girls, people I thought were on my level. Each time though I could not stop thinking about you. I knew then that there would be no other girl for me. Yet I still hesitated. I could not bring myself to do it, worrying about your response. But, through the prodding of both Nash and Harley I gained the courage to ask you out for the first time and it is a decision I have never regretted.

I felt so lucky, so blessed to have won the heart of the most beautiful woman I knew. And now that this day is here, that we are finally getting married I know that these next few words are true. Becky, from this day until the day my last breath leaves my body I will protect you with all my might. I will do my best to do what is right and best for you and just hope that I live up to the challenge. Whenever trouble strikes and you feel you can't go on I will be there, standing beside you to the end. No matter what happens I will be there, fight with and for you. I love you, more than my own life and nothing in all this world could change that."

As he finished, Will felt the tears flow down his face. Becky too was crying but smiling at the same time. She reached up and wiped his tears away and he did the same for her. The preacher then indicated to Becky that it was her turn.

While Will had done no preparation, Becky had. Inside her bouquet were note cards that had her vows written on them. She pulled them out and paused for a second. However, she did not read the cards. One look at them and she put them back in amongst the flowers.

"I had prepared what I thought was a well worded vow but that may not be the case," Becky began. "When you told me that yours would be impromptu I thought that you didn't really care how you sounded. But now I see why you did it. Those words were from the heart and now I am going to do the same.

Will, you think yourself the lucky one. Well, I'm here to tell you that you are wrong. I'm the one who is lucky. I have not dated many guys, none in fact. The only reason was because I wanted you and all three times you had a girlfriend I felt heart broken and that you would never pick me. And then when we finally did begin to date I asked myself why. What on earth would make you want me? I mean, you have seen all my flaws and yet you still chose me. Out of every girl you knew you chose me.

But as we dated, that soon became apparent. You loved me unconditionally and completely and once that became clear I knew I would marry no one else. I love you Will more than anything in this world and want to spend my life with you. I promise that no matter what happens I will be there to support you, to be at your side whenever life takes a bad turn. I will be with you now and for always."

As she finished, Will had to restrain himself from kissing her. His tears began to flow again. Here was a woman who truly loved him for who he was inside and out. He knew that he had made the right choice.

"That was beautiful you too," the preacher said. "Let these words ring in your ears everyday, remembering how strongly you love each other. I now must ask you each the cliche questions. Do you Will take Becky to be your lawfully wedded wife, for richer or poor, in sickness and in health til death do you part?"

"I do," Will responded.

"And do you Becky take Will to be your lawfully wedded husband, for richer or poor, in sickness and in health, til death do you part?"

"I do," Becky said.

"Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride."

And kiss they did. It took all of Will's self control to not stay like that forever but they had guests to entertain. Once they did break apart Will turned and looked at his groomsmen. They then ripped open their shirts, Becky burying her face in her hand, to each reveal a superhero shirt underneath. Will had Batman, Nash Superman, Anthony Green Lantern, Kelton ironically had Joker and Sam had the Flash. They all walked down the isle to some of the most upbeat music ever and headed for the reception area.

The reception felt like it took forever for Will. Nash got up and gave his speech, both complementing and embarrassing him. Stories about Becky and Will were swapped amongst the guests and a great meal was had. Then, after many pictures were taken, Will and Becky left with the traditional bird seed being thrown. It was here that Gavin and Hans pulled their prank. They dropped maybe the biggest water balloon on top of them, drenching them in water. Will in response playfully chased them around the building until he pinned Hans to the ground and got him in a headlock. Once the fun was over, Will and Becky left in his mustang.

Once they finally got to their new home, a house that Becky's father had bought for them, each took their time drying off and showering. Will did get finished before Becky and while he waited he set up candles and speakers in their bedroom.

When Becky came into the room, running a towel through her hair she stopped and looked around at Will's set up. As she did, he turned on the music. It was "Faithfully" by Journey. This song had been their song since they got together and was Becky's favorite. He took her in his arms and they began to dance, each gazing into the others eyes and smiling.

"I love you Becky," Will said.

"And I love you Will," Becky responded.

Then the two kissed once more and this time they did not have to break apart. This would be the day that Will would always remember as the best day of his life.

The story is now finished. Thanks to all my readers for their support (especially you Machine Dragon).

Make sure to stay tuned for the next story, "Search for the Shobijin"

WolfKing out!

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