The Kaiju World War

Chapter 2: Drake

Will quickly ran to the closest officer he could see. The man was trying to keep the crowds back with great difficulty. Many worried faces were before him, all frantic to learn of what happened and if any of their loved ones that were on the plane survived.

"Every one, keep back please!" the officer said, frustration and tiredness showing in his voice. "It's not safe here, the plane still has a chance of exploding. If we gain any news of survivors we will let you know immediately." Will went up to this officer and lightly touched his arm.

"Excuse me officer, can you tell me what happened here?" The officer turned to him angrily but relented before he spoke.

"Sorry sir, trying to keep these people back is wearing on me. It appears that the plane made a crash landing as it came in. They are looking for survivors as we speak, but it is doubtful there are any. I'm sorry sir."

Will's heart was pounding and he was close to a break down. Despite this, he forced himself to remain calm. He had to inform the others, especially her family, of what had happened. He pulled out his phone, dreading what he had to do and being the one to bring the news to them.

"Thank you sir," he said and then walked off.

He scrolled through his contacts wondering who he should call first. He decided the family would be first and he typed in her brother, Gavin's name. After only a couple of rings, Will heard his friend's voice on the other side of the line.

"Hello?" said a very monotone voice. Gavin always talked that way when he was on the phone, a very big change from his everyday tone.

"Hey Gavin, it's Will." He tried his best to sound neutral.

"Hey, Will," he responded, a little more excitement entering his voice. "Are you at the airport? Did you get Becky yet?" Will let out a quiet sigh to himself and braced for what he had to do. Taking a deep breath he pressed onward.

"I am at the airport, but have not found Becky. In fact, I may never find her." There was silence on the other end.

"What do you mean?" Gavin asked, some worry creeping in.

"I'm sorry Gavin, but there has been an accident. The plane crashed as it came down for a landing and they believe that there are no survivors." Again, silence on the other end.

"Becky is dead?" Gavin asked. There was sadness in his voice but also a calm determination was there as well. This was why Will called him, he knew that Gavin would take it more calmly.

"I fear so," Will responded, fingering the ring holder he had in his pocket. "Would you pass it on to the rest of your family? Tell them also that they are still looking for survivors as we speak."

"Alright," Gavin said. "I'm gonna hate giving Mom the news but better I do it I guess. Thanks for telling me so fast Will."

"No problem buddy," Will said. "Just let me know if there is anything I can do for y'all. I need to go now, other people I need to call."

"Okay, see you later."

"Bye Gavin." With that, Will hung up.

Next on Will's list was Harley. He dreaded this one most of all because of the closeness Harley shared with her. Will knew that Harley could take this calmly, he did when his mom died giving birth to his younger brother, but this was different. He tapped Harley's name when it came up and got an answer after only a few rings.

"Hey, Will," he said cheerfully. "Did you get Becky yet?"

"No, not yet," Will responded carefully. "Are you still at the apartment?"

"Yeah, Anthony just woke up in fact." Will closed his eyes and braced for the inevitable.

"Harley, I won't be bringing Becky home." Silence on the other line.

"What do you mean? Did she decide to stay longer in Britain or something? She never told me that." There was confusion and hurt in Harley's voice.

"No, it's not that." Will took a deep breath and plunged on. "The...the plane crashed while landing. There is a very small chance that there are any survivors and even if there are, it's unlikely they will survive." A tear rolled down Will's cheek, not only thinking of what he lost in the crash but what his cousin had as well. It was a little while before Harley responded.

"Are you sure about that?" Denial coated his voice, but it still remained steady and even. He was trying to remain strong. Will admired him for that and only hoped he sounded the same, in his grief he couldn't really tell.

"There may still be hope," he said trying to keep his spirits up as well as Harley's, "but it looks the opposite. All we can do is pray." It took a while for Harley to answer.

"Alright. Do you want me to tell Nash and Anthony?"

"I would appreciate that, I have another phone call to make."

"I'll tell them then. Good luck with the call."

"See you Harley." Will then ended the call.

Next Will decided to call his sister Sarah. This one was going to be hard and painful. Sarah was an emotional girl and she and Becky had become almost sisters. However, out of all his family, she deserved to know first. He quickly pulled up her name and called. It took some time before she answered, Sarah wasn't much of a phone person, but answer she did. Will wished that this had been one of the times she didn't answer.

"Hey Will!" she said excitedly. "Did Becky's flight get in?"

"In a manner of speaking," Will replied. He chuckled softly at his dark humor.

"Great, did you propose?"

"No, Sarah, there is something I have to tell you." He quickly told her everything he'd told Gavin and Harley and her response was just as he expected.

"So she is dead?" There was a tremor in her voice and Will knew that she was on the verge of crying.

"It appears so. And Sarah, would you mind passing this on to Mom, Dad, Sam, and our friends? Her family, Nash, Anthony, and Harley already know but the others need to as well. I'm gonna stay here a little while longer and don't want or need to be on the phone the entire time."

"S...sure Will. "Do you want me to tell Drake too?" Will's sad mood turned into one of anger at the mention of that name.

"No, any rights that boy had have long disappeared. Leave him in the dark. Let him discover it out for himself." Suddenly an all too familiar voice spoke behind him.

"Aww, brother, I'm hurt. Is that any way to treat of your own flesh and blood?" Will froze in both shock and anger.

"Speak of the devil," he thought to himself and turned around. Standing behind him was none other than Drake Halter and his right hand man Bruce Baxter.

"Sarah, I have to go. There is something I have to take care of." He hung up and faced his brother.

Drake was Will's younger brother by three years, yet he still was an imposing figure. Just a few inches shorter than Will, he had a very muscular body, well kept black hair, the same color as Will's, and quite possibly the most chiseled features out of all his family. Today, he was dressed in a black suit and tie and wore a smirk on his face. However, while his body was imposing, Will could match him in a fight, having honed his own body and studied martial arts. It was Drake's mind that he feared.

While Drake had been growing up, he had been a genius from the start. He grew up in a house where he was encouraged to excel and was supported and loved by his whole family. However, in his teenage years, he became rebellious to say the least. He gathered "friends" to him, people who were more like cronies, and began to bully kids at their school. Not only that, but if he was caught he would be able to worm his way out of trouble and hide the fact that he had any part in it. And by the age of nineteen he had run away from home and founded a gang, one that was very successful and capable of holding its own against more powerful ones. Drake was the black sheep of the Halter family.

His right hand man was Bruce Baxter. Many would say that he and Drake were partners but in truth, this man was loyal to Drake to the point of death. He was Drake's assassin, his muscle. If Drake wanted someone killed, Bruce killed him. If someone failed to give him money, Bruce either collected for him personally or organized the hit. If you saw Bruce coming for you, it was the end. However, he did not look the part.

Bruce was a tall lanky guy, about the same height as Will. While Drake had a body that looked muscular, Bruce's was very slim. However, it was all sheer muscle and the man was so agile, it was believed that not even the Olympic level athletes could match him. He was dark and quiet, only speaking when addressing Drake's men or Drake himself. Will stared down these two imposing figures with sheer anger and little to no fear.

"What are you doing here Drake?" Will asked with anger.

"Oh, I heard over the news about the terrible crash that happened here and just had to come see what I could do to help," Drake responded with a sarcastic caring tone, gesturing at the crash. "Wasn't this Becky's flight? I'm so sorry for your loss Will, I know how much she meant to you." He grinned at Will. It wasn't a friendly grin but more like the one you would see on a shark. In fact, Will thought he could see sharp teeth there. He blinked quickly and looked at Drake's mouth again. There were no shark-like teeth but normal human ones. Will shook himself and stared his brother down.

"Drake, I know you are behind this somehow and if Becky is dead, I'll make you pay." Will clenched and unclenched his fists, trying to keep his anger in check.

"Why, whatever could you mean Will?" Drake asked mockingly, every word screaming to Will that he was right. "I only wish to show kindness to those who have lost someone in this crash. To provide consolation."

Will knew none of this was true and wished with all his heart to punch his brother. He made a step toward him but stopped. Bruce in turn stepped forward to defend his master but was waved off by Drake, he knew Will would not attack him here. While he may have been a mob boss, Drake also funded charities as a cover up, resulting in him being loved by the general public. Will knew this and backed off. Drake, sensing his advantage, pressed on.

"Why Will, what is with the sudden anger? I've done nothing to you and I wish to help your poor girl's family in this time of need. What could be wrong with that?"

"I promise you Drake, I will prove that you were behind this and make you pay."

"Ha, good luck with...that?" Drake's gaze went to a spot behind Will, shock and horror on his face. Will, confused, turned behind and what he saw made him almost want to weep. Running toward him, with no sign of injury on her at all, was Becky.

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