The Kaiju World War

Chapter 3: Becky

Will was overcome with emotion. He was relieved to see Becky alive and apparently unhurt, tears of joy were running down his face. He was happy at, not only her safety but also the look of shock and disappointment on Drake's face. He smiled to himself a little, that expression confirming everything he suspected. However, once Drake regained his composure, he shook it off and turned back on his charming look.

Looking back to Becky, Will saw her pick up speed as she neared. With each step her speed increased and Will opened is arms to receive her. Once she reached him, she leaped into his arms and hugged him tight.

"Will!" she cried once she reached him. Will hugged her tight and cried a little into her hair. After a few moments they looked at each other and Will took everything in, from her square rimmed glasses to her dark auburn hair that he loved so much. He gently ran his hand through it, confirming to himself that she was real. So over joyed were they that they almost completely forgot that Drake and Bruce were even there, that is until Drake spoke.

"My goodness Becky, what a wonderful surprise to see you alive and well," he said with a slight tension in his voice. "I cannot tell you how relieved we all are." Becky took notice of him for the first time and once their eyes locked Will could feel something within their looks. Drake stared at Becky with nothing short of hatred and disgust. Becky returned his gaze with nothing more than a determination that even Will had never seen before.

"It is nice to see you too Drake," she replied with none of the usual warmth she had. "I am so glad that you came here to check up on me."

"It's the least I could do. After all, you are my brother's beloved and I would do anything to help him." The tension in the air was so thick, Will thought he could cut it with a knife. Silence followed this little exchange for a few uncomfortable seconds. It was Bruce who broke it.

"Drake, don't you think it's time we leave this sight?" he asked cautiously. "We do have other things to take care of." Drake, after a few more seconds tore his gaze away from Will and Becky.

"Yes, Bruce, let us leave this scene of disaster and misery." He turned around very quickly and made his way to the limo parked behind him, Bruce hard on his heels. As the chauffeur exited to open the door, Will was shocked to see Zack Milos emerge. The two friends locked eyes for a split second, Will with hurt and Zack with regret. Once Drake and Bruce entered the car, Zack climbed back in and drove away.

As his limo pulled away, Drake kept an eye on his brother and his girlfriend. Once they turned the corner, Drake slammed his fist against the door. The car shook as he did so and he cursed under his breath, he sometimes forgot to control his strength.

"Zilla, roll up the screen," ordered Bruce.

"Yes sir," replied Zack, or Zilla as he was called, from the driver's seat and rolled up the screen that separated them. Once he did, Bruce turned to his boss.

"Calm down sir, you don't want to lose control right here. It was just a fluke that she survived. There will be plenty of opportunities to kill her and the others later." Bruce laid a hand on Drake's shoulder.

"Maybe, but that means one more kaiju I have to kill," snorted Drake in response. He gripped his cane until his fingers turned white. He felt a sharp pain as well as blood seeping through his fingers and he realized that his claws were emerging. He quickly regained control and the pain subsided as the claws retreated.

"Well, at least some good came out of this," ventured Bruce. "There is no doubt that she is one of them, no one could survive that crash."

"And, if Megaguirus is to be believed, which one she is as well." Drake smiled to himself a little. "There is no doubt in my mind now who we must kill first. Soon, and very soon, my brother will meet his death at my hands." Drake let out a laugh as they drove away.

Will and Becky watched Drake's limo as it turned the corner. Then, once it was out of sight, they finally turned their full attention on each other. Will, who had been holding back his emotions while Drake was around, let them flow. Tears were rolling down his cheeks and he pulled Becky in for a kiss. She let his lips touch hers and the two stayed that way for a few seconds. Once they broke apart, Becky laid her hand gently on his cheek and he kissed her hand. Will wished that the two of them could stay that way, holding each other, forever. Will hurriedly wiped his eyes and gained enough composure to speak.

"What happened Becky?" he asked. "How are you even alive? I thought your were dead." Becky face turned serious and something was wrong.

"Let's get back to your apartment before I tell you anything," she said. "And call up Sarah, Rachel, and Harley. I want them to hear this as well." Will was a little put out but knew she would not want to tell the story over and over again.

"Alright, darling," he replied. "Harley should still be at the apartment and I think both the girls are off today. Do you want me to call up your brothers and parents too?"

"No," she responded after a pause. "I'd rather tell them separately and by themselves. Now, let's get out of here before any of the authorities see us." Will nodded and quickly called their friends. Harley was still at the apartment and Rachel, who was roommates with Sarah, said they would be over there pretty quick. They made their way back to Will's car and left the airport.

When they arrived at the apartment, Will and Becky made their way slowly into the building. Once inside, Sarah threw herself on Becky and hugged her tightly. Will smiled to himself at this happy scene, the two most important women in his life were together again. He looked past the two hugging girls into the common area of the apartment. Nash and Harley were on the couch and Anthony was sitting in his usual recliner. Rachel was also sitting in a rocking chair off to Anthony's right. After a minute of the two girls hugging, they all made their way into the sitting room and arranged themselves in a circle around Becky and all awaited to here her tale.

"So, what happened Becky?" Harley asked. She hung her head and stared at the ground for a few seconds. Will gently leaned against her to give her comfort. She raised her head and looked at the man she loved, that was all it took. She placed her forehead against his for a split second, thanking him for his strength, took a deep breath, and carried on.

"As you all know," she began slowly, "I was scheduled to get back from Europe today. Everyone of my flights took off without a hitch and flying was smooth. That was until we came in for a landing here." She paused, remembering the terrible scene in her mind. "As we were coming in for a landing, everything seemed fine. The pilot came on the radio and told us to fasten our seat belts and that we would be landing shortly. I was excited, home was calling me. Then, suddenly, there was this giant flash of light and the plane was careening out of control. The engines were on fire, the plane blew apart, and people began to fly out everywhere. I was strapped in and suddenly the belt became tighter. Next thing I knew, I was on the runway, not a scratch on me. I...couldn't explain it. Then I saw Will and the rest is history."

As she concluded the story, she looked up at her audience. Everyone was staring at her dumbstruck, even Will. However, in all their eyes, except Will's, it seemed to be more of a look of realization than confusion, as if something had been confirmed to them. Will however, looked confused and lost.

" did you survive?" he asked her. "And how did you come away with not a scratch to be seen?" Before she could answer, Rachel spoke up.

"Why does it matter? Becky is alive and unharmed. We should all just be thankful that things are as they are, and not how we expected. I think though, that Sarah and I should take Becky home. She is probably tired from all this and needs to rest. Not to mention that she needs to let her family know that she's okay and tell them the same story. We'll reschedule the party for another day and celebrate then. For now though, Becky needs to recover. If you want Will, come over for dinner at about, say seven tonight. See you then." With that, Rachel made her way toward the door. Sarah and Becky, after both hugging Will and he kissing Becky good-bye exited the apartment with her.

As Sarah pulled out of the driveway and made her way down the street, Will watched them go until they turned the corner. Once out of sight, he pulled out his ring holder and ran his thumb along it. He opened it and stared at the wedding ring he had bought Becky. Anthony came up beside him and stood looking out the window with him.

"So you didn't do it I take it?" he asked. Will slowly put the ring back in his pocket.

"No, there was no opportune moment. I'm just grateful that I can still propose later." Will looked at the man who had been his roommate for so long. Anthony gave a friendly smile and nod. Will turned back to Nash and Harley who were staring at him expectantly.

"You will never guess who was there." Anger began to burn inside him as the memory came back.

"Who?" Nash asked. He could easily see the anger building up in Will, he was never good at hiding his emotions, especially from him.

"Drake and Bruce. They were acting as if they wanted to help, but it was obvious they didn't care. In fact, I'm certain that Drake is behind the crash some how." The anger was building up quick.

"What makes you say that?" Nash asked, curious now.

"Well, there was his attitude about the whole thing, like he was happy it happened. That and the look on his face when he saw Becky alive." Nash fingered his goatee thoughtfully. This confirmed everything he feared. Yet, he couldn't get Will involved, at least not now. If Will was who he thought he was, there would plenty of time for that later. Right now, he had to find some way to calm Will down without revealing anything. It was Anthony who came to the rescue.

"It won't do any good to get worked up over it Will." He laid a firm hand on his shoulder. "There is no proof that Drake did cause it. Even if there was, there is nothing we can do about it, Drake has too much influence." Will turned to him angrily at first, but once Anthony's words sank in he deflated.

"I know," he said, defeated. "I'm just getting tired of how Drake gets away with everything. One day soon though, he won't." With that, Will sank onto the sofa. "Hey, let's play Smash Bros. I really need to beat something up."

The ride to the house was short and quiet. Becky felt relieved to be in the comfort of her own home she shared with Rachel, Sarah, and two other girls. They lived in a small, comfortable, two story house in a small sub-division not far from where Will, Nash, and Anthony lived. It had a small yard and the front porch was decorated with all kinds of things, courtesy of Sarah and one of the other girls.

Sarah pulled up the driveway in her Mitsubishi and parked right behind a little yellow Voltswagon bug. The three girls exited the car and entered the house.

As soon as Becky entered the house, two girls jumped her and hugged her tightly. It was the other two occupants of the house Savanna Nigels and Leah Landon. The two women resembled each other so much that many mistook them for twins. They shared the same dark hair, the same slim build, the same large round glasses, even many of their interests were the same. However, Leah had a darker complexion than Savanna who had a paler look. Both of them were beaming at Becky. However, before either of them could really greet her Rachel spoke.

"Tell us what really happened at the airport." It was just like Rachel to know that she hadn't said everything. However, it wasn't just Rachel who had noticed. Sarah looked at her just as expectantly. Becky smiled to herself and knew that she couldn't hide anything from these four. She sat down in her favorite rocking chair and began to tell the girls everything.

"Well, like I told you, there was a bright light and the plane began to crash. And I did wake up not far from where the plane went down. However, something else happened. I...seemed to change. I felt power coarse through me, like an electrical current. I walked through a field, but my legs were so short it was almost like a slither. Everything looked so bright, it was like I wasn't looking through my own eyes. I made my way to the airport and the next thing I knew, I was getting out of the grass beside the runway. I can't explain it."

Becky looked at her roommates, confused. However, the looks they were giving each other were not ones of surprise or bewilderment. Instead they were ones of understanding and confirmation. This confused Becky immensely.

"Well Becky," said Sarah, "it looks like we have some explaining to do."

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