The Kaiju World War

Chapter 6: Space Godzilla

Will stared in horror at the kaiju. He could not believe what he was seeing. Space Godzilla was suppose to be dead. 19 years ago, when he was six, the report had come in that Skull Island had exploded, with every kaiju known to man on it. This included Space Godzilla. Will looked at Nash to see if he was as shocked as he was, instead he saw a face set with determination. Nash looked the exact opposite of what he should have. It was like he knew that Space Godzilla was alive, that he had been expecting to see him. Will was nothing short of confused.

"Will, we need to run, now." Nash grabbed Will's arm and began to sprint down the street they were on. The thundering footsteps of the kaiju were hot on their heels. It was as if Space Godzilla were chasing them in particular. How could that be? Why would this monster want them? He couldn't possibly have seen them. I mean, people were running all around them. What made them so special? Then something surprised Will, the kaiju spoke.

"Brother!" he called. "Come out and face me. Just try to save these pitiful humans that you hold so dear. I'll crush every last one of them." Will was even more confused. Did he really just hear that monster talk? And that voice, it seemed so familiar somehow. Like he had heard it before. Nash and he turned down a dark ally and hid behind a dumpster.

"Stay here," Nash ordered Will. Will looked at him confused. What was Nash thinking about doing?

"I'm not hiding here," Will said. "That thing could crush us at any second. Not only that, but isn't he suppose to be dead? And why is he here in New York? How did he get here without us hearing about it? How come I understood what he said?" Nash laid a comforting hand on Will's shoulder and tried to give him an encouraging smile.

"All will be explained later. I know it's confusing, but right now I need you to trust me. Stay here and I'll be back to get you. Promise me you'll stay here. Alright?" Will looked at his best friend in confusion. Nash spoke as if he knew exactly what was happening here. How is that possible? How could he have possibly known that Space Godzilla still lived? Despite all these questions racing through his mind, Will nodded. Nash gave him a quick nod and ran out of the ally into the crowed street.

Will watched him go and was surprised to see what Nash was doing. Instead of running away from Space Godzilla, he turned toward him and got on all fours. Space Godzilla thundered onward, heading right for where Nash was crouched. Will began to run to Nash but stopped, something was happening. Nash's shirt was stretching and several spikes began to protrude from his back as well as on his head. His fingers seemed to meld together and his nails elongated into claws. A tail sprouted from his buttocks, a large one with a club at the end. His face stretched into a snout, razor sharp fangs hanging out. Along with these already strange changes, Nash was growing in size, his skin turning a weird grayish color. The citizens around him watched this spectacle and screamed at the end result. When all of this was complete, what Will saw wasn't his best friend anymore. In his place was the kaiju Anguirus.

Anguirus was terrified about what he was about to do. He knew that he stood no chance against Space Godzilla. He, while a tough fighter, could not match Space Godzilla's raw power. He had no corona beam, no telekinesis, no control of crystals, and no power of flight. All he did have was an armored hide, complete with defensive spikes, razor sharp teeth, and a clubbed tail, as well as a roar that could burst the eardrums of any living thing. He just hoped that one of the others would see his predicament and come to his aid, or better yet this incident would cause Will to transform, to release the kaiju that no doubt laid within. There was no question now that Will had a kaiju in him. To be a human and to understand what a kaiju said could only be done if he was one. Whatever happened, he knew that he had to defend this city, it would be what Godzilla would want. So, he let out a challenging roar.

Space Godzilla stared at the kaiju that barred his way. He chuckled to himself. This was the best defense that his brother could summon? Anguirus was pathetic in his eyes. If it had been someone like Kiryu, Mecha-King Ghidorah, or even Rodan, he might be worried. But this was just sad. However, he had to admire Anguirus' courage. The kaiju let out a monstrous roar, challenging him once again.

"You go no farther Space Godzilla," he said. No fear showed in his voice, just a calm determination. Space Godzilla admired that. He let out a low chuckle and smiled.

"Step aside Ang," he said with contempt. "You know you stand no chance against me. I'm just here for my brother, a nice family chat. If you give him to me, I'll leave this pathetic city in peace, no one else will get hurt."

"Don't call me Ang, you giant piece of crap," Anguirus roared. "You lost all your rights to my friendship long ago, when you betrayed your brother, our brother." Space Godzilla shook his head, like a teacher disappointed in a slow student.

"I really could have used you Ang," he said, fake sadness in his voice. Your tenacity would have been a great asset. Too bad you chose the losing side." He sighed and shook his head again. "Oh well, I guess if you're not with me, you're against me." A cunning, knowing look was in his eyes. "And if you are here, that must mean that my brother can't be too far away, and since I can't see him, he must be in human form." Anguirus tensed and just managed to stop himself from looking at the alley where Will was hiding. However, the tension was enough for Space Godzilla. He let out a thunderous laugh.

"Ah, I'm right it seems," he laughed. "Well, say goodbye Ang, to my brother!" Space Godzilla began to absorb energy into his two shoulder crystals, it looked like red lightning. He took a breath and prepared to fire his corona beam. Anguirus could not let him get that shot off and in his desperation, he did the most stupid thing he could do. He leaped into the air, rolled up into his spiked ball, and hurled himself through the air at Space Godzilla.

It worked. He slammed straight into his enemy's chest, sending Space Godzilla's shot wide. It passed harmlessly through the sky. Space Godzilla stumbled back, stunned by the attack. He groped his chest, checking for any injury. No blood came away and he sighed, Anguirus' spikes had not pierced his hide, just left a few indentations where he had hit him. At first, Space Godzilla was thankful that his family was gifted with such a naturally tough hide. Then he felt anger, how dare this grunt attack him!

In his anger, Space Godzilla charged Anguirus. It was more like a glide, his feet never touching the ground. Anguirus suspected this attack and was ready. He leaped over his enemy's swipe and landed on the back of his neck. Using it as leverage, he pushed off and landed a few meters away. Space Godzilla staggered to his feet, holding the back of his neck. How could this be happening? How could this weaker monster be showing him up like this? It was embarrassing. He knew that now he'd have to think things through. Anguirus may be a weaker monster, but he was no fool. He was faster, much more agile. He would no doubt use this to his advantage. Space Godzilla cursed himself, why did he neglect to work on his agility? However, despite this set back, he knew he could defeat this sorry excuse of a kaiju.

He began to slowly walk toward Anguirus, taking his time, circling his opponent. Anguirus now felt worry. Space Godzilla was thinking his moves through. This made him dangerous, more so than he already was. He kept his eyes focused on Space Godzilla's, hoping to catch some sense of what he was going to do next. There, he saw it. Space Godzilla feinted to the right and Anguirus leaped in that direction, seeing the claws coming on the left. However, this was exactly what Space Godzilla wanted. When Anguirus jumped into the air, he brought his extremely long tail around and slammed it into the side of Anguirus' head, the crystals on the end leaving a gash.

Anguirus slid across the ground, knocking down two buildings along the way. He rolled and quickly got back to his feet. He charged Space Godzilla, hoping to skewer him on the horn on his nose. However, he seemed to hit a wall. Space Godzilla had used his telekinesis to stop his charge. He threw Anguirus like he was a baseball. He bounced once, rolled with the impact, and was on his feet again. He wasn't fast enough. Space Godzilla rammed his shoulder into him, the giant crystal missing him by centimeters. He landed on his back and could not get back up, his spikes were stuck in the ground.

Space Godzilla lumbered over to him, laughing. Anguirus was like a beetle. While his spiked back was great for defense but it had one weakness, if he landed on his back hard enough, they would get stuck in the ground. He planted his foot firmly on Anguirus' chest, pushing the spikes further into the ground Anguirus glared at him in defiance, blood trickling down the side of his head where the crystals had cut him.

"Well Ang, looks like end for you," he said. "You put up a good fight, but there was only one way this could end, your death." Energy swarmed into his shoulder crystals and he took a breath, ready to fire his deadly corona beam straight into his face. Suddenly, there was the sound of a sonic boom and Space Godzilla was dragged off Anguirus at an alarming speed. He skidded along the ground, down the street a few meters. His head darted around the arena, looking for the one who would dare steal him from his kill. Then he heard a screech, one that was all too familiar.

Up in the sky was Rodan. The pteranodon was circling above him, egging him on, screeching a challenge. Space Godzilla was happy to meet it. He entered his flight mode and took to the sky. He and Rodan hovered there for a few seconds and then charged. They played chicken until Rodan peeled to his left. Space Godzilla thought he was breaking off for a dive. How wrong he was. Instead, Rodan's spiked belly crashed into him. The force of the impact sent him crashing into the ground.

Rodan circled above Space Godzilla, he had to keep him distracted long enough for Anguirus to get out of the ground. As his enemy began to pick himself up from his crash landing, he dived. He kicked Space Godzilla right in the face, knocking him on his back. Space Godzilla retaliated by firing his corona beam while still on his back. Rodan nimbly dodged it and fired his own heat ray. It hit Space Godzilla right in the chest, singing flesh. Space Godzilla looked at the scorched area, stunned. Few kaiju ever truly injured him and that attack had done just that. Enraged, he got to his feet and was just about to take to the skies again when suddenly, a giant spiked ball slammed into his side.

Anguirus had used Rodan's attack to detach himself from the ground. He had hit Space Godzilla hard and far enough that he seemed to be stunned. Rodan landed next to him. He was keeping an eye on the enemy kaiju, ready to take back to the skies if he needed to.

"What took you so long?" Anguirus asked annoyed. "I was about to be a dino burger."

"Well, I'm sorry," responded Rodan irritably. "I was on a date if you remember. I had to ditch her at the hotel."

"Ditch?" Anguirus asked. "Doesn't she already know?"

"Yes, but that doesn't mean she's completely relaxed." They both tensed as Space Godzilla got to his feet slowly. Rodan took to the skies and hovered in place.

"You keep him busy," said Anguirus. "I'll go for the chest while you aim for the head. Just watch out for that horn." With that, the two launched their attack. At first, Space Godzilla was overwhelmed by the two kaiju. Their attacks were coordinated and fast, neither of them giving him enough to retaliate. However, the attacks were not enough. Over time, Space Godzilla saw a pattern in their attacks. Using his telekinesis, he was able to flip Anguirus on to his back. He quickly put his foot on his chest again, preventing him from getting up. Rodan dived, hoping to save Anguirus, but Space Godzilla was too quick. He caught Rodan by the throat and held him there. In desperation, Rodan fired his heat ray right at Space Godzilla's face. He quickly brought up his shield, reflecting the ray back at its owner, knocking Rodan unconscious. He let out a laugh at his victory.

Will had been watching the whole scene from his hiding place. He had just watched his best friend turn into one of the allegedly dead kaiju and take on Space Godzilla, disputably the most powerful of them all, without fear. Imagine his surprise to see Rodan come as well. Now both kaiju were at the mercy of this monster. He felt anger, and fear. He was this close to losing his best friend. What's more, it was because he was fighting to protect him. He could not let this stand.

Without thinking, Will walked out of the alley and down the street toward Space Godzilla. He had no idea what came over him but something compelled him. He could not let these two kaiju, ones that for some reason held a special place in his heart, die to this monster. As he neared Space Godzilla, Will noticed something strange. Instead of getting larger, like he was suppose to, Space Godzilla was getting smaller. He seemed to shrink in size, and Will also noticed the buildings getting smaller as well. Instead of fear, he felt excitement. Power coursed through him and a determination to kill this enemy washed over him. He felt a blood lust, a desire to fight, to kill.

Space Godzilla felt more than heard the footsteps coming his way. Great, he thought to himself. Another kaiju had arrived. It couldn't have been one of his, he'd ordered all of them to stay behind and let him take care of this. Which one could this be? Judging by pattern of the footfalls, it had to be one of the two legged ones. Kiryu maybe? He hoped not. Him, along with the two he had subdued could easily take him. He just had to finish him before Rodan regained consciousness. He turned to see who his new opponent was. What he saw was a surprise.

Godzilla glared at his brother. A grin spread across his face, one intent on the battle he was about to engage in. He let out a roar to challenge Space Godzilla. It felt good to make that noise after all these years. Space Godzilla relaxed his limbs a tad. Anguirus tried to stand up but was too weak, Space Godzilla just sent him back into the ground.

"Well brother," Space Godzilla began, "looks like you finally had the guts to show your face." Godzilla made no response. He just continued to stare at him.

"Fine, if that's how you want to be, let's get this started." He tossed aside Rodan like he was some broken toy and began to walk toward Godzilla. His brother in turn began to approach him. With each step, their pace increased until they were both running, the ground shaking with each step they took. Then they collided.

Space Godzilla was caught off guard by the strength behind the impact. Godzilla was able to knock him back a little and sank his teeth into his neck. Space Godzilla could feel the teeth sink into his flesh and blood trickled out of the wounds. In terms of raw power, Space Godzilla was no doubt the stronger of the two. However, when it came to pure brute force, Godzilla had no equal. He continued to shove Space Godzilla further and further back. Eventually, Godzilla knocked him off balance and onto his back. Godzilla towered over his brother, a killing intent in his eyes.

"Times up brother," he said menacingly. He took a breath, ready to finish him off, but Space Godzilla wasn't done. Quickly, he used his tail and swept his brother's feet out from under him. He began to take to the skies but Godzilla quickly grabbed a hold of his tail and yanked him out of the sky. He landed hard.

"Curse this stupid tail!" Space Godzilla thought to himself. As fast as he could, he got to his feet. He turned, ready to engage his brother but wasn't fast enough. Godzilla rammed into his chest with his head. Space Godzilla got ready to shove him into his knee but was caught off guard when Godzilla raised his head right into his jaw. He staggered, massaging his jaw, luckily nothing was broken. Now he was angry.

He dived at Godzilla and ran his clawed hands across his face. Godzilla took the hit, blood pouring out of his nose. Blinded temporarily by the pain, he didn't see Space Godzilla's next attack coming. A tail swipe came and nailed him in the side of the head, causing him to fall flat on the ground. As he regained his footing, Space Godzilla began to summon crystals from the ground around him. Once enough had been risen, he began hurtling them at Godzilla. His brother blocked and dodged most of them but one pierced his side. Godzilla let out a roar of agony and yanked the shard out. That was the last straw.

Energy welled up inside Godzilla. A bluish glow began to creep up his back spines. It started at his tail and all the way up his back. He took a deep breath and let out a stream of blue energy, made of pure radiation. The heat beam slammed into Space Godzilla's chest and knocked him over. Godzilla fired again, causing explosions around his brother. Many of the crystals exploded, the shards embedding themselves in the ground and the kaiju.

Space Godzilla had to retaliate and quickly. He flew parallel to the ground, dodging his brother's third blast. He could feel the heat on his tail and he was so glad he didn't have fur that could catch fire. He landed a few meters away from Godzilla and faced his most hated enemy. He could see the blue glow that signaled a fourth barrage. He braced himself and once the beam left his brother's mouth, his shield went up. The beam reflected off the surface and hit Godzilla in the stomach. The so called "King of the Monsters" staggered, clutching his stomach. He slowly went to his knees, the breath knocked out of him. That was the beautiful part of his shield, it amplified the power of whatever blast it reflected. His brother was at his mercy. He began to slowly approach his brother.

The pain was overwhelming. Godzilla couldn't regain his breath, he forgot his brother could do that. The power his heat ray packed was amazing. He knew that if he didn't get back on his feet soon, he would be finished. Space Godzilla was coming toward him. He tried to stand but crumbled again. What was wrong with him? He shouldn't be this weak. Space Godzilla sensed that something was up. He laughed at the spectacle he was seeing.

"What's wrong brother?" he asked mockingly. "Was my shield too much for you?" Godzilla glared at him. "Then again, this is the first time you've transformed I believe in nineteen years. I guess the first time is pretty draining, you can't keep up your strength for too long." As he towered over his brother kneeling before him, a sense of triumph welled up inside, he had finally beaten him. Now he could become the one and only King of the Monsters. Energy poured into his shoulder crystals and took a deep breath. His corona beam would finish the job.

Suddenly, two beams of energy hit Space Godzilla from the side. The corona beam again missed its mark. Enraged, he turned to see who would dare interrupt his victory. What he saw made his heart stop. Mothra was swooping toward him. Her beautiful wings mesmerized him for a second but he quickly shook it off. Now he had to fight a fourth kaiju? This was just great. Maybe he should have brought Gigan along. Oh well nothing could be done now. He just had to get Mothra to lower her guard.

"Well, fancy seeing you here Mothra," he began, trying to be as charming as he could be. "I must say you are as lovely as ever." This was a long shot he knew. None of the female kaiju who fought for his brother, ever fell for this but this was the best he could do on the spur of the moment. As expected, Mothra didn't even respond. Instead she continued her attack. She began to sprinkle powder from her wings, a powder that would both disorient and paralyze him. Space Godzilla tried firing his corona beam but the powder absorbed the blast and redirected its energy back at him, similar to his own shield. He could already begin to feel the paralysis taking affect. Space Godzilla racked his brain for a way out of this, fighting through the dizziness that was taking affect. Then he remembered. He had an electro magnetic pulse similar to his brother's. That should shake the witch off. He concentrated, fighting to remain conscience. He fired the pulse and it worked. Mothra was knocked out of the sky and flat on her back.

Space Godzilla began to approach the downed kaiju. That was easier than he thought possible. Suddenly, he heard Rodan's screech. He turned and Godzilla and his two best friends were standing there, ready to defend Mothra. Space Godzilla knew that he could not take on all four of them and Mothra, despite being on her back, was still fresh compared to him. It was time for a tactical retreat. He entered into his flight mode and flew off into the night. Neither Rodan nor Mothra made any attempts to pursue him, knowing that neither of them could take him one on one. The fight would resume on another day.

Anguirus watched Space Godzilla fly away. He felt a wave of frustration that the war could not have ended tonight. Yet, mixed with that was a feeling of happiness and excitement. Godzilla, his king, his friend, had returned at last. He turned to welcome him back, to leap on his back like he had done when they had barely left their nests. However, when he gazed at his friend, what he saw caused him to worry. Godzilla was sinking to his knees. His eyes were out of focus and all energy was drained from him, the fight having taken a lot out of him. It wasn't long until he fell flat on the ground. Mothra flew down to them and landed facing Godzilla.

"This is normal," she said, seeing Anguirus' worried face. "The first transformation is always the hardest. The energy is depleted much faster and the effort of changing takes a lot out of the kaiju. Not only that, but he had to fight as well. If I remember correctly Ang, you were out cold within an hour of transforming." She twitched her antennae catching the sound of sirens and helicopters approaching the area. Godzilla had to be moved.

"We have to get him out of here," she said. "Rodan, help me get him to the meeting place. Ang, go get the others and tell them to meet at the island. Hurry, but make sure that you are in human form." Anguirus nodded at her and quickly changed back into Nash Faller. Rodan flew to the front and gripped Godzilla's shoulders. Mothra flew to the back and grabbed his tail. Together, they flew off into the night and left New York far behind.

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