The Kaiju World War

Chapter 7: Questions Answered

Will woke up disoriented. His head hurt terribly, and he could barely think. He opened his eyes and waited for them to come into focus. Once they did, he was able to discern that he was in a cave. It was dark but yet, somehow, he could still see clearly. Someone had draped a blanket over him and placed a pillow at his head. Yet, despite their efforts, Will was extremely uncomfortable on the hard stone floor. He began to sit up and a sharp pain shot through his skull.

"Careful bud," said a voice and Will jumped. Looking in the direction it came from, Will saw two people staring at him, Dallas Sullust and Keith Harris. They were sitting at the mouth of, what Will guessed, was a side tunnel from the main passage inside the cave. Will was in too much pain to wonder where they were, not to mention why? Keith stood up and exited the tunnel, leaving Dallas alone with Will.

"You must be wondering where we are," Dallas said.

"Heh, not so much," replied Will. "More like, why the flipping spank does my head hurt so much. What happened?"

"All will be explained soon enough. Keith just went to get the others." As Dallas said that, Will could clearly hear the echo of approaching footsteps. Soon enough, the entrance was filled with his friends. The first to his side was Becky. She ran to where he sat and wrapped her arms around him. Though happy to see her, Will couldn't help but grunt in pain as the impact of her hug caused his head to throb in pain.

"Oh, I'm sorry Will," she said. She gently kissed his forehead and sat herself next to him on the floor. The others filed in and circled around Will, each settling themselves down. For a few minutes none of them spoke, nobody knowing exactly where to start. Finally, Nash broke the unnerving quite.

"So, I assume you have a lot of questions," he began, "but first, let me ask you one. What exactly do you remember?" Will thought a bit and racked his battered brain for some memory. Then, all the memories flooded back.

"I...remember," Will slowly began, "Space Godzilla. He was...storming the city, crushing buildings and people alike, no one was safe. Then, we ran into that alley and you told me to stay right where I was before you ran back out and...turned into Anguirus. You...fought Space Godzilla and then, when you seemed like you were about to die, I left the alley and...attacked Space Godzilla. Next thing I know, I wake up here. Nash, what happened?" Nash sighed to himself, steeled himself, and looked Will right in the eye as he began to explain.

"Will, what happened all of us have gone through at some point, so when we say "we know what you're going through", know that we really do. You turned into a kaiju, the kaiju I might add, and fought Space Godzilla." Will stared at Nash in shock. He felt Becky's grip on his arm tighten and he looked at her. She tried to encourage Will with a smile, but right now, he felt surprise and unbelief.

"What are you saying?" he asked chuckling a bit. "Are you even hearing yourself right now? Do you know how crazy that sounds? How can I have..." Nash raised a hand to stop the stream of words and questions.

"I know it sounds crazy but think about what you saw. I did it for one, and then I'm guessing that when you marched out of that alley, you had no idea why. Am I right?" Now that Will thought about it, Nash was. But yet he couldn't bring himself to believe that was true.

"How do I know that wasn't a dream?" he asked. "I mean, the next thing I remember I wake up here right? I could have been asleep and not really known it." Nash chuckled, Will was giving the exact excuses he had given when he found out.

"If that were true, why would all of us remember it? Not only that but why is your head hurting so much? You don't drink, so it isn't a hangover. And also, why would you wake up here in this cave and not in our hotel room." Will racked his brain for logical answers, but in truth, there wasn't any.

"Let's say I do believe you," he said. "How can I possibly be a kaiju? I mean, I've never been able to do this before? Plus, how am I even able to turn into one?" Nash gave Will a smile.

"The first question and the last can be answered by the same thing." Nash glanced at Rachel who was sitting next to him. He nodded his head, giving her the floor. She accepted it and turned her gaze to Will.

"You remember the report of nineteen years ago, the one where Skull Island exploded and the kaiju died?" she asked. Will nodded his head, how could anyone forget that? He may have been only six years old at the time, but that wasn't something you just erased from your memory. Rachel continued on.

"Well, they didn't." Will looked at her in confusion and like she was crazy. He began to ask how that was possible but Rachel cut him off. "During the battle, yes there was a battle, the shobijin, you know, those two little girls that always traveled with Mothra? Well, they saved every kaiju on that island from the explosion. Their music caught the kaiju's spirits up and sent them off into the night. These spirits were then implanted inside the bodies of human children, us." She gestured around the room. "Each of us sitting here has a kaiju within us." Will was trying to process all these things.

"So, you are saying that, ever since I was six, I've had the spirit of a giant monster lying dormant inside me?" He ran a hand through his hair and Becky squeezed his other hand gently. "If that is true, how come I never turned into one before tonight?" Nash interjected here.

"Another simple answer," he said. "To transform, at least for the first time, you have to be in some manner of distress, such as a plane crash or seeing a giant monster about to kill your best friend. Usually in those situations, each of us were either afraid we were gonna die or death was somehow in the equation. Like for you tonight. You saw me transform and leaped to my defense because you were afraid of me dying. Without that, Godzilla may have laid dormant for a few more years.

"And for me," Rachel interjected, "was when I nearly drowned in our family's pool. Each time, it was our kaiju side that saved our lives. Same in a sense with you. When you saw Space Godzilla about to kill Anguirus, who you knew was Nash, you feared for his safety, and the kaiju within you decided to take control. It was he who compelled you to march out and face that monster."

"And I must say, you put up quite a fight," said Anthony. "Especially for your first transformation." Will looked at Anthony a little confused.

"You were there too?" he asked.

"Yeah, I was Rodan. I would have been dead too if not for Godzilla's timely arrival." At the sound of that name, Will felt a shudder wash over his body. Then a light bulb came on.

"Wait," he said slowly. "Are you saying that I'm..."

"Yes Will." It was Becky who responded. "You are Godzilla, our king." Will froze and stared ahead, shocked. He was a king. The king of the kaiju. He had the responsibility of all these people in front of him. Their lives, their hopes, their dreams. Just the thought of how much responsibility that entailed was staggering to think of. He looked at the people who surrounded him. Each of them was looking at him differently, even Becky. These were looks of expectancy, and hope. He already did not like this. How could he possibly lead these people. Yes, they were all his friends and yes he knew them pretty well, but the thought of leading them was staggering.

"Wh...why me?" he asked. I'm just a kid from a small Alabama city. What would compel Godzilla's spirit to enter me?" Nash was quick to respond.

"Each of our personalities mirrors that of the kaiju that lives inside us. Though the shobijin did die on the island, their spirits have remained here to guide us. One of their powers is the ability to see into the future and they saw what each one of us would become. They guided us into the bodies we now inhabit." Will noticed that Nash spoke as if he wasn't human, like the kaiju side was his true self. Maybe it was. Maybe Will's life as a human was meaningless. Maybe he was just a kaiju inside a human shell, waiting to emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon. For some reason, that didn't appeal to him much.

Also," Nash continued, "each of our relationships as humans would mirror that of our kaiju selves. Like how you and I are best friends. Godzilla and Anguirus are the same way. It was why we suspected that you were Godzilla." At that, Will snapped back from his thoughts.

" mean you had suspicions that I was a kaiju, Godzilla of all kaiju?" he asked, anger starting to creep into his voice now. "Why on earth did you not tell me?" Nash's head sank a little and to Will's surprise so did Becky's. Seeing their hesitation, Rachel answered for them.

"Think about this for a second, Will," she said. "Would you have believed us. Think about your answer before you respond." It was a good think she said that. She had stopped Will in mid sentence, he was on the verge of saying the generic, "yes of course, you guys are my friends," but once he thought about it, he realized that he wouldn't. Even now, though he had experienced it himself, he found it hard to believe. Them not telling him made sense. He hung his head, a little ashamed that he had spoken too harshly. Becky squeezed his arm gently.

"Sorry guys," he said, apologizing to the whole room in general. "I guess in the long run I wouldn't believe. Something that outlandish would need to be seen to believe." Becky wrapped her arms around Will and hugged him tight. He realized that she was crying and then it clicked. This much have been the big secret she couldn't share. He had to admit, that was a doozy right there. He couldn't stay mad at these guys. They had done what they believed to be right and he couldn't judge them for that. It's true, he wouldn't have believed them, probably thinking they were all crazy. Then a thought came to him.

"If the relationships we have with each other, and our own personalities, mirror those of the kaiju we are, and I'm Godzilla, that must mean that Space Godzilla is..."

"Drake," Rachel finished. "We don't know when he found out, but we do know for a fact that he is one. It was Sam who found out actually. He just happened upon him when he changed one time, before he left home.

"That must have been what turned him into the monster he is now," Will said. "How could the shobijin let that kaiju live? If they hadn't shown him Drake, I'd probably still have my little brother." Anger flared inside Will.

"It's not the shobijin's doing," Savanna Nigels said, quick to the two little girls' defense. "The spirits had a will of their own and each could find a suitable host without the shobijin. And don't think for a moment that the kaiju turned us into the people we are today, our character was already there. They could only enter into a body whose character was compatible with their own. Drake's nature was already sealed or Space Godzilla wouldn't have chosen him." That still wasn't enough to reassure Will.

"But, why would they let him survive and not just die with the island?" he asked. "I mean, if the shobijin were really that powerful, why couldn't they differentiate between us and them?"

"Simple really," Rachel replied. "Magic of any type takes time and energy to focus. You have to concentrate your energy on a target and they targeted all kaiju. The spell their song wove had a blanketing affect and it would have taken time for it to target, or in this case ignore, certain kaiju. They didn't have the time needed, they had seconds before the island exploded." Will sat and pondered what he was being told. Everything his friends were saying made sense. However, their was one question that he still needed answering.

"How do you guys know all this stuff? I mean, the first of us to transform must have been completely in the dark."

"We helped them," said two tiny voices out of nowhere. Will and the others turned to the entrance to the cave and the two shobijin were there. They glowed golden and Will had a hard time bringing them into focus. Then he realized that he could see through them, they were transparent.

"How are you guys still here?" Will asked. "I thought you were dead."

"We are," they said unison. "Our spirits remain here until we can find the people to replace us in our roles as messengers." They glided toward Will, their fingers touching at the tips. They stopped and remained hovering right in front of Will and each reached out a hand and touched his nose.

"You have a great responsibility in front of you Will," they said. "As the king of the monsters, you will have to lead your friends. Accept your true nature and fight Space Godzilla and his followers, end this war that has lasted for too long. Become the monster you were born to be." At these words, anger flared in Will and he stood up fast, shaking Becky off of him.

"NO!" he screamed. "I can't take this. All I wanted was a simple life. I'm human, a human from a small town in Alabama. I may have his spirit, but I have a life as a human I want to live and I won't give it up."

"Will..." began Becky.

"No Becky," he said. "All I wanted was to marry you and live a quiet life with a family, not lead a war. I just want to finish this vacation and head home." In anger he stormed out of the room. Becky rose to follow him but Sarah touched her shoulder and held her back.

"Let him be Bek," she said gently. "He needs time to process this." After a tense silence, Nash tried to ease the tension in the room.

"So, has anyone wondered why none of us are Japanese?" he asked. He meant it as rhetorical but the shobijin answered anyway.

"Because the Japanese already hate the kaiju and no human body there would accept them." Nash put his face in his hand and shook his head.

"Must you two always be so serious."

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