The Kaiju World War

Chapter 8: Problems

The rest of the week was...awkward to say the least. Once they returned to New York, via kaiju transformations, Will avoided everyone and only spoke when spoken to, even then only answering yes and no questions. Every night, Becky attempted to make things right and Will would often listen to what she had to say, but not even she could get through to him. He felt betrayed, confused, angry and most of all afraid, though he would never admit it to the others. His distancing himself hurt everyone else too, especially Becky. Nash often tried to explain this to him but Will just shut him out. He didn't even sleep in his suite and could be found asleep on the first floor on one of the couches.

"What are we gonna do?" asked Leah. She and the others were gathered in a back room trying to figure out what to do with Will. "We waited years for Godzilla to appear and now, Will won't even face the facts that he has this responsibility. Without our king, Space Godzilla will no doubt win." Nash sat in the corner looking at the floor, lost in thought. Everything that Leah said was on his mind. Will had not taken the news very well, and none of them had really, but eventually they came to cope with the truth. However, none of them had treated their friends with hostility. Instead they each had relied on the others to not only train them to control it but for emotional support. Will on the other hand wanted nothing to do with them. This was going to make things complicated.

"Just give him time," replied Rachel. "Try and think where he is coming from. He was the last to figure out he is a kaiju, the rest of us kept him in the dark. He's reacting through fear. He worries that his whole world will change, and not for the better. We all went through the same thing but once the dreams hit, we saw the wonders of being a kaiju as well as the dangers and didn't each of us accept it readily after that? Just give him time."

"Oh Rachel, still the voice of reason," Nash thought. She knew Will almost as well as he, Becky, Sarah, and Anthony did and her words made sense. Will's reaction, though much more extreme, wasn't that far off from his own. He had been scared, worried that nothing could be the same and that was true. However, once he saw Anguirus' memories he knew it was worth it. He knew that Will would eventually see the same.

"But how long will that be?" asked Becky, on the verge of tears again. She had taken Will's reaction especially hard. She felt she had betrayed and lied to him and it was eating her alive. Nash knew that she had wanted to tell him everything and now, he thought that maybe she should have. If nothing else, their relationship would not have been ruined. However, Nash knew that Will would fix things with Becky, he loved her too much for that.

"Oh, I should have told him!" she sobbed. "None of this would have happened!" Savanna came over to her and put an arm around her.

"There is nothing you could have done," she said. "He would have thought you crazy. Only when he saw it for himself would he have believed."

"Yes, but this is in reaction to us not telling him." She continued to cry and Savanna kept trying to calm her down.

"Maybe not," said Sam and the others looked at him in confusion. "Think about it, when did Will lash out in anger? It was when the shobijin told him he had a responsibility. Before that, he seemed on the verge of accepting everything. It makes sense based off of what we know of him." He paused here for effect. "He hates responsibility. Will never wanted fame, power, or fortune, all because he did not want the responsibility and pressures that came along with it. I don't think he wants to be in charge of all of us."

"There is a flaw in your logic Sam," said Gavin. "If he doesn't want to be in charge of people, why would he want a family? I mean, you have to be in charge of the kids as they are growing up."

"I can answer that," stated Sarah. "It's a different type of responsibility. When you are in charge of adults, they always shove the blame on the person in power. Kids on the other hand are more forgiving.

"And he has always wanted them," Sam put in. "From the time we were little, he always talked about the time he'd have a wife and kids. Later on, he would observe our parents, trying to find what worked and what didn't. Not only that, but whenever he was put in charge of Sarah, Drake, and me, he jumped at the opportunity and was very good at staying in charge. One example was when one of our house in Alabama caught on fire. Will remained calm and collected, making sure we got out. Then think of all the other responsibilities he has had. It's not that he can't take the responsibility of leadership, I think it's the type of leadership it is." The others started to nod, seeing the logic in what Sam said.

"That also gives us even more insight into his reaction," Sam continued. "We all know that Will has never liked it when things didn't go the way he planned. However, almost always he accepted it. But this, well, he was so close to having his life-long dream come true and now he thinks it is being taken away from him. That would make any man go crazy. That is why he is acting the way he is."

"But he can have all that while a kaiju," said Dallas.

"Maybe, but he doesn't know that. I think Rachel is right. Will just needs some time to process all of this and get his head on straight." Nash took in Sam's words and saw that what he said made sense. Will more than likely understood why they kept him in the dark. He was always understanding of what they did and he was right that only when the shobijin told him he had a responsibility did he react. He took a deep sigh of relief. At least he had reasons to believe that Will wasn't mad at them, even if it wasn't true.

Will sat right outside the terminal door and gazed out the window at the planes coming and going. Becky sat beside him, reading the book he had gotten her on her birthday. He couldn't bring himself to look at her. He held no anger toward her or any of his friends but what he couldn't stand the looks she and the others would give him now. They all gave him expectant looks which, he admitted, were probably just them wanting his friendship back but he couldn't stand that their relationships had changed, and not in the way he wanted. This responsibility was daunting to him, it scared him to the point of seclusion, something that hadn't happened since elementary school. He knew that it was hurting the others, especially Becky, but he couldn't face them. He never sought out leadership roles, never wanted the responsibility of taking care of people that weren't children and now his friends had told him that was just the responsibility that was on him now. Worst of all, he was to lead them through a war, a kaiju war.

"The plane for Bowling Green Kentucky is now boarding," came the voice of the flight attendant over the intercom. Will and the others grabbed their luggage and made their way over to the gate. Very soon they were all packed into their seats and headed for home.

In about an hour, after a silent flight, they were back home. Will immediately went to his room once he, Anthony, and Nash returned to the apartment, despite their attempts to talk to him, shut the door, and dialed his parents' home phone number. After only a few short rings his mom picked up the phone.

"Hey Will," she said on the other end.

"Hey Mom," he replied, emotionless.

"Honey, did something happen in New York, Sam seems a little...upset I guess," the worry was apparent in her voice. Will answered the question with another question.

"Is Dad home?" he asked.

"Yes he is," his mom responded. "Will what happened?"

"I'll explain in a little bit. Is it okay if I come over for a bit."

"Sure, you know the door is always open to you."

"Alright, I'll be over in a minute." With that, Will hung up the phone and left the apartment.

It took him about ten minutes to reach his parents' house. He took his spare key out and entered the house without a knock. His mom exited her study, walked over to him, and gave him a hug. Will only halfheartedly returned it. Will's dad was not far behind her. One look at Will's face was all he needed to see to know something big had happened.

"Will, what happened?" he asked. Will just stared at him and silently gestured them to the couch. Once they were seated Will launched into his story of what happened, the attack of Space Godzilla, how Nash had transformed into Anguirus, the arrival of Rodan, his own transformation, the battle, and the meeting in the cave. Throughout it all, his parents listened, a mixture of sadness and relief coming over their faces. This revealed to Will what he had already suspected but he still asked the question just to make sure he was correct.

"All I need to know is if you two knew about this?" Will said at the conclusion. He hoped that they did not, that someone else hadn't known. Their answer was not what he wanted to hear.

"We did Will," his father responded. "When you were six years old, the shobijin came to us and said that you had a great destiny ahead of you, that you were chosen to hold the spirit of Godzilla. You were to be the one to lead the kaiju defenders of humanity against the enemy, Space Godzilla. They also revealed to us that your siblings also had a spirit and which one they were. We kept it from you all these years so that you could live the life you wanted to and hoped that just maybe the shobijin were wrong or it would never happen. But as the years passed, and Sarah and Sam changed, we knew it was only a matter of time before you and Drake did. At that time, and before that, we tried to train you four so that you had the skills you would need and keep you on the right path, even trying keep Drake from following the same one as Space Godzilla. We hope that we were at least some what successful, despite our failure with Drake."

Will tried to process everything he just heard. His parents had known from the moment they were possessed. All this time, they had known and didn't even warn him. At first, anger flared inside him but then he thought back to how he would have reacted. He realized that he would not have believed them, that he would have seen it as just a story. He could also see how his parents had tried to prepare him. He had learned what a good leader needed to know. In fact, all through his life he had been put in the leadership positions, whether he liked it or not, and his results were, for the most part, good. His friends trusted him. They would need him now more than ever, especially if they were to fight a terror like his brother. He nodded his head in acknowledgment. He knew what he had to do.

Nash and Anthony sat in their common room, worried about Will. He had left for his parents' place as soon as they had gotten home. Now it was close to ten o'clock and he still wasn't home. What could they be discussing? Was Will thinking of moving out? Were his parents talking sense into him? All these questions ran through their heads and so intent were they on their thoughts that they jumped when Will came through the door. They looked at him expectantly. He said only one sentence.

"Tell me what I have to do."

Drake was angry. He had failed. His brother was not dead and now his enemies had a leader. He had a glass of wine in his hands and crushed it in his strong grip. The glass cut into his hand but he welcomed the pain, it gave him something to focus on. Meg sat in her bathrobe on the bed, watching him nervously. When he got into a rage like this, being around him was not the best idea. There came a knock on the door and Bruce entered hesitantly. Like Meg, he understood the dangers of being this close to Drake when he was mad. However, Drake had called his lieutenant, so Bruce couldn't ignore him.

"You called for me sir?" Bruce asked cautiously.

"Yes Gigan, I want you to call Ghidorah. We have some things to discuss."

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