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A Hybrid's tale Wings of Fire spin-off


The Seawing flew after the Sandwing, admiring her color. It was a game of chase, and when the Seawing caught up, he touched her golden wings. Laughing they went down by some rocks. Everything starts with sanity on the line, hoping that the other would accept this love declaration. . . Words were exchanged, Torrent held his breath, fortunately with his eyes open. Gila’s eyes sparkled. Just the way he liked.

Adventure / Romance
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Everything starts with sanity on the line, hoping that the other would accept this love declaration. . .

Torrent held his breath, fortunately with his eyes open. Gila’s eyes sparkled. Just the way he liked.

" Yes! ” she practically sang, ” Yes, I will be your mate!” She snatched the woven necklace out of Torrents webbed talons. ” It’s so pretty!” her voice rang high, and her tongue slithered out. It was a quirky thing she did when exited, one of the things Torrent adored about this Sandwing. Tears bordered at her eyes, she looked so happy. ” W-whats it made of?”

" Well, its woven out of twined yucca strands and seashells. . .” Torrent started.

“Wait, ohhh, I totally didn’t notice the seashells! Aww, they are so tiny!” Gila interrupted. She inspected the strands finding many small, small shells looped in the yucca.

While Gila was marveling over the bracelet, Torrent spoke up. “It has materials from the desert and the seaside, proving that we can go good together.” Gila looked up, a single tear rolled down from her beautiful black eyes. She looked speechless. Torrent gestured for a hug. Gila started crying, and leaned into his arms.

" Thank you,” she sniffed as more tears streamed down her face, ” Torrent, this is more than I ever got from my mother.”

" I know my darling, let's spend our lives together!” Torrent whispered in her ear, loving the heat that she radiated. The two snuggled for what seemed like seconds.

" Where will we go? I mean, if we do. . .” Gila asked as she scooched closer to Torrent. He knew what Gila meant.

" We have ruled out the Scorpion den, too dangerous. . . what if. . .” Torrent trailed off, staring into the distance. "What if," he started excitedly," What if we made our own house, in the best of both worlds! We- we could live on the coastline, build our house, live away from everything." His voice softened at the end. Torrent stared at Gila hopefully. Gila nodded, and the mates stared at her belly.

"Its due soon. . ." Her voice quavered.

" We will protect the little one, now follow, we have lots of work to do." Torrent Pulled Gila up, and they started toward the small town by an oasis that some peaceful Sandwings had started.

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