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A Hybrid's tale Wings of Fire spin-off

Chapter 1

Seafoam started toward her hut, and ached for some clam. She had been unsuccessful on her walk to search for one. She entered the house and called to no-one in particular, "I'm home. . ." Seafoam dragged herself toward her bed, coconut fibers in a woven pillow. She flopped on the bed and looked out her window. It seemed to just smile at her. " Yeah yeah, stop grinning." she glowered in its direction. With a great kahumpf she turned and flopped back down, away from the window.

Will I ever see anyone? Should I go out? No- mother said never show our faces to anyone but us. . . until she did, and her and father were executed, their heads placed on Burns stronghold as a warning to rule-breakers. Seafoam then realized that she herself violated rules. There's nowhere to go now, just stay here. She got up. I have dinner to get. . .

Seafoam got off her bed and opted towards a coconut and maybe a lizard. She waltzed over to the nearest palm tree with ripe green bulbs. Shaking it, two proceed to fall down towards her. She picked the mildly heavy coconuts. She saw no lizards.

Seafoam sighed and poked a claw easily into a weak spot in the hard shell of her drink. She lapped her claw and looked around. After taking a swig, she saw it. A large fish in a rocky tidepool. It was trapped there, nowhere to go. Seafoam waltzed over to it, her tail leaving a trail. Halting at the edge, she waited for the perfect moment.

"Gocha!" she roared at the flopping fish in her claws. Laughing, she practically ran to her hut to prepare some and save the rest. Joyfully, she de-scaled the fish and started to gut it.

That's when she heard it.

Talons echoing on the beach.

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