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Empathy- An infinity war semi fiction


A day in the life of a nurse after Thanos wiped out half the poulation

Drama / Scifi
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Chapter 1

It’s been a week, still roads were littered with deserted cars smashed into shops and posts. A few shops were left open for all week with their goods unguarded. Those who remained salvaged the wrecked. The police were desperately trying to ensure that properties are returned to the respective owners (if they existed) or to their kin.

She took the long walk to work just like everybody else. As she walked past the electronics shop, the news flashed that public transports will return to normal condition in two days. The usual anchor was not at the 8′o clock news, the new one was asking people to report to the nearest government booths with the necessary IDs to register their existence. Just the thought of jumping between wards, attending a sea of patients and standing hours long would have panicked her, if it were a week ago. But now the hospital is not filled with that usual cacophony. Empty beds, sparse corridors, everything is almost barren, even the strenuous outpatient ward is sullen. She felt something that one would consider inhumane given the current situation - relief.

Hopping across the trash overflowing from the cans she began questioning her feelings.

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