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Lonely Blue

By precious_passenger

Other / Drama

Chapter 1

It had been Rachel's idea. When it came to Finn, Rachel's ideas always won over. The glee club needed to reunite after the last dating stunt between Finn, Santana and Rachel. Rachel still didn't know what happened between Finn and Santana last year and Finn liked to keep it that way. But, lately, Santana kept dropping obvious hints and it was making Rachel suspicious. So, the only rational option to break the tension was a friendly gathering and wait for the alcohol to work its magic.

There was one tiny problem though. Although the new house was bigger than the last one the Hudson-Hummel family lived in, it still had one other resident that wasn't in glee club. Well, he kinda was, but in the opposing team and they couldn't have the sleepover with him around, or that's what Rachel said when she reasoned with him. Their house was the only free one for the weekend, the parents were treating themselves to a late and slightly cheaper honeymoon. So, Kurt could just sit this one sleepover down and maybe join them another time.

It didn't sound too bad, right?

Surprisingly Kurt had easily agreed to spend the night at Dalton. Finn had refused to feel guilty about it, promising himself that he would somehow amend it to the boy later. Right now, he wanted the whole fiasco with Santana be resolved as soon as possible and get it over before Sectionals started and it cost them the third place…again.

The party started out fun, pouring drinks and gulping down the snacks and drinks Finn and Rachel gathered up. But, soon, after the second round of karaoke, it got boring.

They started moving toward Finn's house, getting ready for a video games marathon, when suddenly the absence of the boy they'd practically forced out of the house settled it. Kurt was a really private person. Maybe that's what gotten them curious and had them move towards the boy's room. The knowledge that Kurt wouldn't ever let them anywhere near his room and possessions was enticing them and their slightly drunk minds in strange ways, so silently they changed their way and opened the door to Kurt's room.

"Let's see if we can find his secret stash of lube," Santana said, digging inside Kurt's closet.

"Ooh, look at me. I'm a pretty unicorn," Brittany called out, wrapping some of Kurt's scarves around her head. The room erupted in laughter.

"Guys, what's this?" Sam picked up an old looking box, decorated with small rocks and painted with so much care. The box made its round to each of the glee clubbers hands, each one making a guess.

"I don't think it's a good idea to open it," Tina said with a frown. "We're invading his privacy."

"Come on, Tina. Have some courage. Or use the substitute liquid courage," Puck said, offering her his flask.

The group held their breath as Rachel, grabbing the box from Sam, who was going to put it back. Inside was several photos, a map and some candy wrappers. Beneath all there was a CD.

"Goodbye?" Rachel asked, reading off the label. She looked at the group questioningly but no one had any answers.

At that moment, the sound of doorbell ringing startled the group.

"Who could it be?" Finn wondered aloud. He hoped that it wasn't Burt or his mother. And looking at the state the room was in, he hoped it wouldn't be Kurt either.

He came back several minutes later with no one other than Blaine Anderson standing next to him.

"Spy!" Rachel screeched.

"I'm not here for spying. I came here for Kurt," Blaine explained calmly, even though he hadn't seen Rachel, he'd heard more than enough from the stories Kurt told him about McKinley.

"He told us he's going to stay at Dalton tonight," Mercedes told him and watched as the boy's eyebrows shoot up, getting lost in his thick mop of hair.

"Well, he told me that he had a sleepover with you guys. But, he didn't seem happy today. So, I decided to surprise him with a visit to cheer him up."

"Guys, you might wanna hear this," Artie wheeled in, interrupting their speech.

He'd put the CD in his laptop, which he always carried around with him no matter the occasion. The screen now showed a bunch of MP3 files. Each of the files were labeled with a name.

The first one was Mercedes.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Mike, who had been silent through this whole ordeal, decided to speak up.

But, it was too late now. They were beyond curious to find out what was in that CD as each of them found their names and some more listed. Santana leaned over in Artie's chair and pressed the play button.

"Hello, this is Kurt Hummel. You're probably wondering why you're hearing this. Well, simply put, this is my last wish. I don't care what you do with this. You could either throw it away or treat it as a joke. But, I need to say it out loud. For once, at least. So these are my reasons why I wanted to die."

Dead silence filled the room.

Artie had hit the pause and all the members and Blaine were looking dazedly at the screen.

What the hell was that?

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