Lightening Fluttershy's Dark Sky

Chapter 12

Fluttershy's Ending (Part One of Two): The One

One who lit the way will help Fluttershy and Sky defeat the One…

The sound of a door to a cell could be heard opening now that all the orbs had been gathered as one.

"!" a familiar soul went in surprise.

"Come Fluttershy, or Sky, whatever…" said a voice that sounded like Rarity's. "It's time for you to meet SOMBRA…"

From where we left off a bit before the end of last time...

Fluttershy and Sky were still a sausage and a marshmallow respectively after they had crossed through the portal and landed face-down on a white cumulonimbus cloud. As the two grunted in discomfort, two figures of familiarity approached them, grinning with pleasure.

"Hello Fluttershy and Sky," said Rarity and Discord, their voices revealing them as Fluttershy and Sky looked up at their faces. "Our master is expecting you…but not this..."

Rarity and Discord used their magic to transform Fluttershy and Sky back to normal. Fluttershy and Sky not only noticed Rarity and Discord's familiar faces when they got up off the cloud ground, but also their peculiar attire. Discord was dressed in a white robe decorated with emblems of shields and had a tiara embedded with a shield-shaped jewel with the shape of a cross carved into it upon his head. Rarity was dressed in her black ninja costume from before, only this time, the black garb she wore on her chest was decorated with two emblems of open gold stopwatches, and her ninja headband had her sheathed sword through it so that Rarity could see it in front of her face.

"So these are the true selves you guys were talking about…" Sky addressed the two.

"That means that the Rarity and Discord from before were clones made from magic…" Fluttershy deduced.

"Not exactly…" Rarity said with a chuckle. " While the clones of me were indeed magic, they were also once human beings."

"!" Fluttershy went.

"Yeah…" Rarity continued. "As you already know, while she was still the CEO of the Department of Human Resources, Chrysalis used her magic to summon humans to this world to be used as test subjects for Body Mind Soul summoning. But what you don't know and what Sky has probably forgotten is that humans can also be converted into magical energy. Magical energy created from humans is what our clones were made from…"

"Now before you two swear at us in your minds," Discord followed up, "I'll fill you in on the fact that Rarity and I had no choice but to have our clones created that way. Normal, nonliving magical energy can't be used to create a living being, and Celestia specifically requested that only human subjects be used for the experiments."

"Wait, Celestia had a hoof in this too?" Sky asked, having forgotten a ton of things.

"Of course not Sky, she just had a hand in it!" Rarity jeered him with sarcasm. "Seriously, do you remember nothing from when you first got turned into Sombra?!"

"Well to be fair," Sky replied, "my soul right now is-"

"Ugh!" Rarity grunted. "I guess it's time for a recap…"

"A recap?" Fluttershy asked. "I...guess that would be nice considering the circumstances…"

"Indeed, everything has gotten a tad...disjointed," said Discord, twisting his muscles as he stretched in relaxation, "one might say. I guess the only way you two will be able to comprehend everything is if I tell you the entire story in summary form, starting from...before the beginning…"

"Before the beginning…?" the Fluttershy duo pondered.

"With time, anything is possible…" Rarity remarked as the stopwatch emblems on her garb came to life and the hands on their clocks began to turn backwards. The Fluttershy duo ended up in a trance as Discord's narration began...

The Story so Far

Narrated by Discord

Long ago, in a time unknown to history, the world of Fluttershy's Dark Sky was a mess...Fluttershy and her allies learned that what they had gone through was not a dream...every pony in Equestria except Spike really was dead. Although Fluttershy and her friends overcame the terrible loss, they realized that this meant the pony race...was extinct. Being partly responsible for the tragedy, Fluttershy and her friends vowed to devote the rest of their dead lives to repopulating Equestria. Thusly, they went to the only pony they knew who might be able to do aid her in her cause for creating new life...the goddess of dea...I mean darkness, CrE.

Unamused by the recent drastic decline in the death...I mean life toll, CrE, bored and desperate for something to do with her job, agreed to help. She started helping by reminding Fluttershy that ever since she had filled out my tax forms with her free man pen, he had become pregnant. She also reminded her that with the bearers of the Elements of Harmony dead, the stoning spell had become undone, and he was free to bear Fluttershy's child, a boy named Sky.

Now free, I also expressed boredom with the town's desolate state, having no one to show his chaotic tricks to. So he too agreed to help, offering to use his chaotic power to its full potential, the power to bend time and reality, for the purpose of recreating life in Equestria. With my power, I showed CrE not only the portal to the human world, but also the power to create new worlds between the dimensions of the pony world and the human world…

Amazed by this, CrE requested that I give some of my chaotic, time-and-reality bending power to Rarity, promising that she had a plan to turn her into a god. She began abducting humans from their world and turning some of them into ponies, and all of the others into magical energy to give Rarity a new body and enough power to become a deity of time and reality. The only ones who objected to this part of the plan were you two and the members of the Dark Sky.


Shocked by what CrE was doing, you two and the Dark Sky members questioned her motives for sacrificing human lives to make Rarity and I deities. In response, she simply laughed and you that she had a destiny planned for each of you... It was then that she asked of Rarity and I to use the magical energy she got from the humans to create two alternate worlds designed to mentor you guys into the perfect servants for her. One was made for Sky, the other, Fluttershy and both you two and the Dark Sky's abilities.

The first world, the world of Transcending Fluttershy's Dark Sky, was designed for Sky, now fourteen years old thanks to Rarity's time powers. Since Sky had not been around to witness the extinction of the Equestrian population, CrE asked Rarity and I to make it essentially similar to, but also different than the world of Fluttershy's Dark Sky, and basically give Sky a simulation of the death, decay, and chaos Fluttershy had to witness. Other than that, Rarity and I had complete creative control...ha ha ha.

The second world, this world, the world of Light-I mean the World of Origin, was designed for Fluttershy and the Dark Sky members. Because CrE saw too much good in them, she asked me to create a world in which you would have to accept evil into yourselves in order to survive. Again, I was asked to give it the illusion that it was part of the world of Fluttershy's Dark Sky, thus why we came up with the whole thing about Fluttershy finding the jar and turning into Sombra. Chrysalis' murder, however, was unrelated to us, and the whole traveling to the other Dark Sky worlds (actually just worlds we created) thing was something we came up with later when we had to revise the L.O.W. project. And so here we all are.

I think that's about it…

Rarity ended the trance, causing Fluttershy and Sky to snap back to this reality, with everything that Discord had said embedded into their minds.

"So just to clarify…" Sky said. "This world is just an alternate reality created by you and Rarity, as well as the Transcending world. Everything we were told about CrE and the World of Origin prior to this was a flat-out lie, you turned me into Fluttershy, Sombra, and a murderer and came up with the portal traveling mission to get the orbs all for the sake of having a way for us to become accustomed to having Sombra's power in us, and I'm actually you and Fluttershy's son."

"...Pretty much." Discord replied with a smirk on his face.

"'re satisfied with that?" Rarity asked with a smirk on her face too.

"I guess." Sky answered.

"So that means you've figured out all the things we didn't explain?" Rarity said with a chuckle. "You don't find it odd that we made YOU into Fluttershy and Sombra in a world meant to test Fluttershy and the Dark Sky? Or the fact that you're human even though you came from a pony and a draconequus? Or why Luna put Robot Alicorn Fluttershy in Fluttershy's bed? Or why we sent the Dark Sky members through that portal? Or why my R.A.R. clone left a scrap of paper by Pinkie Pie back at the Maud Pie church? Or what all the orb messages meant? Or why it was only at the Maud Pie church that my R.A.R. clone's bending spells were numbered? And most importantly, or why we're disclosing all this information to you two?"

"Hmm, I'm really not sure…" Sky replied. "I guess now that you said it, there are some unanswered questions. What do you say Fluttershy?"

"Huh?" Fluttershy said as she felt something of hers had gone missing. "I think something fell out of my fur pocket while I was in that trance…"

"Well Fluttershy doesn't seem to be confused…" Sky remarked on Fluttershy's daze like a filmmaker's memoir about living the dream. "I think we can figure out everything else along the way…"

"Nope," replied Discord with a grin. "HALF of everything else. The other half is going to be figured out by your dear friends…"

"You mean…" Fluttershy and Sky said with astonishment. "The Dark Sky members?"

"Exactly," Rarity confirmed. "But don't worry, you're at least going to get to learn your destinies and why we went through all this trouble the way we did. That is, if you can defeat our master, the One…"

With that said, Rarity pulled a scroll out of her ninja outfit, and she and Discord grabbed it together with their magic. Once they both had a mystical grip on it, they began to chant these words as the hands on the two stopwatches on Rarity's garb began to turn, and the shields on Discord's robe began to gleam brightly…

"Body: ? Mind: ? Soul: ? The One, ASSEMBLE!"

Once those words were finished being spoken, a familiar figure appeared in the middle of Rarity and Discord...the shadow paladin Fluttershy and Sky had transformed into in order to defeat R.A.F. at the end of Fluttershy's Path. And he began to utter something lyrical that didn't rhyme…


What a thrill

With darkness and silence through the night

What a thrill

I'm searching and I'll melt into you

What a fear in my heart

But you're so supreme!

I give my life

Not for honor, but for you!

In my time, there'll be no one else

Crime, it's the way I fly to you

I'm still in a dream, Snake Eater!

" were the one on the portrait of the portal to this place!" Fluttershy and Sky shouted, not even needing to remember their experience on Fluttershy's path to recognize him.

"Correct…" the shadow paladin replied. "And I am also the one who helped your Dark Sky member friends discover the power of Sombra, the one who helped them discover the importance of the L.O.W. project, and the one you two became at one point. I am...The One."

"Wait, did you say the Dark Sky members?" Fluttershy asked. "Hold on...if you're Discord and Rarity's master...does that mean that YOU'RE the one behind all this, and not...CrE? Now I'm confused...unless..."

"Unless Discord and Rarity have betrayed CrE…" the One spoke what was on Fluttershy's mind. "That's right, the Dark Sky members were sent to the realm of CrE to fight her, just like you were sent here to fight me!"

"Huh?" Fluttershy responded.

"You were brought here because I wanted to challenge you to a duel…" the One explained. "And the winner of the duel will become the god of this universe."

"How does that work?" Sky asked. "And besides, isn't this just an alternate reality?"

"Like always, you know nothing…" the One responded as he tossed his shadow spear at...Fluttershy?!

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