Lightening Fluttershy's Dark Sky

Chapter 14

The Dark Sky's Ending (Part One of Two): The True Murderer

The murderer is disguised in the form of a shadow, bearing darkness and light…

The Dark Sky members fell from the dark portal in the sky, and ended up in the realm of CrE. When they had finished falling, they landed on a dark cumulonimbus cloud. The sky above them, on the cloud's contrary, was bright white from the beam that was erected into the air after the orbs were set. And as opposed to last time, where the Dark Sky members got huddled when they fell, getting lazyitis, this time, they got muddled together and got the drive to get up straight away.

"Wow guys, we're making progress!" Derpy complimented them, feeling as impressed as a journalist getting his hand stuck in a fax machine and interrupting the printing of a resume.

"Correction," Ghost Rainbow Dash responded, "you guys are making progress. I have nothing to make progress on. I'm dead and I achieved my goal in life...becoming as awesome as myself!"

"Oh I get the joke," Derpy assumed G.R.D. was trying to humor her. "The original Rainbow Dash from the TV show's goal in life was to become a Wonderbolt!"

"TV show?" G.R.D. asked. "I was on TV? Was this in another reality, or something?"

"Speaking of realities," Dumb-bell chimed in, "we never really touched upon this whole alternate reality stuff. I wonder if CrE will tell us all about it in-depth."

"..." Score confirmed Dumb-bell's suspicions silently as he pointed at a shadowy figure walking towards the group and transforming into a familiar pony.

"Oh," said Hoops, "hi…"


Just like that, Luna was in front of the Dark Sky members, clad in shining, bright-white, holy armor that had been blessed by a god (Rarity). It turns out that she was CrE the whole time, wouldn't you know.

"Greetings," Luna greeted with a malicious grin on her face, "my subordinates of the night. I almost expected you to not be here."

"We entirely expected to not be here…" Dumb-bell told her the situation. "Rarity and Discord threw us in here at the last minute without even telling us. I almost feel like we don't belong here…"

"Ha ha." Luna laughed. "And why is that? Do you not feel it is your place as the heros of the dark to cast divine judgment on the villain of the light?"

"Wait…" Derpy said. "You're the bad guy now?"

"I'm not THE bad guy…" Luna replied. "Just like how you are not THE good guys. Strange, isn't it? How both of us have done things vital to the progress of both THE bad guy and THE good guy, and yet...we are in their shadow. That is our true form, shadows. We may as well be the very darkness that mimics our every move…"

"Blah, blah, blah, yawn." G.R.D. tried summing the whole thing up. "Can you just please get to the point?"

"Do you want me to touch upon stuff in-depth or not?" Luna asked. "Besides, I was just about to get to the good part...the telling of how I carried out my most devious deed…"

"Fine…" G.R.D. said with a sigh. "Just please tell us the explanation of how and why you're the one who murdered Chrysalis, and make sure to give me legitimate reasons to call "bullshit" on it! I get a lot of enjoyment out of pointing out the flaws in people's facts!"

"If you insist…" Luna replied as she prepared to tell the entire true story…

The Murderer is…Luna

That's right...I'm the murderer. Sky wasn't the one who killed Chrysalis like Fluttershy (as you may know her) thought. Fluttershy was in too much of a hurry to come to the conclusion that Sky was the killer, for a part of her was worried that the killer was actually her. If only she had looked deeper and had seen the false clues I had left behind alongside the real ones…

The first clue, "Search the numbers, the pattern reveals the truth." , meant to go back to the only place where numbers were used, at the Maud Pie church. The numbers used there, in order, were… 12 21 14 1. All of those numbers have a pattern, in that they all contain the number "1", all contain the digits "1-4", and can all be formed by adding up four ones in a variety of ways. Four ones...four who were involved in an illicit plan to change the Fluttershy's Dark Sky world (new name for the World of Creation to avoid confusion) forever. Discord, Rarity, me, and another...the One.

The second clue, "Killers have a code", meant that the numbers have a code to them. And what better code could they have than the alphabet? L is the 12th letter of the alphabet, U is the 21st letter of the alphabet, N is the 14th letter of the alphabet, and A is the 1st letter of the alphabet. You read the numbers like a word, and they spell my name!

The third clue, "Yearning to reverse your fortune, you find a false hint.", was just a safeguard to give a clue to Fluttershy that Sky was not the killer just because his name was in the clues. If you read the nonsense that was being spoken at the beginning of each chapter backwards, you would get this…

So...You are reading this.

Klaus bartz aho!

You will tell the orb.

That spells "SYKY", not "SKY". And why would I reuse the same pattern for a bogus hint for a real hint?

I think you may be wondering now...why did I do all of it? My motive was simple...Chrysalis betrayed me. In this reality, I made her and Celestia the villains behind the plot to bring humans to this world to be turned into Centauroths, to represent what was going on in Fluttershy's Dark Sky world. In the end, it was supposed to her who Fluttershy fought. But Chrysalis became greedy, and started using humans as magical energy to take into herself so she could become powerful enough to take over not just the World of Origin, but the world of Fluttershy's Dark Sky! I tried to reason with her, but in the end, there was nothing I could do to stop her…so I killed her.

After I used my CrE powers to dispose of Chrysalis, I entrusted her subordinate Celestia with the role of being the World of Origin's villain. Unfortunately, she followed in Chrysalis' footsteps by trying to create progeny with Fluttershy to create a being more powerful than I. This time, I was not fortunate enough to learn of her treachery ahead of time, so Rarity had to step in and use her time and reality bending powers to eliminate her. She also stole Fluttershy's soul and removed Sombra from it, worrying that a Fluttershy contaminated with evil would be too powerful to contain after all. While our plan for the L.O.W. project underwent great revisions, we sealed Fluttershy's soul away in a hidden cell in Celestia's castle with a lock that would only break once the orbs at the front of the castle regained their power…and so ends my tale.

"Any questions?" Luna asked, following her tale's denouement.

"Yes," G.R.D. replied. "There's a lot of stuff in of your story that I don't why were only the orbs in the world Fluttershy went to filled with hints? What if she had ended up in the World of Evolution, where all the orbs were locked?"

"She couldn't have gone to the WoE," Luna explained, "thanks to the help of the human clone we made to be Celestia's replacement. The wine that she always carried around in that glass was actually a liquid that could temporarily stop the time of whatever it was spilled around. The portals Discord and Rarity created are bound by the laws of time, so Celestia just spilled some around the portal to the WoE. And there are clues in the other orbs...ones meant for YOU guys that Discord and Rarity didn't want you to see. I'm sure you'll find them soon, heh heh."

"Why were you a police officer though?" G.R.D. continued her questioning. "Also, on our way back home from the WoE, Rarity's Robot Alicorn Pinkie clone said something about you putting Robot Alicorn Fluttershy in a bed."

"Oh yes…" Luna replied. "Keep in mind, we were trying to put on an act, for Fluttershy and that Jason Celestia clone. She was suspicious of us plotting to make Fluttershy a god, so we gained her trust by becoming her subordinates and getting her to believe that the only Fluttershy who was still alive was the one she transformed into R.A.F., the one from the World of Origin. Why Rarity switched R.A.F. out for Fluttershy on me and made her an orb-carrier without telling me though, I don't know. There would've been no point...R.A.F. is also a clone of Fluttershy made from a human, so she shares all her thoughts and memories. When I tried to ask her about it, she threw a smoke bomb on the ground, confiscated my Magic Eater guns and banished me here. And now that you guys are here, my suspicions are confirmed…"

"What suspicions?" Dumb-bell asked, breaking G.R.D.'s line of questioning. "Do you think we're spies?"

Luna shook her head.

"No," she said, "I just believe that Rarity and Discord have betrayed me and have sent you here to kill me."

"Oh, phew." Derpy said, wiping a bit of sweat from her face. "That's not as bad as US being the bad guys."

"Do your math, Derpy…" Hoops requested of her. "If we were sent here by Rarity and Discord, that means we WORK for the bad guys."

"So I am evil after all…" Derpy concluded. "I knew I couldn't trust myself!"

"Not that it really matters anymore…" Luna remarked. "Fighting for good or fighting for no longer matters so long as we get to fight."

"Fight?!" the Dark Sky members exclaimed. "But Luna, we can't fight you!"

"But thou must." Luna said, not quoting the Luna from the TV show as she summoned a Centauroth and a bat pony to her left and right side respectively. "I am CrE...and the Dark Sky's final mission as described in the Lightly Ordered World project is to kill CrE...that is if she does not fall before the One."

"?!" the Dark Sky members went. "Wait, he was the one you mentioned in your he the one who's really behind all this…?"

"Forgive me for withholding my patience…" Luna replied, mixing up the words she spoke from the TV show as she polymerized herself with the Centauroth and bat pony using her magic. "But I grow weary of conversation...IT IS TIME FOR US TO DO BATTLE!"

With that, Luna completed her transformation into a dark shadow dragon with bat wings, the body of a horse, and some facial features of a handsome woman. She opened her mouth and began to charge up a beam of dark, shadowy, holy aurora.

"..." Score communicated battle tactics with the group silently. In response, the group transformed into mist together, so that when the beam hit them, it would be...reflected back at Luna?!

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