Lightening Fluttershy's Dark Sky

Chapter 2

Part Two: The Conflict Between Two Elements

There are two true stories Fluttershy must tell you before the sky shall open for you.

Later that night, the night had started to become day...

Fluttershy arose from her bed to find the house clean just like it always was in her real life, but she knew from last night that this wasn't a dream. Many demons had come to the dream house that was herself and messed up the place. She had been turned into a shadow just like King Sombra, who was now her mind. Whenever she wanted to remember or say something from her mind, she would have to think of Sombra with her spirit. Like so...

"It's morning..." Fluttershy's spirit felt the poetic nature of a warm summer morning as light from the sun filled the bedroom. "Sombra, I feel weird like I've forgotten something. Can you please research my memories and tell me what I should be remembering?"

"You forgot to eat dinner last night..." Sombra recapped sleepily, as being Fluttershy's mind was hard work. "And you made a friend...what a delight..."

"Friend...oh no..." Fluttershy remembered that there was something she had to do yesterday. "I forgot to meet Celestia for dinner...and I missed work with my friend Rarity! I need to complete the rituals and turn her into an immortal! If I don't, she could die!"

Fluttershy got out of bed and tried to run, but she couldn't. She looked down and remembered that she had no physical arms and legs and was floating instead.

"Oh, that's right..." Fluttershy looked at herself. "As a shadow, I'm no longer a physical being...I'm now the reflection of a being performing physics. But Sombra was able to get around as a shadow just fine...oh, I get it! Because he used to do physics when he was a pony! So if he's my mind now, that means..."

Fluttershy thought of Sombra finding a scientific way to grow a pony form, and sure enough, the brainpower gave her the ability to mold her midsection into a pony-like one with two leg-like arms and two arm-like legs.

"I guess this will have to do," Fluttershy was aware that she was still a shadow, "but thank goodness that Sombra was a genius as well as a magenieus. Now to make sure that Rarity's not dead and safe!"

Fluttershy ran down the stairs and to her basement in her pony-form shadow body to find that Rarity wasn't dead, alive, or even asleep...

"What the...Rarity?!" Fluttershy couldn't believe what had happened to her friend. "Wh-where did you go?!"

Rarity was nowhere to be seen in the basement, not even in the bathrooms. The rope that Fluttershy had used to bind Rarity's front hooves and tie her to the ceiling was still there, with the binding knot unsevered and unperturbed. Nothing in the room had been tampered with either, the only interchangeable element being Rarity, as something had replaced her...a white mist of rain that had taken the form of Rarity and her position of when she last fell unconscious.

"Who are you?" Fluttershy asked as she walked closer. "Why is my friend gone?"

The mist smiled and vanished, only leaving a notably small paper-sized drop of rain that materialized into a paper note. When Fluttershy picked it up and read it, it read the following reading:

The Mist's Missed One

The mist has missed your dark sky

Who would have known, Fluttershy

From time to time, the form of you and me

Appears to have lost your dear Rarity

In search of Sombra's ring, she left with some one

For two pursuits of power are far more for some fun

Than the aforementioned, number me three

From clouds to dragons, the ending is me

In other words, you're going to love me. DEATH IS PEACE.

Death is Love,


"How could he say that?" Fluttershy was hurt. "Death is not peace and love, it is merely the passage to those things through immortality. There's no way that could be the mist that summons my Dark Sky band members... They understand death, and they'd never convince Rarity to leave. There's not a large number of ponies who could've known about my mission and broken into my house, so who is this mysterious one? And finally...Sombra's ring?! Didn't Sombra mention something like that in his poem?"

"You can call me I...for I am you now..." Sombra said as Fluttershy's mind, still tired. "How they know about I's ring, we do not know how..."

Just then, there was a very loud knock at the door that banged up and penetrated the sound barrier of Fluttershy's shadow ears in her basement.

"Oh no, we got company!" Fluttershy unintentionally caught on to Sombra's "you and me" perspective. "I can't let any visitors see me like this, they'll think I'm a monster! I need to disguise myself as something that won't threaten them!"

So Fluttershy floated back upstairs, and found her shark suit in her closet.

"Perfect!" she said as she put it on. "Nopony is scared of a shark out of water, running out of air on the air!"

Just as Fluttershy was about to go back downstairs, the voice behind the door began to grow impatient.

"This is the police!" the voice shouted, banging on the barrier louder at the door. "We have a warrant for your arrest! Come out of there now and put your hooves up or we will be forced to surround you!"

"That voice..." Fluttershy remembered Sombra and then remembered it. "It couldn't be..."

After Fluttershy completed her shark disguise and had gotten her important documents together, she went back downstairs and opened the door, revealing the voice to be that of...Prince-ipal Police Officer Luna! Luna was not one to talk when she saw that Fluttershy was dressed like a shark that had been eaten by Phoenix Wright, as the spiky pink hair on the shark's head looked very dangerous from consumption. Fluttershy was not one to talk either when she saw that behind the police officer uniform-dressed Luna was a large blue police officer car that resembled a sleigh with wheels and a IDPD symbol on the doors. It also had two ropes attached to spears on the front headlights that were connected to eight humans dressed in white robes crawling on all fours with a body-like figure on top of each one of them covered by a ghostly sheet.

"It looks like we both have explaining to do..." they both agreed. "Behind both our steads, why is there darkness being created by both me and you?!"

Fluttershy's darkness was that Luna could see the dark aura that Fluttershy was exuding from her true essence. Luna's darkness was that even though it was daytime and the sun was shining brilliantly in the sky, the sky around it was completely dark, even though the ground and everything else the sun reflected upon was perfectly bright.

"My mind was replaced with the evil unicorn King Sombra after I inadvertently solved a puzzle of his, and now he's taken over my body!" Fluttershy gave her explanation to her darkness.

"My soul was replaced with the evil forces of darkness when the entire sky remained dark yesterday, even though the moon had been lowered!" Luna gave her explanation to her darkness. "Sister was so angry at me even though it wasn't my fault! She fired me from raising the moon for working overtime, and assigned me a new job more suiting to my lowly level, fighting crime!"

"Well I hope you didn't come here to fight me," Fluttershy got powered and puffed up like a serial killer's labrador retriever. "I may be a killer, but I'm within my rights. I transcended the law, and I have proof of it too with a documentary of my documentation."

Fluttershy showed Luna all of her documents along with a tape of her signing the documents, but Luna just laughed in response.

"Fluttershy, I may have no right to punish you for your own personal hobbies," Luna said with a smile, "but I am not just a police officer. As a ruler of Equestria and the goddess of death, I am also within my rights to arrest you for what you have done."

"But...what did I do?" Fluttershy grew nervous, wondering what kind of evidence could've told the police about her true identity.

"Queen Chrysalis, the CEO of Human Resources, was found dead in her office two days ago..." Luna said with a frown, "...and everyone knows that you were the one who killed her."

"What?!" Fluttershy shouted. "But I'd never kill anypony who I didn't have to kill! There must be some mistake! Two days ago, I was still at home taking care of my friend Rarity!"

"Impossible," Luna replied, "because Rarity and her friended one were the ones who told the police all about this two days ago! But nobody believed them, especially when Rarity started going on about some nonsense about you being in a shark suit...yeah. It wasn't until they sent me to Human Resources to investigate just yesterday, where I found incriminating evidence that incarcerates everypony else in a safe zone except for you! The fact that you have no alibi other than that you were asleep all day yesterday while everypony else had been called to work!"

"Wait a second..." Fluttershy stood still as she passed out her memories to the sleeping Sombra that was her mind. "I've been asleep for longer than that afternoon nap and that night...I slept for a day?!"

"Princess Celestia had no idea where you were until she looked through your bedroom window yesterday wondering what you had been doing the night prior on your free time." Luna laughed like a cat that had been caught off-guard as it drew on a bull herder's doormat. "When she saw you napping on the job, she pieced everything were actually napping on the free time because you had been doing your work the night prior, eliminating a threat to Celestia's plans for Equestria! That's right, you don't just have no alibi, you had the perfect motive! Killing that scum in Celestia's name for the sake of the world!"

" could me killing Chrysalis be a good thing?" Fluttershy asked curiously. "She may have been evil, but she didn't deserve to die...and even if so, I would've brought her back to life with my phoenix feather! Even if I somehow did kill her in a state of delusion, I would have definitely resurrected her! I've...I've done nothing wrong!"

"Heh heh..." Luna chuckled as she pointed to the phoenix feather in Fluttershy's hair with her right hoof. "That phoenix feather...was found at the scene of the crime. I have no idea what this "resurrection" you're associating it with it is all about, but we now have everything we need to convict you. No alibi, perfect motive, and hardcore evidence. Three strikes, and you're out. Fluttershy, you're not just going to be arrested're also going to get...A DETENTION NOTICE!"

"A debt...a ten...a sheng...A DETENTION NOTICE?!" Fluttershy shrieked as Luna wrote her a red ticket and handed it to her with her hooves. "But that means I have to go to the..."

"Detention center." Luna deterred the tension. "Now come with me quietly...let's learn something on our way to the princess' magic castle. Ha ha ha ha ha. I am so glad I turned down that vacation Twilight offered me. My Master Sister will be so pleased...HA HA HA HA HA!"

The Ending of Part Two.

And...Soon Ends...

A Note From the Enigmatic Cloud Dragon of the Mist

This...this can not be what happened while Rarity was unconscious during the rituals! How dark is the sky going to get?! Hero of the light, please play along with this new distortion as long as you can! Fluttershy is in serious trouble that is defying reality and fantasy for the third time now! If you can not save her, you will only have one chance left...following in the steps of the one who tried to declare herself Fluttershy's enemy...Fluttershy's friend!

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