Lightening Fluttershy's Dark Sky

Chapter 3

Part Three: The Light Ends

The time will come for the separation...the separation for time has already come...

Some Nights, The Revolution Has a Nightmare

The theme of this poem and what it is about is that it is what it is being, being that it's part of the song Luna is playing on the radio in her police officer sleigh car right now to test Fluttershy.


Everyone as time went by got a little bit older and a little bit slower...



We went to see a dentist...


I found a martyr in my bed tonight...

Naked...You can come naked...





The most amazing things that can come from...

The watusi! The twist! Take this brother, may it serve you well...


An Animate Spell,

Dark Sky

"That song," Fluttershy had an epilogue, "how did it just end...without me?"

"That was "An Animate Spell" by Princess Celestia's own personal band the "Dark Sky"!" the radio announcer spoke radiantly. "Even with the departure of their lead member, Fluttershy, they managed to create us an awesome remix of autotune voices, old-school dubstep, and new-school dubstep! It's amazing how we could tell what they were saying with such awesome music reflecting the meaning..."

"Now do you understand the consequences of what you have done?" Luna gave a pressingly sympathetic statement to Fluttershy as she turned off the radio. "You were so busy that your friends forgot about you, and so your Dark Sky is no more."

Fluttershy didn't answer, all she did was look around at everything around her. She saw that she was in the front seat of the sleigh car, looking outside the window to see that Luna was levitating the car in the sky as the eight humans with body figures covered in sheets on top of their backs crawled on air. Outside, the sky was still dark, with many ponies dressed in white robes walking under it on the ground. They appeared to be gathering to a giant tombstone in the middle of town square that they appeared to be frowning and laughing at as they used hammers and nails to impress expressions of Chrysalis' face on it.

"Weird stuff happens," Fluttershy's reply finally occurred, "because of our perception of what weird is. Time changes that perception...and I fear that as time goes on, time is falling apart...But the Dark Sky would never forget me..."

"Correct," said Luna, "you passed the test."

A mist rolled into the backseat of the car and materialized into the familiar eponymously named members of Fluttershy's Dark Sky band, Ghost Rainbow Dash, Dumb-bell, Hoops, Score, and Derpy Hooves!

"Oh my great Caeser's ghost's ruler!" Fluttershy was so surprised she jumped out of the skin that was her shark suit. "Even though Sombra made my mind forget all about guys still remembered me!"

"Looks like you are WWWWWRRRRRIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHTTTTT on the answer!" the pegasi trio commented on her lawyer-only appearance now.

"Wow, I guess our memories are serving you well!" Derpy shared mentally advanced commentary.

"And now we'll remember you best from a memory in the back of a car..." Ghost Rainbow Dash chuckled in her personal comment, having now found another reason to linger.

"So my hunch was right..." Luna said with relief, as if a tray had just been lifted off her back against the wall of the damed. "You have not been completely consumed by Sombra...your mind may be gone, but your soul is still relatively sane. At least you'll be safe from charges of second-degree murder."

"Why is Fluttershy being charged for crime in the first place?" the pegasi trio asked. "She's an assassin, killing is what she does! All killing is killing, so why is a penalty being assigned to her for this specific kind of killing?"

"Because this kind of killing has been deemed wrong by Celestia for a special occasion..." Luna replied. "Even though she did Celestia a favor, she acted outside of her orders...that kind of killing you did yesterday, the killing of your client's trust as their wrong."

"But-" Fluttershy started shaking. "But I didn't kill Chrysalis yesterday-"

Fluttershy paused abruptly as an image of Rarity grinning evilly while holding a hypnotist's watch flashed through the Sombra of her mind.

"The oddness of the clock is ticking in my favor..." Rarity swung the watch back and forth. "You have so much time...but none left to kill."

As the image faded, Fluttershy stood still in fear. She couldn't shake the feeling that times had changed for her friend...friends? She looked over at the Dark Sky members and suddenly realized what Rarity's words meant...something was VERY wrong concerning the time...

"It seems that you've noticed..." said Ghost Rainbow Dash as she and the other members turned to mist and enshrouded Fluttershy, moving her to the back seat of the car.

"It wasn't because of Sombra that you couldn't remember us with your mind..." the pegasi trio smiled. "The reason you didn't remember us is because the Dark Sky band DOESN'T EXIST YET. Dash won't become a ghost and we won't lose our jobs until the day before Rarity's last day of immortality preparation."

"The time continuum is starting to fall apart in the future, and so we ended up in the past! Now we're really living in the moment!" Derpy said excitedly at part of the universe's destruction.

"You're from the future..." Fluttershy shuddered in horror. "First my mind, then my friend, and now the time continuum?! What next?! Why is all this happening?!"

"Hey!" Luna couldn't overhear the conversation concealed by the mist, but she got wind of the noise. "Shut up back there, won't all of ya?! I may have no idea what you're saying, but be warned if you're talking bad about me. I can read lip!"

After a brief moment of silence, the conversation resumed.

"Don't get your fabric in the universe's knots, Fluttershy," said Rainbow Dash, "we're not really from the future. In fact, all we know about the future following the death of all the Equestrians is that on a day after tonight's twilight's passing, TIME ITSELF WILL FALL APART, AND HISTORY WILL BE DIVIDED INTO SIX DIFFERENT PERIODS OF TIME DIVIDED BETWEEN TWO WORLDS. Our only hope is foretold to be a prophecy that will be foretold in the future..."

"Six different periods...between two worlds?" Fluttershy was so confused that she felt like a teacher who didn't even deserve the drop of two golden apples from Artimus. "I don't get it...I never would've guessed that time falling apart so conveniently would lead to stuff this complicated..."


"Now it's our turn to be confused, Fluttershy!" Rainbow Dash loved to share the stories of her nights in the back of a car, but now was never a good time for that. "Why are you possessed by King Sombra? You weren't a shadow when we last saw you in the future, not to mention that according to real-life lore, Sombra was still just a thought evolving into an animated state in a parallel cartoon universe around the time...THAT STORY was written."

"So was the Crystal Empire..." Fluttershy remembered that even the story of how she acquired the puzzle that released Sombra didn't make any sense. "Just like you guys, he's not supposed to be here in this place of time yet..."

"So just like us, he's an anachronism..." the pegasi trio remembered the revolution a second instantly. "This is not good...each time an anachronism is created, a DIFFERENT PERIOD OF TIME that could have possibly existed is created."

"Time keeps on slipping into the PAST for you Fluttershy..." Derpy began last second ago with appropriate care in her words. "Time becoming the FUTURE is such a rarity..."

"But all of that makes no sense it a result of time falling apart?" Fluttershy asked.

"I'm afraid we don't have much time left..." the Dark Sky members answered as they began to fade into the mist of the sands of time. "The fact that we even got a chance to speak to you is a Rarity..."

"I still don't get it..." Fluttershy continued her misunderstanding before and after they completely vanished. "What does this all mean..."

Just then, the car had now come to a stop at the contemporary form of Celestia's castle...Catholic kindergarten.

"It's time..." Luna said a few seconds after it was time. " meet my master sister, Master Celestia. Upon entering her domain, she shall see you for detention for the murder of would be wise to hide the fact that your mind has become King Sombra. It will only make you look more...worthy of being incriminated, let's leave it at that."

"But how can I hide what's become the biggest part of me?" Fluttershy said feeling as fragile as a Muppet rocking out to the Rolling Stones' electric bill.

"HMMMM..." Luna thought in frustration of the fact that she had to think carefully. Her negative feelings abated when she remembered her days as Nightmare Moon.

"AH HA!" she exclaimed with triumph as she got out of the car and went to the trunk. In there, sure enough, she found a full suit of armor she had put together from the shattered metal plaster remaining from her battle with the Mane 6 as Nightmare Moon and had now handed over to Fluttershy. "PUT ON THIS PLASTER FOR THE MASTER!"

"Um...thanks." Fluttershy said, feeling somewhat puzzled as her shadow body filled out the armor nicely, covering everything but her face.

"No need, it's good to be a friend in need of offering services indeed!" Luna humbly bowed. "I know you're pleased, but I aim to appease!"

Fluttershy gulped, walking up to the kindergarten with the red ticket Luna gave her in her ambiguously shaped hand now covered by a metal hoof plate. Luna had uncomfortably reminded her of you-know-who, and she knew who you-know-who was quite well because you knew who he was quite well in her mind, mind him. Regardless, Sombra saw all the images Fluttershy's brain was processing as she walked down the walkway to the Catholic kindergarten. It resembled Celestia's castle, only much different than that...

The castle was comprised of four castle walls covered in arrows with their pointers pertruding out and the blood of Celestia's mortal friends. The roof was comprised of a castle roof adjacent to a gutter with six orbs, three filled with darkness and three filled with light, hanging by nooses. The front yard was comprised of what resembled a backyard containing creatures that looked a lot like the creatures who drove Luna's sleighcar happily playing with ectoplasm under their ghost sheets. The door of the castle was all but a door, comprised of disembodied pony heads sucking on gumballs, disembodied human heads with lollipops for eyes, and disembodied candy wrappers scrunched up and imploded into gum.


"My face is nothing but a contortion of fear right now..." Fluttershy knew something was wrong with this school. Before she had the chance to know even more, the door abruptly opened, revealing the name of the castle ruler's eponymous friend...Celestia.

"Good day Fluttershy," Celestia politely greeted. "How do you how do. How you been avoiding your fate to recently die?"

"It's been...awesome...lately..." Fluttershy rubbed the back of her armored neck and gave a nervous smile, unsure of how to reply.

"You don't have to be hesitant to respond..." Celestia then paused and looked at her attire. "Oh, it must be because I'm not properly dressed. Just hold on a second, no need to despond!"

With a clicking clap of her hooves, everything went out like a light for a tick of a second and Celestia was back in black like that. Did that make Fluttershy feel calmer?

"There." Celestia brandished her new groove. "That's better, no?"

Thanks to Celestia, the question had already been answered. She was wearing only the shirt part of a white robe marked with a red clip-on tie under a black jacket with two horizontal red lines marked at the zipper areas. They formed together with the shape of the tie to make a T. Hmm...

"Um...what does the T stand for?" asked Fluttershy.

"Title!" Celestia put her hooves together as she smiled evilly. "My title of the famed "Prope-Hane" of Equestria! What that means is that I'm the president and pope of this world, and I have taken many ponies and humans from different worlds under my wing, as you can plainly see!"

"I'm sorry, but I...don't..." replied Fluttershy.

"Oh, don't worry..." Celestia's grin grew more evil. "You'll be able to see the error of your sight, so long as you don't get in my way during detention..."

"Your...Prope-Haneness, please listen to me." Fluttershy pleaded. "I'll take my punishment like a mare's freeman, even though I didn't kill Chrysalis. But once this is over, we need to..."

"Find Rarity and immortalize her?" Celestia replied. "Sorry Fluttershy...I'm afraid such a meaningless matter is trivial, fruitless, and outdated. It is lost to the sands of time..."

"W-what?" Fluttershy was startled. "How come?"

"Rarity came by here earlier..." Celestia explained. "She...has already become an immortal being."

"W-WHAT?" Fluttershy was aghast. "HOW SO?"

"Come inside..." Celestia walked back to the castle gateway and opened the door. "We have...too much to discuss. We're going to"

As Fluttershy followed Celestia into the castle, she could hear music playing that sounded like something out of a factory. When the two of them finished walking, they were in a factory...A MAGICAL SCIENCE FACTORY!

"I think this is where I should begin, seeing as how this is where it all began..." Celestia glared at Fluttershy as her evil smile went insane. "Take a good long look at how you were created..."

Nothing but quietude came out of Fluttershy's mouth as the noise of the factory produced a tune so foul, she simply could not swallow. It was non-lyrical music that described what was happening in the factory without words. These words, to be precise...

At the end of the factory room were two mystical boxes marked with three question mark-marked doors. The roofs of them were connected to two large metallic test tubes, each one stretching out of the factory and connecting to a different world. The one on the left was connected to the pony world, and the one on the right was connected to the human world. Every around the clock of the world(s), the left test tube would capture a pony from the pony world, and every second, the right test tube would capture a human from the human world. The mystical boxes would then extract both the pony and human's body, mind, and soul, and send them to a giant machine that looked like a combination of a cloning machine and a time machine. In there, everything would be fused and synchronized together, and out would come the creature known only as...a Centauroth.

"They call it...BMS summoning." Celestia had termed the process. "Isn't that cool?"

"Celestia..." Fluttershy was in disbelief. "That box...that's the same box that..."

"Turned your mind into King Sombra?" Celestia already knew. "Oh, I'm terribly sorry that you had to be my...first test subject."

Fluttershy was frozen that day like a foreigner playing his cards wrong and getting into jeopardy at a theater when he couldn't get his rhymes right.

"How do do do you how do..." Fluttershy felt like her head was spinning and Celestia was enjoying the ride (with Sombra).

"I know everything Fluttershy..." Celestia laughed as she clapped her hooves. "I thought I implied that a long time ago...but that was a long time ago. I no longer work for you as your mentor...I switched sides with Rarity. She is far more immortal and powerful than you'll ever be. She came to me yesterday offering a gift far more valuable than you'll ever be...the magic that created this universe. She has far more capabilities and accomplishments than you'll ever be able to achieve...she is a time wizard, a reality-bender, and as of the beginning of the universe...A GOD."

With those words, the ground began to shake as Celestia lifted her arms up to the sun. She chanted something as her eyes turned black in her right, and white in her left. The Centauroth that had just emerged from the machine was converted into magic energy, which Celestia balanced in her hooves.

"The Centauroth is already an immortal demigod formed by the combination of ponies and humans being transformed into magic..." Celestia bounced the ball. "And they in turn can always be restored to their original forms..."

"Original forms?" Fluttershy felt Celestia's pitch of tone, as she remembered her mentioning Rarity getting the magic from the beginning of the universe. "It can't be..."

"Rarity has turned you into an outdated relic, Fluttershy..." Celestia threw the ball of energy up to space, where it was transformed into a shining star. "THIS IS TRUE IMMORTALITY!"

The star grew even brighter with those words, and shot laser beams down to earth that powered up all of the Centauroths in Celestia's castle. They stormed into the factory room and surrounded Fluttershy as the air grew colder and they and Celestia...

HAD A MUSIC NUMBER! Celestia began to sing the following poem's lyrics, as the Centauroths joined in by singing the music with both their pony mouths and human mouths.

Ghosts at the Giggle

When I was feeling like a mean monster, killing followers of the rrrrrrrrruuuuuuuunnnnnneeeee!

The screaming and their pain-filled cries would always make me swwwwwoooooonnnnn!

I'd put a pillow to my hide! I'd mock them as they died!

But the pie my grandma made said that wasn't the way to take them for a ride!

She said "Celestia! You're doing it all wrong! You gotta make them fear your face!

They''ll see that you're their master! So laugh and make their fun erase!"



Make ghosts as you giggle!

Bake toast as you wiggle!

Give them an evil tickle!

Show them a friendly sickle!

Shake them as they jiggle!

Just don't teach them how to griggle!

So you just tell Luna! To go pop a RockStar! And if she thinks she can stop this, she better be able to top this! And the idea that she may one day be able to do such a thing just makes you want to...


Even though Celestia pointed less information in that explanatory song than in her explanatory explanations, it was enough to leave Fluttershy on the floor stunned. Even King Sombra was dizzy.


"We're not done yet Fluttershy..." Celestia prepared to transit to something that wasn't good. "BUT...that doesn't mean we're not almost done. The next part of your detention is the last."

With a clap of her hooves, Celestia and Fluttershy were teleported to Celestia's bedroom.

"This is where the educational part of Catholic kindergarten kicks in..." Celestia tossed her Prope-Hane clothing to the side of her bed. "They don't call me "King of the Hill" for nothing..."

"I take it back..." Fluttershy said in spite of being the receiving end. "I won't accept this punishment...I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!"

"We all do things Fluttershy..." Celestia snickered. "Some things we want to do, some things we don't want. You are not a thing I want to do...but a pony I want to do..."

"Oh no..." Fluttershy murmured.

"OH YES!" Sombra proclaimed. "OH YEAH! OH YAY! OH NO SECOND GUESS!"

"Rarity set everything up for this moment..." Celestia licked her lips as she tore off Fluttershy's virile freeman plate with her magic horn and levitated her into the bed. "I will give you love and bear a child for Rarity...a demigod more powerful than the Centauroths made in your a trophy of her victory over you..."

"A victory won by hurting the innocent is no victory at all!" Fluttershy shouted as she struggled in futility.

"You are so smart Fluttershy, even in your current state of mind..." Celestia hugged Fluttershy and put her mouth against her left ear as she prepared. "But you lack one thing...and that is..."


Fluttershy's eyes went dark as she fell unconscious. When she woke up...


"?!" Fluttershy saw blood splattered all over her armor. There was also blood dripping out of Celestia's chest onto her Prope-Hane outfit. She was lying on the bed with a gaping cut across her chest. It looked like the weapon responsible for the fatal wound was a blade... of a shuriken.

"This got far worse than I ever could've expected..." Fluttershy couldn't keep her cool in this school anymore. "I've got to get out of here!"

Fluttershy ran as fast as she could to the door, only to be stopped by the searing pain of a magic spinning ninja blade being thrown from the ceiling stabbing her in the shadow heart.

"GUK!" Fluttershy gakked black, shadowy blood as the ninja blade kept her stuck on the floor.

"DO NOT MOVE!" a familiar figure dressed in a black ninja outfit dropped from the ceiling. "YOU ARE MINE NOW!"

The ninja was none other than Rarity!

"You do not want to know how long I would have to wait for this day Fluttershy..." Rarity flashed two magic hooftip-watches at the immobilized hero. "Had I not found the power to change time..."

"Ugh...uh..." Fluttershy whimpered in pain.

"That fool Celestia..." Rarity scoffed. "She couldn't have died at a better time...I have a better way of getting an heir...and that can wait till another time. As for this state of time..."

"Please...stop..." Fluttershy said with tears dropping from her eyes as she looked up at Rarity. "I'm sorry for everything I ever did to you..."

"The dark knight begging the ninja master for mercy." Rarity smiled with conceit. "What a strange sight. I'm afraid it's too early to apologize're going to do far worse things than what you've done to me in an alternate future..."

"You mean..." Fluttershy remembered the Dark Sky members' words.

"That's right..." Rarity smirked. "I also have the power to bend reality to my will. I am the ruler of only an infinite amount of alternate realities, and I chose this one as the setting of the worst worst-case scenario you could ever imagine. Everything's been set up to ensure that you will be the victim of my ultimate revenge scheme. For it to continue..."

"AAAAAHHHHH!" Fluttershy shouted in spiritual pain as Rarity pulled the blade halfway out of her back. She felt like her soul was dying...

"Your spirit must die." Rarity gazed at Fluttershy's suffering with great interest. "This blade has the power to wound spirits. You lost your body and your mind became Sombra. The only thing keeping you attached to this realm is your soul. If it dies, you can never live in this world again...the real world of Equestria."

"!" An image flashed through image of Fluttershy disappearing from the picture of the Mane Six forever...doomed to live only as a shadow in a fictional realm...

Rarity had completely pulled the blade out that time.

The miracle that could have changed that fate of time is lost to the sands of time...because time is time is...time is...time is...time is...what...time time...


A Few Enigmatic Words from the Cloud Dragon of the Mist

Whoever thought it would all come to this. Fluttershy is dead. Rarity is now head. How is it all over? All over is reality. This time in the third it only came to three. Not five or seven, but seven minus two and two again. The rest is fantasy. Sorry, even I don't know why. Fluttershy's Dark Sky, this is goodbye.




"Who am I?" said Fluttershy. "How do I how die?"

The sky sheds its darkness and light through a choice...

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