Fluttershy's Dark Sky

By CloudMistDragon

Horror / Humor

Part 1: The Wonder of Fluttershy

Flutter's Dark Sky by CloudMistDragon

WARNING: This fic is very grimdark, and may affect your outlook on MLP characters and fantasy all together. Please read with caution. Also, good luck.

Part 1: The Wonder of Fluttershy: The Dawn of the Clouds

It was a warm summer day in the magical land of Equestria, and the greatest and most generous unicorn who had ever lived in this land was in her home getting ready to meet Fluttershy at her house for some cupcakes and sweet apple tea. Being such an amazing pony, she had dressed herself accordingly for this casual get-together (she was wearing a green hat and sunglasses), like she would dress to go meet Princess Celestia and her loyal subordinate and sister, Prince Luna. As she left the house, she said goodbye to her younger sister, who had begged her as sweetly as a young Scottish belle to come with her. Despite her cuteness, Rarity was inclined to turn her down (after all, she needed someone to take care of her cat Opalessence, which Sweetie Belle, being a cutie mark pet sitter, was very capable of), which led her sister to walk back into the house, blue as a mud-blooded English prince. Rarity had felt sympathy for her, because deep down, she was not very enthusiastic about going herself.

She had actually wanted to stay home and work on dresses that had not been ordered yet, and gossip to Opal and herself about those homely and unkempt tomboys, Applejack and Rainbow Dash for only wearing a hat and sunglasses for clothing respectively. But the truth of the matter was, Fluttershy had been acting in an unusual manner recently. For the past few weeks, she had spent most of her time locked in her house doing Celestia-knows-what. When she had invited Rarity over the previous day, she had warned her to come to her place alone tomorrow, for she was going to make sure that no one could hear them shouting. Knowing Fluttershy's definition of shouting and noise altogether, she decided to ignore that last bit, for whatever the reason, Fluttershy sounded like she was in need of her company. Rarity proceeded to walk down the path to Fluttershy's house in a languid manner.

When Rarity finally arrived at the cottage, she knocked on the door, and was greeted by a relatively cheerful Fluttershy.

"Hello Fluttershy!" Rarity said trying to make herself sound enthusiastic. "I believe you requested my presence at this hollow for a meeting involving herbal beverages."

"Um, yes..." Fluttershy replied in a shy and quiet voice, "please come in".

Rarity walked into the house, and gasped at the discordant state of Fluttershy's home. In Fluttershy's house, she saw a book lying on the floor that said "Set When Stoned" on the cover, and a pile of newspapers sitting in the corner with front pages that read "Important Artifact Missing from Princess Celestia's Castle! Culprit Believed to be Former Secret Agent Ace for Shadows!". On the wall adjacent to the left side of the floor, there was a small crack in a frame that contained a picture of her and Fluttershy together, and posters and pictures of Equestria's greatest musicians and MC rappers next to it. Rarity felt insulted.

"Fluttershy!" Rarity yelled in a disgusted tone.

"Eeek!" a startled Fluttershy responded. "Y-y-yes, Rarity? Is there something wrong?"

"Of course, as it appears that everything you know about organization and symmetry is wrong!" Rarity complained like an obsessive-compulsive kid who had just been deceived by the Grim Reaper. "I'm sorry Fluttershy, but that is totally inexcusable when you invite a friend like me over to your house, and you don t even have the courtesy to make sure the place doesn't look like the aftermath of a party with a gang of stoners and Princess Celestia!"

"I'm so sorry Rarity..." Fluttershy apologized sadly as she began to cry. "I was preparing a surprise for you in my basement, and I tried my best to get the place clean in time..."

Rarity began to feel guilty for shouting at Fluttershy. The meek pegasus was only a year older than her, and after all, Rarity knew it wasn't easy for someone as young and inexperienced as her to prepare an extravagant surprise in the lowest floor of their house and have a tea party at the same time, a lesson she had learned from a particular visit with Pinkie Pie a few months ago.

"It's alright, Fluttershy," Rarity said remorsefully. "I don't care if you're a heathen who has no respect for symmetry, you'll always be my friend."

"*sniff* Thank you Rarity," Fluttershy said as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "That was very sweet, all the more reason that you deserve the surprise I have planned for you, my friend."

"So...what is this surprise?" Rarity asked, beginning to grow curious.

"Please don't be impatient, Rarity," Fluttershy said assertively. "Oops, sorry I didn't mean to be rude...Anyways, we haven't had our tea yet. Please wait here, I'll go get it."

A slightly annoyed Rarity waited until Fluttershy finally came back with a tray with a teapot, two teacups, and a pitcher of water.

"Fluttershy, you were in there for two whole minutes", Rarity commented suspiciously. "What took so long? And what's this pitcher of water for? Your chickens?"

"*sigh* I'm sorry Rarity," Fluttershy apologized again, "I've just been busy recently with getting everything together for your ra-I mean, your rock! I heard you like rocks, right?"

"I thought we agreed never to speak of that ridiculous tomboy again..." a disheartened Rarity said with a disappointed look on her face. Fluttershy was acting and talking like normal, but something just felt wrong...especially considering that she strictly ordered Fluttershy never to talk about that foolish relationship she had with that tomboy ever again.

"I know, I'm sorry Rarity," Fluttershy apologized for the third time as she poured a cup of hot green tea for Rarity. "Here, have some tea, it might help make up for some of the disappointment I caused you today."

"Thank you," Rarity said politely as she grabbed the teacup, "and it better."

As Rarity drank some of the tea, she paused in surprise. It was some of the best tea she had ever drunk! Immediately, all the drowsiness and tension left her body, and she became as jittery as a bug in the springtime.

"That was amazing Fluttershy," an impressed Rarity complimented, "especially for the standards I usually have for your tea!"

"Thanks Rarity," Fluttershy said as she blushed, "do you want some more?"

"What do you think my answer will be?" Rarity replied as she grabbed the teapot and drank all of the tea in the teapot in a timespan of only five minutes. Some of the tea scorched her mouth and throat, but the flavor was too irresistibly good for her to care.

"Oh my, maybe I made it too good..." a stunned Fluttershy muttered.

"That tea was incredible, thank you so much Fluttershy." Rarity said with proper etiquette as she put the empty teapot back on the tray.

"You're welcome...," replied Fluttershy. "Not trying to antagonize you or anything, but do you think you're going to need to use the bathroom? I don't want you needing to empty your bladder during the surprise."

"No, I'm fine at the moment, thank you very much." Rarity said.

"Well in that case," Fluttershy said as she grabbed the water pitcher and filled up the teacup with it, "would you like some water?"

"Certainly." Rarity replied as she took the cup, pouring all that liquid down my throat left me rather parched.

Two minutes later...

Rarity had already drunk half the pitcher. By now, her stomach was starting to swell, and her bladder felt like it was about to break and let loose all the fluids.

"Now do you have to use the bathroom?" a smiling Fluttershy asked.

"Indeed, where is the little colt's and filly's room?" the now corpulent Rarity asked, still feeling pain swelling in her bladder.

"It just so happens to be in the basement." Fluttershy said happily.

"Alright thanks, please lead me there!" Rarity exclaimed.

"Right around here," Fluttershy said as she led Rarity to a closet with a flight of stairs descending to the lower floor of the house, and turned the lights for the stairs on. "You'll find the bathroom as soon as you walk in..."

"Yes, Yes, thanks, bye!" Rarity said as she zoomed down the stairs, and suddenly gasped, for she saw...two wooden doors in front of her with symbols on them! The door on the left had a symbol of a blue circle with a black pegasus with white hair that nearly overlapped his eyes, and smiling while grabbing his crotch. The door on the right had symbol of a blue circle with Rainbow Dash in the middle wearing sunglasses and smiling while grabbing her crotch as well.

"Oh...which one is the ladies room?" Rarity said squeamishly. "The dude on the left looks like a lady, and the dude on the right looks like a man!"

"Wait, lady..." Rarity said to herself as she thought through things rationally and reasonably.

"That's it, it's this one!" the intelligent unicorn said as she ran through the door on the left. It makes sense, I always knew that skittle-haired tomboy was hiding something from me! Rarity had a moment of salvation when she saw the beauty of the urinals in the bathroom. They had just been cleaned, and were perfect for a fashionable young lady like her. She ran to one that extended down to the floor and sat in it.

"Oh...oh that feels so much better." said Rarity as she drained her bladder like a water hose. Rarity flushed the urinal, washed her hooves, and got out of the bathroom. As she walked out, she noticed that the rest of the room was completely dark like the night sky. She also noticed that next to the bathrooms was a light switch that looked like its purpose was to light the entire basement.

"Hmm, I wonder what Fluttershy's surprise could be." Rarity said to herself as she turned on the lights. As the room illuminated, Rarity was aghast by what she saw in the basement.

In the room, hanging on the middle of the ceiling, were the lifeless skins of the bodies of Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash hanging to the top of by their arms by shackles. Even more shocking, on the other side of the room, Rarity could see numerous skins of the bodies of Fluttershy hanging from the ceiling by ropes! What frightened Rarity the most however, was that on the floor by Fluttershy's bodies, there was a long rope on the floor that Fluttershy hadn't hung up, along with a plate of cupcakes!

"Holy prince of Canterlot!" Rarity shouted. "What's going on here? This room is unacceptably disorganized! It's as uncouth as an abandoned graveyard!"

"Surprise, Rarity!" Fluttershy called out to her happily from the top of the stairs. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist turning the lights on!

And then, Rarity turned around, and saw the worst sight of all...Fluttershy was wearing a white shirt with the logo of a phoenix on it, and gray sweatpants that said "Free" on the left leg sleeve, and "Man" on the right sleeve!

"So what do you think, Rarity?" Fluttershy asked in an innocent tone as she flew down the stairs.

"So...little symmetry..." Rarity muttered worriedly as she began to lose consciousness. "So little sense...of fashion."

"Is there something wrong, Rarity?" Fluttershy asked as Rarity collapsed on the floor and fainted. Concerned, Fluttershy picked up her unconscious body. She hummed the tune for her song, "So Many Wonders" as she carried her over to the deeper part of the lower floor...

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