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Eternity with you


Min Yoongi is an immortal vampire king. He has been alive for thousands of years. He found his soulmate in a young human boy. Min Yoongi and Park Jimin fell into each other's trap and they fell for each other

Romance / Fantasy
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Meeting and thoughts

The man on the throne growled loudly and angrily as the people, well vampires, cowered away. He was angry. Extremely angry and when he was like this everyone knows not to mess with him.

"DO I LOOK LIKE I FUCKING CARE ABOUT HIS FUCKING LIFE!!HE KNEW THE CONSEQUENCES OF BETRAYING ME AND HE STILL DID IT!! I DON'T FUCKING CARE!KILL HIM!" Min Yoongi yelled and the guard ran out fearfully to execute the traitor. "Well.....Why are you all still here? FUCK OFF!" He growled and the vampire nobles in the room ran out of the room at the speed of light. Yoongi. Slouched back in his throne, sighing as he massaged the top of his nose. "Yoongi hyung!" His little brother, Jeongguk yelled at him barging into the throne room, "Have you seen Taehyung?" He asked. "He wasn't here." Yoongi informed him. "Stressful day?" Jeongguk asked and Yoongi nodded, "Really stressful but whatever you know. Where did Taehyung go anyways." "The little brat ran off somewhere. He's gonna get a hell of a spanking." Jeongguk replied. Yoongi laughed, "Don't go too rough on him. He needs to walk too." "I can still carry him. I don't mind carrying him." Jeongguk replied cheekily. "Whatever, go find him." Yoongi said.

Yoongi walked outside of the castles by the gate. "Where are you going sir?" One of the braver gatekeepers asked him. Yoongi valued brave guards, honestly but they shouldn't be nosy. "I go where I want. It's none of your business." He said lowly, yet intimidatingly. "S-sorry sir." The guard said. Yoongi walked to the end of the garden near the beautiful woods. He entered the small woods and suddenly saw a glimpse of a shadow. Contrary to popular belief, vampires can walk in the sunlight. It doesn't burn them up or anything. Yoongi watched the shadow move behind the trees, he smirked and quickly followed went near the tree and saw a young man, shorter than Yoongi by at least 6 inches. He was so ethereal, his beauty was unrealistic. He was so angelic. His plump lips looked so kissable, this was Yoongi's soulmate. He realized this when he felt his eyes flashing purple.

"I-I'm s-sorry." The boy looked teary eyed as he lowered his head submissively. "For what?" Yoongi said softly. "T-trespassing. Th-this is y-your land." The boy said. "How'd you know that?" Yoongi asked confused. "Your clothes." The boy pointed out, "Smart boy. What's your name?" The boy was surely human, he didn't recognize him. "P-park Jimin, m-my lord." "Well Park Jimin, I'm Min Yoongi. I own this forest, and I believe I caught my prey here." Yoongi said smirking. Jimin cowered to the point where he would have become part of a tree. Yoongi smirked at the submissive boy's fear, it was a complete turn on. He slowly bit Jimin's neck gently and made a small mark on it. "Go. I'll see you again pretty." Yoongi said as the younger ran away.

Jimin thought of the male when he neared his home, the male was so handsome and he looked godly. Yoongi. Jimin liked him romantically, even though he was scary. He just felt attracted to him somehow. Yoongi made him feel something he has never felt before. He shivered hoping to see the man again. But he was also scared of their next encounter.

Jimin entered the small cottage where him, and his parents and his aunt lived. The cottage was small, extremely small. The bedroom and kitchen were in one place and the other was a toilet. But they couldn't change it, after all their monthly pay was horrible. Jimin touched the place where Yoongi bit him gently, it didn't draw any blood or cause a bruise, it just left a mark, a mark Jimin would have to cover. He quickly went into the bathroom and took out his aunt's delicate hand mirror and checked the mark. It was a light shade of purple and could barely be seen, but it was beautiful and to be honest Jimin liked it. He put down the mirror and placed it back into the box before going out to greet his family for dinner. They didn't pray or anything they just dug in to the cabbage soup.

"Jimin, you were out late today, where did you go?" Jimin's father asked him worriedly, "To pick some flowers for Eomma and imo, but unfortunately I wasn't able to. " Jimin said, "Oh dear, we told you the flowers were unnecessary. We love it, yes but we worry for your safety too." His mother said. And his aunt nodded, "Isa is right darling, your safety is our main priority." She said. "I'm sorry eomma, imo" Jimin said pouting. "It's fine." Jimin's mother laughed lightly.

The next day Jimin was scrubbing the floor of the lord's castle. He was forced to do this job because of this stupid thing called serfdom, but he never complained. He just did his job. The floor's were extremely dirty, dust, blood and tears and sweat. The lord and his son were disgusting people, served as right hand of the kings and were extremely cruel. Money, woman. That's all they think of. The lady if the house was killed after the son was born, because that was her only purpose. Jimin always kept low, avoiding attention and brawls, he didn't want to be seen. And thankfully he never was, being a boy, as the lord's hated fags and killed any peasants of the same gender that hugged. But Jimin was gay and he never tried to change this. He accepted this and so did his parents and that's all that mattered.

After his work was done it was already late afternoon and he wanted to go to the woods but he was afraid of Yoongi. But he still went, because it was peaceful there.

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