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Eternity with you


Yoongi was constantly thinking about Jimin. He was just so...perfect. There weren't enough words to describe how perfect the boy was. He sighed to himself as he walked through the hall. He passed Jeongguk and Taehyung's room only to hear lewd moans and skin slapping. Yoongi groaned, yet ignored it as it was normal in the place.

A couple hours back

Jeongguk was chasing Taehyung who ran off from him and he didn't like that. He was horny. Really horny. He passed the guards and went room from room to search for him. He found Taehyung an hour later with Seokjin, his older brother, Namjoon's,mate. He smiled at Seokjin and held Taehyung's hand roughly, "I need to borrow him for a while." He said to Jin smiling. "Sure, I was wondering, do you want chicken or pork." "Chicken." Jeongguk answered as he dragged Taehyung from the room. Taehyung whimpered when Jeongguk threw him onto the bed and locked the door, "What made you think, you could run off from me huh?" Jeongguk asked. "I-I-" "I-I what? You think you could leave me especially when I'm horny?" "I'm sorry Master. I didn't-" "Save the excuses slut. On my lap NOW!" Jungkook growled. Taehyung quickly obliged. "I'm giving you 30 spankings and you're counting." "Yes sir." Taehyung said.

"AHHHH! Master." Taehyung muttered as he cummed. "Good boy. Such a good boy for Master." Jeongguk said as Taehyung whimpered and weakly smiled at the praise. "I love you baby." Jeongguk said. "I love you too." Taehyung replied drifting off to the land of Morpheus.

Yoongi smiled at Jeongguk who was carrying a tired Taehyung to breakfast. "You were so loud last night Jeongguk." "That was Taehyung. Not me." Jeongguk said and Taehyung hit him on the chest, "Put me down meanie." Taehyung whined as Jeongguk smiled and put the cute boy down. "Yah! Jeongguk! What did you do to my baby?!" He yelled hugging Taehyung. "Sorry hyung, but he was practically begging for it." Jeongguk chuckled when Taehyung hit him again. Jin was about to yell at him but Namjoon stopped him and kissed him on the cheeks. "Stop it. No morning shows of affection." Yoongi grumbled. He wanted to have Jimin next to him now. He sighed. "What's wrong big bro?" Jeongguk asked. Yoongi sighed again, "I met my soulmate yesterday." He said. Taehyung squealed and almost bounced up and down but his back hurtled too much to do so. "Really ?" Namjoon asked. "Yep. His name is Jimin. He's human." "Or half vampire that grew up without knowing about it like me." Jin said. "Or that." Yoongi said. "Congrats brother." Namjoon said to Yoongi who smiled and nodded.

Yoongi growled at the guard in front of him, "Look I don't care. Ask Namjoon or something. I'm not in the mood." Yoongi growled, "Yes sir." The guard bowed before going out to go to Namjoon, who backed up for Yoongi some times. Yoongi stared at the sun going down and decided he wanted to go back on a walk. He walked back into the small forest and saw Jimin again. It was his lucky day.

Jimin knew he shouldn't come here. Bht he really really wanted to see the man again, his brain was telling him to stop but his legs kept on walking and his heart was telling him to go into the woods, all in all Jimin didn't know why he was here. He was fucking confused. What the hell was he doing? He should be turning around and going back but he just continued walking. "Well hellp there beautiful, seems as if fate has brought us together again." Yoongi said appearing out of fucking nowhere. "H-hello." Jimin squeaked mentally hitting himself for sounding so stupid. "You're adorable baby boy." Yoongi said approaching near him and putting his chin up. ""W-what a-are y-you d-doing my l-lord." "Call me Yoongi." He said huskily. Jimin nodded and Yoongi let his chin go and sat down by the tree. "Come on sit." He said and jimin timidly joined him. "Tell me about yourself." Yoongi said, "Well...uh....I'm 23 years old.I live with my parents and my aunt. We live in a small cottage. I guess that's it." Jimin said awkwardly rubbing his neck. Yoongi chuckled, "You're so adorable." He said smiling, Jimin blushed. "I guess it's my turn." Jimin nodded still blushing. "Well I live with my two jdiotic brothers and their two boyfriends." "Boyfriends? You guys are allowed fo be openly gay?" Jimin asked eyes wide. "Yes. We are." Yoongi said, "Wow. That's amazing. I wish our land was like that." Jimin said sighing. "You could come to our land." Yoongi offered, "N-no, I-it's fine. I still have my family." Jimin said. One day......You will come. Yoongi thought

Jimin smiled softly as he picked a flower near the, "Its late. I should go." Jimin stood up but Yoongi pulled him back under and bit his neck like he did yesterday except this time he bit it a little harder, no blood came put yet it left a bruise The bruise was small but was a normal shade of purple. "I'll see you again Jimin."

Jimin sighed as he felt the little bruise on his a neck. A love mark. Jimin sighed as he entered the cottage with a flower in his hand. It was small, red yet it shined brightly. It was absolutely gorgeous. Jimin went to the dining table to eat and was surprised to see his parents and aunt sitting there eating already, "Son, where were you? Do you know how late it is?" He asked. "I'm sorry appa. I-I brought a flower." Jimin said holding out the red flower . Jimin's father eyed the flower like it was an enemy and paled considerably. "Jimin, son where did you get this flower." He asked. Jimin bit his lips and hesitated, "Son, don't lie to me." "I'm sorry appa, I found it in the woods." Jimin said bowing. "Jimin." His father sighed handing the flower to his sister who paled, "I told you not to go there didn't I?" Jimin's father said. "I'm sorry appa, I just didn't know what got to me. " Jimin said, "Are in somehow meeting someone there?" He asked. Jimin bit his lips and shook his head, hand covering the lovebird, "No." He said.

"Eomma, why won't appa let me go to the woods. They're safe." Jimin said, "No baby. Appa has his reasons. You have to listen to him." His mother told him as they picked the cabbages in the field. "Yes eomma." He said.

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