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Pokemon love


When a Pokemon named Umbreon is walking he sees himself but another type Pokemon then he is, it is a fairy type Pokemon. They both love each other. Will they end up together?????

Romance / Fantasy
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Pokemon Love

One day a Pokemon trainer named Ash was with his best friend Pichach/Pokemon and saw a pretty rare Pokemon named Umbreon. Ash was 22!!! He spent 10 years trying to catch it they there was a battle and after the battle Ash finally caught it. He was happy. He went all around town showing people that he caught it. Then Ash saw a Pokemon that like Umbreon but it was a fairy type Pokemon. He told Umbreon to attack it but for some reason he didn't. Umbreon fell in love with that beautiful Pokemon. In his head he said "I'm gonna find her."

After 1 month In the middle of the night he saw she looking at him through the glass window. Everyone was sleep and he followed her to some ordernary river then he sat down right next to her and then talked for most of the night. Umbreon told her that he had to go now. Before he left he kissed she.

She smiled at him while he was leaving. Ash knew he was gone so he put cameras in his house and waited all night so he can see where he was going over night. Then Ash followed Umbreon and saw the Pokemon that he saw yesterday and then Ash saw that Umbreon was leaving he saw Umbreon kiss her. When Ash ran back home Umbreon finally came and got caught. Then Ash had a little take with Umbreon and he said that I see that you like her a lot. Umbreon said yes she is really cute and funny and nice. We have everything in common.

After Ash told him that it is because they are the same Pokemon but different types. Umbreon said "What" that makes no sense what so ever. She heard them talking about her. After ten more seconds she opened the door and kissed him for a while.

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