The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 10

Alrighty I want some mother trucking romance… So I hope you like this chapter and have fun! (Sorry about the short intro, enjoy!)

"Yuuuta" It sounded ghostly in the background. "Yuuuuuuta" There it was again, slightly clearer.

Yuuta opened his eyes slowly. 'I remember thi-' He cut his own words off. He was in bed and it was a bit fuzzy but he could clearly tell that Rikka was on top of him. 'Ugh silly girl what is she doing?' He opened his eyes a bit more. "Morning Rikka did you lose something?" He still couldn't see clearly.

"Yes… my shirt." She stared at him for a couple of seconds until it registered with him.

"Oh well I-" He sat up quickly and his eyes went wide. "Wait what are you wearing then!" He covered his eyes and went red.

"Don't worry, I have powerful garments of the under to wear so that I may clad my chest safely." She boasted. She slowly peeled his hands away from his face.

"It's still a few hours before school, let's sleep a little bit more..." she smiled and used him as a pillow.

'She puts lace on anything doesn't she...' He saw her bra while she slept on his chest. He just patted her head and fell back asleep.

Few hours later (Spongebob Squarepants announcer voice… OBVIOUSLY)

*sniff* 'That smells good…' *sniff* 'Almost like-' Yuuta shot up from bed. Looking around Rikka already left bed and got changed by the clothes laying on the floor. 'Does she think I'm her maid?' He thought while picking up her laundry and getting changed himself.

The door from his room slid open.

"Good Morning contestant number two!" A very spry Kumin said while over at the stove.

"Kuumin what are you doing here?" He was really surprised to see her here but at the same time wasn't expecting her. 'I guess it has been a while since she has been here.'

"Well I just had finals and they gave us a few days off! So I thought I would swing by cook stuff and help you guys out with the future!" She winked at him.

RIkka was sitting at the kitchen table sipping tea trying to be quiet. She looked a bit embarrassed.

"Something wrong Rikka?" Yuuta came behind her and put a hand on her head.

"Hmm oh no nothing at all is wrong her why do you ask so suddenly and oddly like that I mean what is the point of asking right I am obviously fine..." She shifted around after losing her breath.

"Oh I was just… ASKING her about your relationship progression recently. She is easy to read but hard to crack. Maybe I can get more from you!" She gave off a slightly frightening smile.

"Uhm... " He was cut off while trying to keep his mouth shut about under the bridge earlier this week.

"RIGHT THEN! Breakfast is served! This week is French cuisine!" She came over with a large pan and dish.

"Wait, where did you get those? We don't own those dishes..." He looked at the ornate dishes on the table.

"Oh, I brought them with me. They were a gift from my dorm mate. Don't worry about it!" She said while placing fresh fruits, crepes, and cappuccino in front of them.

"Uhm isn't that coffee Italian…?" He looked at the cappuccino.

"Yeah, well Toko E-mailed me a recipe to try out so… yeah" She shrugged. "Anyway eat up or it'll be cold soon!"

After eating they grabbed their bags to start walking to school.

"Don't worry about me! I'll clean up then lock it with the key your sister gave Toko that she gave to me!" She smiled a bit too cheerfully with creepy comment.

"WHA- You know what I don't care anymore. Ok we're off..." He waved while walking out the door with Rikka in tow.

School finished up and Once 'Far East Magical Napping Society Summer There Of' was done with Rikka and Yuuta walked home.

Yuuta could tell Rikka was a bit tense today and he didn't know why. They just being

After a while of walking they got to the bridge. When just about near the stairs instead of continuing on like normal Rikka put her feet down to stop her wheel shoes and tugged on Yuuta.

He stopped and looked behind him. "Something wrong?" He looked at her. She looked like she wanted something.

"..." She didn't speak. She just moved towards the stairs dragging Yuuta with her.

"What do you-" He paused for a second and blushed. "Ok." He smiled and laughed a bit.

Once down the stairs they went over to the railing. Since they just left club it was starting to get dark with a beautiful sunset over the water.

Standing behind her hugging her he whispered, "You know, I like the evening sun much more than the morning, it just feels… nicer and warmer."

Rikka turned around in his arms. "The mana emanating from the large ball of fire in the sky is amazing! It makes me feel… strange and not like a demonic possession or anything." She had big eyes after seeing the sunset and was staring up at Yuuta. "Most of all the best part of this is you Dark Flame Master."

"A-" He started to blush but was cut off. Rikka was on her tippy toes while wrapping her arms around his neck. After only a little hesitation their lips met once again. To them the world was only them and only this mattered right now. He soft small lips warm meeting with his with such grace.

After a few moments they broke away. There was a sense of bliss in the air amongst them. She still had her arms wrapped around his neck. But now he was lifting her a bit so she didn't have to stand on her toes.

*click* Off in the distance a camera went off.

"Yuuta did you heard that?" She skated around him and took her umbrella out. Pointing it to the side opposite of the sunset she stood in battle position. "Who's there!"

After a few seconds there were foot steps.

Nibutani came with Deko in tail holding their phones open. "Oh hey Rikka! Yuuta! Funny seeing you here!" She put her phone away.

"...Please tell me you did not see that and did not take a picture of that either..." He said with a slowly blushing face.

"Uhm..." Deko held her phone screen to them. It was a picture of them kissing by the bridge.

Their faces went into total shock while going red. They both lunge for their cell phones but they managed to sidestep and the couple fell on top of each other. Rikka lips landed right on top of Yuuta's and they both froze.

They flailed up off the ground hoping they didn't notice… they took pictures again though.

*click* "Damn it Nibutani I didn't take pictures of you and Deko kissing!" He blurthed.

'Ah crap I didn't mean to say that...'

Deko looked at him. "YOU SAW US WHAT!?" She looked furious. "First I let you have master in a lovers pact, then you form a stronger pact, not you are trying to invade one of my personal pacts?" She grabbed her pigtails but forgot one thing.

"Hey, don't freak out he didn't mean to. I talked to him… shhhh" Nibutani rubbed her head. A while ago Nibutani asked Deko to take out her pony tails saying she looked cuter with her hair straight.

"Fine..." She pouted and puffed her cheeks.

"Wait, Yuuta you knew they were k- k- kissing and didn't tell me? I know everything about my servant!" She pouted a bit as well.

"Well..." he rubbed his neck. "It was a few weeks ago during lunch and I didn't want you to worry, sorry about that." He sighed a bit.

"Hmph, well fine but tell me next time you find out something so… informational!" She crossed her arms but still looked cute when angry.

"Haha, fine. Alright, were going home I'll see you two at school tomorrow." He grabbed Rikka's hand intertwined their fingers and walked off while waving.

After across the bridge they started to chat.

"You know we have college exams this Saturday right? Please don't bring anything with you.. they might think you're trying to cheat." He said while grabbing her inner leg while taking out her umbrella.

"Ah! Don't just grab my legs like that!" She blushed a bit, "Well not unless I say you can..." She went silent for a bit after getting her umbrella back. "But it will be a pain to take those tests… I hope we can both get into Tokyo." She gave Yuuta a peck on the cheek and skipped home.

He chuckled, "Well I hope so to..." He walked after her thinking of what to make for dinner.

So what happened was some stuff. I think I liked it and maybe next time they go on a date after testing or something. But thank you so much for watching, PLEASE REVIEW THIS SO I CAN GET WHAT YOU WANT IN THE CHAPTERS. Other than than like, follow and most of all, enjoy!

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