The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 11

Short and sweet description - Gonna make this chapter about college and some bonding time

Mostly Rikka x Yuuta some Deko x Nibutani


(Sorry I am late posting this I just had some stuff going on like school, picnic with girlfriend, etc… anyway, I am here now so enjoy!)

POSTING UPDATE - It's been a while since I started writing this and I broke up with my girlfriend since then so dunno if it will affect my writing style, sorry if it does! (But it won't really stop me from doing some extra stuff ;) )

"Phew! I almost missed him!" Rikka said while plopping down on the couch.

"Well it is your fault for forgetting about our college application letters on the table this morning. I told you I wouldn't remember for you..." Yuuta was sitting at the kitchen table doing homework while talking to her.

"Yes, but it was your letter as well so you have some responsibility for them." She looked over the couch.

"Uh huh… anyway, come on get over here and do your homework. I have a surprise for you if you can do it fast enough… oh and correct enough." He smirked a bit and smiled while going back to his own work.

"Hmph, fine! If this is really that work it then I will use my evil eye to its most extreme power!" She said while getting her books out at lighting fast speed.

'Well that was easy to convince her. Though to be fair I do have a surprise for her.' He thought while moving onto his next subject.

Nibutani's House

"What kind of tea do you want?" Nibutani yelled from the kitchen into her bedroom.

"Anything that won't kill me, how about a high mana replenishing elixir?" She was sitting on her bed looking around her room.

"So black tea sound good to you?" She tried to ignore her.

"Yes! One of my favorite potions, how do you know my thoughts!? Are you in my head!" She started flipping out as Nibutani walked in.

"Sit down you crazy girl… anyway, what do you think about college?" She said resting her chin in her hands and sighing a bit,

"Now that you mention it I am doing my early admissions… Uhm, I guess it's ok. I have a good idea of where I want to go, Tokyo University sounds good and has an awesome dark arts club! So I think that's a deciding characteristic!" She gleams.

"Early admissions eh? Heh, none less expected from you… and Tokyo University eh? Hmm I might put an entrance form for that, I have nothing much else than Sakurami City, and another down in Okinawa." She pulled out her laptop and typed down some notes.

Apply for Tokyo University


Good school

Better than my other choices

Deko will be there :3

"Are you communicating with the bureau fake sum-" She bit her lip hoping she didn't notice.

"I'm sorry what did you say?" She looked up from her laptop with a smile on her face.

"Erm uhm nothing that's all, just thought of something and said it out loud!" She blurted.

"Oh really?" She said as she closed her laptop moved over to her side and looked her in the eyes.

"Too close…" She whispered.

"I could have sworn you said fake-summer almost… I know I don't like that..." She leaned in a bit closer, still with a deadpan stare.

"What? Why would I say-" She was cut off by Nibutanis finger on her lips.

"Looks like I'll have to punish you then!" She said as she pinned Deko down and started nibbling on her neck like crazy.

"Ah! No! It tickles!" She yelled while squirming.

"It's no use, I'm too strong for you! Ha ha!" She said stop nibbling. Looking back into her eyes she gave her a quick kiss then let go and went back to the other side of the table.

"Phew, I would have thought I was going to die!" She was breathing kinda heavy.

"Well you know what not to do… so don't," She gave her a quick smile.

Yuuta's House

"Rikka, what flavor tea do you want?" Yuuta yelled into her bedroom from the kitchen.

"The one with the most dark magic power level you can brew. I need a power boost." She responded.

"Uhm, we have some black tea. That's what you normally drink at least." He looked around their tea stash.

"That shall suffice!" She came out of her room in PJ's.

"Interesting clothing option..." Yuuta had a blank expression on his face.

"What do you mean?" She looked at her clothes, nothing really abnormal to her.

"Well first off you have a pretty deep V-neck shirt on.. wait did you cut my shirt!?" He stared at her with an eye twitching.

"Huh? No, I bought this last week when I went on a walk. Didn't you see me come home with the clothing bag?" She flopped the sleeves that were too for her in the air.

"Oh… and also I've never seen shorts THAT short before." He looked at her side.

"Ah, well Deko bought them from overseas and said their very popular among the magic users over there because they don't restrict… much at all really." She pulled at them.

"Well that's one thing right about them… alright well sit down the tea's almost ready." he pulled the whistling kettle off the table.

"Yes sir!" She saluted with the baggy sleeves.

Yuuta came over with the tea and placed it down in front of her while dropping an ice cube in hers. She can't handle it too hot so he does that.

"Thank you..." She blushed a bit.

Yuuta sat down across the table.

"So, you excited for graduation? We only have one more final before we graduate in two weeks." He looked at her in the eyes.

"Hm? Oh, yes I guess I am..." She took a sip of her tea. "It's just that I don't want to leave Deko and my other friends behind. I mean we'll be in Tokyo which is kinda far." She sighed a bit.

"Hey, well we don't know where their going so let's just hope right?" He smiled at her and she gave a reassuring smile back. "Now come on, finish your tea and let's go to bed it's getting late."

"Rodger dodger!" She sat up and started drinking her tea.

Yuuta snickered a bit, 'Rodger dodger eh? This girl is nuts… cute, but nuts.' He drank the rest of his tea and went to clean up.

"Can you prepare the bed while I wash up?" He looked over at the table.

"Sure! I'll be ready for you when you come in for mana regeneration!" She smiled and ran off to his… wait scratch that THEIR room.

A few minutes later Yuuta washed their cups and turned out all the lights. Opening his door he noticed she also turned the light out in his room. 'I guess she was really tired… alright let's hope I don't step on anything.' He started to tread across the room.

About half way he stepped on some cloth and another piece of cloth a bit after that. 'Weird… I don't remember leaving clothes on my floor. Eh I can clean them up tomorrow.' He hopped into bed.

After moving getting under his covers he felt Rikka move. "You comfortable Rikka?" She didn't respond she only moved.

Slowly she moved to where she was on the outside of the bed and shift over top of Yuuta so she was on the outside of the bed. On her climb over Yuuta he thought he felt stomach or something, but dismissed it as her legs since her shorts were so short.

"Yuuta… do you like it when women show more skin?" She asked quietly.

"Heh!? Why would you ask a question like that!?" He freaked out a bit, "I mean they shouldn't do something like that in public but if they have a good looking body I uhm guess so..." He gulped a bit.

"Oh uhm, do you think I have a good looking body?" She said really quietly.

"Eh!? Really what is going on?" He tried moving but Rikka's arm was holding him down.

"Well uhm..." She went quiet for a second, "I felt like testing that and I'm not wearing… anything but underwear." She said quickly.

"What do y-" He was cut off by Rikka putting a finger over his lips and putting his hand to her chest. Not right on one of her breasts but pretty close to it. He could feel the lace on her bra.

He squirmed a bit but to no avail. 'God, she's actually pretty strong for her stature!'

"I love you Yuuta and you can do whatever you want with me as long as you ask." She let go of his lips and arms gave him a kiss and laid on top of him. "Just letting you know, goodnight Yuuta." She nestled into his chest and fell asleep on top of him.

'Good god, that could have gone way worse or farther! But right now I have my girlfriend in her UNDERWEAR laying on top of me! Her breasts are pushing into my chest I mean she's not bad.. but still this is bad! I'm just going to sleep, I don't know what to think about this whole thing...' He sighed and laid back but couldn't get much sleep because his heart was beating so fast.

'This is going to be a LONG night' he thought.

Well I have no clue what just happened at the end there. I have this chalk board on the wall my desk faces that I write gaming stuff on and my YouTube schedule but recently I stuck sticky notes on it with info about my two fanfics. My other one I have lots of clothing detail because the anime focused on that and I liked it so I did it her to and… well that's what came out of it some pretty heavy Chuunibyou fluff. Well I can't say I didn't like it so as I always, I hope you enjoyed!

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