The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 12

This chapter is going to bring you the end of the casts high school career. So I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. This is a very sad moment because they will leave lots of friends behind than moving from middle to high school. What will happen to their future together and how will they react to it? I don't even know the ending while writing becuase I improv each and every chapter as I write it out for the final release. I hope you… as always… enjoy!

"Rise and shine Wicked Lord Shingan! Today is your day of repent and punishment but you will know what is better for you in the end!" Yuuta opened his room door where Rikka was still in bed.

"I don't want to get out of bed! It smells nice, and it's warm and… well you know." She started to blush because last night she got a bit heated and did something stupid.

"Right right… uhm want me to leave you alone for a moment so you can-" He paused for a bit with embarrassment. "Get clothes on other than your undergarments?" He said while turned away from her.

"Yes please..." She covered half her face with the blanket.

'Good thing I woke up before her or she would have FREAKED!' Yuuta sighed in relief.

"Either way, don't take to long and I am cooking breakfast so get ready for food when you do come out." He walked away back to the kitchen.

About five minutes later Rikka came out of… their bedroom? Wearing her school uniform but something was different.

"Rikka are you missing something?" He looked at her but couldn't tell what.

"Oh well uhm yeah..." Rikka rubbed her clean arm.

"Wait, you changed from a side pony tail to a back pony tail. Oh you look so cute!" While she did change that he completely missed the fact she removed her arm wrap.

She found the wrap to become more of a hassle than a bonus even if it boosted her magic ability by 20%.

"Yuuta! I took my arm wrap and summoning circle off!" She pouted while sitting down.

"Oh, I thought you just forgot to do that. Why did you remove it!?" He wasn't concerned really as much as he was shocked. She always took time in the morning to put that on and how that she wasn't wearing it he was surprised really.

"Well I found out that it didn't mean to me as much. The 20% mana boost was nice but I didn't see a need for it anymore since I am naturally stronger." She brushed it off easily as if it wasn't really bothering her.

"Well I guess since you chose to do it all by yourself it's ok..." He looked over at the clock.

"Oh crap! We have to get to school, come on Rikka just put the dishes but the sink I'll clean them when we get home." He rushed over and put his sneakers on waiting at the door for Rikka.

He opened the door and the early morning light streamed in to welcome them to the world. He grabbed her hand and ran down the stairs racing to school. The day was warm and the light was just right she had a warm feeling all over her body and inside as well.

They just reached the other side of the bridge and slowed down knowing they were close with enough time to spare. They came to the first corner that was more of a trench because of tall brick walls.

There was this large sakura tree on the top of the wall that grew to hang over the side of wall. Rikka grabbed on Yuuta's blazer tail.

He stopped short and turned around wondering what was wrong. "Something wrong?" A bit puzzled as to the sudden stop.

"Oh, well nothing is wrong actually." She took a deep breath and looked Yuuta in the eye.

"Everything is perfect actually. The sun is very warm today, everything just has this glow to it and the weather is perfect. If I had to say so this being some of the last days that we see this town I think it wants to give it our all to make us feel better about leaving and having good memories to have while here."

Though to the world you may seem small and insignificant you don't realize that somewhere in this big world there is someone who sees you as their whole world.

Rikka closed her eyes and leaned in to Yuuta while pulling him in. He closed his eyes as well and their lips locked. Their kiss was sweet like honey and lasted quite a while. They leaned up against the wall to get comfortable.

They slowly parted and a string of saliva was between their pressed lips. It was a true kiss of true love, not lust or anger it was just passion.

"Come on let's go to school." Rikka said lightly while she grabbed Yuuta's hand and walked to school for their final days in this town.

Testing time

"All of you know that this is your final test. Needless to say you must do well on this for it is also your most important test you will ever take. It was an honor to teach all of you and I hope you find what you wish. Whether it be success, happiness, or love I want you to run out and find that. Find that and hold onto it for your future. You may begin testing." Their teacher said as she left the room with her eyes tearing up a bit.

The room was silent, the only sound was erasers and pencils for two solid hours. Half way there was a stretching break but she didn't want anyone to talk while that happened so they didn't lose focus.

"Ok everybody testing is now finished!" She said as she collected the last of the tests.

"I thank you all for being silent and because of all your hard work these last three years you may leave early. Again… thank you and I hope you find what your purpose is in life." She stood at her podium.

Nibutani said, "Everyone rise! Bow, Dismissed. Thank you so much for three years as my classmate. I will see you tomorrow for the graduation ceremony and I wish all of you luck." she smiled with the sunlight keeping the classroom a warm color all throughout the day.

"Hey, we get to find out our test scores right now if we want. The machine grades them and they finish by tomorrow but if we wait until the end of the work day they should all be done and are just getting sorted." Yuuta put a hand on Rikka's shoulder.

She nodded, "Mmm!" he laughed a bit as she stood up and they went to the club room.

After arriving they put their bags on the other side of the room. "I'm going to miss this place… she ran her hand on the table where so much has happened. I have to ask Deko is she has found more members to fill our spot so we do not lose this base." She looked out of the window and resting her hands on the sill she breathed in the still warm air.

"I wouldn't worry about it." Yuuta whispered wrapping his arms around her to her blushing very badly. "I wouldn't worry about it at all..." He assured her.

Just then Nibutani slid open the club door to see the two in a tight embrace. She put her hand out to stop Deko from moving. She poked her head in and saw her master and Yuuta hugging. She just smiled, she didn't get angry because now she knew how they felt about it.

Nibutani laughed a bit, "You two look so adorable but please don't let us stop you. It seems we had the same idea." Deko moved closer to her.

"Huh!? Oh… heh yeah I guess you did have the same idea to come here one last time. I'm amazed that we are leaving after so many memories were made here. I really will miss this." Yuuta said while slowly letting go of Rikka.

"Don't worry, I have many potential members from my middle school to join this club next year with me as their Senpai! It shouldn't be an issue. At least six people have signed up already master!" She said very enthusiastically.

"That is fantastic, leave it to you to do something amazing like that! Now I can rest easy on this topic." Rikka smiled giving Deko a hug.

"So you guys want to go get food or something? I mean this might be the last times we see each other." She asked all around.

"Sure!" Yuuta said grabbing their bags.

They left the club room to eat at the family owned ramen restaurant downtown. Laughing and sometimes feeling a bit sad that glow that filled the air that day never did go away and it felt amazing all the while. As if making everyone more emotional but at the same time making them feel amazing. Nothing could go wrong this day and nothing did.

Rikka and Yuuta came back to school later that day and got their test scores from their teacher.

"Rikka I must congratulate you. Not only did you pass but you actually were the THIRD in the whole class this year! The only people higher than you was Yuuta and Miss Nibutani!" She handed over the papers smiling while they looked at their grades. Rikka scored a 95% while Yuuta had a 98% on his.

"These are some of the highest scores ever given at this high school and I must congratulate you both. I will miss you greatly" She started to cry and grave both of them a hug.

Yuuta and Rikka walked home until they were a the bridge. Yuuta was in front and instead of crossing the bridge her walked down the stairs to their spot.

"Today there has been god like miracles happening, the air has a perfect glow to it and I wish it could always be like this. You did amazing on the test today and I think you deserve a reward." Rikka turned around to see Rikka blushing a bit.

"You have known me since you were little even if I did not know of you. You showed me how to embrace Chunibyo even if I was very hesitant before. These quirks that you have make you cute, beautiful, and sometimes sexy. You're someone who I will never want to let go of and if I lose you I will never stop looking for you. Rikka Takanashi I love you with my heart and soul, so will you stay with me forever?" Yuuta held out his hand for her to accept.

"Yes, I always will!" She lept into his arms and held onto him while giving him a kiss so passionate that they almost fell over the railing. They walked home after that and fell asleep in eachother's embrace waiting to see what would happen during graduation.

Oh I was listening to some amazing romance music during this writing so it might be a bit better or different than my normal writing. I hope you like it nonetheless! As always ladies and gentlemen, enjoy!

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