The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 13

So this week it's the final days of them in their hometown. I am really sad to write this chapter because they leave where they felt hurt, compassion, fun, and most of all love. So I really hope… as always… just enjoy :) READ THE END NOTE ;)

The last day in the city. Yuuta, Rikka, Nibutani, & Dekomori all stood on the bridge watching the sun rise. It was summer but the morning air was still a bit brisk so they wore their light jackets.

"And this is the last sunrise in this town we will ever see." Yuuta said while watching it himself.

"So what do you think will happen when we leave, will everything just stay the same and nothing seem to be any different?" Nibutani slumped a bit.

"I don't think anything will change. People may leave, some people may come but our memories will never change and so the town won't change when we leave." Rikka leaned into Yuuta.

"The world is developed around memories, everything we build we build off of things we know work and so everything we make is just a memory of somewhere else. So if we keep our memories alive then nothing will change." Deko stretched.

"Your right, this town won't change just because we're not here. We just need to keep our memories alive to make sure it doesn't change. And I don't want to lose any second of the memories I gained here!" She shouted the last sentence.

"We may be leaving but this town isn't leaving us!" Yuuta shouted then looked at Rikka. "NEVER!" He shouted into the rising sun.

They all walked back to Yuuta's house for breakfast and sat around the table wondering what to do while drinking tea. "So what should we do? We leave tomorrow morning for Tokyo and we've already packed… right Rikka?" Yuuta looked at Rikka.

"Yessir I did!" She saluted him almost knocking over her tea.

"Ah Rikka be careful!" He reached over and grabbed her wobbling tea. "You could have spilled it everywhere and burned yourself and ah what would I do with you…" He sighed a bit and smiled at her.

"Sorry, I'll be more careful!" She grabbed at her arm that used to have her wrap but she remembered she took it off. At first she was worried she was losing the wicked eyes power again but then she realized that she didn't need it. Because of Yuuta being there she didn't need a booster and was powerful because of his constant love for her.

"How about we just walk around downtown and see what there is to do?" Nibutani stood up gathering everyone's empty cups.

"Sure!" Deko said and to that Rikka and Yuuta nodded.

They left the house and went window shopping, Deko found a new hairpin that was a crystal blue.

"Nibutani what do you think about this hairpin!" Deko held it up to her.

"Nice choice, I like it!" She smiled looking at the clip.

Nibutani left the store while Rikka and Deko looked around a bit more and bought a few things.

The rest of the day they spent stopping in parks to take a rest, looking at other random shops that laid all over town. Smelling the bakery's fresh bread amongst other things. Once in a while they stopped at a coffee shop to get a drink. The last shop they went to was a dress shop.

"Yuuta, look look!" Rikka pulled his arm over to the dress shop.

"Oh, a dress shop… alright alright but not to long." He shook his head as they entered,

"Welcome to delusional designs!" The young girl behind the counter said. The store had an odd name but the dresses were nice.

Rikka was combing through the rack until she stopped on one. Pulling it out she moved into the back to find the dressing room.

After a few minutes she came back out to find Yuuta. "Yuuta what do you think of this dress!" She smiled and spun around in her socks.

He looked over and stopped. All he could do was stare at her. The dress was a dark spiceberry purple with white floral patterns on it. The dress went down to her knees and had two straps to hold it in. The straps he white lace on them to add a bit of pattern to the top.

Rikka was a bit confused when Yuuta wouldn't talk for a bit, she moved to him and poked his cheek. "What's wrong?"

He snapped out of it, "Well you're just so beautiful in that dress!" She blushed like a cherry.

"Oh! Uhm… thank you I guess." She turned away.

"Are you going to buy it? I really do think it looks great on you." He came behind her and putting his arms on her waist.

"Yeah, I think I will!" She went back into the changing room to take it off so she can buy it.

After getting out of the store it was almost sunset. Yuuta checked his watch quickly.

"We have to get up early, you guys want to go home or is there something else you think we can do?" He looked around the street.

"No, I think I need to take this idiot home. She just fell asleep on me." Nibutani put Deko on her back. "But hey, I had a fun day. Thanks for all of this, can't wait to see you in class!" She nodded and walked off.

"Yeah we'll see you!" Yuuta said while walking off the other way for their apartment.

Before getting back to their apartment Rikka pulled Yuuta under the bridge. He was kind of used to kissing here but none the less followed her.

"It's our last night here Yuuta… all I want to know is. Do you love me?" She had her back to the railing facing Yuuta.

"Yes, I do love you and I always will love you." He cupped her face in his hand.

"Then protect me…" She leaned into him slowly connecting their lips.

'His lips are warm, and soft. His touch is exhilarating and my body feels as if it is on fire. I don't know this feeling but I think I like it… I think I like it...' She fell deeper into the kiss opening her mouth for the first time.

Yuuta opened his mouth and his eyes opened to their tongues touching. At first it was very light but then it began to increase with time. From a mere touch their tongues were battling with each other for dominance over their mouths.

It was long and passionate, fiery and powerful. This was their last kiss in the spot they had their first kiss. This was a special place for them and they had to leave it behind. If they were going to do that then they would leave their mark of a memory so strong they would never forget it. This place would never change because this is how they would remember it.

They fell asleep that night in eachother's arms. They didn't care about anything but them and it was as if no one else really even existed. It was a true form proving ignorance is bliss.

- The next morning (Read the end note for something special)

"Crap we're going to be late for the train. Rikka move it!" Yuuta was grabbing their suitcases and making sure they took everything out of the apartment.

The movers had already taken everything from Yuuta and Rikka's room so when they get to Tokyo they have to pick up their stuff. Other than that the apartment was empty and it felt weird. Yuuta had never lived anywhere else but he knew the apartment was being sold off and he would be gone.

They ran down the stairs carrying their own bags and right as they got to the bottom a girl shouted from her balcony. "Goodbye Hero! Goodbye!" Schimiya was on her balcony yelling to him.

Yuuta stopped, he felt a tear in his eye. Schimiya didn't believe in goodbyes and yet here she was saying that to him.

"No Schimiya, this is not goodbye. I don't believe in goodbye's!" He said as he ran.

She smiled and started to cry then waved while whispering, "No, you're right there is no such thing as goodbyes." She stood there and cried as they left the city for the last time.

Once they arrived at the train station they could spot Deko's car and her driver standing next to it. Up on the platform for the bullet train heading to Tokyo he could see Nibutani talking with Deko.

"Ah there you two are, come on the train is almost here!" She waved them toward them.

"Yeah sorry we had to make sure nothing was left in the apartment… I can't believe I'm never coming back here. I mean the only place I can go with family is Jakarta!" He huffed a little bit.

"I can go to family in Japan but my sister is in Italy so that's not easy either." Rikka said leaning on a wall for support.

*Bullet train to Tokyo is now arriving at the station. Please stand behind the yellow line, Thank you*

"Well here we go!" Nibutani smiled looking over at Deko.

The train pulled into the station and the doors opened, right before Deko could say anything Nibutani grabbed her and brought her head down. Though her lips didn't meet Deko's lips it met a piece of paper.

"Eh what's this?" Nibutani took the paper and it was a letter from the Early Admissions Board of Tokyo University.

"It's a letter accepting me to Tokyo University a year early on scholarship for a physics program they have… Surprise?" She looked up at Nibutani.

"Surprise indeed, sur- prise." She said as she went back in and gave Deko a kiss. In the meantime her driver grabbed her bags from the trunk and put them on the train.

Their kiss lasted until the buzzer went off for the train and Nibutani scrambled with her bag to get on. Pushing Deko in front of her onto the train they plopped down in a seat.

Taking a couple deep breaths they were sitting on the other side of the aisle from an old American man with grey slicked back and glasses drawing something on paper. It looked like a superhero but she wasn't sure.

Rikka and Yuuta were on the other side of the train car sitting in eachother's embrace watching the train pull off as the town they knew and loved moved away from them.

"Tokyo here we come." Yuuta smiled giving Rikka a slight peck from above.

YES YES YES AND NO NO NO I AM SO HAPPY AND SAD WITH THIS CHAPTER BUT I CAN'T WAIT TO DESCRIBE THE CITY AND OH YES! I think I might model some stuff off of the anime Golden Time since that took place at Tokyo University. Oh and if you are reading this and can tell me who the man on the train was you get to tell me what happens in the next chapter! (Only a week to PM me and first person wins!)

Winner will get more details upon notification of winning. Thank you and as always, enjoy!

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