The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 14

Alright well this is one of my more favorite parts of any story! I am telling you all about the city and the layout so when I tell about places later please remember this chapter :) Thank you and as always, enjoy!

(The city is kind of based off of Golden Time's Tokyo, nothing to due with their story but just their layout possibly) Congrats on magic135 on winning the opening and closing notes giveaway, Find out next chapter on what they won!

I don't own Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, Bokura wa minna kawaisou, or Payday 2/Payday : The Heist

"AAAAH! It's there!" Rikka had her face pressed against the window looking at the fast approaching Toyko city and it's train station.

"Yes, there it is. I've only been here once before when I was younger. Stay with me when we get off or you'll get lost. Ok?" He looked out the window poking her in the neck.

"Mmm!" She nodded him off and kept looking outside.

*Sigh* "Alright then I guess I'll have to get your attention I guess?" He waited for a response but didn't get one. He decided to use force to get a response and wrapped his arms around Rikka while picking her up and sitting down in his seat with her in his lap.

"Yuuta!" She blushed a bit, "What are you doing? At least not in public…" She squirmed but to no avail.

"Did you hear me the first time?" He asked while tickling her a bit.

"Yes, yes I did I swear!" She lied trying to squirm again.

"Oh then what did I tell you?" He smiled a bit and looked at her. When sitting on his lap they were face to face.

She blushed a bit, "Uhm well you see I can't tell you unless you-" She was cut off by Yuuta smacking her on the head lightly.

"I told you not to lose me in the station or you can get easily lost. I was here a long time ago and it's a big place, please." He sighed again and looked at her.

"Yes yes, now can you please let go of me? I'm getting embarrassed…" She tilted her head down.

He let go of her and she hopped off his lap then turned around and smiled while stretching.

They got off the train and met up with Nibutani and Deko carrying their luggage.

"Where is your luggage?" Nibuatni asked them.

"Oh, we had everything shipped here and it's waiting at our apartment. I guess you two are in the dorms?" He pointed at them.

"Yeah though I have no clue who my roommate is yet. I guess I will find out when I get there. What about you Deko?" She rubbed her hair a bit.

"No idea either! I was given a room number and left me at that! Hopefully they aren't that annoying…" She smiled and whirled around once thinking of having a good roommate.

"Oh well, we're going to head to our place. Think you guys can find the dorms ok?" Yuuta pointed towards the rest of the city.

"Yeah I think we can get it, I have to make a stop somewhere to begin with anyway. Can't wait to see you in class!" Nibutani said as she walked off with Deko to the exits.

"Alright time to get to our place!" Yuuta looked down at Rikka and smiled.

They walked through the downtown area towards the massive campus that Tokyo University was. It was like a city within a city. (Well not including the ancient palace that is literally a city within a city in Tokyo)

They passed by bookstores, and coffee shops and a big multi room restaurant meant for parties. Lots of other small shops were in town that caught their eyes and even a black magic store. Yuuta felt like Rikka would become a regular there…

Eventually they reached their apartment. It was in a more quiet part of town that was still close to downtown but all the buildings were older. It was actually quite nice to see all the Sakura trees and wooden buildings.

Their apartment was in also in an older building that was two stories with the landlord living downstairs. It was a decent size actually for the two of them.

They walked up the exterior stairs and saw their key hanging next to a note.

Dear Miss. Takanashi and Mr. Togashi,

Here is the key to your new apartment. All of your belongings have been brought inside already. I welcome you to the neighborhood, everyone here is kind. There is a public dorm down the street named the Kawai Complex. If you need help with odd jobs or someone to hang out with their tenants could be your answer. There is also a school dorm down the street named Sakurasou Dorms and they have some interesting people as well. Best of luck in school oh and by the way you may never see me. If you need an odd job though just leave a note on my door.


Landlord Bain

"Oh, well he seems kind of nice actually. Maybe I'll give him a gift later." Yuuta untied the key from the string on the door and unlocked it. "Welcome to your new home!" He opened the door and let the fresh air filter in.

The door opened up to a small section where there was a mini closet to the left and a place to put their shoes. Once inside there was a main room about the size of their last family room but the kitchen wasn't there so it was bigger. On the left were 2 doors and on the back wall was 1 door. In the center of the room and lining the walls were all their shipping boxes with papers labeling whose boxes were whose.

Through one of the 2 doors was the large bedroom and another door inside the bedroom led to the bathroom. The other door on that side was the kitchen. Surprisingly the wall could fold back and you can extend the counter space by 2 fold. The last door on the back wall was a door to another bedroom with.

The front of the house faced South so there was a front facing balcony with a washing machine and clothesline on it. The road was pretty quiet and the adjacent corner had a full bloom Sakura tree on it. They were living in Tokyo yet they felt like everything was perfect.

Behind them was a public pool that was open to people who owned houses in the nearby neighborhood. Shared between about 9 blocks of houses and their house was the block with the pool. They would visit the pool later.

"This is going to take a while to unpack, but it feels fantastic. I love how old this house is. Traditional Japanese." Yuuta took a deep breath in.

"Yeah! I bet you there are even dark spirits lurking here of dead ancestors!" She started to get excited but Yuuta tapped her on the head.

"I don't think so, oh and don't try escaping every night. Even though you have less school you have to work harder in the times that you do." He sighed a bit then smiled at her, "Ok?"

She looked up at him, "Yes!" She pecked him on the lips and went in to unpack.

They spent the rest of the day unpacking and getting ready for their new house.

Nibutani's POV

"Hmm where is my room?" Nibutani walked around the dorm rooms looking for her room number.

'204… 2-0-4' She kept repeating in her head. She looked at a door and saw 221. She kept walking till she found the door. "Ah, finally 204!" She sighed and knocked on the door.

"I'll be there in a minute!" A voice came from inside the room. She was watching the handle as it turned and opened the door.

Just as the door opened all the air in Nibutani's lungs emptied out. In front of her was a small girl holding the door open looking up at her.

"Uhm… are you kidding me!?" Nibutani looked down at the small blonde girl who is now her roommate.

"No way! This is amazing!" The small girl smiled and jumped on her.

"Ah Deko you choking me… please let go for a second…" Deko let go and she took a deep breath.

Nibutani brought her luggage in and laid everything out on her bed. She also set up her desk with her laptop and other materials. Then she sat down took a deep breath and looked at Deko.

"So I guess we get to have more time and fun together?" Nibutani smiled and laughed at her.

"Yeah, yeah I guess we do." Deko crawls over onto her bed and lays on top of her. Deko learned in real slowly and put her lips on Nibutani's.

Nibutani wrapped her arms around her girlfriend and brought her lips closer to hers. Now slowly moving her hips with her they lay there for a few minutes in eachothers embrace and get ready for the long road ahead.

Alright so thank you so much for reading this chapter. I didn't add that much fluff and I'm not in a writing mood so thank you for reading anyway and I'll see you next week (On Wednesday not on Saturday!) Sorry about the late upload I had a minor concussion and missed my upload date.

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